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  1. Lived in Boston for ten years when they were absolutely tripe. Its a bit more like supporting Man City.
  2. Patriots and Red Sox. Last night I supported Derby.
  3. Zidane, what a player. Beckham couldn't lace his boots.
  4. Newcastle correspondent on Talksport saying Lazaar has "No ability" whilst laughing. No expectation for the lad, so hope he can prove people wrong.
  5. I'm 44 next month, watched a lot of football at all levels. He's guff.
  6. One of the worst defenders I've had the pleasure of watching....made me laugh. Woeful.
  7. Ah, thought this was about children made in the Kop. Only 39 weeks to go then
  8. remember phoning it for a week when rumours we were signing Waddle. The day we signed him , I phoned another line and did some dirty talk to celebrate
  9. He's a legend. Wrote him a letter once as a drunk student with my housemates who all wrote to their clubs respective managers. He was the only one that replied and did so with humour! Raging I didn't hold onto it now.
  10. Hilarious reactions to the team sheet on twitter tonight and on Saturday. Jumping for joy at the selection on Saturday...tonight , despair.
  11. He's seen the dung that is available to him and gone for youth instead. I'd let him clear the decks and rebuild. Someone has to do it.
  12. Gate receipts are subject to VAT and season tickets are not.
  13. I reckon FF , Mathias and anyone with pace love playing off Big Dave.
  14. A dirty see you n tea !! We're definitely short on them on the pitch.
  15. Poor defender and as much as a liability for Celtic at CB as Loovens was there. Free kicks and set piece delivery aside, not what we need. There's enough experience in the team and not enough ruthless nativity.
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