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  1. What on earth are you talking about?
  2. Hahahahahahaha! But he wasnt even that fast! He also had very little 'quality'.
  3. Classic stats this season for someone who is an 'attacking midfielder'! Like i said in my original post, offers nothing, clearly getting worse! And has offered nothing in months/ years (since this time last year was when he went off the boil) as per your evidence above! And by the way the majority of his 8 goals in 18/19 were scored in 18.
  4. Class???? Whats class about him? Don't tell me, he works hard
  5. Offers nothing, said it for months/ years.
  6. WOW! And here we have a typical Corbyn supporter! Scary thoughts thinking what would happen if he got into power! Concerning!
  7. Uneducated??? Mug! We wont see the best of Lee again. He was out injured. Got 7 months left on his contract. Hes finished.
  8. Lee was poor on Saturday, its that simple. Not the player he used to be. Squad player at best now!
  9. A few sessions? Is that how many it took the likes of Hirst to be prolific, 'a few sessions'??? Some of the comments on here! Mind Boggling!
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