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  1. It’ll have commentary of sorts but no action replays or rewind facility so make sure you don’t miss our goals.
  2. I personally don’t think you’re a United fan but from what I’ve seen of your posts, I do think you’re a wind up merchant/ attention seeker.
  3. I think you may be what a polite Owl would call ‘an undercover Unitedite’
  4. Correct. They’re now a very successful management team who have worked their way up the leagues and who’s team now sits top of the division just below us. The way some dismiss them you’d think they were still in the National League.
  5. I like how Andy always starts off all polite and then goes off like a rocket. There’s no slow build up just WHOOOOOSH!
  6. The biggest tragedy with Luhukay was that somebody actually advised Mr Chansiri to employ him. He was obviously only average at his best and by the time we got him he was on the slide and yet somebody must have said this is the man to take Wednesday forward and Chansiri bought it. Without speculating on who that. Ugh the have been, I sincerely hope that person is no longer employed by us.
  7. If Mr Chansiri were to appoint Cowley and he failed then this forum would absolutely slaughter him, almost as much as if he didn’t appoint Cowley and Lee Bullen failed. I think it’s important that whoever manages our team he doesn’t fail.
  8. When I was younger our lads wore black knickers but you’re right.
  9. Modern technology baffles me. So we’re saying somebody’s grafted Rowett’s head onto Jos’s body? In fairness there’s no reason why that couldn’t work.
  10. I just hope that most of us are still around to enjoy our new found change of fortune.
  11. I’ve just listened to Rowett’s interview on Radio Sheffield. If ever there was a “come and get me” speech that was it.
  12. It’s his loss if he doesn’t come. At 60 this could be his last major managerial job and I think it’d be great for both parties.
  13. Is saying Bullen like saying Macbeth as in nothing ever good comes of it?
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