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  1. Hirst. We would smash it up with Hirst up top.
  2. Daizan10

    Commercial department missing a trick

    They are missing a whole hat of tricks. Shoddy - but improving (slowly)
  3. Id imagine if we are top 6 come January DC will make the gamble. If not hell sell one of the big assets. I really hope we are in a position to gamble and that gamble pays off!
  4. Yeah, getting rid of them is a must, but on its own it wont solve our problem. We need to sell a big value target or go up. If we go up we will have seriously got away with some very poor management by DC!
  5. Both over 30, wouldn't get more than 2m for them combined (Westwood has 6 months left on contract so can talk to other clubs and agree a deal for a free), so if we have to sell it prob wont be these two without selling one of the others also.
  6. Fessi, hes 28 so its our last chance to get a decent fee. Reach has 6-8 more years at the top.
  7. Dawson 6 Palmer 6 Lees 7 Hector 7 Pudil 7 Penney 6 Pelupessy 7 Onomah 8 Reach 8 Forestieri 7 Nuhiu 7
  8. I hear you can get a nice hand shandy in the kop tho. :) (Sorry if its been said before!)
  9. Daizan10

    Matias or Reach

    I assume when it comes to the vote we are going to push him close though!!
  10. Daizan10

    Matias or Reach

    I prefer Matias' as it was less of a hit and hope. It showed excellent craft and technique to knock it over the defenders head before smashing it in.
  11. Daizan10

    Leeds fan in peace

    Missing Roofe. That guy who was up top couldn't finish his lunch. That sort of depth is going to be an issue especially with the Bielsa factor come mid season.
  12. Daizan10

    Still an out from me

    Really no need to start slagging the Hutchmeister...