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  1. Twaddle

    Danny Batth

    I always ask for that in the chippy after a night drinking
  2. Register online then Buy online and use the print it yourself option if you have that facility. It has a barcode that get scanned at the ground
  3. Well I am expecting DC to announce he's sorted FFP Att has just bought the Blavdes - and we've sold them Abdi for £15mil
  4. Twaddle

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    Is that you Dejphon ?
  5. Terry butcher holds him in similar high regard As do I. Personally I was pleased he didn't fall from the balcony. His friends (suppliers) were holding him and making sure. Only because some innocent down below would have copped like.
  6. Although I dont watch TV myself. I did some searching and found this. A painful but enjoying watch. https://www.footbie.com/video/return-to-turin-italia-90-full-tv-documentary
  7. Twaddle

    George Hirst

    Not sure they will be able to do the robot voice tho s.i.g.n. G.e.o.r.g.e H.i.r.s.t. g.e.t. S.e.a.n S.o.l.a.r. F.l.a.r.e. f.o.r. f.r.e.e
  8. Twaddle

    Jack Hunt injured?

    I probably think they are growing as we speak. Hope all are ok
  9. Twaddle

    Man of the match

    At this juncture. Rhodes has seven votes on the scorecard and Bannan has two - one of which is mine. Bannan by a mile for me but well done to Rhodes for the goal
  10. So I put an gun to his head and said. 'Glenn - for the last time gerrup off your knees and stop asking me if you can have a contract for next season'
  11. Twaddle

    Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    Well done big man !
  12. The fact that Clare is playing and Hirst is not strikes me potentially as a Doyen issue rather than a not signed the contract issue. What was it that Chansiri said in his statement a while back - something like 'we were informed an hour before the transfer deadline that Hirst would not be signing for Sheffield Wednesday'
  13. Carry on - with you on this. Also for me one player would make a lot of difference to the team - FF - can we get him back fit before end of season ?
  14. Twaddle


    Given that Jos is getting a bit of stick at the moment I just wanted to highlight this