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  1. Bottled it again. How many times is that this season? It’s okay blaming the ref but, we have allowed these back into this this game. Just shows you where we’ll finish this season. Not good enough. Baffles me how Reach gets a game
  2. Couldn’t fault a single a player today. Borner and Iorfa was superb. Pressed, won first/second balls and took our chances. Thus the fans never stopped singing. Happy Saturdays UTO
  3. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the opposition players are better. Cairney certainly was. We couldn’t get nowhere near him. I thought Hutch did oreyt to be fair. Nobody mentions BB or KL. What did they do yesterday?
  4. It’s the first time we’re playing a team with lots of quality. So we can see where we are. Moses worries me, I’d drop him, and put Iorfa at RB and play young Thorniley (regardless of being a life sided half). We look so much better with two up top so hopefully GM goes for that. Although Sky gave Bannan MOTM last week, I thought he was below average and I would start Lee instead. We need somebody who’s going to be further up the pitch. I’d drop Murphy and play Reach on the wing in front of Iorfa. Should be a good game. We need to be up for it as this is going to be a massive test. Play like last week and we’re fluffed. UTO
  5. Been an issue for the last four years. Even the play-off games showed our midfield wasn’t good enough. Diame, Huddlestone and Livermoor ran rings around our lads. Then against Huddersfield, Mooy was the difference. We are in desperate need of a big presence, who can carry the ball. Age aren’t on their side either. If we can slowly strengthen that department, it will make us a better side
  6. Thorniley for me. Fox had a decent game. But, apart from Harris, nobody really had an impact on the game. The midfield was non-exsistent. We’re so easy to play against, far too predictable!
  7. Having him back fully fit is like having a new 15 million signing. So hard to come by players like him
  8. Gone for Borner. Pure solid today. Bannan wasn’t 100%, Reach poor. Need more going forward, but a solid start
  9. If it’s going to happen, Let him go early, get some compensation and get Chris Hughton in. He knows the division, players and has promotions on his C.V.
  10. ‘Lets release the older players for young, fresh blood who will improve’. :Signs - Cattermole, 31 and had 2 relegations in 3 years. Have a day off! Already got 2 players doing a similar job. No from me
  11. There’s more that need to go urgently!
  12. He’s been here since Jan and played 2 and a bit games. Okay, he wasn’t first choice at the beginning, but is that enough to say he’ll be good for us? When I watch him I get the impression he’s bursting a gut just for a contract. Honeymoon period. Seen it all before where loan players work hard for a contract then once they sign they aren’t bothered. He does has something in his locker that our other full backs don’t have though. But then, when they’re Palmer and Fox, it’s not hard.I’m 50/50 on him, I think he’ll be injured all time personally! In Bruce we trust.
  13. Why do we care so much about the fans that aren’t going? We should focus on the fans that ARE going and get BEHIND the boys.
  14. Always thought Wallace had a good deliver from set pieces
  15. Fairly simple we aren’t selling. The players are either crap or injury prone. No bugger wants them - I know I wouldn’t. Look at FF’s injury record in the last two seasons, not great is it
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