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  1. More expensive players with more experience at this level players yes, but a better team? We’re kidding ourselves if we think that and nothing will change our manager (or his replacement) shapes the expensive players we’ve got into a team or ships them out. United have few if any stars and a tiny wage bill compared to ours, but they have a good manager who’s got them playing constantly in the way he wants them to so we’ve got to stop kidding ourselves. Leicester won the Premiership because they got a good team together at a fraction of the cost of the ‘big’ clubs, and Clough did the same thing at Derby and Forest albeit in different times. The team’s blend and it’s spirit and togetherness are everything, expensive individual players on big wages mean nothing unless they fit into the team as we’ve seen with Rhodes, and only when we have a team playing like a team will our better players make the difference.
  2. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    Hope. Genuine hope that I’ll get to see my team back where they belong sometime soon. I sympathise with younger Owls, it’s never good to feel let down by your team at any age, but I’m of the age where I don’t know how many more years I’ll get to games. I already have to rely on other people’s help, jam tomorrow is no good for me and many like me, and nearly 2 decades out of the top tier is simply not good enough for a club like Wednesday whatever age you are. Unfortunately as somebody else posted it’s the bloody hope and false dawns that kill us, but what is there left without it?
  3. Something isn't right

    Indeed, although in fairness you’ve said nothing that 99% of Owls don’t already know. There’s something not right girls and boys and to deny it is just kidding ourselves.

    I’m glad you posted that in CAPITALS otherwise I’d have no idea what you’re on about. I wish posts like this could be consolidated into one single section of despair.
  5. Carlos interview

    I think Warnock would go anywhere and leave any club including United if the other club offered him enough money.
  6. Warnock

    You are joking aren’t you after all he’s said about us? Why don’t we go the whole hog and try to get Wilder.
  7. Carlos interview

    He seemed to be rambling even more than normal tonight, all this talk about respect. I know I’m a bit hard of hearing but to be honest, what I can make out doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. A really nice bloke who’s given his all but sadly I think his race is finally run.
  8. The Carlos to stay brigade

    That’s spot on Ronnie! I’ve been going for nearly 60 years and the vast majority of our outstanding or enjoyable seasons came when we had low to medium expectations. Being over optimistic pre season always seems to be the catalyst for impatience and intolerance in fans, although I’ve got to admit that I’m getting to the end of my tether with our current incumbent. UTO
  9. George Hirst called up for England

    I liked the Rhodes of old but I’ve seen nothing to like about him since he’s joined us. I’d definitely have Hirst on the bench as things are right now.
  10. Just got Home

    This was my first away game this season. Brumy relatives. We weren’t that bad in fact we were probably the better team, but there wasn’t a single moment in the game that I expected us to score. I know that might be hard to understand for those who weren’t there, but I just didn’t once expect us to put the ball in the net and take control of the game, and more importantly in my opinion neither did our players. Right now they seem to wating for things to happen rather than making them happen. They seem as unconvinced as I am if you get my drift. Got to say our fans were outstanding though, although the goal took the edge off it a bit. UTO
  11. I’m sorry that I can’t think of anything witty or positive to say because I’ve no blooming idea what he’s on about. Could somebody translate it for an old un please?
  12. Never been so embarrassed

    The poor sides theory is part of our problem as I pointed this out when some of us were getting way too overconfident before the game. I said I hoped Carlos and the lads didn’t have the same superior mindset as some on here because all it would do is put extra pressure on us in the end. United aren’t a poor side right now, neither are Preston and neither were Huddersfield last season. Suddenly since we’ve had some money to spend we seem to be judging teams on their spending power which while it can be a factor doesn’t always make a good ‘team’. More expensive players and players used to playing at a higher lever then them yes definitely, but by dismissing what they’ve achieved as just down to the manager and motivation and denying what we see with our own eyes is plain daft. The had some good players out there yesterday. They’ve managed to get in decent players on the cheap and somehow mould them into a good team. If we could do the same with the level of players we can sign we’d be even better, but it’s far more about the team than individuals. Let’s hope by the time we play them again we’ve all got our heads right and whoever is in charge makes sure the lads have too. Personally I hope we go into it as underdogs because if we are I think we’ll hammer them. UTO
  13. Honest opinion on the derby

    Ok I'll ask the question. What are you on about?

    One more than them will do fine for me.
  15. We will hammer United

    That's my view entirely, I'm surprised to see older Owls sticking their necks so far out especially with the scorline. It looks like they may be in a bit of a mess with injuries but as I've said before, I've seen better Owls teams than this under better managers than Carlos lose to inferior United teams. Derbys can go either way, that's how it's always been and a 1-0 win for us will be great and anything better will be a bonus. Talk of a 5-0 cakewalk whilst not impossible is extremely unlikely, and I think talk of it being a formality just raises daft expectations and could even put undue pressure onto any of our players foolish enough to read this forum and other social media. UTO.