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  1. Won't help him tackle. I'm ginger by the way.......
  2. But everything is geared to "short term" though isn't it?
  3. The irony of your username is strong.
  4. And you've just added to it..... ....bugger, so have I!
  5. The fact that their job is to only attack, based on the post I quoted. I'm in agreement with you.
  6. So we allow all their players to advance on our defence without resistance then? Stand still and wait for the defence to play it upfield to our 6 attackers?
  7. Got to be honest, when Lees scored against Cardiff, I couldn't even motivate myself to get out of my seat to celebrate. It's just so gloomy at the moment.
  8. That's it. It's just bloody football We this and we that. It's not us, it's Mr Chansiri.
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