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  1. Daizan10

    Is forrestieri injured?

    They usually finish 2 seconds after i notice the facebook notification...
  2. Daizan10

    Is forrestieri injured?

    when is this press conference?
  3. Daizan10

    Fans forum

    Must just be me then
  4. Daizan10

    Fans forum

    And there will just be more sycophants and less people who have decent questions that need answers... (Assuming that Owlstalk has most of the smart fans as members)
  5. Daizan10

    Fans forum

    This is an idea, but it does mean he can say he tried to communicate with the fans and we didn't come. Makes him look like the big man and us the idiots. I think at this point we need to do it, but not bow down to the simpering tone that is usually present where he doesn't get pressed on the big issues cos he throws his toys out of the pram. If his answers smell of BS press him on them and the fact the answers he gave have proven to be BS from last time. Yes, he doesn't have to do a forum at all, but he may as well not if he is going to spout BS and refuse to answer the hard questions.
  6. Daizan10


    Holloway thinks he is a defensive coach too, according to what he said on Quest on Saturday. Defensive coach who cant organise a defence... interesting.
  7. Daizan10


    Allardyce, but he is far too expensive. Moyes, but he has no championship experience in recent time and the rest are gash.
  8. Daizan10


    Hes not been as good as the early signs showed recently, but i think its too soon to write the poor lad off. The whole team has been absolute poo , so how can we expect a teenager to be the one rising above that?
  9. Daizan10

    Get Carlos back

    Tricky Trev was great and didn't deserve any abuse... Carlos ruined this club for the for-see-able future.
  10. Daizan10

    Get Carlos back

    Oh, Sorry... Your spot on. I was a little gutted when they let him go.
  11. Daizan10

    Lees goal “celebration”

    Thought he was great once he got going. Once Joao was on him, Joao and Nando were playing nice little passing moves. And then there was that slide tackle... and i usually think hes a waste of space.
  12. Daizan10

    Get Carlos back

    How would he have a better set of players? Hooper, Lee are injured (mainly thanks to him) the rest are moistly the same and he still wouldn't play the kids. He bought badly - If you give a sensible, decent manager who plans further than 6 months ahead 70m to spend (He increased the wages by 50m pa and spent 21m on players) they would have bought a lot less old, past it players we cant resell. Its down to him that we are in this mess.
  13. Daizan10

    Get Carlos back

  14. Daizan10

    Hutchinson to QPR

    Not making our bench seems to be more a sign of quality these days. LOL
  15. Im getting a fire stick and then ill be looking for an IPTV, but people I know have had mixed experiences. One guy took a years payment then disappeared and stopped replying to messages and the service stopped working. Now my father in law says it buffers a bit and stops working for big games (Hes a man u fan, so it just stops working when he wants it to most).