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  1. Hutch is better than that horse faced faker...
  2. He says he put Maghoma inside to help the battle for the center that we used to control under carlos. Then he said he brought more attacking players on and told them to play with freedom. Basically leaving one mid and the back four to stop us. This meant we had to focus on defending against this new wave of attack. He concedes the game was very open from this point 'end to end' and points to the fact we hit the bar. This suggests it only narrowly worked, but it did work... so why complain? Also any decent manager knows you can give Nuhiu 6 sitters and he will only score 1... so he was pretty safe with the one that hit the bar too.
  3. The Newcastle job, apparently... Sorry, too soon.
  4. Ive wanted to know for a while, who told us Hughton wasn't interested? Unless it was Hughton, Id take it with a pinch of salt.
  5. ISn't he not interested in taking over?
  6. MOnks bad rep is mainly based on him being very harshly removed by idiotic chairmen. Swansea - look what happened there after. Leeds - it was when that loon was in charge and they played good football, Leeds falling apart is ingrained in that club. Birmingham - Got them to top 8 then took the fall for the points deduction putting them to bottom half. Id like to se what he can do.
  7. Unfortunately, if the bookies are right, we have decided to go for someone who made a decent rep strapped to Gareth Bale's coat tails...
  8. I was thinking the opposite in recent times. Not about the neck, just about being right.
  9. What if it wasn't a town? Can you still call it your hometown?
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