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  1. 114mphAndRising

    Official - Club up for sale

    The long term plan for anyone investing in a football team has to start at the bottom. Should’ve been a continual investment in sorting the academy and it’s facilities. Alongside that make sure there’s a real connection between the club and the community and the fans. They’re surely the basics for anyone buying a club like ours. What you don’t do is immediately start making everything more expensive.
  2. It would be great to see these fantastic diehard away fans refunded at some point for one of these games where the players just don’t put a shift in. Other clubs have done it before. if Chansiri has a go at the fans at the forum someone really needs to pull him up on it. The numbers travelling away is simply incredible given the circumstances and the garbage being served up. Clubs like Derby who’ve got decent support and who are fighting for promotion aren’t taking the same numbers away.
  3. Danny Cowley at Lincoln. He’s embraced their club and got everyone singing from the same sheet. Totally turned the club around with his positivity. You’ve only got to hear him speak to know he’s got his head screwed on and is destined for bigger things. We’ll obviously appoint some no mark who has no clue about our identity and culture, but he’s the man I’d go for given our limited budget.
  4. 114mphAndRising

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    What a set of interviews by him. Absolutely priceless. So many digs at us, and most of them complete garbage. My favourite is Reach’s right foot - fat little porker has obviously done his homework.
  5. 114mphAndRising

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Christ I never thought I’d find myself warming to Colin, but the more I hear from Chris “40k” Wilder the more I realise Colin did actually have a bit of humour about him. Wilder is just so, so bitter. And he’s like a bloody broken record bleating on about his attacking philosophy. He likes to play the underdog card against us, that’s why it’s hurt him that we came into both these last 2 matches at the Lane as underdogs ourselves and he’s not been able to break us down.
  6. 114mphAndRising

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    I agree. With the state we’re in tonight there was plenty of potential for a proper bad score line. Yeah, we were all over the place attempting to go forward, but sod it, that horrible squared-headed porker Wilder has become the first manager who’s failed to crack our defence. Seeing his red face seething away in that interview afterwards made it all worthwhile.
  7. Decent post - pretty much sums up how I think it will pan out if we don’t go up, the decent players will be sold. A pragmatic manager like McCarthy would improve us. I’ve been rooting for Jos but we’re not one thing or another under him. We’re neither fast flowing attacking football or rock solid at the back. It was a completely left field appointment and it’s just not working. We’ll get a couple of wins to paper over the cracks and then they’ll put in some dire performances again. I’d like to see us on it at EVERY match.
  8. 114mphAndRising

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    At last one of the national papers has taken this story up. It needs using as an example so the money clubs can’t get away with fleecing young talent from the lower leagues without them getting proper compensation, otherwise it makes a mockery of the whole Academy system for many clubs.
  9. 114mphAndRising


    What annoys the hell out of me is that the club is giving off this impression to the media that they’re tough as hell when it comes to negotiating this BBC Radio deal yet when it comes to transfer fees we get our pants pulled down time & again. This has been going on for years. Other clubs in this division, even small ones like Brentford, seem to get top dollar for their players. When was the last time we felt we actually made someone pay seriously over the odds for one of our players ? It all adds to the notion that we’re not well run, not organised, haven’t got a long term plan.
  10. 114mphAndRising

    Sorry another Hirst thread

    We should make an official complaint now about it, so the FA are aware that we know exactly how this is going to pan out and that Leicester are conning the Academy system. If this had happened to another club I’m sure the national press would’ve picked up on it a bit more.
  11. 114mphAndRising

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Yeah you’re probably right mate but like you say the loophole needs closing. Hopefully in a couple of years they’ll be down with the dead men and on their way back to the championship where they belong.
  12. 114mphAndRising

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Absolutely despise Leicester. tug club. Sh!te support when they were in the Championship. Obviously done this deal to avoid paying us money. Completely taking the wee wee and if the FA had anything about them they’d be looking into this deal and doing something about it.
  13. 114mphAndRising

    Chris Wilder’s Comments Last Week

    What’s with the Southern voice too ?
  14. All that talk from Wilder about him and his players knowing exactly what the Derby is all about, implying that Jos wouldn’t know what’d hit him, that he wouldn’t have experienced anything like it in Germany. Hahaha, Jos just showed some class and took it all in his stride. Mint.
  15. 114mphAndRising

    Kit Size