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  1. Worked for someone today who works at SWFC and apparently he yet again FF asked for a transfer request that was turned down. If true I don't understand why we don't get shut, he clearly doesn't want to be here. Get a bidding war going and brim someone in who wants to play for the shirt.
  2. Both very similar players- born centre forwards, know where the goal is but not the quickest, that doesn't affect Kane and I beleive if we build a team around Rhodes he could be as influential to us as Kane is to Spurs. If we get behind Rhodes from the start next season and give him the confidence I think he'll be on fire!
  3. We all know last year we brought in players too late, not fit etc. at the end of last season Bully said he wanted to get business done early with Carlos stating he wanted around 5 new additions. At present we have 1 new signing and the lads are already on a preseason tour. Just hope we don't do what we did last year and leave it too late.
  4. People act as though he's playing for us for free out of the goodness of his heart. He's one of the best paid players in the Championship. Yes he is a good player but I'm not going to get all teary eyed over a 2nd tier player who earns twice in one week what the average person gets a year.
  5. The thing is with Rotherham supporters I'm sure more Wednesday fans who live in Rotherham would be more supportive of them if they weren't totally obsessed with Wednesday and Wednesday fans living in Rotherham
  6. Now I'm all for you should support your local club, however sometimes you have links through family. I personally grew up in Rotherham,about a mile from Sheffield. My old man took me ti Hillsborough when I was 4, My Dad is a born and bred Sheffielder. With the locality and family ties to Sheffield I was never going to support anyone else, in a way totally out of my hands. One thing that really fooks me off with the bitterness Roth fans with Wednesday is claiming Rotherham Owls aren't real Wednesday fans as not from Sheffield and not supporting the town you live in or born in football team
  7. What's peoples views on Bully as number 2. Wonder if bringing in a more experianced head would benefit the team more. Then again Bully is Wednesday through and through so good to have him around the club!
  8. Early on in the season thought he had some terrible games, but fair play to him in the last 5-6 games he did really well. I personally think we need to ship Palmer out and bring in another full back to Challenge Hunt
  9. Fair point, but difficult to not be so gutted about probably our easiest chance in years to go up
  10. So others failing is a good enough excuse for us failing then?
  11. I was indifferent about Carlos signing a new contract but now I'm disappointed. Huddersfield with a budget of just 12 million have gone up yet Carlos with a budget of over 30 million can't get us past one of the lowest budget teams in the division. Over 2 seasons that's bad management.
  12. I'm torn tbh. Part of me is pleased, stability etc but the other half is looking back at games against Burton, Brentford and Reading etc and dreading another season of football like that
  13. So who's happy with the news about Carlos staying? State why you're happy or not.
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