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  1. Yeah I’m not that bothered about watching my team train. I’d rather watch them win a playoff final. I’m funny like that.
  2. This could be Darren Moore’s team talk before the team go out!
  3. Cheers for that!! Just getting me in the mood for tomorrow. Just been thinking in 2 weeks time I might be on cloud nine or fed up and waiting 3 months for new season to put it right, go again and maybe finish 2 places higher! i always remember laying on a sun lounger in Corfu a week after the final in Cardiff thinking what a great summer this is gonna be! I want that feeling in 2 weeks time. ARE YOU LISTENING YOU WONDERFUL BLUE AND WHITE BEAUTIES....I. WANT THAT FEELING IN 2 WEEKS TIME AND I WON’T ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS!!!
  4. The only gobbling happens on the Kop...er ...somewhere...mi mates brothers uncles sister half cousin twice removed said somat in bookies other day
  5. Seriously make this happen!! Who can make this happen!!
  6. I’ve been at work all night and had game on radio Sheff. Didn’t feel that bad after the game. Got my ticket for Monday and didn’t think 1-0 was that bad to come away from there with. Think if Wednesday get a goal early then it could be a great night at Hillsborough...I wish I hadn’t started reading the threads on here now... I feel on a bit of a downer now about the game on Monday. Surely we’ll all be up for it by then won’t we?
  7. Result! Love it! Caaaaaammmmmaaaaaannnnn!!!!!
  8. I wish someone could wrap me up in cotton wool till Tuesday morning, kinda like hibernating... then in a whispering voice “Wake up...Wake up we’ve done it! It was surprisingly easy in the end...3-1 up at their place and 2-0 last night. Byer’s goal was a thing of beauty! The noise the noise!! Anyway here’s your Wembley ticket, I’ve got connections, we’ve been given 45,000 initially. Franchise only given 25000. I can’t get that Bannan diving header up at their place out my mind... on one leg aswell! It was like he pogoed it in.
  9. All this winds me up!!! It needs addressing seriously. There may end up being another 2000 of our fans who would have gone to this game by Monday night but can’t because of “safety issues” even though it’s all been sold before in the not too distant past. It’s just crazy.
  10. I sense a hint of sarcasm in your tone
  11. If Wednesday don’t go up he will definitely have a big decision to make this summer. He’s got maybe 3 more seasons at a decent championship level left in him. He can leave with his head held high, he’s given a big chunk of his career to SWFC, and been well paid for it. I honestly think if Wednesday go up he will finish his playing time with us. Let’s hope we do and there’s a little bit of history written for him in our hearts forever.(he could have his picture added to the mural in the shop then... I’m sure there’s place for a wee Scottish man on there somewhere
  12. Is it just the club being cagey by not showing Bannan on the training photos or can we read anything into that?
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