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  1. shezzas left peg

    Back to training early

    Took a cruncher of a tackle of the little lass in pink trainers, out for another 2weeks I've heard
  2. shezzas left peg

    My guess for the new #SWFC Kit...

    Remember buying that kit I liked the shirt, but those shorts were made out of some wierd material, felt a bit like a cross between paper, fabric and plastic awful they were.
  3. shezzas left peg

    Carlos is missing us !

    Tactically too rigid. Lacked the bottle to finish the job and got away with it due to us being the surprise package season 1 when everyone was still fit and organised from stu's regime. Man management was poor, see Abdi, mcgugan, venancio and the youth products etc... We move on and leave him to it.
  4. shezzas left peg

    Wow - what a stupid article

    He got one thing right, some of our recruitment has been awful. Mcgugan, Abdi, lachman, Rhodes, Fletcher, boyd, matias, haven't lived anywhere near up to their hype or reputations, price tags or wages, you could maybe add joao to that too.
  5. shezzas left peg

    Our fire sale

    That they may be, but we need to find either another gullible chairman like our own to sign them, or tout them over in Saudi Arabia or quatar, somewhere they've loads of disposable cash to waste/launder
  6. shezzas left peg

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    Con someone please explain who thinks Kyle the blunt is a cb??? Positionally. Must do better. Heading. Non existant. Concentration.. Ooh squirrel ???. Give the lad his dues he's a very good wingback or fullback, but as a cb, as we all know there's only one walker and his name was des
  7. We need those younger fitter legs with a good engine in midfield, not another 30 year old strolling around the middle. Would prefer another similar to joey, but more box to box, with an eye for goal.
  8. shezzas left peg

    Andy rhodes

    Yep if katrien is smart she could easily double pie sales. Lol
  9. shezzas left peg

    Andy rhodes

    Maybe both decided it was time for a change, if I'm being honest I'd like Jos to have a bit of a backroom clear out, sometimes as with managers and players it's good to freshen things up, a new face, methods and fresh attitude can reap dividends. Which is probably why the most successful British manager in the last 30 years sir Alex used to shuffle his back room staff every few years.
  10. shezzas left peg

    Andy rhodes

    If it's true definitely get pressman In as Goalie coach, knows the club, training ground like the back of his hand, one of us and knows what it means to play at Hillsborough. Great experience and knowledge and one of us can be priceless
  11. shezzas left peg

    Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt 2018/19

    Works for me just give me the black polo shirt coller with a bit of white piping and were cooking on old school gas
  12. shezzas left peg

    Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt 2018/19

    To be honest in all my years of support, THIS was my favourite kit of all time, simple, classic and you could tell it was a proper puma made shirt, really good quality and the decals lasted more than a few washes. I actually used to play 5 a side in this twice a week every week for about 5 years, ahh back In the days when I had hair like bennies and could wear an Alice band and ponce about in these beauties. Whent great with this kit. Lol
  13. shezzas left peg

    Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt 2018/19

    Is this why tango is always shirtless, benni forgot his and had to borrow tango's, its that big on the little fellow the short sleeves almost look long
  14. shezzas left peg

    “Out of Leftfield” signings

    Is that Rocket owl in disguise and a thinly veiled dig at Jordan Rhodes bud
  15. shezzas left peg

    “Out of Leftfield” signings

    Jos seems to like to change formation and tactics depending who and what the opposition have at their disposal, so I hope he looks at adding different dynamics to the side by adding some power and pace to the squad. Therefore giving us better options to do this and be harder to work out for the oppos '.