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  1. The fans don't suffer at all. It's a bloody hobby! They just watch their team at a lower level!
  2. I get your drift, but I doubt any human has the accuracy to hit that size target from that range and angle. The West Brom goal was a bit more down to his own skill.
  3. The Leeds goal really was hit and hope. The WBA goal was a lot better in my eyes.
  4. Next to the Burgoyne?? (Someone told me)
  5. Alternatively, look as them as all points gained.
  6. Yep, sadly it wouldn't have been for us!
  7. It needs some form of mascot, with a bright, easily recognisable image. Maybe a redhead?
  8. I do, but I don't congregate in narrow corridors and force others to partake in it. It's a wall of smoke you have to walk through. Tramps.
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