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  1. Attention seeker. Okay I admit I can't do this on my phone!
  2. There is a Reading fan at work and he agrees!
  3. Yes, get 'em in.............if they are under 25 years of age!
  4. How good is Steve? Every match he has to contend with injured players, nursing players and players breaking down in warm-ups and early in the game. Next match he needs to make changes and again we see a Wednesday side to be proud of. He seems to be getting the best out of most of them. Looking forward to when we have a normal level of injuries and he can pick the team from a fully fit squad.
  5. Fox was okay today. He was sub and I think that is where he is at the moment. Injury made it necessary for him to come on. He is not first choice and probably will not feature much when the squad gets sorted for next season but he is a Wednesday player and we needed a defender to come on.
  6. All difficult decisions as to who stays and who goes but for once I am quite relaxed about it as we now have a manager in whom we can trust.
  7. Totally agree. Been brilliant since Bruce came. He has tried to freshen up the squad with some great acquisition's but again injuries are costing us.
  8. Don't! Relegation worries to play-off form. At least we have finally got it right. Onwards and upwards.
  9. Absolutely spot on. Under Carlos and Jos we would have been playing it round at the back until we lost possession and probably lost the match.
  10. Really appreciate the honesty but can't see how the fans can help financially. This is never going to happen; but if we had 10,000 fans willing to cough up £1,000 each (for what I don't know) it would raise £10m. The only sensible way out of this is to sell players, assuming we aren't going to sell the ground.
  11. He is our best keeper at the moment, the other two will be the future once they learn from the likes of westy. His big weakness is his kicking (also cost him international starts) but I can live with that.
  12. Not ITK but he is probably only loyal to those who are loyal back; as it should be.
  13. Jos of the Premiership; same tactics and team selection
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