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  1. I'd love Holloway, great press conferences and his enthusiasm would hopefully rub off on some of our lazier players.
  2. I can imagine that big nosed cockeney thug walking out onto the training ground with our lot and saying hello..... Most of them would be running to the loo after 5 minutes or phoning their agents. Can you imagine it... Right then girls, tonight's entertainment and challenge is you've got to attack an Asian student and tomorrow well go smash a maccy Ds up.
  3. Probably becouse we proved we could do better earlier in the season. I never thought we'd get top 6 even when we were up in third. Like when S. G was here and the football Was awful, but we got results to keep us comfortable and put a shift in everyweek most of the entertainment came from back to the wall defending. Which is same with the relagation and league 3 seasons, the effort was there, we just where not a good enough side. That's the worst one for winding me up, I don't mind getting beaten by a better side, but when you don't put the effort in you beat yourselves and that's criminal.
  4. Reminds me of of my ex missus, lurches along only thinking of today from one car crash decision to another with no thought of consequences. Then it catches up and its everyone else's fault. Hopefully he's learning now. Wel fingers crossed.
  5. Spent big, failed twice, third season was as bad as jos. Left us with an invaluable and unbalanced squad of crocks and wasters in a massive FFP mess. Yes a real success was Carlos.
  6. All down to recruitment for me. It's all very well signing nice neat tidy players who arnt going to rock the boat as we've done. Though especially at the back you need gnarly, robust players with a tough mental attitude. The likes of Lees, Palmer, odd-job Mr 200 cb's VanAkren,they're nice guys. Probably the greatest back four in my lifetime was that horrible lot at arsenal under George Graham,. Non of them were great footballers, most of them could hardly win a cap at international level, but they had that mean spirited, determined steely attitude to winning. Even when liningham retired he replaced him with keown and most of them cost peanuts to buy. Imagine putting our back four up against Pearson, shirtliff, nilsson and King in a brawl even now, I know who my money would be on.
  7. Similar to Paul Hurst there was a massive clamour on here,but took the Ipswich job and couldn't make it work. Having said that sometimes you need to experience something like that to come back stronger and learn from it. Theres been plenty of managers done the same down the years. This is where they need to take stock and start again.
  8. I've tried to be patient and give Dc and monk time. The problem is Dc learns, when he does learn way too long from his mistakes. Monk just dosent seem to be able to insill/create consistancy in a side, Swansea, Birmingham and Leeds where all up and down in form couple of good results, few bad ones etc.
  9. We do have a few that need reminding football hasn't yet been made into a non contact sport... Adam Reach if your reading
  10. As I said it wouldn't have been a problem if he'd have got the tactics right. The problem was tactically we were awful, too much rotation and results where poor and with the money involved these days it's all about results. As you say and I agree what he was trying to do i liked the idea, but you have to back it up with results and he just didn't do that. Personally I'd love to see penney, hunt and kirby more game time next year and the lad from Wimbledon urghide (excuse my spelling). Plenty of game time. The thing for me is if you build a sqaud right, you should be able to cover the nievity of 2/3 youth players in a team of 11. That was jos problem, the first reamers available whent mentally capebale of doing that.
  11. I kind of remember a story from back in the day of shez and Hirst taking John harkes out on the lash first week he turned up to Royston wmc and getting him hammered before clubbing fist match
  12. I tell you what when everyone was bringing in sports scientists and being really professional we still had the "party" crew and it almost worked, but it only worked in one cup final... Disco pants a hoy
  13. It will never happen, football is too money and results driven these days.. Unless you take a managers job with an almost blank canvas to bring your own players in, your on a hiding to nothing. Time is a commodity rarely allowed,though personally I'm not sure he's tactically savvy enough.
  14. Jos said it, but couldn't back it up with tactical or strategical nuance.
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