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  1. Goal of the Season Competition

    Goal D gets further out each time I watch it! Great video by the way.
  2. If watched "many months" ago, would that have been Carlos?
  3. Same view?? One's at ground level, one's at about 1000 feet up on the other side!
  4. Denim

    Trust me, it's me.
  5. Denim

    Me in 1993. Double denim and different colours....
  6. And mine.....but I have a history of saying what I think!
  7. Wilson and McBurnie

    Exactly as Forestieri did against Wolves when playing for Watford. Disgraceful play acting to get their player sent off. However, my own double standards can see past it!
  8. Bizarrely, a neighbour spoke to his kit sponsor, who said he won't actually be there next season. Yes, it's a little bit of "Chinese whispers" but who knows eh?
  9. Hull City

    Cleansing your pallette??? What's he on??
  10. So David Hirst regrets

    This is totally fresh information.
  11. FAO speedy.

    That is a sweet post in an Oasis of crap.
  12. FAO speedy.

    You should see him play. He's just a blur.
  13. FAO speedy.

    WTF indeed! He's alive!!