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  1. Dylan93

    Joost Van Aken

    After the pigs game I said I’ll never trust him again in that position! Nowhere near good enough. Time and time again does he get skinned, out muscled doesn’t get tight. Why CC chose him over Venancio was a mystery. Let’s hope he develops!
  2. Completely agree with your team choice - I wouldn’t change a thing. However, I don’t think Jos will go with it.
  3. Dylan93

    Van Acken at left wing back

    I’d personally play him as a holding CM. He could be like a poor mans Eric Dier. He’s just as comfortable on the ball as Bannan. His height and basic defending would help our 50/50 situations. Worth a try - He can’t be any worse than Divvy Jones or Joey. P. Too much of a liability at back, not trusted him since pigs game at Hillsborough.
  4. Complete crap. He’s not even fit so how can he go? Pffft
  5. Dylan93

    The Westwood problem

    I would keep Westwood. The defence looks much better when he plays. Wildsmith is a good shot stopper but prone to make mistakes. I think Dawson is the better goalkeeper out of the two. I’d send JW out on loan and keep Dawson for the bench. Nice to have three good keepers, eh
  6. See, people keep going on about Nuhui, but Joao made a massive difference. I think Joao is ready to lead the line with Hooper. Again, another player CC never trusted.
  7. I think it’s good buisness. Hunt as a defender isn’t good enough. He’s been first choice because Palmer is even worse. He doesn’t get tight enough, allowing the opposite team to cross or win headers at the back post. (Look at the goals we have conceded). Going forward he has one good cross in 10. Get Byram in on loan and Freddy. Every season Hunt plays for us, he seems to get more injuries also. Cheers Though, Jack. Been a super servant!
  8. People can say what they want about Bannan, Hooper, Lee, Lees, Westwood and so on. But, Forestieri is the man who makes us tick. He presses the ball high up putting pressure on the opposition. He makes space for other attacking players. He’s hard to defend against with the ball. In the first year with a fit and hungry FF, we got to Wembley. The second year he was inconsistent, and so was we. Last year we was woefull barring the last few games he played in. We need to keep him. Play around him by giving him a free role behind the strikers. People keep linking him away, yet he’s always with family on social media enjoying life. If he did go, l we would get awful lot of money.
  9. I really liked Lopez and he helped us get to Wembley, but that boat has sailed. Jos has his own idea on what he wants. We need youth and energy! However, if it was a case of getting rid of Divvy Jones for him then, yes.
  10. Dylan93

    Joost Van Aken

    His defending is debatable, but I can see him playing in that holding midfield role. He carries the ball well and has a lovely left foot. He's comfortable on the ball and always wants it, which would help take the pressure off.
  11. Dylan93

    Westwood interview

    Joe and Cameron are two very good young goalkeepers. But I still want Westwood. He commands the back four better and is brilliant coming off his line. (His kicking is debatable). I just think his experience would help the side. But.. money talks!
  12. Dylan93

    Clare rejected us??

    He has big potential if he gets his head down. He would get more game time with us and that would develop his game. But, If he wants to go then go. I won't lose sleep like some of our fans. I want players who want to play for us. Not young kids wanting huge money when they've done sod all. UTO
  13. Dylan93


    I would offload (if somebody will take him). Even when Gray was here, he missed games. We need to move forward as a club. Getting rid of injury prone players is a start.
  14. I think it’s a good idea. Going to Portugal is more of a holiday than pre-season training and after last season, it was hardly beneficial. I can remember against Preston on the first day and we was miles off it. Give them army training! UTO
  15. Dylan93

    We Are Going Up.

    Typical Wednesday fan, we have a good end to the season and promotion is already ours. Look at the first 10/15 games of this season. Only Hutchinson and FF were missing and we was poor. Preston away on the first day was horrendous. And the first derby game.. woah. We do have a strong first 11, but after that we dont offer much else. With an aging squad and injury prone players, it will be difficult season again. We need to offload and build again with youth and experience. One thing is for sure, we have to build the team around FF. Doesn’t matter what injuries we have or the players we sign, he’s the man. The midfield is a key area to improve. So many games this year where the strikers had nothing to go on or the defence was over ran. Need pace and power. We could be up there, but footy is a funny old game