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  1. It’ll be seen as an act of God evening though it’s probably been caused by an act of Wei Wang.
  2. I hope it was in your water because it certainly wasn’t on the pitch
  3. It depends who we’re playing. We played pretty much like that against United under Jos and got something, but I really don’t see the point in us doing it in a cup game when we’re 1 down and there’s a chance of extra time and pens. For me we looked content to lose only 1-0 and yet plenty of clubs further down the leagues have given ‘big’ clubs a run for their money in cup games. We did do ourselves against the Arsenal.
  4. In reality we were never going to win this game and on the face of it 0-1 seems to be a good effort but sorry, hand on heart I don’t think it was. In the league where goal difference can make or break a season I can see why we’d play this way, but in the 5th round of the FA cup and even allowing for the quality we were playing surely we could have shown more ambition. We’d got nothing at all to lose near the end, we might as well have chucked players forward and lost 0-2 but it was as if we were content that it was only 0-1. The problem is that in the cup 1-0 or 5-0 it doesn’t matter, you’re either in or out. Sorry if this seems negative I’m not usually but hanging on for 90 minutes even after we’ve gone behind just seems bizarre to me.
  5. I find where Wednesday are concerned that the amount of expectation and excitement I have for an up and coming game is often inversely proportional to how things turn out. Because of that I try not to get too down and hope that as sometimes happens I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Even if we lose tonight, a good battling performance where we are in with a chance for a while would at least give us all a lift and let’s remember that lowly Norwich beat their full strength team so miracles do happen.
  6. You’re in Thailand, can’t you just nip out and have a word with DC’s dad?
  7. Whilst I agree that we definitely need new leadership at the top and also his team I do wonder if Chansiri will be able to find somebody who notably better than himself. Are we all relaxed that he’ll know exactly what to look for in an owner apart from their financial wherewithal? I’m not based on his track record to date.
  8. I’d already forgotten about him. Then again I can still recall all our teams and players from the early 60’s but I struggle to remember the names of players who turned out for us last week so that might be more down to me.
  9. It might be asking too much as things are but I’m hoping that this is the game that our fans and players alike can put any problems aside and put on a show of unity. Even if we don’t win, a good performance could lift the gloom and might just start to turn things around. It wouldn’t be the first time if it did.
  10. Well while we’re making outlandish suggestions, how about getting rid of the the ‘lucky’ new club badge and reinstate the old one? It looks like it was conceived and drawn up in a junior school and we’ve had nothing but grief on and off the pitch since we got it. And while we’re at it, maybe we can find a good home for our lucky golden animals because they’ve been anything but lucky. Not that I’m superstitious you understand.
  11. There’s no point in panicking about things that you can’t affect. My Dad used to say to me ‘Wednesday won’t worry about you when you’re bad’ and he was so right, it’s a total waste of time and energy. The good times will come back eventually. The best chance we all have to still be around and enjoy them is to try and be a bit more philosophical about it all and hope that the powers that be learn from their mistakes.
  12. Apart from getting QPR and Cardiff promoted to the Premier League, Palace to the playoff final and saving Rotherham from relegation when they looked doomed.
  13. Reach definitely becomes a better when he’s out of the side than he is in it.
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