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  1. Got him mixed up with maddison, was at Hull, then played against us for Charlton. Just remembered seeing him against us in red shirts & white shorts and had been playing for Hull earlier in the season.
  2. So we're going to go from stockpiling atackers to stockpiling rbs?? Does he improve on what we have?? I don't think he does. He's by all accounts injury prone too, so it's a no from me, not what we need.
  3. One thing is for certain he should know enough about football to know how much money he'll loose and how costly itll be to fund us down in division 1. Surely that's a gamble he's not going to take if results continue in a similar vein.
  4. Being old enough to remember Charlton, we actually used him as a makeshift cb when needed. Leeds also played him there when they needed to.
  5. If results carry on in a similar vein and were struggling to avoid the drop st Christmas we'll be in serious trouble. Even DC's slow to react button I think will be pressed and the axe will fall for monk. Surely DC's advisors or he himself won't want us dropping down as financially it would be a disaster and incredibly costly to finance at best only one season down in division 1. Even he must have looked into the financial losses it would bring.
  6. Looked good as a wingback when he first broke through before jos played him everywhere. He's a tad quicker than reach, can't beat his man which reach very rarely does and is a better defender. Reach has 4/5 years experience on the lad, but he needs games to improve.
  7. Whislt agreeing in part, I think they may be very make or break over our season. We arnt winning games at home and the next two sides along with Luton we just got beaten by are very likely to be part of that bottom six come the end of the season. This means there 6 pointers especially in our current minus situation. As for monk I was willing to give him while Christmas to prove me wrong, but if we don't start wining some games at home and are still adrift by the end of November for me he needs the boot.
  8. Remember us being linked to him when he left Burton and was really hoping we'd get him. Looked a real player back then.. Instead we spunkes a load of money on crap instead. That said seemed to struggle at forest and Hull.
  9. Total difference in pace of the game. Pysicality and of course the championship is far more intense than under 23's. Add to that the pressure of the points deduction, if he's not quite strong enough mentally then he'll be afraid to make costly mistakes that can lose you the game.
  10. He came in and was the wonder kid, was going to an England International according to some.. Jos set his development back playing him all over the place and in unfamiliar positions he wasn't good at. Now he's a crap league one player on here with some. For me he definately needs game time this season either Lb or LWB. To regain that confidence and get more championship experience under his belt, German league two football is definitely a different animal to the championship. Didn't do too much wrong those first couple of games of the season.
  11. I'm not that up and down, but if we are going to stay up these three are our main rivals for avoiding the drop. These games are the ones we need to be taking 3 points from other wise we'll really struggle..
  12. Not the best idea from the gaffer to be honest. Playing a longball 4-2-4 with a pair of hobbits in cm. I know we're struggling for numbers due to injuries (Again), but for me hunt and bazza are better protected in a 3. We asked too much of a young, little midfielder /playmaker, playing alongside a little playmaker defensively.
  13. The home form is the biggest worry for me to us going down this year. It's OK nicking 0-1 away wins, but we need to start winning at home,otherwise we'll have to win nearly all our away games.
  14. Good omdt mi'lord and can't agree more with your sentiments on long ball and Flint. I was probably in the minority here when it was announced we were in for him. Just what we needed, a new loovens, big powerful no nonsense with bags of leadership and experience, should have a real effect on Lees allowing him to just play his game. Been brought up from the age of 8 in West Yorkshire and getting the rugby league bug, playing semi pro at one stage. Im ingrained now with the gnarly aggressive no nonsense agresssion in sport, so loving the likes of Flint, Patterson, Windass and e
  15. Do you reckon we can pretend to have had a laundry malfunction, so tell the referee we have to use our away kit?? Maybe the psychology of seeing us in away shirts will work
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