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  1. Yes, all clubs have a select number off stupid fans. Its the way of football fandom.
  2. We need to get more than that. We paid peanuts cos we were negotiating with an administrator.
  3. I think that having a good goal keeper is what really matters. I mean look at Jorge Campos. 5'7
  4. Keepers are like any players, they have dips in form. You are only remembering his dips in form and not giving him credit for any of his highs of the same. He kept us in games a number of time and made key saves in games near the end of the season to allow us to take decent wins. If he had conceded at these times we may not have found the games so easy. Like all players he has strengths and weaknesses. His distribution could often be better, but he's not Allison - over all id say for a championship and lower level keeper his distribution is fine. His ability in the air coming for crosses was suspect, but he improved as the season went on. His shot stopping and coming out (1v1s) is very good. And this is bread and butter for keepers. Over all he was a good keeper at this level and his record (facts) reflect that.
  5. So only three of the managers in the league and only nine managers out of 52 EFL managers are decent, because that is the number of managers will get promotion?
  6. Why was he defensive? We were forced back by an incredible press from Sunderland in both legs. When they eased off the press we sent as many players forward as you would expect. We did not sit back and wait for them to come to us. The fact simply do not back up this claim. Before the play offs we were scoring for fun - we have been attacking and fun to watch since January.
  7. If Luongo leaves we need two Ball winning midfielders, if Luongo doesn't leave we need a backup for Luongo.
  8. Class of opposition is irrelevant, as you are always playing at your level.
  9. And if Darren Moore gets the same results he has got for us in the last five months, next season we will be promoted in first or second. So, I can only assume you are behind keeping Moore in place.
  10. If we get more of the same, we will get autos, his recent points tally (since the new year) is way above what is needed for that.
  11. They made a smart decision and are run by people who could see the win 5, then lose 5 of there old manager wasn't going to cut it. We are run by a Tuna merchant who hired Jos Luhukay then lurched from manager to manager all of whom played different ways - then complained cos a man who has always played direct football, played direct football. IF he sacked Moore there is every chance he could hire the man who ran his tinning factory or his gardener - and we'd end up screwed. Right now, lets get stability and hope for an injury free season, so Moore has a proper go at it.
  12. Good to see some of our fans don't want to continue to lurch from one disaster or another. This season was far from a disaster, there is no reason to create the uncertainty of another manager with their own ideas. We absolutely cant afford the cost of lurching from one philosophy to another.
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