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  1. The thing is he is right. I have had two season tickets for the last four years the overall cost is £4,400. This doesn't even pay one of the players a week's wages. Ridiculous on two counts one the money I have forked out and two the amount of money these players are on but I guess that is football today.
  2. You may be right but quite a few did. Interesting that the injury prone ones left, perhaps not wanting to risk there next move.
  3. Did anyone really think we would win with that starting lineup. That's all we had. I can't blame the manager for a squad that is depleted and has injuries.
  4. That kid Brewster took his chance. No one on our team was as sharp as that yesterday.
  5. It was a penalty. He shouldn't have done it. Other than that I thought he had a good game.
  6. If the opposition do it, it's frustrating; if we did it I would be happy. The trick is doing it at the right time where the opposition are about to hurt you but the outcome is a lesser danger. WBA were good at that. You also need enough good players on the bench to replace the inevitable booked players on the pitch. Don't really like it against us but would be happy if we did it.
  7. Forget any more football this season but start next season with the remainder of this seasons games and finish off league positions. Have a mid season break while play-offs are decided with a further week or so for the play-off finalists to have a rest then play a full season but only play each other once. This allows the completion of this season, the completion of next season and no legal challenges. Big problem with any solution is there will be reduced income over a the two seasons; how is that solved?
  8. Absolutely agree we were second best but I don't agree that City were going through the motions, certainly not until they scored.
  9. This. There is no way we were going to outplay one of the best teams in the world. We needed luck to progress through this tie. We got some with the form of Wildsmith and the woodwork but didn't get that lucky break when we got into final third of the pitch. To have won, this was the only way to play and hope for that luck. Any other way would have meant a hammering. Well done to the players for their hard work and not allowing City to score a FA cup record. We were in with a chance, even if slight, right to the end. I know that I preferred this than it being all over in 20 minutes.
  10. MOM for me yesterday and was covering the whole of the right side! I think this typifies is the problem we have; with the odd exception we do have good players but getting them all to play well at the same time is a problem. Confidence, self motivation and management are all to blame. A lot has been said about not putting the effort in but I didn't see any of that yesterday by players or management; errors, nervousness, bad decision making and yes some bad luck. The off field problems are having a bigger effect than I think we realise. Now when any team plays well it just looks easy and what happens? there are no errors, the team plays with confidence, the right decisions are made and things go for you. We need a win, any sort of win, to get out of this rut.
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