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  1. Your a strange egg. I understand the drudgery is necessary, going back to basics has to happen, and eventually we will be an effective side, but god its hard to watch right now.
  2. Also, if he gets more games and is there at set pieces he will pick up a few goals from knock downs. Unless we get a big man up with him he doesn't do much goals wise.
  3. JVA is a serviceable defender - but he is pish at reacting to opponents when one on one. Brookes really showed this weak point some time ago (I don't know if anyone remembers that game). I think once hes playing centre half and has someone to double up with he will be less exposed. Long term I don't think he will do unless he sorts out that side of his game or is a backup player. Katchunga: He isn't crap. Hes just not got the positional nouse that rhodes has - hes mostly a winger, so it doesn't come as naturally.
  4. Did he get taken off for his fitness? 55 mins seems like a "you were warned" time to take off a striker. Like hed been told he was crap and had 10 mins to prove otherwise. But I thought he was generally good and we were worse without him. Lost a bit of formational discipline and balance. Also we didnt press as well.
  5. Oh, and Odubajo for me - long may this form continue.
  6. What happened to the old radial voting option?
  7. I remember him being more one of these wide forwards than a goal scorer.
  8. Are we within the FFP rules? We should be after StadiumGate If we are, how much can we spend? Are we being sensible or making the same mistakes all over again? Are we under an embargo? Nope If not will Pulis be allowed complete freedom to sell and buy as he wishes? Doubt it Has DC got any money to spend? Yes, but does he want to? If he has unlimited funds, how much should he spend? Not too much - Unless we want to go in endless cycles of getting points deducted. Do we trust TP to spend wisely? I would - hes nothing if not
  9. Bunsen. Tho I was gonna go Westwood to "Get behind our players". The man slipped if he had had much else to do, Id have given him it.
  10. Id be happy with Paul Cook, also. Or Ryan Lowe. But i think Pulis is the most obvious choice.
  11. But not to the premier league. Paul Cook is good at the lower leagues - then he got to the championship and managed low to mid table - fine if we were happy with mid table. Pulis has a great championship record and some promotions and then consolidates a prem place well. He also doesn't get relegated. All things pertinent to our current situation or hopeful near future. The football is not pretty, but it works. I'm happy with that.
  12. Better than most people - most candidates, if not all.
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