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  1. Dylan93

    Westwood interview

    Joe and Cameron are two very good young goalkeepers. But I still want Westwood. He commands the back four better and is brilliant coming off his line. (His kicking is debatable). I just think his experience would help the side. But.. money talks!
  2. Dylan93

    Clare rejected us??

    He has big potential if he gets his head down. He would get more game time with us and that would develop his game. But, If he wants to go then go. I won't lose sleep like some of our fans. I want players who want to play for us. Not young kids wanting huge money when they've done sod all. UTO
  3. Dylan93


    I would offload (if somebody will take him). Even when Gray was here, he missed games. We need to move forward as a club. Getting rid of injury prone players is a start.
  4. I think it’s a good idea. Going to Portugal is more of a holiday than pre-season training and after last season, it was hardly beneficial. I can remember against Preston on the first day and we was miles off it. Give them army training! UTO
  5. Dylan93

    We Are Going Up.

    Typical Wednesday fan, we have a good end to the season and promotion is already ours. Look at the first 10/15 games of this season. Only Hutchinson and FF were missing and we was poor. Preston away on the first day was horrendous. And the first derby game.. woah. We do have a strong first 11, but after that we dont offer much else. With an aging squad and injury prone players, it will be difficult season again. We need to offload and build again with youth and experience. One thing is for sure, we have to build the team around FF. Doesn’t matter what injuries we have or the players we sign, he’s the man. The midfield is a key area to improve. So many games this year where the strikers had nothing to go on or the defence was over ran. Need pace and power. We could be up there, but footy is a funny old game
  6. Dylan93

    Full Backs Needed.

    We have needed new full backs for the last three seasons, so I doubt we’ll get one this summer. Even when we got to Wembley, we conceded far too many goals from wide positions where Hunt/Pudil didn’t get tight enough to stop the cross or get tight enough at the back post. If we’re to play the same formation next season then the wing backs are integral
  7. I don’t care what manager we have or injuries etc. Forestieri makes us tick. He presses the ball, wins it high up and makes space so that the midfield can exploit it. In the first year, he was un-playable and we was fantastic, last year he wasn’t 100% fit and we was very inconsistent, this year without him we have been poor. Build the team around him.
  8. All rumours at the minute. However, I don’t think he’ll be the same player again. Sounds serious! Been on going for years this
  9. About time. Chansiri has wasted so much money on crap it’s un-true. There are some really good young, quick and energetic players out there. We need to ship an awful lot out if we’re to have a go next season.
  10. Dylan93


    We don’t play to his style. Reach, Boyd and Hunt aren’t consistent enough with the crossing. For Rhodes to work, you have to keep putting the ball into the box. If Rhodes played for the pigs instead of Clarke, he’d have 30+ with their style. I feel sorry for the lad. He’s had far too much pressure and his confidence has been knocked. I would keep him! Fletcher and Winnall can leave for me.
  11. Lees then Wildsmith. Would’ve been 5+ otherwise
  12. I’m quite a pessimist when it comes to us (not had much to shout about being an owl) but, today I really fancy us. With being unbeaten in 18 and being able to close the gap, I can see an upset on the cards. It will also send out a message to teams for next season. Football is a funny game. We’re safe, we need to go out and play with freedom! Hopefully FF will start today. It’s the first time in a while I’ve looked forward to a home game. UTO
  13. Hutchinson has been a very good servant for the club, but this is the final straw for me. He needs to go! We can’t keep carrying players like this. We have done it far too much in the past and it’s got us nowhere. Complete liability. Forget playing CB too, he’s approaching 30 and his best years have gone. Hopefully, Joey can start stepping up his game. (Long way to go yet like)
  14. Dylan93

    Player of the season so far?

    It shows how poor we have been when Reach and Nuhui get mentioned. They’re both full of effort, but sadly not enough quality. I’d probably say Hooper and he’s not played since Dec! Without his goals we would be doomed. Wildsmith has had a super season too
  15. Dylan93

    Adam Reach

    My problem with Reach is his decision making in the final third. He rarely makes that killer pass/cross. He works hard and covers ground, but we need him to be more consistent in those key areas. Too weak for CM - bottles challenges. Ideal LWB, though