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  1. When I were a lad there was a kid called Cain at my school. He was constantly harangued by another kid as being a Spoon. So in his memory, I would like to say "Cain, yer spown..." (sorry).
  2. No, that's just an opinion. Time will tell who is deluded...
  3. I for one am not happy, but will stomach it on the way to a sustainable way of running a football club. I'm happy to wait for the players and Moore to get their feet and get used to a style before I start childishly shouting for gratification.
  4. Did you not think Dunkley was very lucky not to be repeatedly penalised from levering players around by their arms? Maybe he was being smart about it but it didn't look it on TV. Ref only gave one of about eight seperate arm grapples.
  5. Im gonna go for: BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Adeniran Bannan Dele-Bashiru Corbeanu Paterson Gregory
  6. This just makes me more scared. if you need to end a run or record - who you gonna call?
  7. Wouldnt trust you as far as i can throw you, following this post.
  8. You think Willy Caballero is going to be backup in league 1, on league 1 wages?
  9. I agree with that, other than palmer being poor. He's been one of our better players and played well in this game.
  10. I like this line up, but id like to see a flat three in midfield, with bannan acting as a "quarter back" creator and the other two doing the box to box and defensive work for him. The arrows indicate this:
  11. Okocha? He was in the thread I replied to - with Djorkaeff.
  12. They had some players: Ivan Campo Hierro Jardel N'Goty Bobic Nakata Michel Salgado Anelka Also explains how they got themselves to broke!
  13. Djorkaeff, Hierro and Jardel too.
  14. I dont think any of these players play for Bolton.
  15. Mike Ashley is a double edged sword. Be careful what you wish for. I personally think if you are happy to be survivors in the premier league, then hes decent. And right now ID GIVE MY ARM to be surviving in the premier league, LOL.
  16. I was at that game. My dads a Bolton fan, so he was hidden with me amongst the Owls. He had a wonderful day. LOL
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