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  1. Hope Brucie can pull some strings and get us some real quality loans in that improve the first team.
  2. He said "robust" joao is like a wet blanket when defenders get physical.. Its a shame his mental attitude isn't strong enough as he has all the physical attributes, technique and a bit of pace to be a very good player if he'd gain a bit of bottle, but like Reach,hes too soft. Would be awesome with someone like deeney's attitude, desire and workrate.
  3. Exactly, he may not be in Dychs short term plans, but still in his long term ones. With the yet to be official confirmation of the guy Borner who's apparently signed, don't think well be getting Hector back.
  4. Dyche bought him in probably hoping he'd improve quickly and be like the lad Keane from united. Its not worked out and hasn't been able to get a game. Would make sense for both parties to get the lad back out on loan to a championship club for a season, get regular games and improve. Dyche is smart, so he'll know Bruce will look after him and help make him a better defender, so why not. I don't usually bother with the hitc rumours, but it could be a possibility as I said as a loan.
  5. Hardly contributed anything substantial last 18 months /2 years due to injuries and suspensions. You can also add the court cases and probability he's gonna get (knowing our luck) hit with an 8 to 10 match ban for racial abuse(rightly or wrongly) by the FA and miss another chunk of the next season too.
  6. I'll wait for confirmation from sky sports news
  7. Can all go for me, especially if Bruce manages to wheel & deal more signings like Iorfa in.
  8. Give penney a run of 6 to 10 games at just left back for me. He looked really promising at fullback, but looked lost when jos started playing him and shuffling him everywhere. That would allow us to use Palmer as cover for hutch in his ORIGIONAL position as a ball winning centre mid, I know he's no diame or kante, but would do a solid job. If we don't get Harris in play Nando on the right and Reach on the left.
  9. Didn't we sign hinds from a Scottish club though bud?? Im sure we brought him back south, though my point was they were league 1 standard. I'll grant you hinds and mcgovern were good signings at the time, but that's what league we were in. Forgot to add McLean to that list too As for the two Celtic lads Donnelly and o'donnell, we're useless in the prem/old top division and not much better in a lower league either.
  10. To be fair our dealings with the Dutch leagues arnt much better.. Though sibon and blinker wernt too bad.
  11. Bannan, Fletcher and Wallace where proven players in English football that had Prem experience. Not just played in the pub league North of the border. That's the difference bud. We've had far more misses than hits as far as signing players from Scotland. "players like hinds, mcgovern, mccabe, Donnelly, o'donnel and of course the rock n roll Ronaldo Stevie May where league 1 standard does n here. Hence why people are reluctant to think players from Scotland will work.
  12. I'll start by saying Westwood is a leader and organiser. He does the job Tom lees Is supposed to do and we did look a lot more solid when he came back in. Having said that, he missed a few games again and Dawson came back in got a clean sheet finally and we still looked better than before defencivly. My main thought with this is becouse Bruce came in and played where possible (apart from left backs dropping like flys) until Palmer played there a settled side. Cohesion brings clean sheets for me and playing a settled back four is just as important. Under sg and then Carlos first season wee used a small pool of players regularly. Under jos, he chopped and changed everywhere, every week and was what made us look so vulnerable and shambolic as far as organisation is compared. So for me it was probably more down to Bruce that just westwood coming back in.
  13. Only thing I remember seeing of Vaulks from highlights is getting sent off after a bout 10 minutes for an X-rated two footed idiotic challenge he didn't néed to do that even hutch would have winced looking at
  14. I just can't get exited or have any hope for any player were linked with who plays in the Scottish leagues. The last decent signing we had from North of the border was JP McGovern, good player in league 1 as that's the standard. I remember looking at the highlight real of Stevie May when we signed him,looked like a Scottish "rock n roll Ronaldo".............. Then reality hit...
  15. Fits in superbly with joao, lazy, inconsistent,doesn't apply himself, not mentally tough enough and about as aggressive and determined as a flip flop. Wouldn't want him back either to be fair and don't mind if joao goes. The natural talent with both of them is there, just the attitude is failing.
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