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  1. If your going to challenge up near the top where we want to be you need players with consistency, application and the right attitude. From what I've seen of him he just Dosent show enough of all three, a bit like joao. I'm sure we can get someone in on loan for less that will give us more.
  2. I'm torn to be honest, seemed to fit in well, but does seem to pick up injuries. If it's a cheap enough deal that works in our favor then maybe good buisness. Though I'd also like to see penney given a solid run just at full back and see what Bruce can do with the lad as there's definitely talent there, just needs to get a good run of games in one position rather than being pushed all over the pitch week to week and messed about like under jos.
  3. Here's a thought where abouts on that team list would you be fitting John harkes??? As the man from across the pond as they called it played all over for us. It may be my mind playing tricks on me, but didn't harkes play Rb amongst many other positions for us. Or is this just an excuse to remind me and everyone else that remembers him of this......
  4. Good player at this level technically. Fantastic shot, good touch and technique. Bit like joao for me though, he dosent posses the mental toughness, aggression or will to be a winner you need to succeed at the level that he should skill wise be capable. As someone else points out, he goes missing or into his shell when surrounded by the better players, but when he's FORCED into the driving seat, so to speak seems to step up. We need to see if Bruce can get that desire and will to win out of him on a regular basis, but if a good bid comes in I think Bruce will cash in and look for a cheaper more rounded option a bit more athletic, quicker and more bite.
  5. Hard to answer mi 'Lord. Loved the rampaging runs and goals from Mel Sterland. Its not often you get a side where one of your biggest goal threats is your right back and scored well above his share of goals during his time with us. Roland nilsson though was also a different class, but in a different way. Read the game brilliantly, hardly ever made a mistake and had fantastic positional sense and teamwork. Loved both for different reasons, so for me it's a really tough choice to separate them. If we're after an entertaining gung ho side playing swashbuckling football I'd pick Mel, but if we're picking the best most all round team we could have put out, Roland edges it.
  6. The guy, was a very successful and well respected youth /under 21's coach Including at international level. Just becouse jos brought him in it dosent mean he has to leave becouse jos has gone. I remember someone saying we didn't have enough coaches, it may have been bullen, so if Bruce thinks he's doing a good job along with the rest of the team then why would he get rid??
  7. I know it'll be unpopular with a few on here, but if Bruce needs to sell bannan, Fernando, reach and joao to fund a rebuild I'm ok with that. I hadn't been a fan of ol' Steve before he came, but I've warmed to having him here and if by selling these players he can start the rebuild then so be it. Hector in, a few good loans and a bargain or two like Iorfa and I think we'll be good to go next season.
  8. Was kind of hung out to dry by jos. Today Just showed the difference doing two simple things can make. Came into a regularly played formation and as much as possible a settled back four and team. Good display today coming back in after all that time out and seemed solid and a couple of cracking saves should help restore his confidence somewhat. Is he ready to replace Westwood next season if he goes?? , I'm not too sure yet, but under the new boss let's see him develop.
  9. If he's put of contract at the end of the season and will exept a huge wage decrease then may not be a bad stop gap for a couple of seasons. I don't remember him missing much football due to injuries and keeps himself quite fit. Also if you remember Bruce had Dawson at an older age marshaling and captaining his promotion winning Hull side. I'm not a fan of signing old crocks like we have been, but in Bruce's judgement I'll trust.
  10. Problem with that bud is. Finding a way of building a promotion side, yet being capable of sustaining a very, very expensive sub just to sit on the bench,we need to find another mug who thinks he can make Rhodes a quality goalscorer again.
  11. According to quite a few people on here. Youth development costs arnt covered in FFP, not sure weather scaouing network staff or youth staff are included or not, but it can be another key area where you can offset FFP by bringing youth in improving and selling on where necessary. They've been a bit sparce over the last few years, but I remember the Ajax youth academy being roundly regarded as the best in the world for years.
  12. Don't you mean our best player if we can get him to play in his best position that also suits the team and he can stay fit, injury free and suspensions to a minimum.
  13. I'm an engineer by trade bud, so I try to be rational and pragmatic with my thinking. Though football can sometimes blind that logical thought process
  14. There's still the money you get for finishing at whatever spot you are in the league and the higher placing its more cash, granted I don't think there's a massive difference in what you get between 7th and bottom, but every little helps with FFP. There's also that confidence and feelgood factor good results give you and something to build upon for next season.
  15. I think this is probably the reason Carlos played him out wide, he knew a central midfield partnership of Lee and Hutch in a two was more balance and solid defencivly. This also allowed Bazza more space out wide to make things happen and create. It also meant that we still had Lee's running into the box supporting the strikers and extra goal threat you don't get from Bazza. I said it at the time when others were complaining and saying he needed to be central, that all his previous very experienced managers played him wide left at villa and Palace due to him not having the physical attributes to play down the middle.
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