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  1. If we get anything out of this game I'll be very surprised.
  2. Hes 31. Any offer we get for him is going to be a low ball one for a player of his talent. At this stage of his career he is worth more to us on the pitch than we would get for him. I say tell them to do one. Also we would not be able to get any sort of replacement for the price we would get - if we are offered more than 3m i'll be shocked.
  3. All this slagging of Carlos - I'm not sure if he wrecked our squad, or was just really unlucky - I don't think anyone really knows. He was certainly able to get the best out of the players when they were fit. He deserves a bit more respect than he is getting.
  4. It makes absolutely no sense. No-one is going to spend £120 on that - no-one. Surely making £40 is better than making nothing. Someone might pay £40 for it... maybe
  5. If I sat down with Monk, and talked to him one on one I would give him time and keep my powder dry hoping he pulls it off. He speaks very well and I am now fully behind project Monk.
  6. Carlos had earnt a bit of extra time. Monk still has my support UTO!
  7. Chansiri has always been good at giving time - to a fault with Jos. LOL
  8. Always thought Monk had a pretty good record. Been very unfairly treated by his employers a number of times.
  9. No, Ill have to show her. But then that'll ruin her interest in SWFC once and for all.
  10. My daughter, who granted, couldn't give a fizz about football, was very pleased to hear we held the record for the worlds biggest cake ball.
  11. Attilio Lombardo? He was a winger! Youngest manager in premier league history, also.
  12. Usually you ALWAYS get a mortgage against a property you don't own. Cos you need the money to buy it. I'm going to move house soon and I cant afford to buy the new house without the mortgage! The house is still collateral in case I don't pay the payments, but I don't already own it. I can then take additional lending up to the value of the property if i want any additional funds.
  13. This is a good point. Interest is at a low - might all just be sensible accounting.
  14. He was speaking and he was out. Correct.
  15. Perspective and good sense. Ive not seen this on here for a good while ... Surely you mean "Get him gone, not good enough"?
  16. Did anyone think to tie him down to a specific weekend...?
  17. I misread this as "Thiago - coming soon". When I realised it left me mighty dissapointed.
  18. RIP - I just hope everyone who goes makes sure to be responsible re COVID. Last thing we need is anything getting much worse.
  19. Not always. We looked decent in patches - considering the difference in age between the two teams and the gulf in class I thought we played well. We should have scored a few - as usual that is our Achilles heel. Whats the point in progressing and then getting smashed by a prem team in a future round. We don't have a massive squad - we cant cope with the additional games. As shown by our only naming 5 subs. I'm not upset to be out. Getting through would only have postponed the inevitable.
  20. I think it was indicative of how little he cared about the result. Id imagine hes actually glad to be out. it was getting in the way.
  21. 19:00 - there's me not getting to watch it then... bastids
  22. Its almost asking people to take out an iptv subscription.
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