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  1. U23s v QPR

    I can understand wildsmith, he's 3 years older around 21 now. Though personally I'd have preferred an old experienced keeper to have come in as no 2 this year and let Dawson and wildsmith go get a full season of first team football under their belts, so maybe they'll be more ready to step up if/when needed next year.
  2. Which opposition player ...

    Just make sure the pies are good and he'll not even get on the pitch, be too busy stuffing his face and texting Steve Evans to tell him how good they are
  3. Which opposition player ...

    Absolutely despise that horrible, vile, cheating, anti football hobbit Micheal Brown. I'm sure he's warnocks illegitimate son, used to drag the little cretin round from club to club to kick people for him. Now port Vale have sacked him He'll probably turn up as assistant to King pig at Cardiff.
  4. It's on.. are we ready??

    Really hope so bud. I owe the thick blunt imbecile that was core drilling holes on site at Nottingham job some suffering.
  5. U23s v QPR

    He got injured last year when he seemed to be beginning settling in. Just figured with our track record, he'd taken a knock or been injured this season. If not let's hope he impresses for the under 23s and can push his way back into the squad, I like to see the younger players improving.
  6. It's on.. are we ready??

    I really hope so. For me the biggest plus point so far since the Preston debacle is we seem to have gained some back bone, last couple of seasons when faced with aggressive in your face physical sides we've struggled and let them knock us off our game, just lately we seem to be learning to cope more against these sort of sides, the Burtons, leeds, hulls, Cardiff's and no doubt the blunts which gives me a more positive thought going in against them.
  7. They really are a thick bunch

    Haha missed the edit, said I should neg you just for putting the thought in my head.. "can you imagine them with a pint of ward's (shudders) shouting this is S2"!
  8. They really are a thick bunch

    Please don't.... Just please was enjoying eating my tea, saw this and the thought of a bunch of 30stone+, 40 somethings with Jordan sized moobs wearing red budgie smugglers and red and white stripey capes singing Billy blunts name came to mind. Put me right off my steak, the ferrets on the other hand are now laid out snorring happy and stuffed. Grrr was gonna negotiate you just for putting that thought in my mind bud.
  9. U23s v QPR

    They say timing is everything in football and unfortunately George was too young and therefore missed the boat so to speak. Here's why go back to Stuart Grey and the Milan era George at the age of 17/18 as he is now would have been on the bench and getting vital first team experience. The goalposts for the club were very different and being skint and just heading for mid table /top half we could have afforded to blood the kids. The reality is now those goalposts have changed, ambitious chairman with cash to spend, good (Proven) players at this level can't get a game, so George isn't. The manager remit is promotion, his job and reputation is on the line, so we /Carlos simply cannot afford to lose or draw games just to give experience to youngsters. Say we go up this or next year it'll not change as we're going to all pressure on all concerned to stay up and consolidate, so at best loans out to lower league.
  10. U23s v QPR

    Maybe dare not let matias as he'd probably keep getting t injured again and if we did need him to play and he'd get his chance he'd be out. Good player, pity he's got the body of a man made of loo roll and sticky back plastic.
  11. U23s v QPR

    I'm hoping morgan fox gets fit (which maybe he is now) and gets a run in the league as the season progresses Nando being out and if pudil picks up a ban or injury would be good to see reach wide left with fox behind for a few games, looking to the future. Genuinely thought he was beginning to find his feet a little and look (as reach is doing now) like a player who would improve and become a good solid member of the team over the next couple of seasons, he's only 23 if my memory serves and they do say defenders get better with age and later in their careers. Oh and hopefully looks capable of grabbing some goals, remember last year's diving header.
  12. U23s v QPR

    There may be something in the wanting to get experience in the first team maybe( Dave & George) think he's ready, but those at the club don't. Besides Carlos doesn't like playing youngsters, weather he just doesn't trust them to follow orders or what I don't know preferring older heads. Could all boil down to a "Lack of patience".
  13. They really are a thick bunch

    They trying to attract a better class of clientele by pretending they're in wigaaaan???
  14. Nigel Worthington

    Ah the good old days, when we had players all over the pitch that could find the back of the net, especially wilson, Sheridan, harkes n Hirsty who all had a 30+ yard piledriver in their arsenal.
  15. Cardiff ratings

    Horses for courses and another manager, I'm not sure Carlos would, but maybe the tough away games where we need to be a more physical hutch maybe fits better, but if we're at home with more possession I think Jones is more effective of moving the ball and ball retention.