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  1. Some managers over complicate things. They forget that simple can still be effective, we're not talking about the champions league it's the championship, with championship quality defenders and goalkeepers. If you get it out wide and get good balls into the box, especially if you have runners join in, your going to create chances.. Nothing wrong with simple tactics as it can work.
  2. I'll still say much of His success in the first season was down to SG. We were still super fit. We were organised and a team. We had leadership with loovens. All Carlos( sorry roeder and co) did was add a bit of creativity and firepower and we were good to go. The season before unitl injuries kicked in and with only really the not exactly prolific Nuhiu up top, we'd been around 7 to 10 most of the season anyway. Plus how many late, late goals did we score to pull us through due to us still being very fit in that first season. Lee as a classic example against Rotherham and Bristol.!!
  3. Hmmm the question is since he was involved in the elv8 thing and wasn't piaxo and his cronies that came in to help Dc also his Portuguese compatriots?? Was that also down to Carlos after the triumpherant of real football people who knew the league was dissolved??? Which does make me think he did have a bigger hand in things than maybe we thought.??
  4. Rhodes is a bit of a throwback to an older time, yes but the thing is the Simple tactics back then can still work now if adapted. Get down the wings with a bit of pace and get the ball whipped into the box. Dosent have to be perfect, just put it in the right area for strikers and runners to attack. It's something we didn't do under Carlos or jos we were far too tippy tappy and slow, inverted wingers cutting inside. It was never going to work. Let's hope we stick to this now, some people may complain it's a little long ball, but if it's effective it works.
  5. I know as I said iorfa has been immense at cb and one of our best and most consistent performers recently. My thoughts though were more in an attacking aspect. Forest arn't known to be good in the air and it maybe something we could profit from. At set peices it gives us another good ariel presence especially if you've fletcher, Borner and Lees in the box from say a corner it gives you that extra man that's good in the air to defend against. He's also quicker than Palmer and pretty good with ball at feet, so gives us something different breaking on the counter-attack. We're struggling a bit for goals, so that was part of my logic.
  6. This was my thinking Luongo & lee are box to box, so should be able to allow us to compensate for hutch missing defensively whilst aiding fletcher and the wingers up top by providing extra bodies in and around the box and bazza tends to sit deep anyway. The only awkward one for me is I'm glad no odd-job after his sending off. I know iorfa has been immense at cb, but I do think he offers more going forward especially with his hight and pace at right back especially if we're going to sit in a bit and try to counter. Hence why id be tempted to bring borner back in alongside Lees and let the shackles off iorfa allowing him to get forward out wide and help his winger out.
  7. To be fair I can't fault that side or your reasoning behind it bud.. I also think if we're playing one up top with Harris & reach on the flanks it makes sense to have both Lee & Loungo in the middle. If they can get a good understanding and both get box to box it creates space and gives far more support for fletcher going forward. They also carry a much higher goal threat than hutch or bazza who normally get a nose Bleed near the oppositions 18 yard box.
  8. I knew you could field overage players for the u23's but wasn't sure about the 18s bud hence the brackets. Your right we should be giving the likes of Winnall game time too. I know its not the same environment or standard as a real championship game, but I can't help thinking it would help with both his and as you say Sam's confidence. When you know youe capable and have successfully done something in the past sometimes you just need that bit of self belief back,to get back on the horse so to speak.
  9. We're short on firepower up top. Is Rhodes the answer?? From what we've seen during his time here it's a bit of a resounding no. Maybe it's time to utilise the u23's set up a bit more, especially since we're not having a cracking season. Put Rhodes up top for the under 23's and under 18s(if you can) for the next half a dozen games in a row as one of the overage players. Maybe he grabs a few goals and gets some confidence back which would do him the world of good and would help him transition back into the first team . If he can't even do it at that level then we can finally decide he's shot.
  10. Both Fletch & Harris have been ever present and hardly missed a game for us as we head into the busy chrimbo schedule, Fletch especially looked knackered. Monk is probably at the moment praying that by giving the likes of Rhodes, Nuhiu, odd-job and Murphy game time that they step up and earn their crust, prove he can actually depend up on them and contribute positively to our season. That way he can rest some of the ever present....... Problem is they did what they've done all season so far and let monk and us down again!!!
  11. The team that S. G built and Carlos added a bit of creativity and firepower to, you mean
  12. We'd need to get rid of at least 1 of each first. Especially rb,if you included iorfa we've Palmer, Baker, odd-job, whilst still having iorfa and in emergency these days Lee who can cover there. I know our options at right back are a bit weak, but we/Dc needs to stop hoarding players as its one of the reasons for all this P&s debacle. Its a similar situation with the strikers too, we need to offload before bringing anyone else in.
  13. The January window is probably the best time to get loans in. Before the season some players will want to stay and fight to get into the side, by January a few managers have changed, players are out of favour and you can possibly get some real gems that have been sat kicking their heels in the (reserves).. I'd let 2/3 go and see who we can get in incoming bids permitting.
  14. Biggs said something similar I was reading yesterday. I'll try find the link, but basically saying if both parties have there evidence for and against as it seems they really should be sorting a court date out as soon as possible, allowing us to plan for whatever the outcome in the January window..
  15. It could be the only way we can get the best out of Odd-job to be honest. As an orthodox fullback he's been really poor to bordering on a liability at times. Reach isn't the best defender on the planet either, but with three cb's to cover for thief failings it may work. The problem you then have is what do you do with Harris?? Also Tom Lees never looked comfortable in a three.
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