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  1. I can never unsee this!! it reminds me of getting a satsuma and a few walnuts in a football sock on Xmas day
  2. Sadly I think the only way to make an owner of a football club sit up and take notice is to consistantly stay away and not put anymore money into the club. The problem is it never really takes off because going to football is part of a lot of fan‘s make up/DNA . Newcastle fan‘s have tried it many times to hurt Ashley but it never gains momentum as fans are so loyal to the club and it’s a way of life. However bad things get we always give them another chance. How many times have we as Wednesday fan‘s said“that’s it! I’m done!! Knowing full well we’ll be back. It’s like a love that we can’t just turn off.
  3. I think he has the 2 main attributes that a modern day premier league defender has...genuine pace and strength. If you can keep up with the likes of Raheem Sterling then I think he’s definitely got a chance. He has that knack of being in the right place with a tackle or foot in to break up play. I came away from Saturdays game being impressed by him and same again last night. Time will tell, he may be destined to play at a better standard.
  4. Rate bo a tell thi! Miss Wombwell 2019
  5. If we had the real Jesus playing upfront we might give it a go
  6. There are two nice ladies on Penistone road who sell limited edition ones that say“I am the phantom kop raspberry blower“(they are quite big badges)
  7. Talking of Kop flatulence... i am 100% certain someone on there Must have been eating tins of dogmeat yesterday... it was quite the talking point among the regulars... one elderly lady swore it was the worst she had ever smelt, and she had been going to Hillsborough since the days of rationing when people lived off tins of Pek
  8. Sounds a bit like me and the wife’s monthly date nights!
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wednesday score first and lose 3 or 4-1. I hope there’ll be a reaction to Saturday but in the end City are a machine who can steam roller anyone. If they put in a gutsy performance and lose anyway it just frustrates me even more how they can be so Jekyll and Hyde .
  10. I’ve just been a little bit sick in my mouth
  11. I thought that too... they were oblivious!
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