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  1. As someone in a similar situation to the OP I think it’s a valid point to raise. Trouble is it’s hard to think of an alternative that wouldn’t feel like punishment to the die hard fans who put in the hard miles to earn the big away days.
  2. Be as aggressively deluded as you want, but we’re on a serious knife edge financially and the people tasked with ensuring we don’t start next season with another embargo or a points deduction are very likely to have set an arbitrary target similar to this as a measure of whether we invest or cut our losses in January. Think about how competitive this league is , and if you are over 6 points from the playoff going into February how unlikely it is that the other 3 or 4 teams around you giving chase as well as the teams occupying the playoff spots are to all drop that amount of points to allow us to leapfrog them. Anyway, just an opinion and I hope we are so comfortably nestled in the top 2 come January that it becomes irrelevant.
  3. Hope so. The cynic in me always sees a valuable player at any club sign a new deal and I wonder what new clauses are written in too.
  4. Its really hard to know. The club avoid telling us anything, major news outlets wont look beyond the Premiership for anyone but Leeds and our local paper is hardly a fountain of knowledge and insight. I really hope I’m wrong but I’m just voicing my interpretation of how I think the club are shaping to react should we not be promoted. I think behind closed doors there will have been enquiries but we’ve probably played hardball to give it one last decent crack of the whip before we have to think about wholesale changes to the expensive end of the squad.
  5. Our financial position hasn’t changed, my interpretation is we’ve put ourselves in a stronger negotiating position to sell them should the vultures come circling.
  6. I’m just bracing myself for January. If we are more than 6 points from the playoffs expect a fire sale, including these two.
  7. This post is so wholesome. I wish I was that old man.
  8. Is the Elev8 a stick on like the home shirt or stitched like last seasons? Prefer this year’s designs but the feel of them is the cheapest we’ve had since the Azerbaijan sponsored shirt
  9. 3/10. I like the design but the printed on sponsor looks cheap. The Elev8 on the shirt is a blemish that makes us look amateurish, but to go from it being stitched in to a stick on is even worse. Poor offering that reflects the messy and out of touch running of the club.
  10. Could see him going to stoke when Butland leaves after their relegation. Weve got two quality young keepers and I don’t think it would hurt to reinvest his transfer fee.
  11. Im not getting deluded about next year’s promotion push. Still got England’s World Cup win to deal with first.
  12. 3 is excellent. Reminds me of the ‘82 England shirt.
  13. Not been on the forum for a few weeks so I can’t tell if everyone has been driven insane by the turgid football or developed sarcastic senses of humour. I really hope so as being upset by squad numbers and pining for a children’s drawing of an owl is a new level of regression.
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