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  1. If he's willing to come for peanuts and we give the lad Brennan a chance this season along with a couple of younger CBs signings it would make sense as we won't have much experience at the back with leadership and organising skills. As I said though the deal would have to make sense if he did decide to drop down to league 1.
  2. I believe once the court nonsense with Rooneys missus is done they said on sky sports he was looking for a move to America..
  3. He's always injured over here in England.. If Argentinian football is still as cynical and brutal as I remembered when they used to show it on chanel 5 early mornings he won't survive 5mins.
  4. I don't think he's a championship gk or higher, same with Wildsmith. I do though think he'd be good enough for a season in league 1 (hopefully). Then look at getting a better keeper in if we can get promoted as we'd maybe then have a bigger choice of better keepers if we do go up.
  5. To be fair to Dawson, he's just had a fantastic season albeit in the next division down and I'm sure I saw a player of the year for Exeter. Hell be full of confidence and hopefully matured more and grown as a player. So for me I'd maybe look for a loan in and bring Dawson back into the fold and see how he does going into the season,give the lad anotger chance to show he's improved before writing the lad off just yet
  6. I'm similar to you in that respect, couple of mates are forest fans. Their one of those teams I've always had a soft spot if we weren't playing them. Proper club with real fans who when I was growing up always played good football. Plus we've had a few players that played for them contributed for us too, the likes of the great Des Walker, prutton, laws. I'll aways remember seeing a headline saying we were signing Pearce back in the day and being completly gutted when I read it to find it wasnt Stuart
  7. Exactly how many other teams ended up having to play a left midfielder /wingback and a rb as makeshift CBs for plolomged period of the season.
  8. It may be me just getting a bid fed up and frustrated that our seasons keep getting de railed by injuries. I'm sure we'd have picked up the extra points to stay in the championship if it wasn't for injuries. And got a top two spot this season if the likes of iorfa and Windass had been able to contribute more games.
  9. That last part of the sentance sums Luongo up though. I'd rather sign someone maybe not rated quite as highly if he's going to give you 30+ games a season. We could have the best midfielder in the world of football, but he's not much use if hes always injured. I rate Loungo' ability, just not his effectiveness over a long hard 50 game season.
  10. Looks like we're taking a leaf out of megsons book. He knew the value of big CBs in this division. Seriously though it Sounds like a good acquisition. Get ourselves a nice mix of youth and experience at the back.
  11. I'm in thinking though we need to look forward and both hunt and Palmer arnt the future to come. For me we need to let one go (prefer it to be Palmer for a bit of a feee) allowing us to get in a young quick lad. This would give us the option of youth and pace with an experienced solid right wing back.
  12. I found that early too footed challenge by, I think it was the lad Nien on Friday was very similar to the one that the Leeds lad ayling got sent off for on Sunday. Can't remember if he even booked him
  13. Respect the past. Remember the fond memories. Learn lessons from it, but until you look forward and face the future you'll be standing still. It's a no from me.
  14. I'm sure I remember reading and article that said Chelsea put hutch through his coaching certificates and had him working with the youth players before he left, as they thought at the time he'd not be able to play again due to his knee problems.??
  15. One of the problems for me (and while it's not his fault) is a lot of players we sign use barry as there get out of jail free card to avoid taking responsibility on themselves to take control of the game. Just give bazza the ball and see if he can create something, instead of trying to make things happen themselves. We need to sign midfielders and attacking players who will try to create or make an impact themselves.
  16. I agree with you bud, most can go for me, the likes of John jules and Gibson have also been complete wastes of a loan too. Out of the old guard I'd probably keep Hutchinson though to keep that extra experience in the side, seems a bit of a leader too. Can't complain too much about appearances as he's still racked up 30 league games this year for me which is a good solid average 2/3ds of a season.
  17. To be fair we had a large sqaud with some experienced and championship players compared to a lot of teams in this division, so we would naturally have a big wage bill in comparison. For me it's the same old that has cost us, not being able to get enough games out of a lot of our better players. Windass, iorfa, Luongo have all missed large chunks of the season and hardly played. 3 of which would have been first choice if we could keep them fit.
  18. His dad will know football inside out and hopefully will steer him on a good career path progression, rather than take the money and run aproach that happens with some. As his dad Made his name at Bradford and established himself before his big move to Everton when he was ready to step up.
  19. To be honest though, he's having to build back up from a pretty rotten reputation previously and while he's done well in quite a few games this season, hasn't really taken the diviosn by storm. He's also seen first hand the grass isn't always greener. So hopefully hell be up for smashing this division next season even if we don't get up and really prove himself.
  20. Yeah DM will probably admit himself he's got it wrong in some games especially away from home. For me it's more that we've been punished for individual errors a lot that's cost us and all too often not clinical or composed enough in from of goal,which we still need to improve on substantially. Last night was a classic example we had 20+ shots, with only 4/5 on target compared to them half a dozen at most. Quite a few of those tight games and draws would have been wins if our finishing was better.
  21. Successful teams go out to win every game and back when I was playing sport that was the only thing on my mind, winning the game. For me we need to go out focus on winning the next game at a time and see how everything pans out.
  22. I'll admit I wasn't happy with the first half of the season and for me tool too long to find the best formation and starting lineup. Since then he's got us flying at home, but for me still needs to improve our away results and form if we're going to keep him for next season if we don't go up. You don't get autos with our away form.
  23. Whilst agreeing with a lot of things bud. I'm not sure Roy Keane would be the answer. He was awful at Sunderland and Ipswich leaving them worse off than when he took over. Managment and footballers have changed and keanes style is very much the old cloughie & Ferguson shouty, angry my way of the highway style which I'm not sure works anymore.
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