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  1. It sounds like a script in for movie , it would finally be redemption from all those years ago.... Problem is this is real life and very rarely works out like the movies in real life... That said I'd love to see Wayne Rooneys Derby get relagated at our expense.
  2. Maybe it will actually work in our favour Birmingham Being so bad last time out. Bowyer will give them a right old rocket, so I can see them making it a really tough day for Derby. My thinking is 1-1. That means if Moore can somehow find a plan to beat boro and the players find the bottle to pull It off we can chip another 2 points off them.
  3. Can't agree more, a I said above we've dropped 27 points from winning positions. We can't grind out wins, or kill teams off. A proper cheap centre forward that could hold the ball up may not have scored a massive ammount of goals, but would have at least taken the pressure off the defence and. Given us an out ball to build upon
  4. Sue Smith the other night said we'd dropped 27 points from winning positions this season.... Absolutely criminal at any level. We can't kill teams off and can't grind out results when we're in front it's entirely down to us ..
  5. I'd personally be using it to try and stir our lot up, look lads king pig gonna get his lads up for it to get us relagated, let's wipe that grin off his face and refuse to let him have a laugh and good summer at our expense. we'll see who's up for sticking two fingers up to warnochio. Let's hope hutch is at cb and not in cm becouse if they come out and get stuck into us hes liable for an early red card, as he's been pretty sensible since his return.
  6. I get why your making the similarity, due to ammount of games and goals. Though were talking about two completely different players. Reda a defender Jordan a striker. Reda was big, strong and athletic. Jordan looks more like a 40year old wandered in from a local pub team . The one big similarity for me is reda was a defender prone to mistakes and not defending well enough, Jordan a striker who hasn't been ineffective too often during his time here and hasn't scored enough goals. For me I'd like to see the comparison between Jordan, hooper, joao, Nuh
  7. Knowing our perennial luck, we'll pip Derby to stay up.. They will sack Rooney, and Dc will sack Moore for not getting near to the playoffs.... Then to totally be his useless incompetent self hire Rooney as our replacement manager.... That would be classic Dc
  8. Why have I got a niggling feeling. No pressure, everyone resigned to us going down now. This lot playing for future contacts at new clubs will dig in and prolong the agony winning the next 3.... They'll raise hopes by giving us a glimmer of hope only to once again melt like ice cream in death Valley and get battered by derby.... After all its the Wednesday way.
  9. The problem wasn't really spending money on a few quality players to push us into the top six and closer to promotion. That first seasons recruitment was good business. It's what came afterwards that was the problem. We wasted so much money on squad players we didn't need like urby, horrific signings like abdi and of course it got worse paying big wages for over the hill, overpaid journeyman like Jones and boyd. Oh and of course while we were crying out for a left back, a replacement for loovens and a central midfielder to replace hutch. He goes and wastes £10+ million on Rhodes an
  10. I think I mentioned it when people where panicking about the contract situation before Pulis was announced The penney, sorry wrong one though its not a new thing Had finally and seemingly dropped with DC that we were staring relagation in the face. Hence why he brought Pulis in and why we didn't renew contracts, becouse all the big earners would financially cripple us even further. The fans where unhappy and angry about all the things going wrong on and off the pitch, which also probably why he gave Bazza a new contract to appease the masses and hopefully bring a bit of posi
  11. Captain "Angry Bird" bazza and this lot let toy town do the double over us for the first time in history... Nothing else to say really.
  12. We've been signing older players closer to the end of their career than younger ones who want to learn,so not much room for improvement. As for the younger ones we don't put enough faith in them or seem to improve them either. Hence most of our players seem to regress.
  13. Though didn't they relax the rules about players a couple of seasons later??. I'm sure I heard of a few of the English boys going and playing over there and then being recalled to England duty and now it dosent matter at all. It will probably be how the FA deal with it wait for the fuss to die down then embrace it later.
  14. As my old man used to say before he left this sh'itt'y world "there's more chance of platting fog". The FA and Euefa will talk the big talk until everything is almost finalised the crumble and roll over and beg when the "Financial side" is sorted, hint, hint brown envelopes and all that.
  15. For me None of them. Iorfa maybe, bazz, Windass, Patterson and hutch have at least shown a bit of fighting spirit. Though Captain fantastic bazza, I just keep thinking 'angry birds" with the way he flapps his arms and gives everyone shouting swearing and grief to around him.
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