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  1. Has the training ground been out of bounds this season too? That would explain a lot!
  2. Stood next to tricky dicky once at selhurst park v Wimbledon ( Ian Reddington?) always mix him up with Martin Kemp! Don’t know why!
  3. I know!! Very strange!! I even went and watched an interview with him just to prove in my own mind that that wasn’t what he sounded like.
  4. I loved the 2 footed tackle to snap the corner flag...the United fans were apoplectic in the forums that day. Bless em!!
  5. This ship is gonna be dry docked and re-launched a few times this season I reckon
  6. Isn’t football an easy game really. Mendez Laing... I’ll have this ... right foot bit of curl... keeper no hope ... easy peasy.. attacking players who are half decent in this league should have a field day with how bad the defending is.
  7. I must have been very ...very ... drunk at a lot of games my memory is shocking but didn’t he score in a 2-0 win at millmoor on news years day once???
  8. I think this could be the funniest post I’ve read so far this year/season! ....I’m just picturing it...reight funny
  9. Hahahahaha hahahahaha HAHAHAHA literally took me a while to get what you meant! I’ve put my brain back in now
  10. That attendance is mind boggling! Mind you it was probably threpance to get in and I bet they never ran out of pies!!
  11. He was very dishy back then with his lovely flowing locks.... you can’t blame them really
  12. Oh well the edge of those seats won’t be getting warmed much now then
  13. Nes lay off the childish puns shall we! Eh Eh you havin that one! ....(sigh) naa yours is better
  14. Mazy Dribbles with not much end product... No! Not a low budget p orn star, just describes Agbonlahor
  15. I see our manager is trying to pick up players from wherever he can judging by the name on the away stand
  16. I’m exactly the same. First thing I look for now pre and after match. Even after a shocking performance in the last game he’s got me thinking positively about Shrewsbury. I suppose as a Wednesday fan you’ve gotta be this way otherwise the whole thing would drive you mad.
  17. They can’t have been very old either..jeez Did Phil O’ Donnell score in a 1-1 draw against Newcastle at Hillsborough once. Shearer got the equaliser. Or is that another game I’ve made up in my mind over the years?
  18. The lad in the middle of picture... if you’re not gonna make the effort!!...
  19. I think clubs must have 14 players and a goalie available. Under 21s can play too as long as they have already played a first team game, or any other contracted player for that matter. I reckon it’s easy for premier league teams to cobble a team together with their huge squads but god knows what kinda side Wednesday could put out.
  20. Please.... xmas caption competition!!! Merry Chrimbo to one and all!!!
  21. Yes very good point! It must be very worrying if you have already been very ill with it as Dazza was. Bloody pain though, feels like we’re going backwards instead of coming through it.
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