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  1. addedtime

    Take a leaf SWFC...

    This deserved more recognition than it got.
  2. addedtime


    All the muscles round my ribs as Drew Talbot scored our 4th in Cardiff.
  3. addedtime

    squad numbers waste of time ??

    Should have got a season ticket then.
  4. addedtime

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    If Sean Clare did a U-Turn, After he said "I'm off" Then he can quite right royally, Completely well fizz off.
  5. addedtime

    #SWFC have got a bargain

    You've been spying on me again haven't you???? What I choose to do in Aldi in an evening is my own business, thank you.
  6. addedtime

    #SWFC have got a bargain

  7. addedtime

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Their shirts will sell out faster than ours.
  8. addedtime

    #OnThis Day in 1992

    The rest as they say......
  9. addedtime


    They drink it in the jungle
  10. addedtime

    Elev8 done it again

    Commerce....retail. Same thing.
  11. Could we not say it in 2014? Did they miss this stage out?
  12. After watching France last, night, I don't think I'll be having a hangover on Monday.
  13. I work in a test lab and we have customers flying over from Malaysia to see us on Monday. Gotta work!!
  14. addedtime

    Team Spirit at #SWFC