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  1. Daizan10


    I think with Jones, at least, for very good reason.
  2. I think Leeds will bottle it and they will get 2nd. Then we will pip 6th and play Leeds in the semi - obvs beat them and Sheffield will be back with the big boys.
  3. Unfortunately they will probably go up...
  4. Daizan10

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Poor joao, what does he have to do??
  5. Daizan10

    Bruce quote:

    Being bored is not an overly active state of mind, is it?
  6. Daizan10

    Bruce quote:

    Ill be there. My first game in years. Could do with a good bounce.
  7. Daizan10

    Starting 11 v Reading

    To be honest id prefer Lazaar to be a right back. Fox is a great crosser of the ball. Palmer is not.
  8. Daizan10

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Id go for that, but with Lazaar for Fox.
  9. Daizan10

    40 man squad

    and all of them of 40 grand a week too, even the ball boys.
  10. Then you have been watching with your eyes closed. Clearest pen as your likely to see and I actually love the man.
  11. What big games? He was awesome vs Arsenal. He wasn't great vs Chelsea, but he let the situation get to him. Hes pretty consistent all the championship games we play, but how many of them are "big"?
  12. Gets my goat when people come on and start slagging Hutch. We are a much better team with him and he brings far more than he costs us (He rarely gets sent off). I hope to hell its just a small minority who want Bruce to "get rid" of him as he is a "liability".
  13. ...and that, is Charisma... Cant think of many would have jumped in to help floundering chairman when he was talking in circles about ffp.