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  1. Derby County bogey boys

    Thing is I don't worry now about going anywhere in this league anymore.we seem to have a squad that's capable of getting results in different types of games and players that can keep the ball for long periods. So yeah 1-0 loss

    Maguires 95th min winner against Barnsley.massive celebrations in an otherwise underwhelming season!
  3. Crowd Celebrations

    Derby away 1999/2000 maybe,literally crowdsurfing celebrations,shins battered from seats infront( brilliant how alcohol numbs pain!) total mayhem! Then obviously we all know how that day turned out but great memories.( gone slightly off thread I know) I'm new at this!
  4. Team and score v Derby

    Westwood/Dawson Palmer Lees Hutchinson Pudil Bannan Lee Wallace Jones Fletcher/Hooper Forestieri Wednesday silkily(is that a proper word!) going into a 2-0 lead by half time.Cue Mr maclaren to leave his seat up on high to try and salvage something,but all to no avail as an 88th min diving header from Sammy creates scenes of delirium from the 3100! Icing on cake! Scorers: Fletcher 4,Lee 29,Sammy 88
  5. I can remember games in the past 15+ years where 90 minute silences were the norm! Now the team is class, one minute of respect is nowt to fret about. Btw thought the Wednesday and qpr fans showed class by showing respect.