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  1. Why do we care so much about the fans that aren’t going? We should focus on the fans that ARE going and get BEHIND the boys.
  2. Always thought Wallace had a good deliver from set pieces
  3. Fairly simple we aren’t selling. The players are either crap or injury prone. No bugger wants them - I know I wouldn’t. Look at FF’s injury record in the last two seasons, not great is it
  4. His Wednesday career has never taken off due to injuries and being down the pecking order, I see it as a good move. Hopefully it turns into something permanant.
  5. I 100% agree. I’ve said this since Wembley when Huddlestone wiped our a*ses
  6. And people say Reach is worth 10+ million Outplayed by Hull today. Need the season to finish asap!
  7. I'm not a fan. He's had money with the most his jobs! And let's face it, he couldn't get Villa going this year with all that talent! Who do I want next? Not a bloody clue
  8. Oh dear... it’s okay fans wanting this bloke in, but we don’t have the players to suit his style. The players simply aren’t good enough. We need a overhaul of players top to bottom. We need a manager who’s going to get the best out of this garbage lot, then start again next year. We don’t have the likes of Mitrovic, Sessegnon and Cairney. Next
  9. If you get punched repeatedly, eventually you’ll go down. It’s the same with our defence. They have CONSTANT pressure. The strikers don’t hold the ball up at all. And the midfield.. oh boy. That’s the biggest problem in my eyes. BUT! We aren’t allowed to slag BB or AR on this forum are we? We don’t press, we don’t win first/second balls, there’s no width or movement, we can’t pass. There’s nothing! The midfield is where a game is won and lost and teams go straight through us. It’s upto Jos to sort it
  10. Jos gets slated but.. Bannan and Reach don’t get a mention
  11. The be quite honest. I couldn’t give a t*ss about Abdi, Jones and Boyd. They did sod all for us when they played. Hutchinson can go for me too. He’s a liability and his injury record stinks. It’s only the Westwood situation that bothers me! Even if you started those players, do you honestly think they’ll give a 100%? No. We need the season to finish asap to get those players shut.
  12. I always ask myself the same question with Fletcher. “Has he done enough in the 3 seasons he has been with us?” No. I’d personally sell. He isn’t getting any younger
  13. He doesn’t know his best side. Completely clueless! Can’t keep changing the side. The defence that started the other night needs to be the same for the next game
  14. I think our fans are happy with the fact that we didn't lose 4-0 and kept a clean sheet. After that, what was there to be happy about? Any neutral, un-bias football fan who watched the game would say we are a poor side destined for relegation.
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