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  1. As opposed to a sub that comes on and makes no impact i guess
  2. Surprised your so positive about him, given you said he was like playing with half a man less?!
  3. A winger that couldn't wing! Great asset! Still to this day not sure what he offered, other than a few long range goals and a bit of on field comedy. Not for me, sorry!
  4. Please dont post ever again!
  5. Does it?! You keep enjoying his performances then
  6. Shocking player, head injury or not!
  7. And there lies the biggest problem we STILL have!
  8. Thought you were going to announce Rowett as manager.
  9. Clearly content with average players then, that only look 'decent' when surrounded by lesser players, like when he was in Jos' team.
  10. Not sure he has much ability quite frankly other than hard working, if take away his long range shooting what does he offer?
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