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  1. Home vs Burnley 1967 Wed won 7-0, McCalliog missed a pen Think Jack Whitham scored 2 on his debut
  2. Seem to remember a Christmas away match at Preston when Mick Prendergast broke his leg circa 74. Wasn't Bobby Charlton the PNE manager then?
  3. Was there one about Mrs Holts Sausage Rolls and who the hell was she?
  4. One that stands out for those of certain age is Derek Dougan and John Holsgrove in the 70s
  5. Talking of Notts County away as legendaryswan was, I seem to remember going there in the mid 70s and from being 1-0 up we were 3-1 down within 2 mins, all scored by one player. Does my memory deceive me?
  6. Only just seen this. Bit late but couldn't resist hunting out old newspaper cutting
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