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    Indeed. Rome, seven days and all that.

    Just these two for me I reckon.
  3. Getting better at not getting a shot on target. That's right Barry.
  4. It's sometimes said that the best teams in the world don't need a manager, the talent speaks for itself. If the current SWFC squad were left to sort themselves out, what kind of football could we expect? (To avoid conflict about who gets selected, take the starting 11 from Saturday for example)
  5. Still my all time favourite
  6. I hardly recognized any of the Blades squad as well. How did that turn out?
  7. Never.......are you bending time or summat?
  8. Hillsborough

    Was it not Owlerton?
  9. I completely get that. I used to go 5-6 times a season, then I got my season ticket 6 years ago. It IS an addiction. I'm dreading not being able to afford to go. Hopefully a few trips abroad with work will provide enough overtime to fork our for one!
  10. I agree. maybe I worded it badly. I mean they were in the same division as us, with the same FFP constraints as us. Yet they managed to set their prices at the point they did.
  11. How are Huddersfield fans paying for it? They were in the same situation as us.
  12. I (43) am getting put off to be honest. I can't sustain a 10% increase year on year. £360>£400>£455. Sadly, I think this current year's season ticket may be my last for a while. It'll be heartbreaking as I live ten minutes walk from the kop and will hate to hear the crowd on a Saturday afternoon.
  13. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    I guess my answer of exactly the same thing an hour before was deleted?
  14. Thanks JS. Stating the bleeding obvious.......
  15. Hooper was my first thought.