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  1. If I had a penny for everytime I've mentioned this, I'd have a pretty packet by now and couldn't agree more bud. It stops our forward momentum dead in its tracks when our winger, stops, checks back onto his preferred foot and then proceeds to swing an inswinging cross, if it's not blocked, straight into the hands of the keeper. Failing that they roll it back to our fullback to swing a ball in and by the time the ball comes in everyone is marked and the opposition are set up defencivly. This also brings us nicely to Rhodes, Fletcher and Winnall, all forwards that are great at getting on the ends of crosses, but don't score enough goals, simple for me get your wingers moving out wide and swinging outswingers into the box for them to attack on the run against a less organised defence.
  2. shezzas left peg

    Steve Bruce

    I like the idea of getting loans in, look at the recruitment mess under Carlos tenure and how many lachmans, mgGugans, urbys, abdi's we brought in the just disappeared into obscurity?? If we bring loans in and it Dosent work out for some reason your not saddled with them for longer than a season, imagine if we'd have bought buttercup instred of a season long loan...... Stuff of nightmares.
  3. shezzas left peg

    Rotherham Owls

    Hmm Rotherhams a town, well actually nothing more than a little tin pot part of Sheffield, which is a city
  4. shezzas left peg

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    I still suffer seasickness from fatty Evans jumping around with a pie in his gob
  5. shezzas left peg

    Over paid and under performing

    Yeah a year as a backup option, they knew his legs were going, probably thought he'd maybe manage another year.
  6. shezzas left peg

    Over paid and under performing

    I said from the moment we signed Jones and Boyd they're legs had gone, past it as players at the level we were looking at being /achieving. That both had been deemed not good enough at lower Premier league level by their clubs, so we're shipped out. We signed both on long term contracts for some reason and even if we'd have achieved promotion we'd have been looking for upgrades and being lumbered with them as they wouldn't have been good enough.
  7. shezzas left peg

    We need a Kieren Lee

    We've missed Lee more than any other player since his injuries. Onomah was probably brought in to try address our deficiency, but looked slow, didn't get himself box to box enough and Dosent seem to actually have an engine on him more spluttering old transit van than an old land rover defender that will just keep running forever like Lee used to.
  8. shezzas left peg

    Adam Reach

    Round pegs in round holes, we as a club seem obsessed with playing wingers on their wrong natural side meaning they have to stop, grind forward momentum to a halt checking back and playing a ball in, been doing this since Carlos. Is it no wonder the forwards don't get decent service in from out wide?? Play reach left wing, let him. Bomb on down there and put balls in on the run with either the lad Aaron's or Nando on the right, let's start using wingers the old fashioned way providing service for others getting into the box instead of cutting inside to try score a goal themselves all the time. When fletcher scored goals earlier in his career at wolves, Sunderland etc. This is waht they did, it's also possibly one of the reasons Rhodes and winnall struggled to score goals too since they arrived here.
  9. I don't think Bruce shared the back line up, bullen and started that before his assistants landed, settled back four and goalkeeper and we've looked solid since then.
  10. shezzas left peg

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    Well if memory serves me right, well be losing about 9 players if we don't offer new contracts. Thus this should free up some money in wages at least and trim down the squad,reitering what bruce has already said. Bruce is quite astute and good in the loan market, so maybe as Huddersfield did when they got promoted, if he can create enough spare wages allowing himself to bring 5/6 on loan and it could be very fruitful. This also means if you miss out like we did for two years on the bounce your not saddled with a bunch of aging crocks on long term deals, if it doesn't work out with a player you can send them back.
  11. shezzas left peg

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    He gets held down becouse his timing and movement are too often, not good enough at this level. If you watch fletcher you'll notice the difference, hes moving towards the ball and attacks it timing his leap well, Nuhiu moves into position too early then stands and waits for it before jumping making it easy for defenders to shut the door on him as he's grounded.
  12. shezzas left peg

    Barry Bannan

    Been watching the superbowl, drops deep as he thinks he's playing quarter back
  13. shezzas left peg

    Barry Bannan

    I know many on here hated him playing there, but never been capable for me in cm, not big, strong or Good enough defensively and Dosent get forward enough into the box to create and score goals. For me he gets more space out wide and will get more time to exploit better balls into the box and look for a running forward, it also means hes not getting in the way of our cbs doing there job.
  14. shezzas left peg

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    One of them for me, if your going to build a squad with two for each position which I'm hoping we're planning to do. Then you sign an attacking fullback like hunt was for home games when you have the freedom to play and a defensive one when you go away and need to be solid, this is what the good teams do. Fox for me in time will move to cb as he gets older and more experienced, Id like to see the lad lazzarr given a run in the home games and see what he can produce. I'm sure a few will remember when we signed Carbone Milan had been utilising him more often than not as a wingback or fullback.
  15. shezzas left peg

    Starting 11 v Reading

    We could go Nando, fletcher and reach as a front three when attacking,dropping off to fletcher up top on his own with Nando & reach dropping back into mid when Defending, definitely a very Bruce type move.