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  1. shezzas left peg


    Didn't go as I was really busy rescuing two 13 week old ferret kits Saturday , but from what I've heard etc... The best word to describe fletcher sounds like "Rusty", hopefully he'll manage a run of games and get some form and goals again.
  2. shezzas left peg

    Another pathetic manager

    Did you go today bud??, I had to go rescue two 13 week old ferret Jill's, so wasn't able, were we that bad?? Or was it a case that we just failed to convert our chances, not having a go, just was wondering what the actual view was, as the right up seemed to assess us as not great to start... (nothing unusual there) took control but failed to convert our chances and were unlucky not to get all three points.
  3. shezzas left peg

    Big Sam anyone?

    Spot on for me bud. Also, there were quite a few saying the injury crisis was avoiding playing players to cut costs, now I know a lot on here derided and poo pooed the idea, yet with what we know now about our financial plight kind of brings a little bit of weight to what they were saying. Say the likes of abdi and fletcher are on a good wage, but have big playing bonuses that make it a lot higher, by not playing them the club would have saved money.... I'm not saying all the injuries were fake, but as far as the big earners it does beg the question??
  4. shezzas left peg

    Almen ad thi pants down

    I'm 44 now with knee reconstruction surgery and I'd probably be, so called fitter than half the crocks in our squad. If I was dc I'd make him wear a pinny and serve the pies!!! On match day to at least get something for the wages he's paying out to him.... May remind him how to play football. Lol
  5. shezzas left peg

    Almen ad thi pants down

    To be fair to Lewis, he was fantastic under sg, but Carlos..... Say no more!
  6. shezzas left peg

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Or do the defenders in front of Westwood make him feel more like davey crocket again
  7. shezzas left peg

    Cardiff in for FF

    Its not about the price bud, more about Nando, he's thrown a strop or two before to get his own way and if he wants to go play Premier league and we won't sell him with a reasonable confirmed bid, he may spit the dummy out creating disharmony in the dressing room, at the moment something we could really do without was my reasoning.
  8. shezzas left peg

    Cardiff in for FF

    Exactly my thoughts, hence the way I tried to word it without trying to sound like it's definate,though as said I wouldn't rule out the possibility of it happening. My thoughts are if the bid is good enough, anything around £12 million would do me, wouldn't want to lose one of our most influencial players, but at 28(if I remember right) and with a distinct possibility of being stuck in the championship for the rest of his contract, he may want to go play in the Premier and if he does then spit the dummy out if the transfer is blocked by the chairman it would /could cause more harm than good and I can only see one winner, remember our other sublime little Italian benni carbone bud???,
  9. shezzas left peg

    Cardiff in for FF

    Not wanting to fuel the paranoia, but under the old rules before they brought in F. F. P to stop teams from going into administration if you did go into administration wasn't it a 10point deduction?? I seem to remember leeds, maybe Rotherham and a few others getting hammered with a - 10 point start, as a punishment, so wouldn't be beyond the realms of being the same for breaking the rules brought in to stop clubs doing it , though I hope not.
  10. shezzas left peg

    We Need A Sign.......

    Abdi actually tying his boot laces without putting his back out or something is slightly more realistic. Lol
  11. shezzas left peg

    50/50...which route then?

    The best business way would probably involve what other companies do. Sell off assets to bring in revenue and stearmdy the ship, so to speak then as someone else suggested bring in extra revenue by having a reduction /sale of all the unsold seats and corporate boxes to bring in revenue that otherwise we won't get becouse prices are too high and people are refusing to stump up for, try and pack the place out a bit. Even 10,000 a week at a reduced rate is better financially than 10/15 at a higher rate.
  12. shezzas left peg

    Marco Matias

    He's been a passenger for 2 seasons same as abdi, I don't hate him, I just think he like so many others is nothing more than a disappointment and drain on valuable ffp resources. If you've got parachute payments to subsidise disastrous signings like those two your OK, but in our predicament you need players that are fit, healthy, play regularly and contribute to winning matches, yet him and others give us next to nothing. Had a look at fletchers record the other day as I was curious and while he's always scored quite regularly for previous teams even going back to being young in Scotland up to us and Sunderland he's always missed at least a third of the season in almost every season he's been playing, says it all really.
  13. shezzas left peg

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    While we're talking transfers. A big mention to big Ron has to be given. Ron's side had everything needed to create a balanced and adaptable side. Agression, pace, enthusiasm, winners, leaders, skill and marksmanship and not at a massive outlay in terms of back then. In short that's what we needed to do under Carlos, he inherited a very hardworking side with bags of team spirit and togetherness, my god at times it was like the alamo as we managed to squeeze a 1-0 win out of being outplayed for an hour and were a really tough nut to crack under stu gray, yep we had the odd bad rollover, but very rarely. All Carlos needed to do was a little tinkering here and there and he could have done a big Ron and been a legend in the making, instead along with our rather nieve chairman, we ended up in this mess.. Oh bloody hindsight.
  14. shezzas left peg

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I'd have more faith in moving my grannie in as cb partner with lees instead of van Akren and she's no longer with us
  15. shezzas left peg

    New recruitment policy

    Winnall I can't really complain about, just got Carlos and we signed Rhodes afterwards who we didn't need to add. If we'd have just stuck with Winnall we'd have probably easily have quadrupled what we payed for him £500,000 was a snip for a bang in form 25 year old striker who'd just scored a shed load. I said from day one I couldn't understand and was beffled at the signing of rhodes when we needed to strengthen elsewhere and had just signed a striker.