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  1. Im not Bruce out i don't chant stuff like that .. But I am Bruce out though!!!
  2. Worked in Worksop a good few years ago for quite a small firm with a work force of about of about 30 ten of whom were Man U fans and had to put up with the daily banter especially when.Wednesday lost, Man U came to play Worksop in a pre season friendly ... Yep you've guessed it not one went to the match. Plastic fans plastic club. UTO
  3. Could never wear red my stomach turns at the thought.. From time to time I've been bought the odd item of red clothing that looks pretty nice I'll even try it on and say yes it's lovely!! But deep down i know it wont even be made use of as a rag in the garage it's destiny is sealed unloved never worn at the bottom of the bin as soon as I set eyes on it. And it's hereditary my sons suffer with the same condition .. UTO
  4. How can they charge you for i follow its a chuffing joke!!!
  5. The FT reporting we're after Rhodes!!
  6. Life sentence licence reviewed & renewed!!
  7. Got to agree I far prefer the old new badge to the new old badge make over.. it would be nice to still be able to buy some merchandise with with the old new badge motif on just for us ole luddites
  8. Its to do with health and safety in the rear seats in the cop apparently we're no longer covered on the insurance!!
  9. That was a memorable day back in the bad ole days all them look a like NF Chelsea fans in there Crombys throwing out Nazi salutes the coach windows got put through after the match and I got kicked out the ground at half time for having a pee at the back of the stand because the police wouldn't let you out to use the toilets ffs..
  10. Just as the paramedic's give him cpr for frostbite. Come on Wednesday!!
  11. For those of us who met him I wouldn't bother he was a total d::k head ..Never been over complimentary about his time at Hillsborough or Wilkinson.. Think I'll give it a miss!!
  12. Former midfielder ? Wtf The legendary Shez has a new management opportunity ... Let's not put Shez in the former midfielder categories. Good luck Shez !!
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