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  1. This isn't the premier league, this is the championship where literally anyone can beat anyone. We did just beat Derby 8 days ago if you'd like to remember? If you flip your way of thinking, this was arguably the weakest team we'll play between the Derby game last week and Ipswich at home on the 6th March. So maybe Jos felt he could rest players against 'lesser' opposition and still come away with a result. It backfired due to the result, however I don't think there's a need for the overreaction on here. This is still a learning curve for Jos, he's learning about the league and the teams in this league. End of the day though, if resting players least nights means that we go and beat Villa on saturday and scrape through against Swansea then i'm sure our fans would take that.
  2. i agree that Joao should of been involved either tonight or on Saturday there. However I still feel a guy like Reach deserved to have a rest as he’s been relentless all year. Jos has taken a chance on resting his team against what you would say is the weakest team we will play between last tuesday and 6th March (Derby, Swansea twice, Villa, Bristol City, Ipswich) and it’s backfired and he’ll learn from it. End of the day there is no need for a complete overreaction to one game.
  3. if that’s the case can we agree that there’s too man premature doom and gloomer’s considering we’ve narrowly lost with a rested team?
  4. Wanting Nuhiu to start is laughable, the guy finally scores after 42 games and now he's our best striker apparently. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox Matias Bannan Butterfield Reach Hooper Rhodes Bench: Wildsmith, Hunt, Van Aken, Abdi, Lee, Fletcher, Nuhiu Had enough of Wallace is a Wednesday shirt, we need Matias' pace down the flank instead.
  5. I will agree that he should of buried the header but you can't expect him to score every single chance he gets, otherwise I don't think he'd be playing in the championship. He was unlucky second half with a chance from Hooper's pull back, Ipswich made a great block to deny him, but other than that he's mainly feeding off scraps. And you've got to look at the last few games he's played in. Scored against Millwall and Villa, should of won us a penalty on Saturday then missed a great chance last night. We don't feed him enough but he is seemingly having some impact on our results at the moment. I think we're crying out for another pacey winger to replace Wallace because the Nuhiu goal is a goal that Rhodes has been scoring most of his career, Reach used his pace to get to the byline and dink one in. playing like that would get the best out of Rhodes. This methodical tippy tappy going backwards and then lumping the ball forward is never going to work for Rhodes.
  6. He is a goalscorer. plain and simple. And yet all we do is lump long balls to him and hope for the best. What's alarming is that we can't change our style to suit our record signing, but when Nuhiu comes on we'll change our style to his game and start lumping balls up to him.
  7. I love Megson, he will forever be a legend of this club, however the guy wasn't able to get us out of league one. Why would him managing us in the championship be any different?
  8. Style doesn't matter, what matters is the end result. I didn't complain last year about our style last year, we improved and finished 4th. Fans wanted expansive football, so we've opened up a bit more this season playing the diamond and now can't keep a clean sheet. Karanka took a club and squad similar to ours up, that's what matters.
  9. He had that one great season at Newcastle and then it went to pot, fans wanted him out for well over a year. He couldn't save Charlton and never mounted a challenge with them back in the Championship. Crystal Palace was a shambles last year as well. He could come in a change our fortunes, but i'd be worried about how long that'd be for.
  10. Pardew has no longevity at any club, has one good season then it all goes to sh*t. Karanka is the only option we should be taking, got a team out of this division two seasons ago and will have a point to prove after what happened at Boro last year.
  11. sensible post, apart from the managers highlighted to take over! Carlos is my favourite manager of my life time, that first season was a breath of fresh air and I still felt he was the man to lead us last season. I've never looked into the Huddersfield matches too much, people think we should of beat them but they were there for a reason and we were penalties away. I want him to do the right thing and walk instead of being sacked, would be a shame to see. As for new manager I am desperate for Karanka. He has things to prove after Boro and I think he can get the best out of this squad. Some of the namesgetting thrown around tonight are abysmal, evans? sheridan? pardew? I know times are tough but cmon now.
  12. so we went for two established championship CM's, and managed to get one. fair play tbf. See Nixon says the winger we were after as well was Jefferson Montero at Swansea
  13. I get the frustration of Winnall not getting a run in the side but tbf he started the next league game after scoring against QPR, and done very little. We then went back to Fletch and Hooper at Fulham and won.
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