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  1. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Hutch Bannan Luongo Harris FF Fletcher
  2. he has had a hell of . abad injury recently, but pre that he was incredibly fit and trust worthy, playing ost games and was rarely injured. Im not sure where that impression has come form that he was often breaking down pre- this injury. If he would take a one year on reduced terms I'd sign up as a squad player as he could easily go somewhere else and be successful which would be a mare if it was for one of our rivals.
  3. Im his biggest fan but he always seemed to want to go back the way the ball comes from, never wants to turn and open it up.
  4. Westwood Palmer Hector Lees Fox Arrons Joey P/Reach Hutch Reach/Fessi Fessi/Winnall Fletch
  5. Could be a season definer that tbh. Differant team without that pace up top. Turns up our threat virtually 100%.
  6. Are you fvking insane? joey did nothing wrong the other day. Tackled and used the ball well with composure. No world beater but i dont understand the levels of stick he gets. He cant be better than he is. Jones is pathetic.
  7. Seriously though? Like we are about top push for play-offs having played some pretty poor teams, we are about to play 8 difficult teams. Would you rather i just followed along buzzing about the fact that he can run, or would you rather I have some sort of ability to analyse a players abilities and performance?
  8. Is anyone gonna mention how bad this guy is defensively? Has he made a tackle for us?
  9. Was worried with 40 gone, we really didn’t show enough quality initially. The goal settled us and from there we were the only team in it. Bannan much better and hector doesnit every game, he is immense. Palmer had another great game. Arrons grew once we settled, I don’t think he’s a world beater but he’s useful and is the only player of that I’ll we have. Want to see more from reach, he showed it inflashes but we need our better players to play well consistently if we think we’re good enough for top 6. Hopefully the quality we showed second half gives those better players some confidence to do it for fill 90, and against better teams. Well played in the end.
  10. Some on here are fully aware of how much I rate Bannan, however I have to say I was very disappointed last night. 2 or 3 occasions when we broke forward and he closed off angles and didn’t look like make a 5 yard dart to once side to open up an angle for a pass and to receive the ball, I have to say, it looked like hiding to me. Not going to lie.
  11. Cannot argue with Palmer at the moment. He's gone from absolutely bang average to very capable,. My only concern is...is he pulling a Nuhiu and playing for a contract?.....
  12. Dont think he was the worst on the night. Dont think we have anything going forward generally. However said sincee the day i first saw him play hs average
  13. Have we ever been this ineffective at free kicks. I’ve seen worse periods for corners, but not free kicks.
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