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  1. First time going to L**ds

    Its Leeds! I really dont think you have a lot to worry about! Its not Ukraine!
  2. Free season tickets.

    They are still issued to people annually who had them previously, assuming they still want them. But like you say most of them are reaching the age of 90+, like my Grandad who i am referring too, and is unable too attend anymore. I dont think you can get them anymore though, as i think they pulled the plug on the idea for new applicants. I thought it was a great idea, the club finally giving something back to the fans after all that time......!
  3. I would say 'see you later we dont need you or your huge wages on the books anymore'!
  4. The loan market.

    How much time would you like to give Joao?
  5. Evening everyone, Help needed.... Got a stag do coming up for a big SUFC fan and as one of his outfits we require him to wear a full Wednesday home kit, any year. Does anyone have a full kit that I could buy or borrow, in size medium, but small or large would do?! Any help of this is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Green Away Shirt

    Anyone got any of these available for sale by any chance? Or any other goalkeepers shirts from late 80's early 90's?
  7. Been saying this for weeks! CC will never do it though!
  8. Losing Faith in the manager.

    What is there positive to post about after that today? Typical happy clappers! You keep clapping!
  9. No Idea

    Wallace and Reach should not be starting! Forestieri should not play as a striker! Macmanaman has to start!
  10. No Idea

    What a pointless comment!
  11. Fessi

    100% should not of started! Definetly correct decision to bench him! Was poor on Friday and anyone that goes off like he did when he was subbed deserves to be dropped!
  12. Lucas Joao

    Nowhere near good enough for us at moment nor the level we strive to be at!
  13. Joao

    Get rid immediately! One of the worst players to of ever worn a SWFC shirt!
  14. Who did we play in this?

    I was thinking Wimbledon, Newcastle we wore the white one with black trim. Can't find any other pics though with the yellow shirt above....
  15. How often did we wear this shirt, and against who?