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  1. Spurs played one up top last night too and scored 5. Every system has its merits and disadvantages, but the biggest thing is the personell employed to play it. If monk can get Nando and lee fit, firing and anywhere near their old selves, well be a different kettle of fish. It would look so much more like an attacking 4-3-3 when in possession, but also a solid 4-5-1 without the ball, so for me the system does work, but you need the wingers to be good finishers and players breaking forward to support the attack from midfield to work really well.
  2. We're struggling to get that second goal and kill teams off when we have the acendancy this season, sometimes were getting away with a 1-0 or we concede and as in Cardiff on Friday we draw. That's my biggest complaint at the moment, we need to be more ruthless in front of goal and take our chances better, but a good result tonight.
  3. I'm not sure Lee & Luongo would really be effective as a pairing, they're very similar players, who make the same sort of runs and movement? As for the dropping bannan thoughts. I do agree in a way everything has to go through him, so if you nullify him with a decent marker we struggle. I'll not re-hash the old thoughts, of him dropping deep and when pressured as we all know this, but I do think he's more effective in home games when we have space and possession.
  4. Good to see the lad getting some praise. Seems he's taken the stick the right way and asserted himself more and has really improved over the last season and into this one too. He's learned hopefully if he does make an odd error to just keep going, where he used to make one then he'd loose all confidence in himself and make more and more mistakes,maybe Bruce brought a psychologist in??! I've said before give him the simple job of defending and on safe occasions supporting the wide man and he's a very capable player at this level. He'll never be a world beater as a rampaging, attacking fullback like a cafu, Carlos, or Stuart Pearce, but he's a solid defender and Good in the air too.
  5. No wonder he can't break into a poor Newcastle side and been shunted out on loan. Just like that waste of space we had last year Onomah from spurs and joao most of the time he was here, has the skills and ability plus pace to be a very good player, but not the attitude or application to reach the heights of his ability.
  6. Not played enough first team games over the last year, yes he's probably fit, but monk might have decided he's not yet match Sharp or fit enough yet. It was a tight game we were 0-1 up away from home and he's not the best defencivly or the quickest. Bringing Murphy on who's quicker and would theoretically be better for fast countering on the break did make sense, it was just a pity he was absolutely awful when he came on and offered very little, though hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  7. He's young still for a goalkeeper, so he's going to be quick and agile and a good reflex keeper. The skills such as marshaling a back four, commanding the area and positional sense and tactical awerenes will come with experience as he gets older and more game time. The latter yes Westwood is far superior, but I don't think due to his age and wear and tear on the body his reflexes and agility are now as good as Dawson these days. We have a fantastic young goalkeeper and a very good older more experienced one, but not someone in between who's in their prime and is a good all round keeper. Someone mentioned monk may bring a new keeper in which if he's looking at it would be logical, but we' really need to get Dawson and wildsmith out on loan so we can let the lad Jones? Is it warm the bench and get the young ones some first team experience elsewhere.
  8. I think looking at this seasons stats the question is has the lad learned and improved from last season?? There's also the other factor we had jos the new tinkerman changing the back 4/5/3 in front of him every week. Nobody in the defence half the time knew what was going on let alone an under experienced keeper in goal. Was our upturn in fortunes solely down to the return of Westwood, or partly becouse we started using a settled backline including keeper whenever possible and hutch returned to screen the backline more effectively than joey had been doing ? Therefore going back to this season where we've also tried not to rotate too much unless forced to do so, is his better goals to games ratio improved becouse of this. Yet Westwood has in my mind not been up to his previous seasons standards I'm afraid.
  9. Couldn't he that second goal to kill them off when we had the the acendancy and were on top. They were always as the home side going to throw the kitchen sink at us second half and we got punished it happens
  10. Hutch needs t be careful, he's been almost a yard off pace tackling. More measured in the challenge second half.
  11. I'm oldschool bud. For me a left footed left back gives a proper balance to the side. It's not that I didn't rate Palmer, he's done a very solid job, but he will struggle to go down the outside or get a cross in when on the overlap with out cutting inside or stopping play. Was one of my bug bears playing inverted wingers under Carlos it helped slow our play down and made us easier to defend against.
  12. It was widely known Derby did it first, so they should have closed the loophole before anyone else did it and Gibson thew a tantrum.
  13. I agree bud, which Is why I think monk will bring in an experienced leftback either permanent (funds permitting) or on loan in January. It was the only real disappointment with our summer transfer business which otherwise was probably the best we've done in the last few years as far as value.
  14. I mentioned him and Harris playing wide, but being able to interchange bud. I was just looking at ways we could pick a starting 11 that could easily modify the system during a game if things arnt working, as I think it's something monk likes to do.
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