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  1. Wouldnt be against this, but as someone quoted bully earlier from the press conference and its a bit of a pity but he said they're bringing no staff into help, so when a permanent manager is appointed they can get their own men in.
  2. Harris, reach and Murphy work thiwr socks off for wingers and help thee fullbacks out defencivly too. Bullen has seen enough of Nando on and off the pitch to know he doesn't like tracking back or defensive duties and probably doesn't see him as a team player. If youtmr going to build a successful team unit with cohesion and all pull in the same direction, theres no room for ego's and selfish players like Nando. Yes one of the most gifted players we've had since carbone, problem is very similar temparment and ego.
  3. Was it just a "case of bad day at the office" in front of goal?? Normally one of those would have gone in and were un beaten. How can it be Bullens fault if we just don't put our chances away, he can't run on the pitch and put the ball in the net. I'm not saying he got everything spot on, but it can't have been too far off to get so many shots on goal.
  4. Maybe if your goalkeeper kicks like a blind man and or has the accuracy of Clarence the cross eyed lion then passing to a defender who's better makes sense. Especially if it's a shortened long ball down field with better accuracy. If we played with a back three (which we don't) it would have been an option with hutch or jva in there, but Lees is a definate no no and I'm undecided on borner just yet.
  5. I'd like to see people lay off of fox for say the next 6 games or so and give him an actual run. See if the lad can show consistency, gain confidence and improve. It's a different situation now, bannan on the left would tuck inside all the time and roam, Nando hated coming back and defending too, similar with Palmer on the right with Wallace, so they were always getting exposed with lack of cover. Hunt had the speed most of the time. People said the same about penney been good going forward, but not great defencivly. Maybe our midfield wide players had been partly to blame for this, reach being the exception, but his tackling is weak ?? It may be one of the reasons bully is reluctant to play Nando and prefers Harris as he really does put the yards in both going forward and tracking back, which Nando doesn't like to do.
  6. The new favourite is the cowleys from Lincoln. Bit like the last couple of seasons where everyone on here wanted Paul Hurst. He was like a lead balloon in the championship and didn't last long. Yes they have more managerial experience, won lots of non-league and lower league promotions, but that's the point for me. It's at a lower level against lesser skilled opposition, Could they do it against the karankas, pulls, Rowett etc... For me bully may not have too much management experience, but he has far, far more championship football experience than they do and it counts for a lot. I'm not going to say he's a tactical genius or we can't get better, as we probably could do. Every one in management has to start somewhere and learn their trade, so if it's here, then I'll back him. Though I hope the club backs him too by bringing in plenty of knowledgeable people I around him to aid his development as best Dc can.
  7. Let them bleat about how good they are. Let the media especially the Yorkshire ones go on about their favourite Yorkshire club. Let's just quietly and efficiently go about our mission like silent assassins un noticed and without a fuss. What would be my dream finish to the season, Leeds in second, us sitting two points behind last game of the season, we win, they lose and we pip them for promotion. Now that would be one incredibly sweet feeling
  8. Can't argue with Harris being nailer on at the moment, 2 goals in 4 is a good return for a winger. My point was by pairing one of the quick lads with one that offers us something different gives us different options and would make us harder to play against. The Millwall game was a prime example, they nullified our pace by sitting back, defending and leaving us no space. Reach or Nando on the other wing would have offered different qualities that would have given them more problems.
  9. Here's just a thought, but maybe the reason we looked lethargic and off the pace was the game plan was to not concede early again, play safe and grow into the game?? We saw what happened against Millwall and how we struggled to break them down, so could've been a safety first reason.
  10. Can't agree more bud. I think we'll probably find out our weakest position over the course of the season is the one "Weve wasted the most Money on"
  11. Hmmm remember someone Trying to turn Tom Lees into Franco baresi........
  12. If I'm thinking tactically and about flexibility, for me the ideal scenario would be to pair the new boys up with reach and Nando. For example play reach & Harris Reach coming inside and striking from long range or crossing from deep. Harris using his pace to beat men and get beyond the back four. Or go with Murphy & Nando. Mupheys pace and energy coupled with nandos guile, trickery and goal threat. It gives the opposition two different styles to defend against, think about and to deal with.
  13. 2-1 up away to reading and down to 10 men and they couldn't beat us, in fact scoring a third with 10men. Cant agree more bud and simply adding to your point.
  14. Personally I think tactically bully had it about right with how we set up. Play ourselves into the game solidly, keep concentrated and hit them on the counter. It's a treid and tested way to play away from home which many teams employ. The problem was we gave away an avoidable early goal, then the man getting sent off totally blew this strategy. For me his mistakes were not having the right players on the bench to reshape things and change our approach. Thus, maybe the choice of what he did have available on the bench made his substitutions look bad.
  15. It's one of those things bud, it's really easy to sit and do your own job everyday. Suddenly being put in charge of the whole farm yard so to speak and having loads of extra stuff to do and people to look after can get overwhelming, especially if a problem or two start arising at the same time, plus your still looking after your own job too. I just think if he is to succeed here the people at the top need to give him as much help and support as possible. Look at Carlos... Season one the triupherant allowed Carlos to just coach prepare and look after the players tactics etc... We were fantastic. Season two the triupherant dissolves and the pressure and the cracks started to develop. By season three he looked jaded, worn out the signings had Ben getting worse. Eventually dv allowed him to do a runner rather than sack him.
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