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  1. Matt if you want to reach a wider audience in my opinion there's a huge gap in the market for a Sheffield Wednesday fans YouTube channel with good production value, analysis, discussion etc. We have a couple of vloggers such as Brad Garside but that's just a vlog. Presenting the informative Football Typer blogs as videos rather than text would make them more consumable and reach a much wider audience. You could have guests discuss the issues you bring up, if you wanted, or just talk about the issues yourself. As a young(ish, 21) person, people don't have the attention span for reading so much anymore. It's all about multimedia. What do you think? You could even analyse sections of matches by looking at players movements etc. Find positive things to praise about our players, build good feeling around the club etc. A bit like they do on sky sports etc after a match.
  2. So uplifting to hear! Great job on the recovery!
  3. You have a heart attack from your fourth Beres pork sandwich of the month. Go back to GO
  4. I really did until tonight, I was Carlos in until tonight. But that did it. I'm in the Carlos out camp now. I hate moaning, I think it's way more fun to be positive even in the face of bobbar, but for the record I'll no longer be actively sticking up for Carlos when people criticise him. I reckon we'll finish 12th or so.
  5. Get over yourselves and just enjoy the match or don't go. Chairman has made clear Carlos is here to stay so just get behind the lads and enjoy yourself instead of worrying about the bigger picture.
  6. To where did you send your email?
  7. Anyone else been able to pay to watch the match but getting no option to "Watch live now"? Literally paid £6 for nothing atm. Checked my bank statement too and it's taken my money.
  8. I'm 20 so I feel I'm in this demographic. I would LOVE to go to Hillsborough more, but I don't have the savings to buy a season ticket and the match prices are way, way too expensive - I attend 5 or 6 home games per year and perhaps 1 away. I don't go because I feel it's good value entertainment (I could spend that £300 on lots else), but to keep the support going and because I love my team and, being at university now I'm proud of where I come from. It is too expensive, but I'm hoping when we get to the prem, Chansiri will reduce prices and/or I'll be able to afford a season ticket. I know of no one else my age who could afford to attend Hillsborough regularly let alone a "group of lads" as a poster mentioned further up. Why on earth would a group of teenagers spontaneously spend £50 EACH for 90 minutes of entertainment? For reference that would be 6 months' worth of savings when I was a teenager and I was privileged to come from a reasonably financially secure background. At university now my weekly budget after rent is £50 - that's for food, social, groceries, maybe the odd date with my girlfriend. Where's the room for football in that? This is the reality of why young people don't go to football matches. It's just not the same culture of "Hey lads shall we go see wednesday this weekend yeah?" and you turn up at the ticket office on the day and buy your ticket for about the same price as your lunch. It's just not possible. Only friends I've got who attend regularly go because their parents buy them a season ticket every year, but how many parents in Sheffield can afford that? No wonder the crowd at Hillsborough is aging. It's a ticking time bomb for the future as we could see our fanbase drastically reduced, lest we get promoted SOON. Televised fixtures would kindle interest and generate enough demand for tickets to fill the ground.
  9. Macbook? Just burn your massive piles of cash for heat, since you seem to have no problem with chucking money away.
  10. Legend has it that in Sheffield Wednesday's darkest hour, He will return to fire us up the table into the automatic promotion places. Only He is capable of this.
  11. Yes I also can't see the match. Maybe just not on there yet? Again using a VPN. Maybe it's because of billing info associated with the account blocking UK bank accounts?
  12. Strange, a couple weeks ago people were moaning we had nowhere near enough shots. Just shows people moan about anything.
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