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  1. joanne

    penney may be off

    Had a stinker tonight unfortunately
  2. Looks like a Real Ale drinker to me let him go
  3. joanne

    Owl Down!

    Had mine 12yrs ago,I was back in work after 12 weeks but my advice would be to take it easy initially. Just try to get up and moving at home 1st and gradually build it up. keep up the medication and listen to the Drs and more importantly other patients when hes in clinic for check-ups. Wish him a speedy recovery
  4. Is he at retirement age yet?
  5. Ordered in our end now
  6. Well thats weird had sold out when i checked earlier...ordered in their end now!!
  7. joanne

    manager poll #2

    Ryan Giggs
  8. joanne

    Jobs for the boys

    Butcher Hutchinson He'll make mincemeat out of you