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  1. Do people ever wonder what the Olive Grove ground would look like today if we hadn't moved to Hillsborough? Don't suppose there's any concept images?
  2. Couldve given me some credit ya cheeky git
  3. If they're calling us "posh" they couldn't be further from the truth look at the amount of flat caps in these pictures!!
  4. Let's be honest there's gonna be some kind of trouble...
  5. We're not on great form at all atm, that's not negativity it's a fact that being said I'd like to think we have enough to beat Barnsley and I can just see a 1-0 Wednesday win. Call it whatever you want I'm calling it optimism haha
  6. Oi leave it out that was a good one though I'll give you that
  7. You can't be serious... OK a cr*p result against a poor side but different circumstances different game and we didn't adapt. However a point is a point better than 0, could be important come May and we are still ahead of Fulham. Not a time to start booing yet :/
  8. Working class men in those days always wore them, manners I think. But you can tell they're all very much working class men so I don't know how people can think "Wednesday are posh" just a stereotype that's never been proven I guess.
  9. Mate I know EXACTLY WHAT you mean I've said it for weeks now. The team we have out there isn't good enough, complacency must play a part. So frustrating we've bottled it again well done Wednesday.
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