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  1. jimbo10179

    Daniel Pudil

    This compared to the pen given to Wigan last night
  2. jimbo10179

    Barry Bannan Free Kick - MAGIC!

    Haha great spot, quality
  3. jimbo10179

    50 points

    Wolves should be home and dry by the time we play them, might go easy on us!
  4. Agree with all this 100%
  5. jimbo10179

    Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    As mentioned above, last min Hirst v Man Utd, wasn’t celebrated enough, seemed (from the footage I’ve seen) very subdued from the players and crowd
  6. jimbo10179

    Joost Van Aken

    Read a few posts about 2nd goal, nobody has mentioned Hunt playing Clarke onside, our defence was awful today, made worse playing with a disorganised midfield. But we move on and learn from our mistakes WAWAW as our song goes we're on our way, how we get there I don't know, how we get there I don't care
  7. jimbo10179

    Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Just watched it back I think he's in front of the cutback and Pudil. Just seen that still, above, definate offside!!
  8. jimbo10179

    Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Just about to ask this same question, looks like the goal scorer is in front of Pudil when ball is played across, Westwood should have delt with the free kick better, think he'll be kicking himself again. We move on
  9. jimbo10179

    Daftest Moments as a Fan

    The laughing policeman just reminded me of the old guy singing Connor on my mind, brilliant! Any clips of that one?
  10. Who is supposed to be offside? Just watched it back I think Reach is flagged offside, because he is in front of everyone when he puts the cross into Boyd and one of their defenders raises his arm way before the cross goes in and seems to give up before Boyd puts it away. It's very marginal if at all offside when Reach receives the initial ball from Hooper, judging by the cut of the grass. Fine margins again, think Burton may have struggled to come back from 0-2? Great finish from Hooper by the way
  11. not as good as the FF one
  12. jimbo10179

    One day.......?

    watch this space!!!
  13. jimbo10179

    One day.......?

    Crap it hasn't worked, please delete mods I'll try and post it later