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  1. Obviously if we're planning on leaving the caretaker in charge till the summer it's pointless bringing in players on long term contracts, then finding out the new man dosent want them. Yet we still need some extra bodies to bolster the sqaud. If Thompson thinks hell be an asset and can use him wisely just untill the end of the season then faiir dos. For me it actually seems a logical decision for me and Dc being sensible. Sam also has his coaching badges (Chelsea put him through them), so he could muck in there too since we're threadbare in the coaching department until the
  2. To be honest I'm leaning to a bit of all three to be honest. We'd regularly struggled against opposition that had played 3 in the middle and Hull had 3 very good cm.
  3. I'd just be happy to get him fit till the end of the season. Maybe we need to make sure we've no Hot and caring nice medical staff and replace them with scarey old school ones your afraid to go see, It may keep our players fit.
  4. Isnt he supposed to be the Deep lying defensive midfielder though?? Without really defending hutch, I don't think it would have mattered who we played in cm. We were out bossed by three very tall, powerful athletic cm in livermore, huddleston and diame. Who were premier league players that they had paid handsomely for.
  5. It would be absolutely horrible being referred to as "John Terry's Sheffield Wednesday" well until he got sacked anyway
  6. Would be the best option for us... Unfortunately DC would probably give him a 4 year contract on £40k a week. Makes me wonder if someone has been reading through old articles from monk first year to be honest. Didn't we allow him to come use our training facilities just before December last year??
  7. Strikes me more as a head coach type guy from what remember, good at filling in as a caretaker, so would probably be a good fit with our "hands on" I'll be nice owner.
  8. I'd have him back as a coach, on coaches wages. I'm sure I read somewhere he did his badges before being invalided out of Chelsea and had a stint coaching the youth level.
  9. Was still playing as far as I remembered, so is he our new star centre forward
  10. Derby is one ob those sides I really don't have a good feeling for. Still sticks in my mind us throwing that game against them away which effectively saw us relagated a couple of weeks later. After we did them in the cups in the 90s they seemed to become a bit of a bogey side too until the last few years, so to be honest I'd rather get rid of them if we stay up this year, or not be competing with them to make a return from league one next season.
  11. He won't take it. Pearson will want too much control of his own destiny. Dc won't allow that, so he'll turn it down just like every other real manager.
  12. Were bringing him in so when cook takes over he's going to convert him into a cf becouse we can't get one. He's going to be the T Henry of the championship.
  13. Replacement for the out bound Reach maybe?? The lads an attack minded winger that like the ball to feet , so probably didn't want to play hoofball under Pulis or monk /neither wanted him as he dosent suit there style. Dc has told him who's taking over so Could want to play for our potential new manager
  14. Not unless he can get his mate Bale to come and play for free till he retires anyway
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