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  1. Fibonacci91

    Adam Reach

    Dont think he was the worst on the night. Dont think we have anything going forward generally. However said sincee the day i first saw him play hs average
  2. Fibonacci91

    New dead ball specialist/s needed

    Have we ever been this ineffective at free kicks. I’ve seen worse periods for corners, but not free kicks.
  3. Fibonacci91

    Larst night

    shambolic wasnt in. REally gutted i didnt have a couple of vanks instead tbh.
  4. Fibonacci91

    Larst night

    We're worse mate!
  5. Fibonacci91

    Larst night

    Wondered how many people would see it as a mistake and how many would notice the accent. I'm a manc actually
  6. Fibonacci91


  7. Fibonacci91

    Larst night

    Absolutely pathetic game of football last night. Looked like a national league game. Not a moment of quality n 90 mins. Bannan has to play centrally Fessi has to, and can only play wide. Cant really justify Boyd coming on. We’ve got to get these 2 full backs in. Both Palmer and fOx done OK, but no room for sentimentality. We need points asap, and to do so we need more going forward.
  8. Fibonacci91

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    It can only possibly be Hector
  9. Fibonacci91

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    2 years older, lost that off the mark pace. Is he the same player. Haev we seen him at his best for nearly 3 years? I'd argue not.
  10. Fibonacci91

    Nando Number Ten

    On the money
  11. Fibonacci91

    Nando Number Ten

    We were at our best because FF was at his best because he was on the left?
  12. Fibonacci91

    Nando Number Ten

    He was at his dominant best in our first season playing in off the left. He has only gone downhill and never bene as consistent or a down right impactful since that season and since his change in position.
  13. Fibonacci91

    Nando Number Ten

    I have always seen Fessi as an inside forward coming in off the left. This gives him space to run into and at defenders, as opposed to playing with his back to goal. His second position would be as a number 10, but i think he is more a dribbler than a creative type. He doesn't exactly slip countless through balls in. I would have him cutting in from wide and running at the box or driving the ball across from wide. He will score as many cutting in than he would from being in a number 10 where he will often be crowded out by bigger centre halves. For me Bruce stating Fessi is "one of the best in the champ" and claiming he is a 'number 10,' sets us up to play 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-1-2 (Diamond). I would be looking at 4-3-3 ideally but thats a preference for me.
  14. Tyrone mings and Jacob Murphy both available on loan. Seems pretty ideal to me.