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  1. Think I might have gone to that same one that you’re on about circa 2003 ish? Went for a great curry next to the river after... near the pub that always floods? King’s Head is it?
  2. Totally agree! It’s my Sunday morning/afternoon cup o tea time. He always gives a very balanced fair view of the game doesn’t he. He always seems to spot little things at the games that I never notice too. Cuts through some of the other tripe we might read elsewhere.
  3. But windy round Hillsborough! Someone’s conservatory has done a wizard of oz
  4. To the tune of Adele’s Go easy on me?
  5. Tw@t flannel and nob waffle I think JML sell them in Wilkos
  6. For some reason even though the mind the gap season was amazing, I could never take to Dave Jones , don’t know what it was? He just never came over as a likeable bloke. Not that it matters I suppose, he probably wouldave said same about me. I never liked Gary Megson much either, or Nigel Pearson or John Sheridan for that matter( media persona I’m on about obviously.) It’s all results based at the end of day isn’t it. Keep winning and nobody cares
  7. Stop sitting on the fence and just say what you mean
  8. You had me at the “superficial sloganeering of the perpetually dissatisfied “
  9. That moments right there is why football is the best game in the world! I love the stewards trying in vain... then thinking f*** this what’s the point
  10. I know!! I often think about that day and how they just sat in that little cheesewedge corner , it was like they’d simply come to literally watch our promotion to be fair we could’ve probably sold that corner to our own fans too first time I’ll have been to a game against them since... ... or is that the same for everyone?
  11. Chuffin hell!! Imagine the sound if the Kop was full! Rite goosebumps
  12. I love the sound of the crowd when Gregory swipes at it, misses”oooohhh!! Then slams it in “ YEEEEEESSSSS!!” Isn’t football great
  13. He’s just finishing up here, he’s been plastering my kitchen all day, pulled out with it! Told me he was gonna be late, he’s not happy like,anyway I’ve slipped him an extra 50 samolians, ordered us in a Nandos. He’s gonna watch it here , he’s got one o them dodgy boxes
  14. If we lose 5-0 I’ve done with em..I’m out! Finished!! F***in DC , F***in Moore, sick of it!! (Till Saturday obviously) clean slate, a new day
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