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  1. What talent is that then? They're garbage, the lot of them. Says it all when fans wanted Hutchinson back in Jan. And don't say 'Cardiff game showed we have talent'. They simply didn't turn up.
  2. What about the first 11 then? Because it were 3-1 before anybody came on! You can’t just blame the subs. The squad top to bottom isn’t good enough
  3. Appointing him in the first place was his biggest mistake. The warning signs were there last season. 3rd at christmas, finished 16th. Shambolic
  4. Doesn’t matter what manager we get. The players are awful. We don’t have one player that could play in a top 10 team. We’ll get a better verdict on him next year. I want to know what Monk was thinking when he signed Paterson, Windass and endless centre backs without covering left back. Just not good enough
  5. It’s Liam Shaw folks, not Kante. He’s not pulled up that many trees. We’ve played some poor sides this year and he was non-existent. The decision is purely money based. A 19 year old should be thinking opportunities and wanting to play regular, not money. He could be a regular in a league one side next year and gain valuable experience and help him develop. Not interested, let the lad move on, don’t play him UTO
  6. How can folk blame Thompson when there’s 4 Wednesday players, in their own box, marking nobody and allowing free headers? Just a little bit of communication sorts that. The players bottled it. A team destined for league one, that lacks quality in all areas
  7. I partially blame Monk for all this mess. Never rated the guy from day 1
  8. Carlos is the only manager who’s had money to spend. And even then he didn’t get us promoted! He never had a plan B and had his favourites. For me, under the circumstances, Stuart Gray is one of the best managers we’ve had in recent years. Finishing 13th with 17 clean sheets for Westwood, with the likes of Stevie May up top should not go un-noticed. That high pressing game was utilised by Carlos, which we slowly lost in his second season. Look at Fulham since he went there. So no, don’t bring him back
  9. Midfield again, so bloody poor. Well lacked so much urgency. Every week is the same, even when we win. You don't see any movement, high quality passing or penetration from any of our midfielders. You all big up Bannan and Shaw on here when they do two minutes of magic, but they don't produce enough quality during a season for me. Windass and Paterson wouldn't get a game in Parson Cross park. Hutchinson, Lees and Penney are the only players to come out of today with any sort of 'credit'. Red or not, Shaw didn't need to make that tackle. Could have been a different story had he not been sent off
  10. I can’t fault any player in terms of commitment and effort. They’ve all given 100%, the players just aren’t good enough. Our strikers don’t win enough in the air, drop in deep to support or run the channels. The midfield going forward is non-exsistent. No movement, slow passing and no penetration. And then on the set pieces we never look like scoring. You will never do well at this level when you have Pelupessy in your squad.. but UTO on to the next one
  11. I think the pitch could play a crucial part, they won’t be able to play their style on it for sure. Swansea playing tonight may make them leggy. Their league run needs to come to an end to, so you never know! If it was the other way around, it’s a game we’d struggle in UTO
  12. You can’t blame D.C or Thompson for today. The players have to take the blame. In the first half we wasn’t bad at all. Looked really good. Then that stupid penalty got them going. The difference came in midfield for me. Thompson and Woods were better than Bannan and Pelupessy. Walked straight through us at times! They dominated the 2nd half. Westwood stopped it being 8. Bad day at the office, we move onto the next game. Bloody gutted mind you UTO
  13. We're due a good hiding here. We have more out and out strikers and wingers on the bench, what's that about? The defence is weak and no quality going forward. 4-0 Preston Drives me around the bend this club. Thompson obviously wants to go back u23's
  14. I don’t get the big fuss me. Okay, he played very well in the F.A cup, done some decent performances in the league, but it’s not end of world is it? I think I’d look half decent playing with Joey. I remember when you lot got kite on over the same situation with Hirst. Look what he’s doing now. Let him go, it won’t do his career any good. He could be a regular in a league one side next season and gain more experience, but hey-ho UTO
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