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  1. It made me laugh that. I think giving a kid chocolate biscuits and plying them with alcohol laced coffee would be frowned upon nowadays. Seriously though, all I want for half times is to be able to look back on a good first half. That’ll do me.
  2. I don’t think we’ll get a points deduction but if we did and it was substantial, I have zero confidence in this squad of players having the strength of character to see us to safety. On paper they’re decent enough but on the pitch the majority of those who have been with us for several years are weak minded and have a losing mentality. We can lay the blame on any number of managers but excluding any off the pitch negative influences, those players are the constants along with Bullen.
  3. We shouldn’t laugh. I may be wrong but they seem to be falling apart.
  4. I’ve been saying since last season that it’s more about this set of players than the various managers. They can have all the skill in the world on their day but if they’ve not got a collective positive mindset they’ll always let us down. Tweaking it in January won’t change anything we need a complete clear out in the summer. Too many of our mainstays just aren’t winners and they won’t change now.
  5. I can’t see how we can be too down on a manager who’s had no chance to bring in any players or even do a preseason with the squad he inherited, and yet has us well in contention for at least a playoff spot. The last 2 results have been disappointing but signs are we’ll be thereabouts especially if we can bring 2 or 3 in.
  6. I can go back to the early 50’s and I can’t recall a John Crossland playing for us in any position. And before anybody says it, I can recall more about the Wednesday in 1950/60 than I can yesterday
  7. It was never a penalty but the facts are it shouldn’t have mattered. We had more than enough chances to be out of sight by then and if you don’t take them one poor decision can cost you.
  8. I thought you were on about Terry Curran?
  9. And just like the Sky red button. If we missed owt, we couldn't rewind and see it again. Attending games eh? It’ll never catch on.
  10. I think he’s called Martin. He basically singled out Fletch as the main cause of all our problems. Mick came on spitting feathers and reckoned he must support the other lot.
  11. 3-0 to us and I hope Fletch gets a hat trick. I can’t believe what that twerp was on about on Football Heaven last night, Mick called it spot on.
  12. It wouldn’t really matter if Chansiri hadn’t a clue about running a football club if he’d appointed people around him who did. There lies the real problem, there must be plenty of quality senior people out there steeped in knowledge of the English game and the day to day running a football club who’d jump at the chance of coming to SWFC but somehow he’s managed to avoid them. I think getting the right team around Mr Chansiri is just as important as getting the right team around Monk. Both teams need a clear out.
  13. If the EFL do decide to deduct us points, I really hope they make the decision quickly so that we know exactly what we’re up against and what’s needed. I dread the thought of them announcing a deduction with only 2 or 3 months of the season left and it plunging us straight into a relegation battle. I’m not at all convinced that this particular squad of players has the collective strength of character to overcome that sort of pressure whoever manages them.
  14. Yes agreed, but my point was that neither club needed major financial backing from rich owners to get promoted. They sold their best assets and used the money well. We’ve probably spent almost as much on one player Rhodes than those 2 clubs did in total to get them up.
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