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  1. shezzas left peg

    Fernando injured

    Doctor said I'd never play sport again.... Played rugby for 12 years
  2. shezzas left peg

    How many are out injured now?

    Just said didn't think Baker was injured and had played for Wales u21s.. Thanks for clearing that up bud.
  3. shezzas left peg

    How many are out injured now?

    Didn't Baker play for the Welsh under 21s , or was that last international break, so is fit???
  4. shezzas left peg

    Team for Boro

    Since its beginning to look to much like last year on the injury front, 11 that are fit to start and a few on on the bench with some u23s mixed in.. Still baffles me how other teams get players back from injury during international breaks and we get more injuries especially as most of the squad havnt been called up to play??
  5. shezzas left peg

    Fernando injured

    Thing is hooper seemed a mile in front of Sam as far as recovering from injury.. I hate to say it, as a fit hooper on his day is class, especially at this level, but I think he's resigned himself to just running these last few months down, hate to say it, but i know it's incredibly hard to get yourself going and motivated after so long out injured. I smashed the knee up back in 1994, it took me just short of 18 months to walk and run again and didn't play for almost five years, being out for two years and out of the training routine and so far behind, it was incredibly hard to get back.
  6. shezzas left peg

    Good Interview with Cameron Dawson

    Can't wait to see the "Ginger Ninja's" reaction at the end of the game when he does keep a clean sheet especially if it's at Hillsborough, taken a bit of stick recently on here, but a good assessment from him on how he's done this season and it would have been a clean sheet against villa apart from mcGinns Worldie of a strike, banks, spriggot and shilts wouldn't have kept that out.
  7. shezzas left peg

    Fernando injured

    From what's been seen and said on here Sam's a bit of a warhorse and is busting a gut to get fit and play again , he's probably going to be back very soon. Hooper on the other hand is munching his way around the UK golf courses, so personally I have doubts we'll see hoops again in a Wednesday shirt.
  8. shezzas left peg

    If you could have one former player...

    Has to be vardy up top, deceptively strong with pace to burn and the sort of tireless work ethic jos would love up top.
  9. Just becouse I'm bored and it's a Wednesday... If we're going on if's butt's and maybe's and being all hyperthetical. If we had signed Cantona we could have actually been able to rest Hirsty when needed and actually been able to allow him to get fit instead of playing on painkillers, carrying injuries and unfit. His career could have been so different, but as I said it's all what if's??
  10. shezzas left peg

    Players we've had like Nuhiu in the past?

    Wouldn't have lumped Williams if we're talking about Paul Williams in that mould, was more of a busy player but had a bit more intelligence and craft than the others from what I remember.. Ranger just deserves any abuse you care as along with Arsenal's greatest ever player (in his tiny little mind) was a total bell end!
  11. shezzas left peg


    My point exactly bud, though it seems quite a few on here aren't in agreement.
  12. shezzas left peg

    Gary Hooper

    Any joking aside I notice we havnt been seeing pictures on twatter etc.. From kieron Lee, Sam winnall or hutch jollying around on the golf course. They must be busting a gut trying to get fit to play again other like some!!
  13. shezzas left peg

    Gary Hooper

    Judging by some of the invisible players we've got on the books... They don't even play football as a hobby let alone a job
  14. shezzas left peg


    I do think hutch can still if we can get him fit, be a valuable asset still if managed right. He's one of those with a a bit of a mean steak that leads by example, for instance against West brom for the equaliser if we'd have brought hutch experience on he'd have just taken the booking and cleaned the lad out. He can still be a very good sub to have on the bench with experience and the ability to play in several areas, rb, cb, cm, dm if needed. Hutch tends to have his best games against better opposition and is less reckless. Look at when we did the double of Newcastle, beat arsenal in the cup or the Brighton games, not forgetting the Leeds game last year when he came back from injury. Looking at it if used sparingly off the bench or in those big games where he normally relishes the challenge he can still be a massive influence for us.
  15. shezzas left peg


    As far as Lee is concerned I hate to say it, but as others have alluded to he could very likely be done. I a smashed the knee up when I was 20, had 2 years of rehab getting it sorted and didn't play sport for almost 5 years. The thing is everything is linked and has repercussions on other parts of the body, the knees bad at the moment, but the knock on effect is I'm getting pain up through the hip and into the base of the back on that side and shooting pain between,so just a hip injury is not quite as simple as it sounds it can complicate other areas.