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  1. 'Comfortably'.... hahah! Go away!
  2. This!!!! Literally unbelievable that you pay for your child to be a mascot and then they don’t even include a kit!
  3. Would make it rather difficult to sell, and very little gain I’d have thought
  4. Has it never occurred to you that if DC did sell up, he would sell the ground as well as a full package? The stadium hasn't gone into obscurity you know!!!!
  5. What made you think he would come good? Ever!
  6. Lets see how many of these threads we can create before the window starts!?
  7. Sorry i do apologize, they played in red once! Remind me to consult you next time i post!
  8. But we wear blue and white stripes! Now take your ridiculous post and put it in Cardiff’s forum or someone similar!
  9. Have we? I’d like to see your list that tops worser players than Winnall? Given his wage as well....
  10. Far from it! But please just let dead dogs lie! Especially Winnall. Possibly the worst player to have played for Wednesday since 2010 ish.....
  11. Heard what exactly??? Their contract ended at the end of the season, they don’t play for us! Do you expect the club to keep a diary on ex players about their daily where abouts????
  12. For one season he played attractive football, the second was atrocious but worked. The rest was dire and culture he created, was toxic and has ruined our club since!
  13. I was about to until you mentioned Carlos, thats when i nodded off!
  14. Why have you even made the suggestion: 'Do you want to have Carlos back again?' Why would we want him back???? Baffles me every time someone suggests this!
  15. Did you just put McBurnie in the same sentence as Salah and Sterling???
  16. DC was in Sheffield at the back end of last week, he was seen at the train station Friday evening catching a train back down to London.
  17. Thank you, some sense. Hard to come by on here because everyone seems to be blinded by the scoreline, and not the actual performance!
  18. Ive come to the conclusion that you are uneducated and know very little about football!
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