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  1. I do remember Rudi actually winning some headers, I'm sure reach shuts his eyes whilst ducking. Watching him mince about the pitch, is like watching a kid that's just been smashed in the face by a volleyed thunderbolt who's then being shoved in goal.
  2. Big mick would have the same problem pullis and monk had. We don't have the players to play his style of football. Cardiff were built by warnocchio, so it's full of beefy, cheating bully boys and bruisers with AN ACTUAL CENTRE FORWARD to play off and hold the ball up .... We've got baza, reach and a pick and mix of midfielders and wingers up front, oh yeah snd Rhodes. Lol
  3. Yeah theres pubs with BARS on the INSIDE of the windows. Theres also that famous saying "this isnt Edinburgh, if you go out on a weekend and your English you'll get stabbed.. Last time I was up there I had two 40 year old ish thick idiots in overcoats kept asking me if I was green or if I was blue over and over, wouldn't leave it. Dint know what to do when I said "look I'm not a jock, I'm from Yorkshire where we play a man's game" and whent out for a smoke. I was up there for 18 months solid at one point. Inverness, Aberdeen, airdrie, Dundee, Edinburgh. Kilmarnock.
  4. Have you spent much time in Glasgow down the years. I've had the pleasure of working there quite a lot down theast 20 years. Even BARROW in furness is preferable. Especially if your English
  5. Lol. I love the optimism bud. The only way that's going to happen is if Dc sells up to someone who knows what they're doing in the summer. Otherwise with so many out of contract, with the double act of Dc & paxo recruiting, we'll probably end up with a squad made up of over the hills looking for well payed retirement home, players more interested in sitting feet up at home playing fifa. The manager will then end up having to cobble a team together from half the under 23's and 18s while most of the first team are online checking their big fat wallets out injur
  6. It's all down to expectations bud. Hamilton and Livingston for example were averaging 3,000 fans and 6/7 teams were averaging less than a lot of conference teams here. Hence given the vastly lopsided difference in cash and quality of players /staff, if your managing one of the big two your expected to win almost every game with exception of the Derby. It's a totally different situation to us, so we can't expect a manager to have a 70% win ratio, have we ever had one in??
  7. You do know the old saying "it's the hope that kills you" don't you. The problem is this is us, we've almost always been inconsistant in my 35+ years of watching us. We need a long extended run of results, something I don't think we have in us over a long enough period to survive.
  8. Imagine managing man City with all their resources cash, ground, marketing etc against Burton every week almost and a Bolton or Charlton a few times a season. Was checking Average attendances for spl. Only rangers ant celtic averaged above 18,000. Out of all the other clubs only 3 managed 17,000+. This is why win percentage means nothing unless its in the same league. It's like comparing Gerrard & lampards managerial carears so far. Yes Gerrard is running away with the league, but difference between spl and epl is massive.
  9. Ill have it on, but got some jobs and distractions to do around the house, so depends how we perform.
  10. Ive said that a few times on here this season becouse I' had that niggling feeling and been right. Though I've not had that so far today, they're missing their most prolific striker and a couple of other key men, also on a losing streak. it tends to happen when the opposition are full strength and playing well. Personally ill take a draw, which I do think we may battle it out for a nil nil with a clean sheet would still be a good result.
  11. The question is, does this mean he can't sell Hillsborough to someone who is going to knock it down and build houses or blocks of flats?? Making sure we couldn't end up groundless like Coventry??
  12. I'm not sure. Carlos in his first season has been the only real difference. Jos defensive and counter attack Bruce plays defensive counter attack Monk defensive counter attack Pulis defensive counter attack. We've hardly changed style since Carlos in season ones flowing football. Since then we've tried to defend resolutely and then break with the pace of Harris, muphey etc.
  13. I've a feeling it finally hit home to Dc that relagation was a very worrying possibility this season,add to that being skint becouse of all his ffp misdemeanours. If we sign a lot of the bigger earners such as Westwood, bazza, Lees etc on new long term contracts and go down it will be really crippling financially. Hence why I think he's putting everyones contracts on hold till the end of the season, it's a gamble and may backfire if we do stay up, but would be to our benefit if we go down. If this is the case though it's unforgivable if we lose all the up coming prospe
  14. Much prefer the older legs and cb training of hutch at cb rather than waste the youth and energy of Shaw there. As was mentioned about that pass late on, cb is one of the worst (apart from in goal) for getting punished by mistakes which is another reason we need to play the lad in midfield while he learns his trade.
  15. Depends, monk and Pulis started defencive to begin with, that worked out well
  16. Dosent seem the type to go all "special one" and try to blind players with tactical science. We've been playing solid no nonsense pass and move organised football. As far as two up top is concerned. Can't actually believe I'm saying this, but Patterson AND RHODES are both on form, so for me you make the most of what is turning into a good vein of form by playing both at the moment while they're scoring goals. Theres the old addage, don't fix what isn't broken.
  17. Morgan fox "important player" who'd have thought over those first few seasons and scapegoat status. Credit to the lad for keeping going and becoming a good left back at this level. That said, he could be our chance to target him. He's been our injured and he's not the quickest, so let's get them quick balls down the sides out wide for Harris to use his pace against him. Hopefully it will get us some joy.
  18. Wasn't the ground sale to a company owned by separate to swfc?? Dosent that therefore mean Dc is both landlord and Tennant
  19. It's what happens when you Dont Lagg pipes properly and being a cheapskate turning the heating off when not in use. I leave mine on all the time when it's below freezing just on the lowest thermostat setting..
  20. Plumbers don't do boilers anymore. I rang the council for a friend before Christmas. The hot water was working downstairs yet wouldn't get warm upstairs.. Told them it was a transfer valve in the boiler that was bust (their made of plastic and degrade over time, simple fix). When The guy the council sent out arrived she showed him the boiler. He just said I'm a plumber not heating and vent and left.. It's a H. V. A. C engineer these days Heating, vent, air conditioning.
  21. Most of the media mainstream is controlled down in London, so I don't think they're too bothered about a championship club in Yorkshire apart from a little bit when we sack or hire a new manager.. As for the local ones calandar and look leeds very rarely even give us more than a token mention as theyve always focused more on leeds and local journalists and independent may lack the resources or contacts to dig too deep. Just my thoughts of course especially as Dc is so good at keeping his cards close to his chest and checking the financial side isn't going to be easy as arnt we 2 ye
  22. Both reach and Harris for their usual failings such as reach being a more of a lamb than a lion as the quote goes, but both for me are probably top end of the fittest players in the squad, so I think he'll start them. They're also beginning to click now, so I'd try to capitalise on that upturn in form, but I'll agree that hopefully we'll get ourselves In a position to rest one or both before the end of the game.
  23. Makes sense, Thompson said there was a lot of tired legs in the squad, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him change the two up top. Then bring Rhodes and Patterson on when legs get tired on what will highly likely be a very heavy energy sapping pitch.
  24. If we're committed, organised and get stuck in I'd fancy us getting something out of the game. Especially as the pitch may do us a favour. If we don't I can see milwall over again and we'll get rolled over by them. A point would be good and carry the unbeaten run on which is great for confidence and will do us a world of good.
  25. Now Thompson has stated playing round pegs in round holes, it's really beginning to show with the form of some players that have been poor for a while. The next step with Harris & reach for me is getting whichever is on the opposite flank getting into the box around the baxk Post abf joining the attack. Its something that used to be very common that we just don't do enough these days. If you remember both Wallace and Nando where very effective at doing this and it reaped lots of dividends them picking the loose ball /cross up at the far post.
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