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  1. Known well by us at Hillsborough Pumas. RIP DAZZA xxxxxx
  2. A month of soul searching ahead. I'm not sure I can push the savings that far.
  3. Jos Anagrams

    I know, it was just a little something different to start the day off with. Plus it helped Neil's more owlstalk readers a bit!
  4. Jos Anagrams

    My kids are on half term next week!
  5. Carlos Anagrams

    It was based on another thread where someone compared Carlos to Colin and the anagram situation.
  6. Haul Joky Us Hula Joky Us Jay Hulk Sou Oaks Uh July Soak Uh July Auks Oh July Auks Ho July Auk Lush Joy Auk Ohs July Auk Hos July Usa Hulk Joy A Hulk Joy Us A Uh Joy Sulk La Uh Joky Us
  7. I'll just chuck this in here....... Charcoals Larval Calla Larch Savor Calla Arch Valors Calla Char Valors Calla Crash Valor Calla Chars Valor Callas Arch Valor Callas Char Valor Rascal Larva Loch Rascal Larch Oval Sacra Larval Loch Larval Choral Sac Larval Clash Orca Larval Roach Lacs Larval Arch Colas Larval Arch Coals Larval Char Colas Larval Char Coals Larval Crash Coal Larval Crash Cola Larval Chars Coal Larval Chars Cola Larval Cash Coral Larval Cash Carol Larvas Choral Lac Larvas Larch Coal Larvas Larch Cola Larvas Roach Call Larvas Arch Local Larvas Char Local Larva Chloral Sac Larva Choral Lacs Larva Chorals Lac Larva Scholar Lac Larva Larch Colas Larva Larch Coals Larva Clash Coral Larva Clash Carol Larva Roach Calls Larva Arch Locals Larva Char Locals Larva Crash Local Larva Chars Local Larva Cash Collar Lavas Chloral Arc Lavas Chloral Car Lavas Larch Coral Lavas Larch Carol Lavas Arch Collar Lavas Char Collar Lava Chloral Cars Lava Chloral Scar Lava Chloral Arcs Lava Chlorals Arc Lava Chlorals Car Lava Larch Corals Lava Larch Carols Lava Clash Corral Lava Arch Collars Lava Char Collars Lava Crash Collar Lava Chars Collar A Larval Larch Cos A Larval Arc Lochs A Larval Car Lochs A Larval Cars Loch A Larval Scar Loch A Larval Arcs Loch A Larval La Scorch A Larva All Scorch A Lava Arch Scroll A Lava Char Scroll A Larch Lac Valors A Larch Call Savor A Larch Lacs Valor A Arch Call Valors A Arch Calls Valor A Char Call Valors A Char Calls Valor A Crash Call Valor A Chars Call Valor Larval Arch Lac So Larval Arch Sac Lo Larval Arch La Cos Larval Char Lac So Larval Char Sac Lo Larval Char La Cos Larval Cash Lac Or Larval Cash Arc Lo Larval Cash Car Lo Larval Lac Arc Hos Larval Lac Arc Ohs Larval Lac Car Hos Larval Lac Car Ohs Larval Lac Cars Oh Larval Lac Cars Ho Larval Lac Scar Oh Larval Lac Scar Ho Larval Lac Arcs Oh Larval Lac Arcs Ho Larval Lac Sac Rho Larval Lac Rah Cos Larval Lacs Arc Oh Larval Lacs Arc Ho Larval Lacs Car Oh Larval Lacs Car Ho Larval Arc As Loch Larval Car As Loch Larvas Arch Lac Lo Larvas Char Lac Lo Larvas Call Arc Oh Larvas Call Arc Ho Larvas Call Car Oh Larvas Call Car Ho Larvas Arc La Loch Larvas Car La Loch Larva Larch Lac So Larva Larch Sac Lo Larva Larch La Cos Larva Clash Lac Or Larva Clash Arc Lo Larva Clash Car Lo Larva Arch Lac Sol Larva Arch Call So Larva Arch Lacs Lo Larva Arch All Cos Larva Char Lac Sol Larva Char Call So Larva Char Lacs Lo Larva Char All Cos Larva Crash Lac Lo Larva Chars Lac Lo Larva Cash Call Or Larva Lac Lacs Rho Larva Call Arc Hos Larva Call Arc Ohs Larva Call Car Hos Larva Call Car Ohs Larva Call Cars Oh Larva Call Cars Ho Larva Call Scar Oh Larva Call Scar Ho Larva Call Arcs Oh Larva Call Arcs Ho Larva Call Sac Rho Larva Call Rah Cos Larva Calls Arc Oh Larva Calls Arc Ho Larva Calls Car Oh Larva Calls Car Ho Larva Arc Hall Cos Larva Arc La Lochs Larva Arc Las Loch Larva Car Hall Cos Larva Car La Lochs Larva Car Las Loch Larva Cars La Loch Larva Scar La Loch Larva Arcs La Loch Lavas Larch Lac Or Lavas Larch Arc Lo Lavas Larch Car Lo Lavas Arch Call Or Lavas Char Call Or Lavas Call Arc Rho Lavas Call Car Rho Lava Larch Lacs Or Lava Larch Arc Sol Lava Larch Car Sol Lava Larch Cars Lo Lava Larch Scar Lo Lava Larch Arcs Lo Lava Arch Calls Or Lava Arch Sac Roll Lava Char Calls Or Lava Char Sac Roll Lava Crash Call Or Lava Chars Call Or Lava Cash Arc Roll Lava Cash Car Roll Lava Call Arc Rhos Lava Call Car Rhos Lava Call Cars Rho Lava Call Scar Rho Lava Call Arcs Rho Lava Calls Arc Rho Lava Calls Car Rho Lava Arc Ha Scroll Lava Arc Ah Scroll Lava Car Ha Scroll Lava Car Ah Scroll Larch Lac La Savor Larch Lac Valor As Larch Arc La Salvo Larch Arc La Ovals Larch Arc Alls Ova Larch Arc Oval Las Larch Car La Salvo Larch Car La Ovals Larch Car Alls Ova Larch Car Oval Las Larch Cars La Oval Larch Cars All Ova Larch Scar La Oval Larch Scar All Ova Larch Arcs La Oval Larch Arcs All Ova Larch Sac La Valor Clash Arc La Valor Clash Car La Valor Arch Lac La Valors Arch Lac All Savor Arch Lac Valor Las Arch Call La Savor Arch Call Valor As Arch Lacs La Valor Arch Arc All Salvo Arch Arc All Ovals Arch Arc Alls Oval Arch Car All Salvo Arch Car All Ovals Arch Car Alls Oval Arch Cars All Oval Arch Scar All Oval Arch Arcs All Oval Arch Sac All Valor Char Lac La Valors Char Lac All Savor Char Lac Valor Las Char Call La Savor Char Call Valor As Char Lacs La Valor Char Arc All Salvo Char Arc All Ovals Char Arc Alls Oval Char Car All Salvo Char Car All Ovals Char Car Alls Oval Char Cars All Oval Char Scar All Oval Char Arcs All Oval Char Sac All Valor Crash Lac La Valor Crash Arc All Oval Crash Car All Oval Chars Lac La Valor Chars Arc All Oval Chars Car All Oval Cash Arc All Valor Cash Car All Valor Lac Call Rah Savor Lac Lacs Rah Valor Lac Arc Hall Savor Lac Arc Lash Valor Lac Car Hall Savor Lac Car Lash Valor Call Arc Ha Valors Call Arc Ah Valors Call Arc Rah Salvo Call Arc Rah Ovals Call Arc Rash Oval Call Arc Ash Valor Call Arc Has Valor Call Car Ha Valors Call Car Ah Valors Call Car Rah Salvo Call Car Rah Ovals Call Car Rash Oval Call Car Ash Valor Call Car Has Valor Call Cars Ha Valor Call Cars Ah Valor Call Cars Rah Oval Call Scar Ha Valor Call Scar Ah Valor Call Scar Rah Oval Call Arcs Ha Valor Call Arcs Ah Valor Call Arcs Rah Oval Call Sac Rah Valor Calls Arc Ha Valor Calls Arc Ah Valor Calls Arc Rah Oval Calls Car Ha Valor Calls Car Ah Valor Calls Car Rah Oval Vocals Arc Rah All Vocals Car Rah All Vocal Arc Rah Alls Vocal Arc Rash All Vocal Car Rah Alls Vocal Car Rash All Vocal Cars Rah All Vocal Scar Rah All Vocal Arcs Rah All Arc Car Hall Salvo Arc Car Hall Ovals Arc Car Halls Oval Arc Car Shall Oval Arc Cars Hall Oval Arc Scar Hall Oval Arc Arcs Hall Oval Arc Sac Hall Valor Car Cars Hall Oval Car Scar Hall Oval Car Arcs Hall Oval Car Sac Hall Valor
  8. Norfolk Park on the tram??
  9. West stand upper

    We may have one, but we won't NEED one.

    I totally agree, but it's more in response to people being relaxed over our league position now. Saturday teatime may be a bit different if 2-3 teams get a win.

    Except they ALL have a game in hand on us.
  12. Positive Vibes

    Damn right.
  13. George Hirst - sorry

    I was joking, you silly muffin.
  14. George Hirst - sorry

    So you did.