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  1. Owls fan moving up that way in the next month or so. Ditched my season ticket this time as knew I was moving but still get to some matches. Any busses ever happen?
  2. These were the example questions, beyond my expertise! Feel free it make a team yourselfs can forward the email on from the production crew re applying
  3. Thanks for the responses, That’s 4, just need one more person, ill pm you all and grab your details
  4. Please see the following pic, looking at potentially entering a team if we can get 5 football boffs? Anyone interested?
  5. Got to agree as much as I like CC sometimes a change is just what is needed with fresh ideas and give the players a new impetuous. The quality we have in our squad we should not be sat where we currently are. I'd give him 2/3 more games and if we don't get 7 points id be getting shut. Still gives the new manager time to rescue a play off spot this season, automatic seems miles away. Hopefully we do win the next few as I don't want him to be sacked and we start to move up the table.
  6. He's been injured and our manager is that negative he's not been given a fair run in the side
  7. That just shows how expensive football has come. It's shocking when £27 is now considered 'not too bad'
  8. Type Bangor road in on sat nav quite a bit of space here at min (18:30) five min max walk to ground
  9. Very good show apart from rob staton he's far to arrogant
  10. It was on twitter....hooper even retweeted it himself what a legend!
  11. Play how we have been doing and fully expect us to get three points. Shame it's not always that straight forward. Hope bannan ticks huge player for us
  12. 25 years they have gone without european football, 1993 last time we played in Europe? I make that 24 years. Reported 20,000 fans they took to arsenal night! Wonder if we can match that to a big German club in a couple of years?! what a goal by cologne by the way well worth a watch
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