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  1. The audacity of your to come on here and actually talk sense! Disgusting!
  2. SHUT THIS THREAD DOWN IMMEDIATELY! Also leave owls talk and support someone else, boring ******!
  3. No I didn’t. But that is why I am intrigued because of that eBay one.... Hence wondered if anyone had any info on it?
  4. Brian Linighan Need pictures of the numbering on the back if anyone can help, of the kit being worn in matchplay.... Thats the tricky part!
  5. So does anyone have any more photos of the 4th (gold) kit by any chance please?
  6. Does anyone have any more photos from the games where they were wearing this kit by any chance? Its so difficult to find photos of them in the gold 4th choice kit. Thanks
  7. Based on which performance full stop for Wednesday....?!?!?!
  8. Can you just remind me exactly, how dropping into League 1 will benefit anything? What a stupid stupid thing to suggest! In fact, please delete your Owlstalk account and never come back!
  9. Im all for changing players that arnt putting a shift in. But putting young players in for the sake is not the answer, especially if they are not good enough.
  10. @Mrbrightside why the neg??? Please feel free to expand on your better knowledge than me! Mug!
  11. As a standard wage, no one at the club is higher than £25k. Any other earnings are made up of bonuses dependent on who they are!
  12. More than worrying! Relying on those 3 for half of the season will turn us into relegation candidates for sure!
  13. Hahahahahahaha! But he wasnt even that fast! He also had very little 'quality'.
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