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  1. No disrespect to Gary and I accept he played in a different position, but he wasn’t a patch on his Dad. Don was as good as it gets one of our all time greats in my opinion.
  2. It was Derby County at the Baseball ground back in Match 1953. My Dad and brother in law took me for a birthday treat. I’d started gong to our home games the season before when we went up to LD1. I remember it was cold and wet and we were standing right at the front actually looking up at the pitch, and every now and again a bloke with a rams head on a stick would walk and then stop right in front of us near the touch line and block my view. It didn’t matter though because our lads won 2-1 and my old Dad said I was a lucky mascot. Heady days. I thought it was always going to be like that whenever I went, what with this rare away win and us getting promotion the season before, but in reality we were a proper yo-yo team back then, too good for the second division but we always had top weight on in the top tier.
  3. It’s got to be be Stanley Matthews for me. I remember one game in particular back in the late 50’s when he just ran the game from start to finish. It was the first game that I took my nephew to watch and we couldn’t get close to him. We lost heavily I think and he was involved in all Blackpool’s goals. A special mention also to Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton and as for our own lads, I can’t really think of a better more consistent player than John Sheridan. A special mention also for my own favourite Johnny Fantham. Not our most gifted player ever but an Owl through and through who gave everything for the shirt, I used to love watching him. I played against him at cricket as a kid in Ecclesfield.
  4. To the tune of Viva Bobby Joe by the Equals. I’d just become a Dad for the first time when we signed Tommy. This thread makes me feel young again. Great player and happy days.
  5. I’m not sure Wilder will be giving much thought to wind-ups now their promotion dust has settled. He’ll have enough on his plate trying to figure out how he’s going to keep them up next season.
  6. Happy Birthday Jack lad. I wish you could have played for us as well as managed us.
  7. Probably, it does sound as though some of them are about 16. I suppose what really gets to me with things like this is the fact that it’s recorded dozens of times and then posted all over the internet and those who do it either don’t know better or don’t care that it could mentally harm a kid for life. Chant about their rubbish players, the boozy manager, scruffy fans and their dilapidated ground, that’s always happened, but their kids and family in general should be a no go. I think how I’d feel if it was me or my family that was that was targeted and I wonder if those who think it’s all just a laugh would feel the same way if it happened to one of their own, but I guess anything goes with some nowadays unless it comes back and hits them in the pocket.
  8. Setting flares off in an enclosed area is stupid in the extreme but it was done by a minority but 100’s singing about sh****** somebody’s young daughter just because he manages a rival’s team is absolutely pathetic and brings nothing but shame on our great club. What goes through their heads? We felt nothing but disgust when United fans sang about the vile Ched Evans but this shower are even naming the girl. To be honest I’d no idea what they were singing until I asked my grandson, I wish now that I hadn’t. There’s stuff goes off in football now that I just don’t get and sometimes I think I’d be better off not knowing.
  9. I think the other guy was called Moss, been here years, a real Evergreen.
  10. Take United out of the equation for a minute. Can you imagine what it would be like for us to go up via a play-off final after the total despair and dejection we’ve suffered for much off this season? Now bring United back into it. Just imagine what it would be like for them to get quietly promoted in second spot only to find that the city neighbours they thought had been left behind have won a final and are right up by their side again. What better way to piddle on their parade at bit. We’ve got to give it our all while ever there’s a chance, we’d be daft not to.
  11. Jammy point for them yes but we didn’t do much better against Rotherham 2 weeks ago did we? I don’t think we should need to look to the likes of Rotherham playing out if their skins as an example of how to beat United. They’re not Man City and unlike Rotherham we’ve enough quality to face them head on and beat them provided the effort, focus and application is there. That might not have been the case a few weeks ago but it certainly will be now under Bruce.
  12. They’ve certainly got the media bigging them up. Two TV games last week, Bury v Portsmouth and another in the SPL and the commentators called a section of attacking play “almost Sheffield United esk”. It nearly made me vomit. Hopefully Bruce will have learned from Vila’s trouncing at the Lane. I think that game was the beginning of the end for him so he’ll have even more incentive to do well on Monday.
  13. A really downbeat performance from the lad I thought. Even when we scored he could hardly be bothered to celebrate, I got the impression he was sulking over something, even more than normal.
  14. I’ve been today only my 5th game this season. I was hoping to at least see the expected new manager bounce but this was more like new manager apathy. They should all be busting a gut to prove themselves worthy of the shirt but too many of them just didn’t seem to give a jot lads.
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