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  1. My god. Most fickle fans in the world our lot! Embarrassing. Nobody complained when he bought a new score board and a new pitch. Or when one lucky fan won a brand car on the first day against Bristol! BMW wasn’t it? He nearly took us up, gave us the best football we’d seen for years, signed players fans wanted (Rhodes) and people still moan and give his family jip, which is un-called for. Yeah, he’s made many mistakes, but who’s perfect? Fans moaning about prices, here’s a thing, don’t pay it? We’ll now see what Mr. Chansiri is made off and where his heart lies to get us back again. UTO
  2. Simple really, I just look at the league table and how we play. I’d like to think my main set piece taker would be top of the stats
  3. Everything goes through Bannan? Explains why we create sod all! Spends 75 minutes on the shoulder of our defenders. He needs to be further up the pitch. I don’t think he has the stature to play CM personally. With being 31 next and his best days behind him, I’d happily ship him out this summer. In the big games over the years gone by Bannan rarely turned up.
  4. Hunt Off Nuhiu on for me. Drop Windass into mid
  5. I don’t know what our fans expect. We have a manager who is clearly out of his depth and hasn’t a clue. We have players starting such as Nuhiu, Da Cruz, Pelupessy and Luongo who aren’t good enough. Bannan is past it. Got wingers that can’t beat a first man. There’s no leader or a player who takes a game by the scruff of it’s neck. We don’t have a player who is any good from set pieces. Far to slow and pedestrian is possession, no movement off the ball, no nothing. We’re garbage. Could be a league one tour!
  6. I don’t think we’ve played to bad, the players kept going after going behind. Stupid mistakes and lack of quality sadly. Lack so much quality in midfield and in the final third. Wingers can’t cross, Bannan to deep, Luongo non-existent and Reach running around like an idiot. Feel sorry for defence, got sod all in front of them. The strikers need more service, but also need to show more. UTO
  7. If Wickham didn’t score you’d give him a 4. Lee MOTM for me
  8. I don’t think he’ll play enough for us to know his best position. Had many injuries already this year. Hopefully that’s not the case!
  9. I didn’t start going until 2001 so I can’t really comment. But I always found Buxton was a solid defender and created a few chances. He’d look even better with the likes of Hector, Lees and Loovens at his side. I think Kieran Lee would be solid in that position IMO
  10. Not for me. Didn’t do it for Wigan. And from what I’ve seen, he bottles tackles, weak in the air, not very quick. Doesn’t dictate enough. Poor mans Adam Reach.
  11. Depends on the taker. Doesn't matter what set piece routine you train on, if Joey Pelupessy is on it you aren't going to score. In the last five years I would say Wallace and Lewis Mcgugan.
  12. Probably just paper talk. He may flourish. But, put him up against somebody who's more physical and he's out of the game. In big games, where we've needed him the most i.e Hull, Huddersfield and the games against pigs he didn't turn up for me.
  13. I thought Hunt going forward was tidy. Always looked a threat! He looked better when Wallace played as they had that chemistry. The problem Hunt had was his defending. Always allowed wingers to cross the ball or never picked up at the back post. if you look at the goals we conceded that year is was partly down to him and Pudil not being tight enough.
  14. We haven’t had a leader since Loovens and Semedo left. If I look when we’ve had a small success, there’s always been a good leader. In my time, Bullen, Rob Jones, Semedo and Loovens. Going back back to my old mans time, Pearson. There’s nobody in that dressing room who takes charge or lifts the players.
  15. He did more than Pelupessy. The only real quality I saw tonight came from his pass to Fletcher! I hope he starts over JP in the future.
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