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  1. t certainly the only reason I never played for England, also.
  2. Steve Bruce never played for England. Is he the same personality as Di Canio?
  3. Must clarify I didnt mean you. Just people of the time.
  4. That's crap. Hes a hero on the blue side of Rome.
  5. Nice bit of racial stereotyping... brilliant. Two of the most talented players we ever had...
  6. So Chris Waddle tweeted a fake video of a band singing his name at a concert he was supposedly at? Hes quite conceited then... Wasn't when he lived near my parents.
  7. Pretty sure they are owls. have video of them singing "Walking in a waddle wonderland" at a gig. Not something a dingle or a blade is going to do. https://www.nme.com/news/music/chris-waddle-responds-arctic-monkeys-sheffield-tribute-2384928
  8. Rhodes was so obviously a bad signing. 8-10m for a player over the age of 27 is just stupid. On top of the fact that he hadn't done much for the least year or more for Middlesbrough. Just a sign of someone listening too much to the fans who doesn't understand how age effects players and their values in football.
  9. Yes they will. A new owner would be able to put another 20m of their own funds in.
  10. They were charged quite a lot after us and for different reasons.
  11. Im thinking about voting for Hutch to make a point- if enough do it.
  12. If true this is the stupidest thing he has ever done. Even more than getting into bed with Paxo or whatever he is called.
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