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  1. Important win tonight even though the game was awful to watch and the performance way under what we are capable of. I don't agree with some that the problem is tactics related though, rather a lot of the problem comes down to individual decision making. We are giving away far too many free kicks in defensive positions, cost us against Cardiff (even though the one that did cost us wasn't actually a foul, plenty before were) and could have cost us tonight. Summed up early in the game when Hutch went straight through a player facing away from goal and going nowhere, that's a stupid tackle that just invites pressure, and arguably should have left him on a yellow card after just 10 minutes. As much as I love him as a player, he has got to stop diving in where there is no need to. Not just him though, coming towards stoppage time and Iorfa goes for an aerial challenge that he can't possibly win, flattens the opponent and gives away another free kick that puts us under pressure. Then in stoppage time Bannan gives away a daft foul that gives them a shot at goal, and that incident came about due to other players trying to play in an area that wasn't sensible at that time of the game. As good as we are defensively we can't keep giving away free kicks in dangerous positions like this. And it isn't just defensively that decision making is a problem. 20 minutes left and we had an attacking free kick on the right wing. We send everyone forward to the edge of the box, Bannan then tries a Hollywood cross field pass out to Fessi on the left wing, it gets intercepted and we faced a very dangerous counter attack. That is just poor decision making and ludicrous when we are clinging onto a lead. I think part of the issue is a lack of natural leaders out on the pitch, and no one to tell people to calm down. Bannan is our best player and I think has the captain's armband for that reason, but he spends more time arguing with the referee than he does trying to calm people down and I don't think he is a natural captain. Not sure how good Borner's English is, but he seems like one of the calmer players out there. I honestly think if Monk can get the players to make better individual decisions we will be there or there abouts, but we can't keep making these same silly individual mistakes game after game. Got away with it tonight, but we won't against better teams.
  2. That was a truly outstanding save. It was past him when he clawed it back out, not sure how he did that.
  3. I don't get the criticism of Dawson. He only found out he was playing 20 minutes before kick off so that is bound to affect disruption. Can't be blamed for the goal as he was, frankly, cheated by the referee, he couldn't see the ball so had no chance of saving that. Yes he flapped at one in the first half, but he then made an outstanding save in stoppage time. My ratings are ... Dawson - 6 A bit nervous at times but great save at the end Palmer - 5 Got beaten too easily and basic ball control errors, wonder if he was jaded from his two Scotland games Iorfa - 8 Really like this guy, his pace perfectly complements Borner Börner - 8 MOTM Signing of the century. Strikers finish but completely solid all round Fox - 7 Getting grief as usual but didn't put a foot wrong tonight Reach - 6 Not a great game but the reason he is picked week in week out is his defensive work, full backs must love him as he never leaves them exposed Hutch - 8 Excellent again, would have been MOTM but he has got to learn to stop getting booked, no use to us if he is suspended Luongo - 6 Quiet but some good moments, he does a lot of the unnoticed work and is a lot like Lee Bannan - 7 Not his best performance but good enough. Still think that he isn't a captain and that responsibility will take away from his game. Looked really, really tired up until the point he was taken off Harris - 7 Dangerous in first half, and how Peltier wasn't booked for taking him out is a mystery Fletcher - 7 Held the ball up well again but didn't get any chances in the box. The one he chested was impossible to score from.
  4. Thought Iorfa was outstanding. Only real concerning performance was Murphy, he looks lazy and needs to work harder. Nearly cost a goal when he just watched as Kongolo cut inside and got a shot away that Westwood parried. I presume that Monk spotted this issue given he got hooked, hopefully he will have a word.
  5. I believe he has had some involvement in boxing over the years.
  6. That is Craig Edwards, a notoriously hard man non-league manager. In fairness they both listened and were good as gold in the second half, presumably because I'd told them that if they so much as looked at each other they'd be sitting in the stands Danny thanked me after as had it come to a fight there would only have been one winner ..!
  7. Will be a bit weird for me if it happens, I refereed Concord a few times when they were in charge there. Including this one where it all kicked off and I had to read the riot act to Danny and the opposition manager in my changing room at half time … ! https://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/9427869.tempers-flare-in-derby/ What is very clear to me is that he really gets his team up for the fight and at all of his clubs so far the players would run through walls for him. Whether some of our players would baulk at that only time would tell, but pretty sure he would just ship them out at the first opportunity.
  8. Has the John Terry about him how he defends the front post, nothing has been getting past him so far. He isn't the tallest so that just shows how good his positioning is. Assuming he stays away from his team mate's other halves we could be onto a real star player here …
  9. Sky commentator said so, but don't know where he got it from.
  10. I won't, as I know what I saw. As I've said, I have no beef with Fox and haven't even criticised him before today, but his first touch and passing wasn't anywhere near a Championship level let alone top end Championship. Don't have iFollow so that isn't an option.
  11. How am I supposed to watch it again? Unfortunately my time travelling machine got clamped so I'm a bit stuck. Can watch the highlights, but even the extended ones aren't going to show every pass, successful or otherwise.
  12. No, I said three times in a five minute period. There were several others as well, including two occasions where his second touch was a tackle. He's second choice under different managers to a 27 year old right footed academy graduate central midfielder who was converted to right back and now is having to play as an emergency left back. That isn't a vote of confidence which ever way you look at it ...
  13. Not sure I agree with that, he gave it away three times in the space of about five minutes. Granted one of those was an easy volleyed clearance that he made a total mess of, but my view that he was the main culprit for giving the ball away (and I should add I haven't ever been one of his biggest critics so it isn't bias). I had Bannan as next on the list though.
  14. He did well defensively, but first half in particular gave the ball away more than any other player. Not a massive problem against Luton but against a top team that would be very costly. Pleased that he is winning people over, but I still don't think he is even close to a top end Championship left back.
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