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  1. The way I always look at it is if a player wasn’t available for the next 3 months...would we miss them/ be weaker without them? At the moment I would have to say yes...so keep him
  2. I think we would... you speak much sense
  3. You’re right my memory is bad... there was definitely a game where I had a tantrum at him. To be fair a lot of players in that season got some stick. When I look back at his premiership season of 10 in 38 it’s not bad is it? I remember his perceived laziness didn’t help his cause.
  4. Giles bilgewater once made me want to tear my seat up and throw it at him during a game against Watford...I was that mad I couldn’t even eat mi potted mate sandwiches mi grandma had made me at half time so no
  5. That look nowadays would probably receive something ranging from hurtful gesticulating to a sound thrashing ( I do not condone either by the way)
  6. Away goal celebrations always seem more amazing too...remember busting mi nose and smashing mi phone at the Dell celebrating an Andy Booth equaliser in the Fa Cup...still lost 3-1 like but great days!
  7. Oh s h i t! Oh s h i t!.....B a s t a rd! The end...
  8. It’s a cold hard fact that stadium fans are almost irrelevant in the premier league now in terms of finances. I read an article about premier league club finances and Sky money. Apparently Man City could play to empty stadiums and it wouldn’t make much difference to them financially. Fans are way down the list of importance to football clubs now.
  9. I’ve been raging after matches and performances in the past but I always stop mesen posting when I’m angry because you can guarantee players will make you look a fool with a great performance in the next match. I think most of em do their best. They probably have games where crowds on at em and they might think F@@k this!! someone else said on here they’re only human so if their performance drops that’s probably why... if they were more consistent I suppose they wouldn’t be championship players and they’d be higher up
  10. That is what I was alluding to in another post. If you look back at his Wednesday career every goal he ever scores seems to be a very important one that wins or saves points. I used to have a similar feeling when reda played for us.
  11. Cockwomble Seriously though I always think he looks like he might cry at any moment, his eyes always look very teary
  12. Everybody loves big Dave... i wish I’d have kept a record of how many threads have been been created slagging/worshipping him over the years... he will be one player that will be remembered fondly by Wednesdayites I’m sure for years to come. Whatever you think of him... how many memorable moments has he been part of in a Wednesday shirt... injury time winners etc He certainly gets a healthy debate going!
  13. Didn’t they take 48000 fans to the emirates?
  14. The pass he played through for Murphy was sensational... any other more“fashionable player“ would be lauded in every quarter after that... but he’s a donkey with no skill
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