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  1. shezzas left peg


    Splashed 60million at villa to add to Premier league quality that was already there and failed to get promoted ahead of a cheap Cardiff and Fulham with far less to spend. What do you think he'll manage here with no cash and unable to bring in his own players???
  2. shezzas left peg


    It's a no from me everyone we get another Bruce thread, he's been tainted by the red half he's been a blunt, so it's a no from me.
  3. shezzas left peg

    what's wrong with our fans?

    You support the club, its your club.. Not the current custodians in "Temporary Charge" Especially when they're failing the club and its supporters.
  4. shezzas left peg


    Needs a solid experienced old warhorse at the side of him at cb, someone that talks organises and motivates. The lads not that bad, just like many others suffering from our poorly balanced recruitment and jos the rotator constantly chopping and changing things. You can also take into account whe we play the narrow 4-3-3 the fullbacks aren't given enough protection like in our old 4-4-2.
  5. shezzas left peg


    I think jos the rotator got it pretty bang on last year, Nuhiu can't play up top on his own neither can Joao, but they somehow seem to work as a partnership together and get goals.
  6. shezzas left peg

    Poll needed re Slavisa Jokanovic

    Wouldn't come here without cash to splash, so not gonna happen, want me to send someone to wake you from your day dream. Besides 2 promotions. Knows the championship. Bags of experience. Dosent fit our remit, well end up with "who" when jos finally shuffles incredibly quietly off his Hillsborough not so hot seat
  7. shezzas left peg

    Rotherham United

    Rotherham Doncaster Mansfield Chezzie. Barnsley. Even Leeds for some reason have this wierd fascination thing about calling us a Derby.?? What do they all have in common, Hillsborough is their Wembley and Cup final and no matter how much they aspire they'll never be us.
  8. shezzas left peg

    Jos on squad fitness

    Its probably these lightweight synthetic boots that offer no protection and fake 3/4g plastic grass hybrid pitches. I don't remember even in the darker (older) days in January when it was like a cross between a swamp and a quagmire (gigity gigity, sorry got side tracked) I don't remember players slipping and sliding over as much as they do these days, even in July
  9. shezzas left peg

    Rotherham Press Conference

    They may be brilliant tomorrow, solid, no mistakes, unified and beat toy town easily..... Unfortunately knowing jos he'll change everything around rotate half the side out and we'll be dross and get beat next match.
  10. shezzas left peg

    The year 2018

    Any of the photo shop boffins on here sort out a Kieron & hutch one
  11. shezzas left peg

    Festive form predicted

    I'm just surprised somone actually mentioned us and the word "Form" together, as we don't have any.
  12. shezzas left peg

    Carlos Twitter

    I've just about leveled out upon just taking everything going on with a pinch of salt and a laugh.. I'll start to worry though now as the next stage is stopping giving a "coin flip" completely
  13. shezzas left peg

    Carlos Twitter

    Loved reading growing up as a boy in Portugal, was my second favourite team behind Swansea, would be a fantastic achievement if I could manage a team with blue and white sideways stripes
  14. shezzas left peg

    Paul Clement

    Nah I wouldn't even bother panicking about that, given the position they're in at the moment and going to really struggle to avoid relagation, they will be looking for a championship experienced manager who's known as a bit of a "Houdini" for escaping the drop. Knowing our chairman we'll be looking for some obscure and unknown Hungarian manager known after he' signs as "who"
  15. shezzas left peg

    Is forrestieri injured?

    I think we should have sold while his price tag was sky high. First season after being dumped by Watford and with a point to prove hardly missed a game and more often than not out best player on the pitch. As the seasons have gone on his appearances have declined and spends more time injured than contributing, while his performances have been rarely been up to what we know he's capable of. Like many of the others the further we're getting away from promotion the more their enthusiasm and aptitude seems to have visabley decreased.