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  1. So I put an gun to his head and said. 'Glenn - for the last time gerrup off your knees and stop asking me if you can have a contract for next season'
  2. The fact that Clare is playing and Hirst is not strikes me potentially as a Doyen issue rather than a not signed the contract issue. What was it that Chansiri said in his statement a while back - something like 'we were informed an hour before the transfer deadline that Hirst would not be signing for Sheffield Wednesday'
  3. Carry on - with you on this. Also for me one player would make a lot of difference to the team - FF - can we get him back fit before end of season ?

    Given that Jos is getting a bit of stick at the moment I just wanted to highlight this
  5. Its ok blaming Pudil - but you should be blaming Joey for losing the ball easily in midfield which directly leads to this. Pudil has a faster guy running at him toward penalty box. That was the way Pudil could stop him.
  6. Not worthy of the name !

    But we can't afford any extras so tell em not to use the bog !
  7. On This Day

    Many thanks Dunsby. Great thread as normal. I must admit that when I got up this morning I could not remember exactly where I was 46 years ago today and now you have reminded me. Cheers
  8. Is it available on loan ? We need to beef up our squad
  9. Well Done Atdhe

    Well done again Atdhe. Great contribution to the team effort. Also after the match today. Top lad. The wife and friend walking up the bottom end of Fitzwilliam St with their Wednesday scarves. Cars stopped at traffic lights – car window rolls down and a big thumbs up from the big man himself. Made their day
  10. Once went in an apartment at West Point on West Street.

    I like how in that vlog they have brought their own Father Christmas. He can also be seen crying after Joao scores.
  12. He was a right back if we are talking great success !
  13. Todays red cards

    Fake news mate. Ref is going for the book as Pudil is getting up off the ground