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  1. Dylan93

    Dawson slagging after last night

    I’m not saying he won’t be a great goalkeeper in the future. However, he doesn’t fill me with much confidence at this moment. He doesn’t command his box or the defence and flaps on crosses. You can’t blame him for the goals against BORO. Jos is sticking with him so there’s no point in moaning! I just wish we had a experienced Championship keeper to push him
  2. Dylan93

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    “Reach the only threat” that explains our lack of chances then
  3. Born in ‘93. That’s your opinion but I disagree. Whelan at 28 was a regular starter for Stoke in the Premier League and went to Euro ‘12 with Ireland. Bannan isn’t good enough for PL football. He showed that with Villa and Palace. Huddlestone showed him up at Wembley, and Mooy showed him up in the semi final.
  4. I don’t know why folk are moaning. The performance is very similar to Leeds/WBA. The only difference being we haven’t scored a worldie to put our noses in front to sugarcoat it.
  5. Negative approach again! Going to be lovely to see us sit back for 90 minutes
  6. Dylan93

    Mid table team

    I agree. We’re far too negative in all aspects! We haven’t kept a clean sheet yet which is worrying. The screamers are the only thing that’s keeping us going
  7. Dylan93

    Tom Lees

    Don’t forget to mention the countless interceptions, blocks, tackles and headers he won will you pal. The fact is, we fell asleep and conceded. That’s what you get when you’re a negative team and sit back for 90+ minutes. You’re bound to be caught out at some point. Onto BCFC. UTO
  8. Dylan93

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    It’s okay saying ‘we need them’ but they aren’t going to be the same players, ever again. Age is not on their side. They didn’t get us promoted us three years ago so what difference does it make? I’m a big fan of them all but I would not renew their contracts. Lets look forward!
  9. I think Jos got it wrong by not playing any wingers! Full backs had zero support and we had no width going forward. I still support the bloke though. If we had a bit more urgency, Forest were there for the taking. On another night we would have won. I think everybody worked hard but we lack quality without FF, Hooper and Lee. Reach were.. well. What was he? Offered nothing. Most overrated player we have. Bannan and Lees my MOTM. Onto Villa!
  10. I think it’s the best we’ve played this year, although luck played a massive part in our victory. We seemed more settled and organised defensively. We still need to be better in the final third though. We caused them problems when we went wide, but we don’t do it enough!
  11. NO midfield, no width! Long afternoon ahead
  12. Dylan93

    Joost Van Aken

    After the pigs game I said I’ll never trust him again in that position! Nowhere near good enough. Time and time again does he get skinned, out muscled doesn’t get tight. Why CC chose him over Venancio was a mystery. Let’s hope he develops!
  13. Completely agree with your team choice - I wouldn’t change a thing. However, I don’t think Jos will go with it.
  14. Dylan93

    Van Acken at left wing back

    I’d personally play him as a holding CM. He could be like a poor mans Eric Dier. He’s just as comfortable on the ball as Bannan. His height and basic defending would help our 50/50 situations. Worth a try - He can’t be any worse than Divvy Jones or Joey. P. Too much of a liability at back, not trusted him since pigs game at Hillsborough.
  15. Complete crap. He’s not even fit so how can he go? Pffft