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  1. True, I'll trust Jos knows the best way to handle the young lads!
  2. Sinergy: Finnish metal band started in 1997 by American musician Kimberly Goss?
  3. Daizan10

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    You could if you wanted to, however i'm not suggesting they do. It just shows how close i consider their abilities that one performance (which included a great save) has tipped the balance of my opinion in Wildsmiths favour. You probably have to bare in mind that its also who i prefer and not going to result in anyone being swapped.
  4. It was the best thing for the team, but I just hope poor Hunt is ruined because of being hauled off after 45 mins on his debut...
  5. synergy? Are you going for the apprentice this year?
  6. Daizan10

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    I did like Dawson, but Wildsmith was strong last night. He seemed more commanding and that punch while being flattened was superb. Hes tipped it in his favour for me.
  7. Daizan10


    Mainly with beating them 6-0!
  8. Daizan10

    Sheffield Star

    Or so you have been told... Or is it fake news?
  9. Daizan10


    What HAS happened to Conner Wickham?
  10. Daizan10


    When it cuts to him after we score I feel nothing but love for the man. Think he is the best manager we have had in the last ten years. Stupid to let him go.
  11. Daizan10


    Sure has... lol. We might bat them in the second game when the Bielsa wheels have fallen off as they invariably do.
  12. Better than Liam Palmer? Oh and how long ago were you 11?
  13. Here is something to get us all back in a positive frame of mind.
  14. Daizan10

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Except for clubs like Man U, who have the revenue to pend hundreds of millions that would work.
  15. Daizan10

    Let’s try Mr Chansiri’s way

    Not while we have a mega rich owner who wants to get us to the prem!