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  1. This post has got to be either drug or alcohol fuelled...to call any professional footballer “crap” surely you’ve gotta back this up with facts... if he is “crap” then back this up with facts/stats ...
  2. This is an extremely sensible and balanced post( I would have written exactly the same.) I think come May if they are anywhere below 6th place these types of post will be in the very tiny minority. I just enjoy weekends like this one,and try not to let bad results get to me too much...it’s hard though! It’s such a tight league. A couple of bad results and things can look bleak, a couple of wins and Wembley here we come!! Beat Hull and Wigan and automatics definitely on
  3. He’s definitely a player who uses his loaf
  4. From what I’ve seen he almost looks stronger,sharper and younger in a way(obviously can’t be younger) seems to have a spring in his step. Could be the difference this season between mid-table and a play-off place.
  5. Has any Wednesday player in the last 20 years ever been so analysed after every game and talked about so much... if he starts and doesn’t score it’s like we need to talk about how he worked hard and played for the team, and if he scores as a sub late on he’s a modern day legend.. he really is a phenomenon.
  6. It might be the first time we’ve scored 4 away from home in the 1st half of a 3 o’clock kick-off, against a team north of Sheffield, in September ?? Can someone check?
  7. Yep did Andy Booth get a couple that day??
  8. Just confirms fans can have their opinions(everyone does) but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors... players maybe not right...little niggles in training we’ve just gotta trust these guys who are around footballers every day, see them every day. it all boils down to trust and time which doesn’t really happen in the modern game. they seem to be doing the simple thing really well now... good crosses, clinical with chances
  9. I was just thinking the same! Think it was 2000, and it was the ginger lad who scored... took my 12 year old brother on train, didn’t go to a single pub, didn’t know where we were going, just walked aimlessly round town centre till we saw signs for new ground, got there ridiculously early outside the riverside about 1.30... I remember the bloke with the big tache who worked for Sky(Geoff Shreeves?) coming into the stand to talk to Wednesdayites about the sacking of the previous manager. Great days!
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