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  1. Not a striker, never was a striker and never will be a striker.
  2. The ones that aren't playing are always our savour but don't make any difference when they do play
  3. Trouble is s36 I've supported them over 60 years wednesday are in my blood and if I can watch them I will , but I know what you are getting at
  4. Or hang them over the Don with a note saying f--k off or else
  5. How can it be really first half every player brill second half every player crap. At what point does the wimp button kick in
  6. Yer I remember celebrating with George Best when he equalised even though I'm a Wednesdayite great occasion and only a nipper then
  7. Wednesday 5 Manure 4 what a great game that was
  8. Playing with 2 wingers , on the same fu—-in wing ffs
  9. They'll have to get some infrastructure in place now that the car parks have got planning it's a nightmare as it is
  10. Thing is when he does come on for the last 5 mins of the games they throw him on as a striker as were always chasing the game, let him start ffs and in midfield where we know he can play
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