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  1. No we weren't fat cats, we were formed by self employed steel workers
  2. Exactly, for a club where 90% of the support is from Sheffield I'm surprised the folk don't wanna represent the city
  3. Just a ridiculous comment no matter the date of it, lots of Owls in S2/3/4 that would disagree with your comment. Making it seem like we all live in leafy suburbs but the areas around Hillsborough are some of the most deprived in the city
  4. It's ridiculously easy and quick to get to Hillsborough, 10 mins from West Street on the tram. I live near Bramall Lane and always have done (S2 and S11) and there's plenty of Wednesdayites in both. Wednesday and United's identity is very much the same - working class formed in a city of industry, there is no unique identity and if you think there is then you're sorely mistaken. Walk into the steelworks and it'll be Owl working next to a Blade, we live next door to eachother, drink at the same pubs (occasionally), it's not unusual to be an Owl on the Manor or a Pig on Parson Cross.
  5. Ey, there's plenty of Owls in S2, their only area is Highfield
  6. Seen this, but also pigs used it as a badge in the 60s didn't they. Just wondered why we didn't
  7. I stand corrected. But still. Why did they have the right to use it and we haven't thought of it?
  8. Was looking into old footie crests and I realised that, apart from the FA Cup Finals, we haven't worn the council's coat of arms as a badge whereas the pigs have. Why did they have those rights and we didn't? And Wednesdayites from the time did you feel alienated? Or that they represented Sheffield more?
  9. You've got me there, I feel like those nuts represent us quite well
  10. Potential sponsorships/partnerships with steel manufacturers still based in the city? Maybe make it more of a focal point in marketing? Not suggesting we become 'Blades.2' but it might help with fan-club connection, I think so anyway
  11. A potential marketing drive based on and focussing on the city and what makes it tick - us ordinary working class people who spend our hard earned money on watching them gutless chuffs every weekend. What better way to get people interested again than discounted ticket prices for certain Sheffield postcodes for certain games? (When fans are allowed back ofc) Or other incentives. And the one thing that all Sheffielders have in common is our city
  12. I understand what you're saying, but at the same time our history is what makes us, it's important to acknowledge that
  13. Personally, I think Wednesday should take more claim on our industrial heritage, it played a big part in the formation of our club and we should make more of an effort to acknowledge it
  14. Good research, the founding members of Wednesday were "little mesters", basically self employed steel workers, good ordinary working class people. Many people from the city centre were able to travel to watch Wednesday even after the move to Owlerton however those that weren't diehard Wednesday fans at the time found it easier to watch United as it was closer to the city centre. I've got no idea where this myth of Wednesday being 'middle class' has come from, the market traders history is made up as well.
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