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  1. Fibonacci91

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Penny Hutch Lee Bannan Fess Reach Joao ........6
  2. Fibonacci91


    Pissed on their party? You dont think all those little piggy fans know how pathetic we are. That from minute one we didnt even dare try to play football. I think they're pretty happy overachieving having seen where they are in comparison to their biggest rivals.
  3. Fibonacci91


    They're a nothing little tin pot and you're happy for them to be better than us. Significantly better than us.
  4. Fibonacci91


    People laughing at the blades cos hey couldnt beat us. calling them bottlers. Look at yourselves. Everyone who watched that game knows our biggest rivals, and an absolutely nothing club, are miles and miles ahead of us
  5. Fibonacci91

    Jos out

    It was like watching abuse out there tonight. It was literally difficult emotionally.
  6. Fibonacci91


    I'm absolutely amazed at some of the positive reactions to that performance. I cannot believe that performance. Its not their fault. They're not very good. What are we as a club. Did we even have 20% possession. Couldn't even make a sub and try and win the game. Celebrating that draw on the pitch after that performance. Against Sheffield United? They're a nothing team, a nothing club, they'e absolutely nothing. We looked like we couldn't even set up properly at professional level. It was like watching bullying out there, almost like abuse, it was difficult to watch. They have no right to be footballers them lot. I've never been so embarrassed. Shameful. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.
  7. Fibonacci91


    your youngish arent you?
  8. Fibonacci91

    Season tickets

    Surely it affects the amount you would be willing to pay? Not the willingness to go, but the amount you are willing to pay.
  9. Fibonacci91

    Season tickets

    If you think thats the point then there is no hope for you. If you cannot see that it is absolutely abhorent to push season tickets knowing you are under embargo, without announcing it then I have nothing to say. It would have been a factor in the pricing structure of the season tickets. No way it was worth the price it was sold for, under embargo and unable to sign players or progress. We dont go to just watch a game. Wednesday is stitched into it, we support out of the desire for progress, not for sh!t5 and giggles.
  10. Fibonacci91

    Season tickets

    Not legally...but morally?...probably yes
  11. Fibonacci91

    Season tickets

    Did DC sell us season tickets without telling anyone about the transfer embargo? Has anyone mentioned this? Is this in any way forgivable?
  12. Fibonacci91


    Read Lee and Jos' words sounds like negativity and excuses and down right defeatism.
  13. Fibonacci91


    All noises coming out of the club from every angle are defeatist and negative. Given up. they know they can achieve nothing. Players like Lees and Bannan know their time came and it has passed them by. Jos is doing as well as he can. You simply cannot deal with this number of injuries and players over 30 without having any budget to spend to bring in players. Carlos screwed us in this respect but DC allowed him to. Its an impossible job for the manager, and zero fun supporting Wednesday at the moment unfortunately.
  14. Fibonacci91


    Lol that you think Abdi is up to it
  15. Fibonacci91

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Nahh, not properly. Plus they wre only around for 1 season. We can build an affinity with BB.