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  1. To be fair if he wasnt expecting one of those three he might need his head examining.
  2. Will we even use a left back? 3-5-2 is going well. Can Penney play left of a back 3 or is he too light weight/bad in the air?
  3. Plus anyone who had sky could just watch on there.
  4. Fair enough. I find your picture really disconcerting. Best just do as you say. LOL
  5. Im not saying he isn't normally this kind of bad, but if he had done this at the weekend I would have expected more impact on the game - which there wasn't.
  6. What exactly did Joey P do wrong? I thought he stepped in for one of the better performers and we didn't drop or concede dominance in midfield - which we would if he hadn't been at least nearly as on it as Luongo.
  7. We are good at the first part - not so good at the second.
  8. Fair enough. I don't know, but how could it not be? The plan was to get him and Hourahan and id imagine he signed off this premise. So then he would continue to be the main man and Hourahan would put in the same balls he loves. However on the advice of a 7 year old we signed a player who plays almost exactly the same poacher role, but was much older and had only managed six goals in the previous season. This player cost 20 times his value and so was immediately going to get in the squad - this proved true. So now we have no money for Hourahan. All his preconceptions had to go out of the window. In the odd games he then got he did ok and scored a few goals - but there was no supplanting the expensive player, despite hiom having a similar scoring record in the first season. Over that time he is going to become rusty and unused to scoring goals - strikers need to play - confidence is all - surely what wilder did with his strikers in the championship proves that. We will never know what Sam Winnall could have become had he been treated properly, but i suspect it is somewhat more successful than Jordan Rhodes has been. At 500k he should have increased in value anyway and been sold for 2m or some sort of figure when we loaned him out, but DC holds to these ridiculous ideas he can get stupid money for players - so we never sell anyone (the only time we have is when he managed to hoodwink a fellow Thai owner with similar experience to himself).
  9. Because his confidence was shot as he hadn't played for weeks or he had been given a game then been dropped cos we had to play the guy we spent 10m on. At 500k his signing should have been a no brainer - one we couldn't lose on - yet we have managed to do so.
  10. Winnal was a great signing. He was in the form of his life, 25 and only cost 500k. Its not his fault we let him rot till his confidence was gone and then sent him out on loan. If we had nurtured him, played a style where he was getting the service he had at Barnsley he'd have been worth 10 x the price two years later and we could have sold him on for a massive profit. But of course that would have been too sensible.
  11. Having said that it is right easy from my position of hindsight.
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