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  1. Growl67

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    I don’t think for one moment Jos still wants to stick around as things are, why would he? I reckon he’d like nothing better than to call it a day and be paid up and back home with his family and friends for Christmas sipping mulled wine without a care in the world. It must be terrible for him knowing that he’s got to just sit and take all the vitriol from thousands of people and even have to lie to to them without being able to say one single word in his own defence. He obviously doing what he’s been instructed to do when it comes down to the media. He’s a poor manager but it’s not his fault that he was selected for this job or that he’s having to stick it out and get all the grief he’s getting when he should have gone weeks ago. That’s down to Mr Chansiri, this whole sorry situation that we find ourselves in is 100% down to his making.
  2. Growl67

    Half Season Tickets

    Based on the last couple of seasons, the only way I’d consider a half season ticket is if I could buy it in July and it expired in December.
  3. Growl67

    Our next manager???.

    We could do a lot worse than Paul Warne.
  4. I think we defended manfully but what rankles with me is that we decided that we needed to do that to get anything from the game and it was a planned tactic from the off, not because United played well pushed us back and forced us to defend. I think we’d really have been up against it if they’d scored that Penalty, three subs wouldn’t have been enough to change things around. As for United they look a decent enough side to watch based on Friday but they don’t seem to have much end product in the final third. They’ll need more quality up front in January to maintain their top 6 position, too much reliance on Sharp scoring and I don’t think Unitedites seem very confident that will happen.
  5. Really? I’d have him like a shot if he didn’t support the other lot and I’m sure he’d get us playing like them. I won’t let my natural dislike for United hide the fact they’re bloody jammy so and so’s to have s manager as good as Wilder. I wish with all my being some other club would take him off them.
  6. Growl67

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Credit to them, like I said they played well but and I hate to say this they were only playing against us, not Everton or Leicester City. We played the game like a gutsy league 2 team getting a battling draw in the FA cup 3rd round against higher opposition. Maybe if we’d given them more to think about in an attacking way they wouldn’t have been able to play the way they did.
  7. Is it just me then who wishes he’d supported the Wednesday?
  8. Growl67

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    He said United were the best Championship team he’s seen this season especially in the first half and they way they play is better to watch than half the Premier League. United did look good at times but I thought he was a bit over the top.
  9. Growl67


    Wilder put Sharp on the bench at Hillborough last season even though he was over 2 weeks away from being deemed fit to play. I think it was purely to gee up the players and put a bit of doubt in CC’s mind when making his substitutions. Maybe we should do the same with FF. it’d give them something to think about and could affect Wilder’s thinking during the game?
  10. Growl67

    Derby week

    At the end of the day it’s 11v11 on the day and in my 60+years off following Wednesday, the underdog has definitely won more games. I think that most of the pressure is on United for this one. If we do lose as long as we put up a fight I’ll say to my Blades supporting family and friends ‘WEll what did you expect? We’re shocking right now’ but if we win it could really give us a boost and we could kick on. It’s happened before lads and lasses. UTO.
  11. Hardly any callers. Giddins back in for the first time in a while and he spent most of the show trying to string it out with pre recorded interviews. Got a feeling the shows on its last legs.
  12. I’m in the middle picture with my lad. Seems like only yesterday to me although anybody comparing me from that photo to as I am now would think it was nearer 25 years ago. It’s no fun getting owd tha knows.
  13. Growl67


    No way. I can’t stand the bloke. He gets results at this level but the football he plays is shocking. I wouldn’t want him anyway near our club, there’s better out there.
  14. Growl67

    What are we drinking tonight

    I don’t know what Jos will be drinking but I reckon it’ll be at the last chance saloon