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  1. Nothing like, not even in the slightest!
  2. For one season he played attractive football, the second was atrocious but worked. The rest was dire and culture he created, was toxic and has ruined our club since!
  3. I was about to until you mentioned Carlos, thats when i nodded off!
  4. Why have you even made the suggestion: 'Do you want to have Carlos back again?' Why would we want him back???? Baffles me every time someone suggests this!
  5. Did you just put McBurnie in the same sentence as Salah and Sterling???
  6. DC was in Sheffield at the back end of last week, he was seen at the train station Friday evening catching a train back down to London.
  7. Thank you, some sense. Hard to come by on here because everyone seems to be blinded by the scoreline, and not the actual performance!
  8. Ive come to the conclusion that you are uneducated and know very little about football!
  9. I expect some kind of threat within 90 mins, some kind of intention, some kind of passing sequence, some kind of end of product. Did I get any... no! Glad you enjoyed it though
  10. Don’t you dare talk sense on here. Well done
  11. May as well have called the match off then! If you don’t attack you don’t score. Simple game football regardless of opposition. If you defend for 90 mins without any intention you are highly unlikely to score
  12. How do we score when defending for 90mins? It was the cup, a draw is no use you clown!
  13. What a strange comment. So if we dont attack, how do we score? Do you think we should have defended a bit depper, maybe defending on the goal line would have been better!
  14. Have you forgot it was a cup match. If we dont attack/ shoot and score, 9 times out of 10 we will go out of the cup! It wasnt the league, where a point might be ok in your pathetic happy clapping opinion! Go and support another club where zero shots on target out of 1 and 20% possession is acceptable!
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