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  1. I dont understand why this hasn't happened yet... Unless they have more evidence than we know?
  2. Westwood 9 Palmer 6 Lees 8 Hector 7 Fox 4 Matias 5 Bannan 5 - clearly not fit Hutchinson 7 Boyd 2 Hooper 5 Fletcher 5
  3. I thought Boyd was superb. Hes been a different player these last few games. Long may it continue. UTO!
  4. Yeah you pay over the length of the contract. So selling him doesn't help unless we get at least what we paid - which we wont. Thats why we want to loan him for a loan fee that covers our costs plus his wages paid up for that season.
  5. Not me, I take the Rhodes approach. Don't take = cant miss.
  6. Vid of the press conf anyone? I missed it...
  7. NOt really, I was listening to owls americast and they had a kid from Sheffield on who was breaking college scoring records, but ended up doing nowt as after college your trying to join a league filled with people who have been pros since 18 and you just cant catch up. Did end up with a masters in business though. College draft system, just doesn't work in soccer.
  8. As he strove to prove for the rest of the 101 minutes.
  9. Hes taken a scholarship in the states. Its a safe career move. He will get to play for 3 more years and come out with a degree. Its kinda deciding your not good enough to make it as a pro, as by the time he has done his scholarship he will be 22 and a long way behind anyone who has gone through a proper youth system in europe.
  10. They should sponsor Geordies. Hawey (HUAWEI) mon... Ill get me coat...
  11. I think with Jones, at least, for very good reason.
  12. I think Leeds will bottle it and they will get 2nd. Then we will pip 6th and play Leeds in the semi - obvs beat them and Sheffield will be back with the big boys.
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