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  1. He is awful, and the exact reason why we are in the position we are! Nowhere near good enough, his touch is awful, slower than Nuhiu and offers far less! Would have Nuhiu back in a heartbeat over this fraud!
  2. Looks awful, but don’t say anything or it will considered as ‘club bashing’ and being ‘negative’!!!
  3. Disgrace of a footballer, how he plays professional football I will never know! The goal tonight was laughable!
  4. Some sense unlike from that Buxton character!
  5. Shut up you mug! The pitch was a disgrace compared to a few seasons ago! Nothing to do with a win or a loss! And comparing the pitch to something in the 80’s, we are in 2020 if you have forgot and anything less than a perfect pitch with Desso isn’t acceptable!
  6. What ever the reason is.... The weather cannot be blamed as it doesn’t only rain Sheffield, look at the Newcastle pitch now, pristine! Something isn’t right, and is it linked to no wages? As in, we have no money, and had to cut the cloth accordingly?!?!
  7. Does anyone know if the budget has been cut for the pitch because it looked awful today? Not far from how it used to look before we installed the Desso....
  8. Why is it a problem? What makes you think employing a DoF will solve everything? Baffles me why quite a few people think filling this position will make us certain for promotion!
  9. Deary Deary me! Find someone or something else to post about, preferably that Owlstalk cares about!
  10. 'Comfortably'.... hahah! Go away!
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