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  1. Because he is on his own, and doesnt pass to the other team on the notable times he does get the ball. If he is playing DM he's seriously out of position a lot of the time and this illustrates that. I dont think hes playing DM at all. Like I say, I get he's busting a gut and trying to get stuck in, but for me he's not influencing the game enough. His passes often go astray and frequently he get bullied off the ball, like he's tried to get in there, but just wasn't strong enough. I think he will come back in to form, but over the last two games he's looked off it and I wouldn't want him starting over Adeniran. Before these last two games he was doing ok, he's just having a dip.
  2. So, he works hard, but he doesn't impact the team in an attacking (memorable/ highlight worthy) way? I thought he was a creative midfielder? I will agree that I did notice him getting stuck in well in the Cambridge game - even if i noticed more when he headed softly at the keeper from 8 yards out in the Wimbledon game. The problem is there are hundreds of times where getting stuck in is possible. We only get 2 or 3 clear cut chances a game - cant go throwing those away. I'm not going all out hate. If he is out of form then he will come back into it eventually (unless he is Jordan Rhodes), I just dont advocate him playing as a starter in his current form.
  3. Im usually one of those giving it a positive spin and regarding Moore and our current position, I see it as part of a transition and expect us to get better as the season goes on, however last two game Lewis Wing has been poor. I'm not about to castigate him but he needs to a lot better in the high pressure situations. Final passes and shooting has been particularly bad. He isn't as good as Adeniran or Dele-Bashiru on current form and has to go some way to warrant a place in the starting eleven. So, I would say that he is not being scapegoated as Palmer so often is, the difference being that Palmer often plays well and gets attacked for one mistake, whereas Wing isnt playing well and is being criticised for that, mainly fairly IMO.
  4. you seem to have taken my nonsense rather thick. I'm certainly no keyboard warrior.
  5. When I were a lad there was a kid called Cain at my school. He was constantly harangued by another kid as being a Spoon. So in his memory, I would like to say "Cain, yer spown..." (sorry).
  6. No, that's just an opinion. Time will tell who is deluded...
  7. I for one am not happy, but will stomach it on the way to a sustainable way of running a football club. I'm happy to wait for the players and Moore to get their feet and get used to a style before I start childishly shouting for gratification.
  8. Did you not think Dunkley was very lucky not to be repeatedly penalised from levering players around by their arms? Maybe he was being smart about it but it didn't look it on TV. Ref only gave one of about eight seperate arm grapples.
  9. Im gonna go for: BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Adeniran Bannan Dele-Bashiru Corbeanu Paterson Gregory
  10. This just makes me more scared. if you need to end a run or record - who you gonna call?
  11. Wouldnt trust you as far as i can throw you, following this post.
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