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  1. We’ve got players in this squad who we will be praising one game then making excuses for them in the next three or four forever and a day and Adam Reach is one of them. The fact of the matter is that these players have had enough chances under several managers and they are in fact part of the problem. They need to be moved on, it’s what’s best for Wednesday and it’ll probably be best for them as well.
  2. The problem is that ending up in mid table again is not the worst case scenario no matter how good we think some of our players are. If the team looses its drive and fans lose hope and turn in them, we could end up being the big club with the quality players unexpectedly dragged into a relegation battle. Don’t let’s kid ourselves we’re too good, there’s been plenty of clubs with good player on paper dragged into to the mire due to poor management top down over the years. DC needs to act quickly.
  3. Yes I think you’re right and that brings its own problems apart from the obvious. The last thing we need now is a quick fix to try and emulate the other lot. It wasn’t some masterstroke by McCabe, he just got lucky eventually. There’s no way he could have expected Wilder to achieve what he has done and to also have the added bonus that he’s unlikely to walk if a better offer came in for now at least. They might not have kept him beyond the league one title if it hadn’t been his dream job. We shouldn’t try to copy them because the chances that we could also find a similar manager, steeped in our club is almost zero. Bullen’s not the man and let’s face it, if Pearson had any great love or ambition to manage us he probably already would have. We need an somebody with a proven record who can build a good squad with a winning mentality, and by the way not somebody like Bruce who’s always needed an open chequebook to succeed. And whoever it is, we need to give that person time to finally weed out all the deadwood who’ve been hanging around our club through years of disappointment. They’ll never be an answer to our problem good as some are, they’re just not winners. I know these days people seem to want instant success but I think we need to take a fresh look at it, not let what the other lot are currently achieving force DC’s hand into more mistakes. If it takes the new bloke a year or two to make us true contenders so be it if we can all see genuine progress. I think the worse thing that can happen is we go down the same old road over again and end up in the same mess on and off the pitch and let’s face it, if I’m prepared to be patient at my age anybody can be.
  4. We’re going nowhere until we have a good, experienced manager who knows this league and can build the foundations and take us forward and that is DC’s number one priority. Anything else DC does won’t matter a jot if we don’t get the right man and his team at the helm. Take a look across the city. They seem to have had virtually zero leadership from the top down for nearly 2 years, but while their 2 owners have squabbled away and been virtually invisible, their club has gone from strength to strength because they’ve got the right management team in place. Right now the ground isn’t the priority and we certainly don’t need to see DC parading around in an Owls shirt waving his scarf and declaring his commitment, in fact I think the best owners are the ones who keep a low profile and just get on with it. We just need Mr Chansiri to make ONE major decision, make it soon and this time get it right and the rest will follow.
  5. No chance! He’d have eaten it before you laid a crust on him.
  6. Not for me. He’s a lump it manager who’s style of play wouldn’t suit our players and like Bruce he’s past his sell-by and would walk out on us at the drop of a wallet.
  7. It’ll have commentary of sorts but no action replays or rewind facility so make sure you don’t miss our goals.
  8. I personally don’t think you’re a United fan but from what I’ve seen of your posts, I do think you’re a wind up merchant/ attention seeker.
  9. I think you may be what a polite Owl would call ‘an undercover Unitedite’
  10. Correct. They’re now a very successful management team who have worked their way up the leagues and who’s team now sits top of the division just below us. The way some dismiss them you’d think they were still in the National League.
  11. I like how Andy always starts off all polite and then goes off like a rocket. There’s no slow build up just WHOOOOOSH!
  12. The biggest tragedy with Luhukay was that somebody actually advised Mr Chansiri to employ him. He was obviously only average at his best and by the time we got him he was on the slide and yet somebody must have said this is the man to take Wednesday forward and Chansiri bought it. Without speculating on who that. Ugh the have been, I sincerely hope that person is no longer employed by us.
  13. If Mr Chansiri were to appoint Cowley and he failed then this forum would absolutely slaughter him, almost as much as if he didn’t appoint Cowley and Lee Bullen failed. I think it’s important that whoever manages our team he doesn’t fail.
  14. When I was younger our lads wore black knickers but you’re right.
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