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  1. Dave78

    Bet365 live stream

    I think we're also live on Betfair as well.
  2. Dave78

    Should we have kept Wallace

    It was the right time for him to leave.
  3. Westwood and Lees. We should let one of the young keepers go on loan somewhere.
  4. I think he should stay but he needs to start well next season.
  5. Dave78

    Anyone who left early

    I've never understood it either. I'm not leaving early when i've paid so much for a ticket!
  6. 39 and first match mid 80s. Pressman Nilsson Pearson Walker King Waddle Palmer Sheridan Worthington Hirst Di Canio
  7. I think he deserves a new contract. His all round game has improved imo.
  8. Joao has to start and i'd play Nuhiu alongside him. Rhodes looks well past his best to me and it's so frustrating to watch.
  9. Rob's the only one I like on Radio Sheffield. Newsome talks a lot of sense as well.
  10. Definitely Swansea. We should pick our strongest team imo.
  11. Dave78

    The Rovers Return

    Definitely when Big Ron came back.
  12. Dave78

    Formation 2018/19

    I'd like to see him stick with it. It's good to see three in midfield and still have two up front.