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  1. I think we can shop but not daft as before
  2. Didn't we finish 3rd one session behind Man U &Leeds or was I dreaming
  3. I think wed night will tell us what these players and Monk are made of, if their not fired up for this one I would say we need a clear out completely including the manager because I will guarantee that Middlesbrough will be up for it
  4. Well that's good then he could sell it to his son this year to raise another 60 mil
  5. Very puzzled with all this ground selling, what did Chansiri buy when he bought Wednesday, did he not buy the ground with the club because his name is all over the f----in place. So what difference dose it make if on paper he sells it back to himself, he can't sell the club without a ground or ground without a club so why is everyone getting so fizzed up about it
  6. If he keeps neshing tackles like he does, he will end up with a broken leg
  7. Are you joking he throws the towel in on every tackle bloody nesh sod
  8. Looks like Gary Monk was right about the changing room the sooner these trouble causing tvvats go the better
  9. Yes but it's like I said in another post Bruce was probably a strong personality manager not allowing dominant players to take the ******** and big enough to knock him out should he start, you didn't see many players take the ******** out of Big Ron or big Jack
  10. This obviously goes back years I remember Brian Laws saying that the performances depend on which Sheff Wed team turns up, maybe it needed a strong personality manager e.g. A Ron Atkinson type or Bruce or dare I say Gary Monk ?
  11. I remember reading what Michael Gray said a few years ago about something that he heard in the Sheff Wed changing room that made him want to retire from football
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