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  1. Not so much of a 'tail', just the fact i don't think anyone understood your original post....
  2. Its a light jog, and they will all be running trainers! Correct footwear! Not exactly going to start doing ball work in them are they?!
  3. Its graphic, simple as that! And the badge just never seems to look any better!
  4. Oh shut up you sad little man! The club actually do something good, and people like you cant wait to slag it off! PATHETIC
  5. Why are so many people quick to right off players over the age of 30? That is prime age for a CM role as an example. No reason players cant be playing until they are 35+ given the fitness methods and training programmes available to them. Players should be playing longer!
  6. Sorry not sure whether we have offered 1 or 2 years.
  7. Deal agreed with Wednesday in principal. Contract not signed yet. Offers on table from Cardiff and Leeds, 1 year contracts, not financially better than Wednesdays offer. In Jan, Tottenham offered him a contract to be their 2/3 choice keeper, wants to play games at this stage of his career hence he rejected it. Has no interest in signing for Huddersfield. Straight from horses mouth.
  8. Fletcher easily! Folowed by Hector!
  9. Club moving with the times at long last, and you refuse to use cashless when there cannot possibly be any negatives to it?! What a joker!
  10. Nuhiu should never start, it really is that simple!
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