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  1. Winnall always gave 100%. Not sure if Abdi just can't play at this level anymore or just can't be bothered.
  2. Is it worth spending resources on Abdi, who will never play in the first team? He has never really offered anything to the team. Winnall on the other hand, hope he does well.
  3. bobowl

    Today line up

    Think you have that the wrong way around.
  4. bobowl


    I wish him the best. If he's not going to get a game here, hows he going to get better?. Seems a confident young man, nothing wrong with that.
  5. Pickford now worth a fortune.
  6. Anyone else think our keeper isn't up to it?
  7. Please don't let us lose on penalties.
  8. predictive text was made for the drunks.
  9. I'm too drunk now to see whats happening.
  10. Sterling goes off and we lose it, is he doing something we can't see?
  11. I think we are gonna have to hope Kane gets another penalty.
  12. What a strange game of football, it's still anyones.