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  1. Growl67

    Who's had the toughest start?

    That’s my view as well. Even over just 12 games, teams can hit or lose form for a spell, so you can get a good side on a bit of a downer or a poor one when they’re on a brief high. Leeds were well up for that game they had something to prove and the performance against WBA was outstanding really. They were bang in form but they’d been terrible for the first few games. Villa were unbeaten when they played United and I think were Bolton top and they beat them both so doing the spreadsheet earlier would have brought a totally different set of results. Like you say too many variables and no allowance made for the fact that most team’s form and fitness can fluctuate several times over a season. The final table never lies though.
  2. Growl67

    75 Today !

    Got my wedding suit from Barney’s.
  3. Growl67

    75 Today !

    Happy birthday Vic, near enough same age as me, where did all the years go?
  4. I think the result was more by luck than judgement, possibly because we put so much effort into the first half hour or so we couldn’t keep it up for the rest of the game and they slowly took total control even after we scored. Our goal was great but if their finishing had been anything like half-decent we could have lost by 3 or 4. This wasn’t a tactical backs to the wall game where our well-drilled and dogged defending gained us a point, this was a game where Leeds breached our defences and got in good positions time and again but usually their own incompetence and shocking decision making prevented them from scoring. There are some positives and the point is certainly one gained, but let’s not kid ourselves we played that that well, it was mainly down to the other lot who gifted us it. I take the point with pleasure though and now let’s move on to the Baggies. UTO
  5. Could be my age but I’m starting to lose count of the times we’ve said this about him.
  6. I think some on here are getting far too precious over Wilder’s comments, they were nothing remarks, just sticks and stones my friends. We can’t moan about his lack of class and then at the same time hope that a local football club goes out of business and local people lose their jobs. And before anybody says well they did with us, we’re better than them, always have been always will be. UTO
  7. You’re spot on there.
  8. Am I missing something here? Most posts on this thread are supportive.
  9. Growl67


    Can you hear the drums Fernando?
  10. Growl67

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Well, apart from the 136 posters and counting at the bottom of his post.
  11. To me...to you. Come on lads. WAWAW?
  12. Not sure what Jos could do really with what he’s got right now.
  13. It hates Wigan even more.
  14. Growl67

    Where do you think we'll finish

    As it stands, I’d be delighted if we can come through the season unscathed and in a position to kick on next season. Key players staying injury free is key. If we lose even a couple in certain positions in our current situation of no recruitment we coulld really struggle and I do wonder about the mindset of some. Will they be up for a fight etc. when they probably thought we’d be going for it? All things being equal though we should should be good enough for upper mid table with the quality we’ve got. I’ll be holding my breath every time a bloody player goes in for a tackle mind.