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  1. I'll go to games then renew my season ticket next march. Doesn't change owt. If you have doubts.....then stay away anyway.
  2. Absolutely. Pots done, ironing done, what's next? Oh yes....match.
  3. I went and watched Park Steels reserves on Wednesday night. Great game and free entry. Kids giving it their all.
  4. My Hillsborough Pumas son went 5-0 up in the first game, then we're losing 5-0 in the second.
  5. It's football teams all over. We aren't unique.
  6. It happens. No one is perfect.
  7. I guess it's to be expected in his position and age
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Taylor_(footballer)
  9. Absolutely Everyone goes on about things being unique to their own club but all club's fans are the same, pretty much.
  10. Dropped Bannan in it twice with hospital balls and I think dropped Iorfa in it as well at one point! Some good stuff, some bad stuff.
  11. He's perfect for the job......pretty much..... Only struggled with the bean pole strikers who have a natural height advantage.
  12. Paul McGrath springs to mind. Shot to pieces knees but a hell of a defender.
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