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  1. He needed a wack on the back of the head for not playing to the whistle for their goal, can't believe he just stoped lol
  2. Exactly this, I think it is purely financial, Moore wants new loan players or permanent so had to let the one who is on the highest loan wage go, probably couldn't just send him back , so if Moore didn't play him regular Wolves could recall him as they have done I think.
  3. Didn't think anything could be worse than watching our first team
  4. This is Wednesday we are talking about so same as always, who f------in knows
  5. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Gibson Brown Huchinson Wing Adeniran Berahino Cadamarteri Gregory
  6. If we can start on 0 points, that would be a bonus
  7. 93 when we finished 3rd, I thought we was going to nick it, we finished so strong
  8. Why do our fans think they should be informed about everything, your only customers ffs lol
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