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  1. Strange, a couple weeks ago people were moaning we had nowhere near enough shots. Just shows people moan about anything.
  2. I'm below 30 so I figuratively get a free pass at destroying the English language.
  3. Obscured face + name for privacy and that Responses for inevitable unoriginal owlstalk jokes "Charge your phone" - at work i cant "close your notifications" - can't be arsed "which one is he" - do one
  4. My mate literally just met Jordan Rhodes at Middlewood Road supporting U23's and had a chat with him. Seemed 100% fine, stop worrying.
  5. Walked past...

    Heard from somebody else who was there that they saw Forestieri with the team.
  6. Which one is Venancio?
  7. It is a loophole. Imagine it like sending a letter. If you send a letter to iFollow asking to stream the match, they will look at the return address on the letter, see that you're in the UK and sends a letter back telling you no. What a VPN does is act as a middle man. You send a letter to a middle man in another country (VPN), who then sends a letter to iFollow pretending it's for him. iFollow sees the address of the middle man abroad and thinks "oh they're in a different country" so replies yes, allowing you to stream the match. The middle man then passes that iFollow response along to you, so you end up with a positive response. Source: am nerd
  8. EFLC Second round draw.

    Where can I watch this on TV?
  9. Aye considering deleting my account over this blunder
  10. Edited. Got mixed up in all the excitement.
  11. Four tickets for Fulham away

    How much mate?
  12. Looks cool, these kind of matches now should be golden opportunities to try different things.
  13. Passmap V Preston

    Very interesting. You can see from here how positive Adam Reach is. I really think he could be huge for us this season, he's the kind of attacking player we need.
  14. iFollow

    Cancel that. Watch Live option just popped up, seems to be working!