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  1. James1986


  2. James1986

    Joao has to start Friday

    Top scorer or not..... hes rubbish! Not good enough, anywhere near, simple as that! But better than Nuhiu. Both L1 players if they are lucky!
  3. James1986

    My team for Friday

    The abuse Dawson has taken, and apparently took yesterday is an absolute disgrace quite frankly!
  4. James1986

    My team for Friday

    He needs a break! It’s nothing to do with his performances! Something isn’t working at the back and needs to be changed. 15 without a clean sheet! Only thing we havnt tried is a change of keeper!
  5. James1986

    My team for Friday

    Has he? But Dawson has to be changed, something isn’t working at the back, even if it just means giving Dawson a ‘breather’!
  6. James1986

    My team for Friday

    Wildsmith is now a must!
  7. But he wont be here long enough to put his 'long term plans' into place. So should he utilize them?
  8. James1986


    Hes definitely available, shame really, as hes probably the worst player in our squad give or take! Maybe he ought to take some lessons off the crocks, we would certainly do better without him in the squad!
  9. James1986

    Nuhiu and Joao

    Not sure either are 'super', but i will accept 'sub'!
  10. James1986


    The worst quite comfortably was Nuhiu who should of been subbed at half time! Shocking performance quite frankly!
  11. James1986


    Nuhiu had plenty of touches and the ball played into him. But due to his lack of ability to hold the ball up, the play always broke down!
  12. James1986

    Should we have kept Wallace

    Absolutely not! Stayed a season to long as it was!
  13. James1986

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Absolutely nowhere near. Can we end the thread now please?
  14. James1986

    Team for Boro

    Since when has Nuhiu ever got away with a bad performance? He sometimes get slated even when hes been good!
  15. James1986

    I wonder if DC...

    Fair enough.