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  1. James1986

    Forest thoughts

    I agree, he is better. He should also have been loaned out/ sold rather than left to rot! All very strange!
  2. James1986

    Forest thoughts

    Westwood will not play for SWFC again, so not sure why you have put him into the starting 11! People need to accept this whether they like it or not.....
  3. James1986

    Adam Reach

    I'm with you. I have absolutely no idea what he brings to the table.....
  4. James1986


    He did! .
  5. James1986


    What i was told is that it all stems back to last Christmas when he refused to stop in the team hotel on Christmas Day for the Nottingham Forest match, especially with it being 45 mins down the road (probably wanted to be with family).... He hasn't played since.
  6. James1986

    Our transfer window not closed

    Wow! Release then dead wood, and invite them back......
  7. James1986

    Why the negativity

    Whose been negative?
  8. It wasn't me that asked for it, and yes i stated 'categorically' because that is what i was told from a close 'source' like i said! Why dont you ask GH why he wanted £20k a week! So if you dont believe it or want to accept it, i dont care, go and bore someone else! Or just pretend to yourself he only want £5k a week, and it was Wednesday that actually didn't want him after all!
  9. Hes going to Leicester! And they saved on transfer fees! Use your brain!
  10. The fact of the matter is GH wanted 20k which i heard from a very close source! Hence why SWFC refused to deal. Now can we close this thread as its embarrassing and nearly 100 pages long for a player who has made about 1st team appearance!
  11. i completely agree with him! should of been replaced after wembley along with numerous others!
  12. Best of a bad bunch!
  13. James1986

    First time going to L**ds

    Its Leeds! I really dont think you have a lot to worry about! Its not Ukraine!