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  1. I'm getting that back end of Carlos & jos's regemies vibe at the moment. Beginning to lose faith in monks ability to organise, focus and get this side going and this bunch of mentally fragile coasters to have the determination to win games. It is what it is, we've been going backwards for 3 seasons now and the rot seems to be settling in and I'm starting to get the same vibes from our fall from grace from the top flight, I hope not, but its creeping in. The big question is can the guys in charge roll their sleeves up, get stuck in and turn us around.???
  2. I always thought of Tudgay as a lower level Tim cahill not the biggest, but could of out jumped a salmon and seemed to hang effortlessly in the air. Remember he scored some crackers too in a time of mediocrity and cloggers he added that bit of technique and finesse we lacked.
  3. Great early season form before his injury and integral to being where we where before this dreadful slump. The key though for me is finding a balance between what we've seen. If we do press and attack we can score goals, but concede too many. If we defend where pretty solid, but can't score. Hence we need to find a happy medium of both, yes I know its easier said than done, but finding that tactical blend is what makes a good manager. Hopefully monk can get it to click.
  4. Anyone see the liverpool goal last night against West ham??? A pea roller that he knelt down to stop that trickled right through him like he was a ghost OK so the lads not in the best of form, but neither are any of our defenders we look lead footed and there's probably none of them been worth more than a rating of a 6 out of 10 last few weeks. I'd be tempted to give Thornilly a run of a few games. He may not be the tallest, but he's got bags of Aggression and determination to get stuck in. May push borner to pull his socks up so to speak with a bit of competition.
  5. It's a bit vague mixed with a bit vicky pollard very "yeah, but no, but yeah, but no". The quote makes it sound like there was /is no expectations, just a let's see what happens attitude. Though at the time he'd probably not had long to asess the squad in terms of ambitions.
  6. I've been a big fan of hutch since he's been here, but him bannan and Westwood are like Teflon on here. We could get pep guadiola in as manager and he froze them out due to the same problems and he'd suddenly be the worst manager in the league and it would be all his fault. That said, I said I'd give monk the season and reserve judgement, but he's beginning to lose my faith in him. Pick a side, pick a formation and run with it. Hes looking a little bit jos with his chopping and changing now and looking a little desperate. You can tell the good managers when they're on this sort of run. They don't always pick the most gifted players, they pick the ones with the strenght of character and desire to dig themselves and their team mates out of a hole and get back on track. Hmmm
  7. I don't normally neg bud, but please no. Carlos was part of the problems were now lumbered with. Yes he's been the best manager we've had in the last 23 years. Though the easy answer to that was SOMONE ELSE built the backbone of that side, but wasn't allowed to carry on. Add to the fact that he was the first manager in the last 20+ years that was able to spend more than a packet of peanuts & a pint on new signings. We wasted close to around £20 million on crap during Carlos and the Portuguese connections time here. Pudil was good, Rhodes, abdi, VanAkren, Jones, boyd, joao were all awful 90% of the time. Then there were those signings that never pulled on a shirt.
  8. Being the usual pragmatic me, he's been a bit of a disaster, so far to be honest and took way too long to learn from his mistakes. The bottom line is he came in spent a tonne of cash.... Weve had one great session of good football, but still failed. We had one good session of terrible football that once again ended in close but no cigar. Were now 4managers on from SG and were in a less stable financial situation. Were lower in the table and God forbid may end up getting relagated due to failings to comply with the rules (weather right or wrong) of the competition. Not great reading to be fair.
  9. Fergie actually sold the likes of Beckham when his value was high enough to buy replacements and still make a profit. We should have sold Nando in the same way at the time when his value was at its highest. That way we would have had money for a replacement and towards FFP.. The £14 million bandied about would have given us plenty to buy a couple of talented replacements for £3/4 million and still offset a chuck of FFP saving on wages too....... But instead we gave him a pay rise.
  10. Havnt seen Jack Lee or Dawodu mentioned in a while, so hopefully they'll come back in and help us get some wins. Who's the Aguas guy not noticed him before any good @John O'Brien??
  11. Could be due to Bruce saying he needed to take control and do things his way or he wouldn't take the Job and maybe monk saying the same thing. He' knows he's made a mess of things, doing it his way, so has decided on a different approach and to let the manager he's appointed do his job with more freedom and manage things.
  12. Not sure of what has gone on with either of them just like everyone else, so just speculation really. I'm wondering if the Westwood exclusion is down to him refusing to be on the bench. He's done it in the past as we know it's a bit of a standing joke on here that he won't be a substitute. Maybe G. M has just said, if that's your attitude then I don't need you, as that's what I'd do to anyone who's ego or commitment was questionable as far as being part of the TEAM.
  13. I do get the Windass signing to be honest. Hutch & Bannan don't score goals, maybe 1/2 a season. Luongo started to, but with Lee since his return from injury the goals have dried up. Reach has been hopeless in front of goal too this season. Therefore bringing in a midfielder who can chip in with some goals does make sense taking a bit of expectation off our impotent striking options. As the old saying goes most of our team "Couldn't score in a brothel"
  14. There's something for me wrong with the whole team cohesion and as a squad as a whole. There's no communication out on the pitch. It's like 10 lost kids and a terrier running around barking at anything that moves. Is everyone else afraid to say anything to bazza?? or Westwood before he got dropped?. The TWO most fundamental foundations of a team sport at ANY level is teamwork and communication and we don't seem to have any. You watch Sunday league and you see it people will point out runners to teammates. Tell people there's someone that needs picking up in the box. Give a teammate a shout if he loses his man. We just don't seem to be doing that.
  15. We've too many players that have been here too long and hold too much sway and over entitlement in and around the club. We need to freshen things up and get rid allowing new players to settle in and create their own dynamic within the squad.
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