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  1. Yeah Loovens was decent. But we needed others to chip in too. Ross Wallace had something about him too, a bit of fire in his belly, a bit of character. But the team at the moment is devoid of them.
  2. Spot on. The best teams don’t have one leader, they have a team of them. As much as I loathe Wilder, he’s built a team full of leaders and character. We haven’t had any for years.
  3. Absolutely brilliant post. Spot on. The club is so badly run it’s untrue. From ticket prices, commercial department, player recruitment, youth development, stadium refurbishment etc we are just years behind other clubs. Chansiri really needs to get a decent technical director in, someone to start from the bottom up rather than the annual firefighting and short term fixes that have just become the norm.
  4. Wasn't comparing home fans with away fans. My point was that people knock the atmosphere at Hillsborough sometimes but we do tend to have noise from the Kop and North.
  5. For those moaning about the atmosphere at Hillsborough, please take note of the complete lack of it from the home fans last night at Pride Park. Apart from a couple of "Bald Eagle's Barmy Army" chants from their "Kop" section next to us I don't think there was any noise at all from any of their other three stands.
  6. Birmingham fans said no boss had managed to get such a good connection with the fans in a long time. I think he’s a decent appointment, so much better than some of the alternatives. He’ll be well up for this. Good to have a manager with a bit of spike about him.
  7. It’s a football ground. A proper football ground. Replace the West Stand and that’s it. I don’t need it to be shiny enough to eat my dinner off the floor. Who really wants a soul-less identi-kit thing like Pride Park ?
  8. Wow. My favourite 80s kit in SWFC form ! That is a thing of beauty!
  9. Everytime I hear a pig speak about this team I’m lead to believe they’re the finest footballing side they’ve ever had. Every player, including the centre backs, attack from the opening minute, rampaging forward creating chances at will. Didn’t see much of that last night.
  10. All I’ve heard for the last few weeks is how they’ll rip us apart this time because we won’t park the bus like Jos. Quotes such as “Home or away we go for straight it from kick off”. They looked a million miles away from that. Wilder definitely thought Madine would grab the glory but Hector bossed him superbly. Bruce has done a fantastic job of getting the basics right with the defence and team shape in a short space of time - just need a bit more work in attack now. It’s definitely chalk and cheese though compared to the last 18 months.
  11. 100% agree. It sounds like he’s got money to spend but just can’t spend it. Why not invest it the infrastructure of the academy and ground. The West Stand should be a priority- it’s in a proper state, especially that roof.
  12. The long term plan for anyone investing in a football team has to start at the bottom. Should’ve been a continual investment in sorting the academy and it’s facilities. Alongside that make sure there’s a real connection between the club and the community and the fans. They’re surely the basics for anyone buying a club like ours. What you don’t do is immediately start making everything more expensive.
  13. It would be great to see these fantastic diehard away fans refunded at some point for one of these games where the players just don’t put a shift in. Other clubs have done it before. if Chansiri has a go at the fans at the forum someone really needs to pull him up on it. The numbers travelling away is simply incredible given the circumstances and the garbage being served up. Clubs like Derby who’ve got decent support and who are fighting for promotion aren’t taking the same numbers away.
  14. Danny Cowley at Lincoln. He’s embraced their club and got everyone singing from the same sheet. Totally turned the club around with his positivity. You’ve only got to hear him speak to know he’s got his head screwed on and is destined for bigger things. We’ll obviously appoint some no mark who has no clue about our identity and culture, but he’s the man I’d go for given our limited budget.
  15. What a set of interviews by him. Absolutely priceless. So many digs at us, and most of them complete garbage. My favourite is Reach’s right foot - fat little porker has obviously done his homework.
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