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  1. Legendary Swan does have a point in as much as their recruitment prior to promotion to the Premier League was outstanding especially considering what they paid for their better players. Once they got up there though their recruitment was as bad as it was previously good, like their manager and recruitment team couldn't recognise decent top level players if they hit them in the face, it was disastrous. This has now left them with a massive problem of negative equity in their player pool. Several players that they valued at and paid tens of £millions for now worth a fraction of that and still playing just as bad in the Championship as they did in the top tier. They'd have all on giving them away right now Berge apart and my guess is they'd have to pay a big chunk of their wages even to get them out on loan. Back down to their normal level what limited recruitment they've done looks decent again but I think if they don't manage to go back up within the next two seasons they're stuffed unless somebody with real money takes the club over. Overall they'd probably be the last club that I'd set up as an example of good transfer dealings unless you take those 2 or 3 good seasons in isolation.
  2. We should have tried the brass band music on Sunday night. It might have inspired a different Sterling to do the same.
  3. I think the first step is to get the embargo lifted because until that happens, whether or not potential players rate our manager is irrelevant.
  4. Anybody else think that the EFL will be all over the accounts like a rash once again? Filing them late again is like putting a big red exclamation mark on the file with a note to the auditor that says. "Double check!"
  5. So although he couldn't hit a barn door for APOEL in Cypriot first division some think he'll do a good job for us in League One? I think some of us have forgotten just how tough the English third tier is. Way tougher than the league he's just been deemed not good enough for in my opinion, I lived over there for a while and saw it first hand. There's no room for sentiment, he's had his day with Wednesday.
  6. I was only talking about that yesterday. My lad sent me this link to it, we were there. In fairness we couldn't possibly have forecast how it's all pan out back then.
  7. That's referring to Steve not Paul. I know he had a brother who incidentally also sold programs so maybe it could be him?
  8. £12m in unpaid wages hadn't been accrued back in early April.
  9. I just don't buy into the whole "He's not that bad compared to...." malarky. It's just accepting we've got the best of a bad lot and being ok with it. It's like saying Monk wasn't that bad if you compared him to Alan Irvine.
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