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  1. Was never really struck on cook to be honest or cowley when everyone was hyping the lad up.
  2. In that case what whent wrong with solskjaar, Keane and the nevilles. If you look at some of the most successful managers through the years just becouse you were a great player dosnt mean you'll be a great manager. Think mourinhio, wenger, etc.
  3. Always said I thought he struggled with expectations of the fans, friends and family here. I think he put too much pressure on himself while here. Hence probably why he's looking so good at with no disrespect meant quite a small football backwater like Exeter.
  4. Still not convinced as of yet. Though he's seems to have toned the endless tinkering and playing players in unfamiliar roles which was my main problem with DM. As for our new found attacking aproach, I'll hold judgement until after our defenders are fit again. If you know your defence is leaky, you might as well be more attacking and try restrict the opposion by making them do more defending and hope to score more goals. Lol
  5. Been championing giving this lad a run in the team since last season. The lads a good solid no nonsense defender, but unlike dunkerly and iorfa can pick a pass and looks and looks comfortable on the ball. I n a way since we as a club rarely down the years have trusted youth. The injuries to CBs have given this lad a chance to establish himself and he's taking it. Very much like Tom Lees only wearing football boots rather than pit boots on black ice
  6. From what's been said I'm thinking Ried isthr most likely, former prem prospect, and was still rplaying for wst ham all be it youths less than a month ago. Therefore hell probably kept himself fit enough to come in and do a job straight away and also is probably why there's other officers on the table.
  7. The Fear of failure can either drive you on to greatness... Or drown you in a sea of dread... I think our manager is suffering from the latter. He had WBA playing good semi expansive attacking football, but ended up getting the boot over results. He had a similar situation at Donny too, though we have him the outball as the slide was gathering heavy momentum. Im in a mind that could be in his thoughts making him overly cautious and second guessing team selections, hence way too much tinkering and its slowly killing him this team and support for him.
  8. Yeah I remember crossdale coming through the youths here here. To be fair it's been something that we really Havnt been good at through the years, but he has played most of his career down around non leeage and we were a championship club, so a justified decision. As for isgrove didn't we only have him on loan and he ended up at Barnsley for a few seasons, was highly rated originally at Southampton??, but just never really kicked on.
  9. There's no given right to success You can have all the tools and skill in the world, but if you don't put in the hard graft you'll fail. At the moment we're far more Darren Byfield.......... than we are Roy Keane.
  10. I remember the days when the were a good league side, and had players like and luke beckett. Or shefki kuqi who played for us up top Patterson reminds me of kuqi a big strong uncompromising awkward unit. Not the most technical, but the sort of player you hate to play against.
  11. It just shows what you can do with a bit of backbone and determination. Hope some of our lot were watching.
  12. Nice lazy evening after tea, live on the BBC, so thought I'd watch and to be fair it's been thoroughly enjoyable and a Proper oldschool end to end FA cup tie.
  13. I Defiantly underperformed. Big old football stadium. Massive city with a big surrounding area. (I spent nearly a decade working away in Newcastle) It's also unlike us, Manchester, London, Birmingham etc a one club city to boot. Thogh on the miserable thing, most of the guys I've worked with on site were normally pretty good lads and enjoyed a good bit of banter and were always really harsh on the couple of Leeds fans I worked with
  14. So are we OK with red faced lol. Though being sensible and sensatiive Bruve is like curbishly, allardyce, Pulis and Co a washed up old busted flush these days. Hadn't really been impressive for a couple of seasons before he spent a fortune and dint do a great job at villa and hasn't exactly been fantastic since he bailed on us at Newcastle.
  15. Does the lardy red faced one get a payed month holiday before he has to do his job or does he start straight away under the new chairman??
  16. Hutch probably wouldn't have got injured if Moore hadn't decided to stick his old biscuit knees in midfield instead of cb where' he's stayed pretty fit and played well in the position hes supposed to play. The worse thing is, we had plenty of cm who could have played there.... Then again oh wait DM was playing one of them. Out wide whilst the 10 (slight exaggeration) wingers we signed had a nice comfy night of feet up. Yes sometimes due to injuries you need to play players out of position, We sign 6 wingers /wide forwards. Then proceeded to play a left back (brown) on one wing and a cm (Adrenian) on the other. I've been patient, but sometimes DM I'd as baffling as Jos!!
  17. To be fair, I let last seaon slide as he had very little chance to effect things due to coming in late and then catching covid. This season I'm fed up of tinkering and rotation, no one's knows our style our formation our strategy or tactics. Any one know our best 11 poor old dqzza dosent . With so many new players I said I'd give him while Christmas to get everything settled, but we're now the middle of November and the standard simple things were still not doing well. No team cohesion, a lack of aptitude and workrate. To be real I'd take monk back right now. Yes I said it!! At least we had some sort of tactics and match strategy. I'm actually waiting for the Dc pull the trigger at chrimbo as I'm begging to expect it becouse unless DM decides on his best 11, formation and style soon he's going to be joining the likes of Irvine in the clubs and fans memory..
  18. I don't blame Patterson, the blame comes from the midfield and opposite winger not breaking beyond the cf. You need to get runners advancing the cf for any knock downs flick ons or through balls. We as a team are far too static most of the time and slow to react. So many times this season I've seen wide men make a run forward into space, but the guy on the ball dosent see it and plays it square, then we play the ball to the winger when he's stood still, back to goal and with a defender on top of him.
  19. For me the one thing we're STILL missing and have been since Loovens left is leadership. I've been seeing this as we've slipped down the table since and how we still are now. Proper leadership on the pitch raises spirits when heads go down. It galvanised you when you clinging on to a slender lead. Bazza is no captain, he's that whiney c&#it that blames and swears at people. Making some disinterested or the weak willed like reach avoid getting involved., all in all it dosent really matter where they play ( though cb would be a bonus) we need leaders and hutch is a real miss at the moment in that aspect.
  20. A cup final is a cup final. Yes it's not the most glamorous cup, but it's still a cup. Would be a good benchmark to see how we do gainst man city's under 23s, as according to pep they'd probably be top of the championship lol.
  21. Wildsmith (best player on pitch in Cup. So for me needs rewarding with a chance. Bashiru & Brennan did well too and only dunkerly fit at cb so go with. Wildsmith Palmer Brennan dunkerly Johnson. Adrenanin bashiru bazza Patterson Gregory Corbeanu Was looking to create as much balance with who's fit and available while playing players in their natural position. I know Patterson isn't a real winger, but hell get in and around the box making a two up top whn we have the ball.
  22. I'm thinking we need to make them listen to some slayer reigning blood at 11 vol,before games start. That Welsh posh egg chaser Sam worthington used to listen to Anthrax before games.
  23. We'll miss doms power and pace at the back without doubt. Though does this give us a golden opportunity to look to the long term.? Get the lad Brennan in and give him a run of games becouse if it was me I'd be ready to join Shaw and jump ship if having played well in the pizza cup as a natural cb in the middle of a injury crisis the manager insists on playing wingers and fullbacks out of position ahead of me.. The lads not looked out of his depth when called upon. Actually looks comfortable on the ball which is scarey for our defenders. Oh he's also got a crossfield Hollywood ball out of defence, then again there's only one player allowed to play them.
  24. It's how we broke Hirst snr back in the 90's. He used to regularly play 60 mins under injections "to see if he could get us a gaol" to quote someone from that time.
  25. So what the stats say to me is we should have kept the young lad who's on a fraction of bazzas wages who's only on 3 less chances created. Can't wait to see us with 37 year old bazza Hollywood balling around. It's been one of this clubs biggest problems down the years. We stagnate becouse we don't look to the future.
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