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  1. the commercial side of things has gone backwards
  2. Very sad to read and you've got a lot of will to just stop going like that but you're right. The fans have got to come together, assess themselves and form some priorities. Atm I am preferring the MM days when the ticket prices were far more price worthy than they are today, the kits were available and were proper Wednesday kits, we had an owner with better knowledge on how to run a football club and also wasn't being selfish about the club and was a bit more respecting of the fans. So frustrating because the money is there it's just being directed towards the wrong things that were already perfectly fine.
  3. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    I would be happy with that except he's proven to be a top class manager on a low budget. Not really fitting for us. He does have high standards however and looks like he only puts up with things being done properly as well. Is also sort of a local lad.
  4. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Mick McCarthy
  5. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    If Loovens is fully fit then it'd probably worth considering him for Aken. Lees and Loovens' partnership has proven to be better than Lees and Aken together. But I haven't been watching them train for the past 2 weeks so I will trust Carlos to decide
  6. The more modernised a society gets, the more isolated it becomes. Sad. Very brave of Chris to talk about something like this but it’s no surprise honestly as Chris was always a very brave keeper. Well done Chris.
  7. People who can't get players names right.

    Daniel Pudley Dave Gary Harper Glenn Lovers Marcus Tudguy
  8. F a o swfc merchandising

    Na i doubt it will be out by then
  9. F a o swfc merchandising

    I remember enjoying wearing this in the summer
  10. Suspect shirt for sale...

    and looks twice as good
  11. Baby Lee

    She is scorching a box to box midfielder deffo deserves that
  12. Frederico Vernancios Picanto

    If our team are d1cks then yes, but it should make them feel more greatful to be on the big money that they are, and maybe he might even be a role model to those that may wish to go to places with higher pay. Gotta be here for the football before the money
  13. Playoff final t-shirts
  14. "Kieran Lee from distance!"

    That's a proper difficult shot to execute right. Ball was moving fast, was off the ground and he had the confidence to hit it first time. Pure class. Most of the time they end up in row Z or go out for a throw in.
  15. Who is your first name on the team sheet?

    Tom Lees. Without him we’d be in a bigger mess than we would be without Hooper.