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  1. Probably because from second season carlos we've had boring, long ball defensive managers trying to play that way with a sqaud made up of players not suited to defend and hoof we wouldn't get rid of. Jo's, Bruce, monk, pullis arnt get it on the deck and play football managers. DM is the first one since that first roller-coaster season of Carlos to try to play football. It's a bit one dimensional for me and at times way too slow and overplayed. For me we need to pick up the pace a bit and mix it up a touch, be less defensive and more expansive. Then again that's only going to happen when litterly everything has to go through bazza and other players take responsibility in games.
  2. It's the Wednesday way, we'll probably beat both... Then lose to whomever is in the bottom two the next game. The easier the game should be on paper the harder we seem to make it.
  3. You win as a team and you lose or draw as a team. For me it's a 6 out of 10 across the board. It just shows where we are right now, with the disallowed goal, the penalty miss and some very good chances and we didn't take them. Two glaring problems for me. 1) bazza has too much influence on the pitch. Weather D. M has given him penalty responsibilities or he as captain demands it. We need to let one of the forward players take them. 2) Hutchinson should never play cm again. Firstly becouse The legs have gone for the cm battle and secondly he seems the only natural organiser we have at cb. Dunkerly and iorfa both have days where they switch off lose concentration and neither are capable of marshalling a back line. We look so much more organised with hutch in there.
  4. The morecambe defeat, you could chalk up as one of those games, we had plenty of chances to win it let alone get a draw and we're much the better side over 90mins. I do understand using the word embarasing, but not becouse of defeat. I'd say the performance or lack of was more embarrassing. The lack of effort, coordination and cohesion was the point of embarasment. Having trained all week on shape /formation etc... Then on matchday look like 11 Sunday league players thrown together for the first hour or so.
  5. We're still a big name with a big ground dropping down into this division, add to that we've signed some big names and quality that we're wanted by championship clubs, you wouldn't have thought wouldn't have come to play in this division. It's a bit cliche, but for a lot of teams here we're a big draw a big incentive to come out and treat us like a cup final. Teams are really going to bust a gut to beat us, so if we want to finish top two and get promoted we're going to have to match that commitment for every game otherwise we won't.
  6. The 4-3-3 can work better and be more flexible. We just need our wide men to play more like Nando did in that first season under Carlos getting in and around box whenever we attack meaning we effectively have a two or a three up front at times.
  7. Youth teams are graded though? So the more successful your team is can increase your grading it will also effect getting better prospects in looking in from the outside. Think of it this way if your looking to sign your lad up to an under 18's side would you pick the one that's always bottom of the lowest division? Or the team up in near the top whom you would expect to be up there becouse they have better players and coaches at that level. Kids want to win games, they get disheartened by losing all the time.
  8. Does that mean we should stick to playing this way and be patient till it clicks?? Though a plan B would come in handy in games though.
  9. Yeah I realised after, we signed just before brucey legged it at the start of the season.
  10. My memory isn't great, probably forgot that we signed him under Bruce, then Bruce did a runner. Then again Bruce did spend half his time as manager here on holiday with his underlings in charge .
  11. I can maybe understand him trying not to change style and formation at the moment he's got a mass of new players getting used to us plying this way and adapting to a formation /tactics, that's new to a lot of them. So tinkering won't help. Though the lack of subs and changing maybe the dynamic or pace is a bit criminal. He needs to be more assertive, sub players that are struggling etc way earlier than he has been.
  12. To be fair the morecambe loss can be chalked of as just one of those games where you could play till Christmas and it just won't go In. We were the better side battered them at times and created plenty of chances to win it. The Plymouth one is the problem, we were awful couldn't defend didn't create hardly anything, looked lethargic and devoid of any endeavor going forward until late on.
  13. Can't agree more bud. Didn't really have much input last season due to taking over so late in the season, then spending 80% of it with covid. I was never a fan of the tika taka thing with Barcelona, let's just pass for the sake of it, used to bore me to tears. I'm just not sure you can make it work in the third tier as a quite a few sides find out when they get relagated and struggle to adjust. Teams down here tend to keep it simple. Drop off and defend deep as a compact unit when not in possession, or push up and high press to win the ball in the oppositions half. In possession it's about quick more direct passing catching pressing teams over the top or out wide down the channels into the space. We switched to a very similar strategy when Bruce came in and it worked a treat with Murphys pace out wide and fletch as the focal point. The worst thing is we're probably better eqauiped with the pace we now have to play this way. Hate to say it, but it's how the piggies finally got out of this division under wilder.
  14. It'll help Moore Find out what mentality the lad has. Bit of a reality check playing with guys that also have jobs in the real world, see if he applies himself and wants to boss that diviosn, or if he just coasts through with a laugh and a shoulder shrug. You look at the likes of becham, fergie had him loaned out to conference teams and then up through the leagues.
  15. I'll admit, I thought he'd get plenty of game time this year, but that was more out of necessity than choice I wasn't expecting such a good pre season recruitment and sizable influx of good players coming in, especially in the wide areas he plays in.
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