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  1. Years ago I used to have a bit of n affinity with Newcastle, due to the fact for about a decade we spent most of our time working away up there, even going to midweek games with a few of the plumbers from up there I became mates with. Especially as it relieved the boredom of either sitting in the pub most nights or in digs watching rubbish on the TV. Though With recent events at Oldham, shezza on his 5/6th stint as manager coupled with stobbs being there & hunt on loan now I think I'll be cheecking on their results to see how they're getting on.
  2. Can't wait to see the training ground pictures of shezza' giving young Hunt some free kick training, no doubt with a tinny in hand
  3. Are you suggesting Dc & Att are picking the team, deciding on the tactics and who plays where,becouse that's down to DM then he shoulders plenty of blame. I don't see them at games making substitutions or changing tactics.
  4. You don't need a stellar name or some guy with a load of promotions from this league on his cv. We just need somone who'll play players where they're comfortable and capeble playing simple organised football with motivation. I believe even Hutch, hslam or Thompson given the rest of the season would probably get us more points than we will under Moore.
  5. Dc needs showing a couple of old league one season reviews from when first sturrock and then Jones took over with the team underperforming and not getting the results they should have been, turned it around and got us promoted. All the similarities are there, we just need Dc to pull the trigger and get a solid motivational. Manager to get us back to playing basic, balanced football.
  6. We have a natural cb in Brennan who's probably more comfortable on the ball than dunkerly or iorfa who hasn't let the team down when given the opportunity. Give the lad a run and move Johnson to lb/LWB or left wing. As for the left footed thing, Hutch isn't left footed either but was doing a solid job there'.
  7. We need to find that sturrock/Jones that can organise the squad and will play players in their preffered position and find a system that works with what's available to them. I keep waiting to see if DM tries bazza at cb, so we can effectively build up from the back
  8. The more time for me is subjective. Sometimes a manager comes in and it takes a little while to click, but you can visably see gradual improvement and progression on and off the pitch.
  9. It's all about creating a pathway to first team football. Personally when I was 18with the rugby I had castleford feath, wildnes and Bradford interested in signing me. I chose to stay at batley as it would alow me to get games under my belt at first team level snd progress at a first team level,rather than being stuck at youth team. My thoughts were if I made it big I could sign for a big club later., but with no clear first team path, I'd have signed elsewhere.
  10. As a football club, we've never valued ypiuth, or integrating lounger players. Unless we're skint and it's forced upon us in my time going back to, around 1985/86. Vwry few have been given a proper chance. Players like Hyde and Jones, Hamshaw got in through merit.. Normally we only promote the likes of Haslam, Geary, Baker thornily becouse were skint. On the current situation we need to valued kids coming though far better for me. I always remember newsome & wetherall been highly rated., but we didn't / wouldn't give them games. We let them both go for peanuts. One won a title, and helped send us down, the other we re signed when he was past it. For me we need to put more stock in youth development and and progression to the first tram. Wasn't cadematris dad playing for Bradford about 17 years old?? The likes of Brennan showed he was capeble of playing this level in the cup games, last year and on odd occasions he was given a chance, but we had no faith in him and that for me is the biggest problem. We don't show faith in youth prospects, unless backed into a corner and forced to play them.
  11. Totally agree, bring in /or through some younger defenders around an experienced old head that's vocal and a leader. A bit like we had with loovens, it does make a big difference.
  12. Just a thought, but say we one of the youth team lads they send here is tearing it up and looks as good as someone in the first team or we have another ridiculous Wednesday injury crisis Would we be allowed under the terms of the agreement to play them in the first team??? Or would it not be allowed??
  13. Send Gibson back, been a waste of a loan so far. Palmer reverts to rotating with either left of right back.
  14. Would have been just what we needed. Experience, strong, vocal, tough and leadership, could have been the new Glen loovens to glue the defence together,but hey ho we move on and keep looking.
  15. That last ones a worry. A lack of concentration can be a real hindrance if you've cb that switch off, holding a straight back line or forget to mark their man. Sounds like the other defenders will need to be vocal if as they say hes weak in this area...
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