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  1. addedtime

    Young Owls

    Certainly not! Horrible poo coach. "No one remembers second place boys" he said to his 8 yr olds.
  2. addedtime

    Time to turn up

    Yep, that would really tempt me if I was a floating fan.
  3. addedtime

    Young Owls

    Thought you were on about the "win at all costs" kids team that plays on Sundays.
  4. addedtime

    Minutes applause for Hayley Kalinins

    I was going to say...is it the correct opposition for this type of thing?
  5. addedtime

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    I know what you mean. There's rivalry and there's nastiness.
  6. addedtime

    Our Midfield 3 starts - Wow!

    Like on the kop last Saturday?
  7. addedtime

    Club's Best Moment

    The fourth league title?
  8. addedtime

    Time wasting...

    I tend to watch without blue tinted glasses. I was slagged off on Saturday for telling someone that all he had missed whilst in the toilet was Matias rolling around.
  9. addedtime

    Time wasting...

    The Afobe/Stoke throw in, in front of the kop last Saturday. One player picks it up, puts it on the floor. Afobe goes over to take it. He picks it up, waits, then puts it on the floor, laughing while he walks away. Referee just stands there waiting.
  10. addedtime

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    Won't get deleted while people are replying!
  11. addedtime


    Would someone/you then just explain exactly what it is then?
  12. addedtime

    My epic story

    The newsagent?
  13. addedtime

    CC on Talksport after 10

    Aaaaannnnnnnnd off we go again.
  14. addedtime

    Well this is awkward

    It was a truly bizarre atmosphere on Saturday. In the toilets at halftime, there were 6 guys engaged in a daisy chain activity that looked interesting. There was also mention of an Alaskan Pipeline, but I'm not sure where they got the freezer from!
  15. addedtime

    Sean Clare Signing for

    13 paqes!! Get it closed....