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  1. Something good could come out of this

    Period? Could some of your American friends suggest something?
  2. Our 2nd goal. The glorious minute.....

    The Blade at work said it looked flipping awesome as the stadium was bouncing.
  3. That Horrible Feeling

    That's what I've been saying. The players should be aware of what the game meant. It didn't need spoon feeding to them.
  4. Now the dust has settled

    1 point at Brum, zero against Leeds
  5. That Horrible Feeling

    I'm dreading the Monday meeting at 9 o'clock. Especially Kev the "Blade" who needs directions to S2.
  6. Reports plural? Only seen this one photo.
  7. Hillsborough Corner Morning Boozing

    Wadsley Club for a quiet few.
  8. One defeat in 17

    So, if we take a few out, we've been unbeaten since September 1867! Only Hudds can beat that.
  9. Yes, the gaffer is a long term season ticket holder. I respect his views and take his "banter" The other one needs direction to BDTBL and his views get screwed up and thrown back in his face.
  10. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    His English is very good......
  11. Westwood

    Better get rid then.
  12. David Garrido

    I sense he actually likes men.