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  1. I thought today and previous games, he has played well. He does his job, breaks up play and let others then take over. Not saying he’s a world beater or the next N’Golo Kanté. I think the criticism he gets is well over the top in my opinion
  2. Very harsh on JP there pal. I thought he was very good 1st half, broke up a lot of their attacks, used the ball well 7.5/10
  3. This is my summary.....Wow, that was shocking. really fancied us tonight for some weird reason, but didn’t look like scoring, can’t pass, set pieces landing into empty spaces/ not beating 1st man, no pressure, look knackered, look like a team destined for relegation
  4. Doesn’t seem to be up for it for whatever reason. Is he pissed off at not making it at Man City or a player that’s abit arrogant? Even his signing on photos he looked as miserable as sin. Hope he goes on to prove me wrong
  5. Anyone watching this got sound? I haven’t
  6. I don’t understand what you’re getting at with Bannan. A centre forward surely is a a big, strong, target man, holds the ball up to link up other players around him scores goals, a striker poaches in and around the box, quick, skilful, expected to be top scorer in a team like a Robbie Fowler, Micheal Owen etc? In my opinion two very different kind of players albeit playing in the same area of the pitch.
  7. Really? You obviously don’t understand football, I wasn’t starting a Nuihu debate either. Just for the record I’m a Nuhiu fan
  8. Nuihu is not a striker, never has been never will be, he’s a centre forward. As someone else has said, never take Bannan, unless injured ofcourse
  9. Answered my own question... 3rd April 2010 Man City v Burnley 5-0 halftime ended up 6-1
  10. Just watching Liverpool-Norwich thinking they might equal or better our halftime lead (5-0 v Bolton 8 Nov 97) am I correct with this record or has it been beaten since?
  11. Fair enough, just watched it back but my other points are valid
  12. I think I must have watched a different game today. Wasn’t impressed with Palmer, again. Crossing, bar one on 75mins, was woeful, in general he’s weak in a challenge and doesn’t score, but gets into some great positions. I seem to notice that, again for their goal, he’s slow at tracking back and gives up too easily. Might be me being over critical, but he’s been at the club a long time and never grabbed that left back position for himself whether due to lack of competition, long term injury (can’t think of any off top of my head) or just managers 2nd choice. Fletcher man of
  13. This compared to the pen given to Wigan last night
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