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  1. I'll agree to that as long as it is NOT NIKE!!! everything they create is horrible, gaudy and looks like it has been designed by a 3 year old with fluorescent crayons. Think about that red, purple and sky blue England away kit abomination?? I rest my case. A real old school football club like we are needs someone like umbro or puma giving us some well created yet classy design.
  2. I agree under gray he was magnificent, keeping clean sheets and heroic performances regularly and in Carlos first 2 seasons was fantastic too. My point is he's not getting younger just like loovens and Wallace and he's beginning to pick up a lot of injuries this and last season. Plus hes out of contract next season too, so would make financial and progressive sense if we're going to go with younger players and build for the future.
  3. How do you get experience by not playing, both youngsters have done well since they have come in, yes a few mistakes have been made, but the more experience they get the more hopefully they'll improve and better they will get. For me if the offers are around or above our valuation I'd sell. Westwood may not be quite as bad as Kirkland for being injured but the spells on the sidelines are increasing and lengthening.
  4. Westwood in demand?

    Well dc has two options sell or re-build there's no getting away from the facts that he's must shoulder some of the blame for A) keeping Carlos on too long and B) allowing some of our terrible business in the transfer market to happen bud.
  5. Westwood in demand?

    I've already set the bar low for next season as far as promotion is concerned, for Me were going to have a couple of seasons of top 10 finishes while we balance the books and get rid of the old crocks now surplus to requirements allowing us to build for the future and blood in some of the under 23s to see if they can come in and push on.
  6. Next season & the 'youngsters'

    I'm definitely in agreement with that bud. Get pudils old legs and bigger wages off the roster and Westwood too. Next season looks like it's going to be the start of an overhaul /rebuild without the remit of promotion hanging over us like the last 2 seasons, so we'll be trying to offload some players no longer deemed what we need and bloodline more of the youngsters to see if they can kick on. It's going to probably be an exciting at times, get frustrating season next year and I for one will not be setting the bar too high.
  7. Danny Batth

    Strong, physical and aggressive. Good leadership and organisational skills. OK so as people have alluded to he isnt the quickest, but neither was loovens, or Dawson at Hull. Remember back to our cb partnership of shirtliff & Pearson?? As long as you can get two reasonably quick fullbacks either side of them it's fine, so for me if the price is right or we can get a loan it's a good peice of business if we could get him in alongside Lees,, could become our new Pearson & shirtliff??.
  8. IF

    With a couple of exceptions our recruitment has been nothing short of a cluster frock, whoever had the foresight to bring in old has beens from the fairytale fantasy land of the Premier league looking to idley coast out one big last contract needs their head examining??? This is the championship, its blood and thunder,phsyically and mentally demanding down here, its a ball busting non stop scrap for points over a long yet hectic and chaotic season with games coming thick and fast. We needed to look at younger players with an engine capable of playing 40 plus games a season in a packed schedule. The championship is not a holiday camp or retirement home league for broken old men
  9. Joey loves it doesn't he

    It's what we needed to be looking at when we were signing broken old has beens instead. Younger, fitter, energetic legs wanting to improve and make names for themselves. The championship is one for the toughest leagues in Europe for fitness, roughness and being really intense and physically demanding for many different reasons. This is one of the biggest failings in our recent recruitment, you need physically and mentally tough players in this division, not over thirtees looking to coast out their one big last contract bud.
  10. Joey loves it doesn't he

    We maybe gave him a bit too much to do when he first arrived, everyone injured, unfit, low on confidence, struggling and looking generally rudderless out on the pitch all too often. As our only January signing and been thrust straight in to try help steady the ship so to speak, add bite and energy. It was always going to be hard while adjusting to a completely new environment from what he was used to both on and off the pitch. He's come through those early times now and as we started to get some of our better players back in and around him he's beginning to kick on and looks hopefully like becoming an integral part of the team.
  11. Basement Bargains?

    Knowing our luck and transfer dealings these last few seasons well end up with the new Wim Jonk
  12. Jeremy helan

    Reminds me of when dwayne Chambers tried his hand at rugby after being banned from athletes, quickest player out on the pitch, but couldn't tackle, couldn't pass and no end product,. The difference was chambers wasn't a rugby player Helan on the other hand was supposed to be a pro footballer
  13. As others have pointed out many times on here apart from the ones who are out of contact its "easier said than done" If you were a manager of another championship club, would you be thinking, hey Abdi, matias, Fletcher etc cold do a decent job and be willing to stump up the transfer fee and wages to sign them, or would you be after a less expensive 40 games a season player for less wages that would consistently do a job for you?? I remember when Leeds sold rio to man utd and they were all saying its good business because woodgate is a better defender, yet my response was I'd rather have a player that maybe isn't as good, but will give you games consistently over a season ahead of someone that spends half their time injured.
  14. What are we realistically expecting today?

    I'd like to see a good solid tempo start and everyone concentrating on doing their jobs effectively and efficiently switched on and in the mood. Sadly were still very inconsistent and the mistakes have been creeping back in so probably only the football gods know the real answer and we'll find out once we kick off.
  15. next seasons captain

    I'd agree he is the natural successor in terms of leadership organisation and attitude. For me we move him back into cb alongside Lees and give him the armband. He's less volatile, less reckless and with cb being less physically demanding than cm would play far more games again. Remember under gray and in Carlos first season he played over 30 games those seasons, so managed properly and playing cb once Jos has them fully game fit again is not beyond the realms of possibility.