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  1. Does anyone know if we are still under embargo, because if we are we need to extend most of the young uns contracts
  2. Why can't they just play the same team and tactics that we played against Cardiff obviously excepting Lees
  3. I'd still play the young players anyway if Rotherham get one win out of the two games us and we beat Derby then us and Derby are down
  4. My onlyfear is that if we stay up a lot of this rabble will be offered new contracts
  5. If the scores stay the same we are down, if I was Moore I would be ringing everyone of those useless so called players to come to the ground and pick up your gear as you are not putting that shirt on again, then I would make a team up from the u23s and u18s for the last game
  6. Well I've had a look through the threads and haven't seen one on the penalty that our captain took, that must have been the worst powder puff penalty ever , if he was unsure which side to put it , which it looked like he was , why not just smack it has hard as poss , mind you knowing Bannan would have gone over the top
  7. Not for f---ing long I hope can't wait to get rid of most of those spineless gits
  8. Part of that mid 70s before Big Jack poo show
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