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  1. It realy does - if you accept Cammy wouldn't have made the saves and wouldn't have made the clangers either then him being in instead makes no difference to the result.
  2. Two mistakes, two saves I don't think Cammy would have made, it works out all the same really and it was only last game he was the MOM in my opinion. I cant get behind all this negativity regarding Westwood.
  3. Westwood 8 MOM Palmer 5 Iorfa 6 Borner 6 Fox 6 Hutch 6 Joey 4 Lee 6 Reach 5 Fletcher 6 Harris 5 Fessi 6 Nuhiu 6 Murphy 6
  4. I thought Allen slowed own so bannan tangled legs with him. Thought the ref did well not to give it as it was gamesmanship, all be it very clever. Like getting someone to run into the back of you driving.
  5. Ridiculous, its obviously a work of art... "his c0cks f4ckin massive..." hum hum hum..
  6. A loan player. Someone like Hugill who QPR managed to get. Kodija would be ideal if we could get him.
  7. Why do we need another option in midfield? We already have Luongo sitting doing nowt half the time. We have Hutch and Pelupessy for dmc. Bannan, Lee and Luongo for the other positions. If we played three in central mid all the time I could see it, but if we play 4-4-2, which we do most of the time, its unlikely we will need any more players there. I think we need a striker if we can offload some of the others, left back and winger as we only have 3 wingers, leaving us short of cover.
  8. Fletcher is marginally in front of the defender - offside (if only a bit). Can we give over with the victim sheeet. It gets a bit old.
  9. That's definitely too many players ... :)
  10. Controversial, but id swap out Odubajo for Fox and play palmer right back.
  11. Once in a while someone says something truly inspirational!
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