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  1. We need a leader of some sort. When we’ve had a successful season, we always had a leader. Not necessarily the best, but had somebody to keep us going. Bullen, Rob Jones, Loovens, Semedo etc. We need that again!
  2. All garbage. We got a flukey goal at Brighton with a half decent performance. Then Leeds could have been a different story had they took their chances. Fact is, management and players are at fault. We simply aren’t good enough. The midfield is non-existent at times. Puts constant pressure on our back four and the strikers have nothing to go on. We play little football and rely on big boot up field. Crap tactics GM
  3. Solid performance, again. This is my problem with Monk. Over the busy Christmas period, why did he not think to start him?
  4. Iorfa was superb, but Borner edges it for me.
  5. Stupidity. Opinions being based on his last loan stint. He's injury prone, why do we need to keep signing players like this? Have we not learnt from the past 4 years?
  6. Looks like his time could be done with us. And, lets be honest, apart from this season, what has he done in the other three seasons? Just shows how much we have declined in the last three years to rely on Fletcher. Winnall and Rhodes are better finishers, but GM doesn’t have the tactics to get the best out of them, so they may as well go to. Big Jan for Mr. Monk.
  7. Bannan looks tired to me. The problem is he doesn’t have anybody to challenge him for his place in the side. Whether he plays well or not, he starts every game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice, tidy Championship player, but he ain’t that good to carry us. Depending on what type of team we play, he can either be really effective, or quite the opposite. Once a team gets tight or physical, he’s out of the game (like the last 3 matches). How KL hasn’t had a start over this busy period is beyond me. Monk needs to open his eyes.
  8. Odd decision. 23 and has real potential. I can see him being a better CB than Lees. Blackpool have gained a solid player. I never saw him have a bad game for us! All the best JT
  9. Woefull. We deserved NOTHING today. You can say we threw it away or blame the officials, but we was second best. They won first and second balls, pressed and Allen did a job on Bannan, thus stopping us. We scored two flukey goals and never tested Butland, unlike Dawson (my man of the match). Monk didn’t have a plan B sadly, but it’s one of those Boxing Day results and we need to move on. UTO
  10. Antonio. I still think he was the difference in getting us out of League One. And he’s the only player to cut it In the Premier League. Since league one, I would say Lees and Westwood.
  11. Wasn’t a pen. But these decisions even out over a season
  12. Every player played brilliant. And Rhodes will get it for obvious reasons, but, Luongo was superb. Nothing special but did a lot of dirty work, winning first and second balls, pressing, winning headers and keeping the ball well. Best performance of the season today. UTO
  13. Just another reality check. If we’re going to do anything this season, we need to start seeing these games out. It’s happend many times dropping points. I haven’t seen us play well for 90 minutes yet this year. Full control over the first half then negative Monk cost us. Odubajo needs a wake up call, complete liability. If they brought Fletcher down like that, you’d say a certain pen.
  14. I would like to see this Dawson Ojubajo Lees Borner Fox Harris Iorfa Bannan Reach/Murphy Fletcher Rhodes
  15. What a moby. He’s gained us more points than most of our strikers. That save before their second was world class. We all make mistakes. Onto the next game.
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