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  1. that is a no as the question is are you more confident and, as you just said, you are not more confident.
  2. So if its too early to have given you any extra confidence then it hasnt given you any extra confidence - hence its a no... no?
  3. He does an excellent podcast if that's your bag. The totally football show. (James Richardson that is).
  4. I like Mina Rzouki - she mainly does podcasts - but she should be doing more tv...
  5. I like it when they have journos on. Like BT get Rafa Honnigstein on sometimes to comment on german football. People who are articulate and have an ounce of sense. On the flip side Ian Wright is good cos hes like a big excited child.
  6. Hes being rested in an "over ready" way, ok...
  7. Cos I want to play Harris... "Resting" is all about PR in this instance.
  8. Id be tempted to play JVA and bench Borner and rest Penney and give Harris LWB role.
  9. Wildsmith 6 - didn't have a lot to do, but did what he had to well. Brennan 7 - solid Shaw 7.5 - looked like the experienced lad in their at times, twice saving other players blushes. Borner 6.5 - had a bit of a mare with throws. Like most of the team came good in the second half. Palmer 8 - some crosses coming off this lad. Pelupessy 6 - dodgy first half, sorted it out second. Hunt 8 MOM - was the best player first half and then kept it up second. Superb. Odubajo 5 - Couldn't cross his legs. Managed not to give away a pen though, I suppose. One of the few didnt improve second half. Dele-Bashiru 7 - This guy is so physical its unreal. Players bounce off him. Dribbling skills are good and the sheer determination when he nearly lost control in midfield second half. Kachunga 7 - good finish, thought he was kinda absent first half. Reach 6 - Shocking first half, shocking miss(es) second half. Came out looking a lot better, though, despite them. Fair??
  10. Except we no longer own the ground so all the rent would go to Sheffield2 or whatever company owns it. I don't think we could count that as money going to the club without it counting as the owner (or a company he owns) putting more money into the club.
  11. Id like that. Reach is an able midfielder, but so far has not shone as a striker.
  12. I was thinking in the night (the things that keep me awake) that we dont have another no.10 for if Brown gets injured. Maybe there is someone in the youff ready to step up?
  13. He was one who gave his all and had love for the club. If his ability had matched his heart he'd have been a class act. All the best in the Europa league next season ya big [email protected]
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