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  1. I threw away all my old football socks and shorts when i could no longer play football. Now, however, im going to coach my sons football team and thought id make the most of the recent reductions in kit. There are no adult shorts or socks left, but I was wondering if anyone knew if you could get size ten feet in the junior 12-13 socks? Ill be wearing them pulled down, so don't care about the length...
  2. The article states that both parties were open to a transfer, but there wasnt any interest... maybe this time its not chansiri's fault! Though I would argue that the way transfers worked led to Carlos having a player he didn't choose and had no skin in the game to playing, which led to Abdi feeling the coach didn't back him and him getting limited games.
  3. The only issue here from the clubs perspective seems to have been Carlos' management of him. He needed to have some one who believed in him and played him regardless of his last performance - because they knew what he would offer. I suppose it is indicative of a coach not choosing the players that he didn't receive that from Carlos. If a coach had picked a player, he would do all he could to make sure he got the best out of them, but if its someone signed for him there is no pressure on the coach for that to work out. Which concludes with the club wasting £4m. It also shows his character may b
  4. He's not malicious, he's just useless.
  5. Does he get worse the further away from Pride Park you live? So there's a guy in London thinks he's the worst human being in the uk, never mind footballer, but a feller in Nottingham who thinks he could do a job?
  6. Exactly. he has the power. he holds all the cards. We have to play it his way.
  7. Pessey will be good in L1 and Luongo was good in the championship - just a bit injured.
  8. Yeah, i simplified it too much
  9. Neil does an impression and the other person has to guess if the impression is of Yarwood or Marwood. However it is often hard to tell, i'm not sure his impression is great, of either.
  10. I just asked my mate in work (northern Irish feller, supports Everton) if he wanted a game of Marwood or Yarwood. I explained the rules and he said he didn't know who either of those people are. I explained it really didn't matter and sent him the pod. Have to see what he thinks. LOL
  11. Another great one. The sensible ones weren't half as good.
  12. Its all so random and completely mad.. I love it. Don't change a thing... LOL
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