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  1. Westwood Ozaze Lees Hutch Reach Joey Bannan Penny Harris Rhodes Patto
  2. Ozaze Lees Hutch Harris Joey P BB Harris Windass Rhodes Patto
  3. Its really weird. We're so much better when we try and play football. Our decent performances have come when Bannan has a lot of the ball and gets us playing. This seems to have gone out of the window recently and I can't understand it.
  4. Thommo's selection and non-selection of these players has been his and our downfall. A few weeks ago Ozaze had a great game. We played very well with him, Lees and Hutch in a back 3. The following game he was then dropped for Dunkley who was poor and has been poor since. In this game we played Dunkley Lees and hutch in a back 3. Joey P gives away penalty. Haters waiting for Joey crawled out from under their rocks. The next game Ozaze was bought back in. Despite playing well and consistently for a number of weeks, it was for Joey P who was hung out to dry aft
  5. He is clearly less comfortable playing at number 10 than number 8. He likes to play with the game infront of him. His game is getting us playing and establishing our rhythm in the game, not playing splitting through balls. I'm not saying ones more effective than the other, I'm just saying what he is good at.
  6. Forgot about Brunt and Whelan, but I don't think you can argue they have given us more than Bannan. Maybe equal, but for not as long.
  7. So frustrating that people don't see him for the player he is. All this plays too deep nonsense. He's most comfortable there and this is where we get the most out of him. Every time we mess with his position the game complete bypasses him. He is a paul scoles not a bruno fernandes, he keeps us ticking over and gets us plying and establishes our pattern of play in the game. Hes not a number 10.
  8. As stated, Bannan gets us playing and we fall apart without him. Its not all about numbers. Anyone with any intelligence that watches the games understands his quality.
  9. BB has been our best player by a mile for the past 5 seasons yet gets sticks. Its not his fault players around him are complete dross. Ye he's not the complete footballer, but with good players around him he is class.
  10. Bannan is comfortably the best player we have had since the Italians in 98/99. Gets so much stick its ridiculous but he always works, could have lost interest this season in a crap team but has always stated the desire he wants to stay and always tries to play his game. He loves the club because he plays every week and he knows he might not have done if he hadn't come here. He battles he runs he tackles and is the best player at the club by a country mile. People slate him for not getting enough goals or assists and ye his numbers could be higher but that's why he at a lower l
  11. Missed a trick with Glenn Murray potentially? Get trying to reduce the squad age but some experience required and hes goals for sure. On a free worth a punt for me. George Hirst, would you take him on loan?
  12. You do realise we have like 13 players on the books. Season starts in a few weeks time.
  13. Bristol club captain- available on a free
  14. Gotta be the most pointless interview of all time.
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