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  1. I think our luck turned today.
  2. Growl67

    Not good enough

    I’ve been today only my 5th game this season. I was hoping to at least see the expected new manager bounce but this was more like new manager apathy. They should all be busting a gut to prove themselves worthy of the shirt but too many of them just didn’t seem to give a jot lads.
  3. Growl67

    Last nights clash of kit

    Ok I’m getting on a bit and my eyesight is not the best but I had real problems making out the 2 teams on Tuesday night. I’m totally baffled why the officials wouldn't let us to play in our change kit but we’re ok with 2 shades of blue.
  4. Growl67

    So after all that...

    I’ve only really heard of one of our signings but I’m happy the ways things have panned out although admittedly a little surprised that we didn’t use the window to bring some cash in. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seemed, I really hope that’s the case.
  5. We need to do whatever we need to do to get this club on an even keel again and if that means selling some of our better players so be it. I think that it’s vital we bite the bullet now and go through the pain barrier while we still have a modicum of control of our own destiny rather than being told what to do or facing penalties for not doing it. Let’s wipe the slate clean, think CLEARLY what we need to do next and then kick on without any excess baggage to drag us under.
  6. Growl67

    1st February

    As it stands I’m pretty relaxed with it although I might feel a little less so if we hadn’t just had the 4 match Bullen bounce.
  7. If the fool didn’t disgraced himself then I don’t know what he would have to do. I hope the call gets traced, I’m ashamed that he even breaths the same air as me, let alone supports my club.
  8. Growl67

    deer Mr Chanseri

    Oh deer!
  9. Growl67

    That's it then

    That’s what we all hope is the case. However, I find it hard to comprehend that DC has been so otherwise engaged this season that he didn’t have time to ask Jos what the hell he was he playing about at and even pull rank on him, especially as he himself was getting a lot of the stick for the situation. Something doesn’t quite stack up in my opinion but hopefully whatever it was is all behind us.
  10. Growl67

    Man United model

    It sort of makes sense but I do wonder if Manchester United would use this particular model if they were 5 points of a relegation spot and not 6th in the table?
  11. If we appointed Clough junior we’d have some belting cup runs to look back on! We’d definitely get relegated under him and he’d rival Jos in the boredom stakes according to that lot over the city, but I guess we couldn’t have everything.
  12. Growl67

    Shine a light protest

    Strike a light!
  13. Fortunately we don’t have to endure it that often.
  14. Growl67

    Press Conference

    Was the title deliberately misleading or did he just forget to prefex it with ‘Friday’s’?
  15. Growl67

    Bruce on his way

    Bruce looked like a broken man in his last few weeks at Villa and as things stand, it’s hard to imagine how him coming to us would be much help to either party. He’d probably have been perfect for the job when Carlos was appointed and there was serious money to spend and build with but I don’t think that’s the case now.