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  1. It's a bit like anther Wallace in a way. Being left footed suits him for fluidly and getting crosses into the box. That though stunts his long range shooting chances taking that part of his game away. Though if you play him on the right, to aid this and allow him to cut in and shoot alla' Wallace, it means he stops attacks stone dead as he tends to stop, cut inside and then always has to deliver an inswinging cross. Which as an ex rugby league fullback who like goalkeepers know it is far easier to come and catch than an out swinger swinging away from you.
  2. I mentioned also other championship clubs too bud, you've chose to pick te narrative you wanted. On another reply I mention Leeds, being a similar sized ground, in ypirkshire with a similar following in good /bad times in the championship as probably our best pricing baromiter. What do they charge for pog prices?? As the best expamle.
  3. Yeah that would be an option, basically a say 10/15 game ticket to be used and stamped off whenever throughout the season. Though it still wouldn't address the ammount of away fans were also missing out on over the season due to pricing bud.
  4. As I said earlier we need to look around at what other clubs of a similar size, ground etc are charging, but also where we are geographically we're not in London. Using L#&ds would be a good example, similar size ground and fan base (though numbers will be up as their doing well at the moment). Also in Yorkshire and the championship. For me charging a similar price as them would be fair for everyone.
  5. As someone who regularly works away and works Saturdays quite often along with many others, due to other reasons of their own this is the biggest turn off for getting to games for me. It's not worth buying a season ticket. Then having to work in Scotland working 2 week runs for 4/5 months. The whole set up was geared up to get as many buying season tickets for 3/5 years, so he could throw money at it and try get promoted quickly,. It didn't work and we'd left ourselves short of FFP income due to hardly any ticket sales for following seasons to meet a shortfall The best way forward would be to look at the pay on the gate prices for other similar sized clubs in our region and in the championship and charge a similar price which would be fair for both home and away fans and wouldn't leave people feeling ripped off.
  6. I'm sure it was Ron noades when he owned Brentford that sacked his manager and decided to manage the team himself
  7. Mainly becouse those players where older and in jos 's case crippled by then.
  8. Didn't work too well at forest with him as O'Niels assistant. That said though Harry used to always have joe Jordan as his assistant who was perfect as his enforcer/drill Sargent. Here probably lies the problem with bully, he's actually too nice and best buddies with the players. If monk or whomever replaces him in the end is to prevail he needs to have his own man in as assistant.
  9. For me it's very much like the new kid when you were back at school, who's mum and dad where rich. Came in threw some cash about on sweets snd bought a few so called friends, but had no idea how things worked, so fell flat on his face when he found out money dosent but you real friends. If you screw up royally then in the end you'll get found out,. I'll admit I was a little upset about the sacking of SG at first, but results where good and the triipherant made some great signings which fitted in with what we needed, first season under Dc. Its just all been disapointment and down hill since. As a pragmatic old school Yorkshirman and ex engineers I understand the merits of digging in and being defencivly solid tactical football. Especially at our current level which means where never going to get pep at Barcelona football, but since I work away regularly, so a season ticket isn't worth investing in these days. Paying over inflated pog prices for 10/12 home games a season just isn't financially viable evn though as a subby I can put my tax in ready for April and comfortably buy a season ticket. Its not worth it as the product on offer since DCs first season in charge has mainly been substandard compared to the price of pog(pay on the gate)
  10. Fantastic first season,. Second season the "ego" took over and hasn't done enough /warented a new contract since. Too much baggage now, the lad needs a new fresh start at another club (hopefully in anew league). Nothing against Nando, but we just Havnt seen enough of his quality /or what he's capable of over the last two seasons. We need fit, hungry players who can play 30* games a season regularly if we want to progress forward and out of the championship.
  11. Well according to the official website it dosent grow well or isn't past on in cold weather, so football being played outside limits the spread compared to,say the nba basketball played inside in a gym. I'm surprised they Havnt as a minimum so far shut down music venues where its hot, sweaty, warm and packed. I saw clutch in December at the academy and it was ram packed shoulder to shoulder and red hot, perfect environment for it. https://youtu.be/YCDIbjkkGz4
  12. If players haven't being paidon time, payed late, or not getting bonuses since December, then it would explain the half/assed commitmentless performance since then. I know if Ive not been payed or, getting messed about with my wages I'm not going to be busting a gut.
  13. To be fair to Dc, he only seems to sign managers so far on a 1 year rolling contract. Probably one of the smarter things he's done whilst he's been in charge.
  14. Our best hope is if we win. If not knowing Dc he'll definitely contest it and drag it on further causing yet more damage especially if we're found guilty for a second time.
  15. Didn't he keep posting Instagram photos in a garage with his car looking all gangsta rapper too
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