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  1. Fibonacci91

    If you absolutely had to....

    Only the Sith deal in absolutes
  2. Fibonacci91

    If you absolutely had to....

    Are you thick?
  3. Fibonacci91

    If you absolutely had to....

    Bannan is god for me not gonna lie
  4. would you shift Fessi or Bazza?
  5. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    Hahahahahahahaha looool Abdi in the team over Kieran Lee. Seriously bro thats actually hillarious
  6. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    Why not Hutch and Fred
  7. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    Its fashionable to be able to ping the ball 40 yards.
  8. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    Not gonna lie thought you had Hutch and Pessi which changes the whole balance of the team
  9. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    Is Hutch out of position? Personally id consider using him at centre back due to injuries and suspensions in CM. Yes I am considering Lee as an option for right wingback/right midfield, but he is second choice for that position. Not that mental, he played right back for years and plenty of others on here have had him as an option for right back. Hunt and Reach, fair comments, but surely they are the two best wingbacks at the club currently?? Joao is clearly playing as a striker that drifts wide sometimes to pick the ball up. He is clearly more central than Reach and Hunt who are playing the wide positions. Pudil has been class, fair play with Thornily but if you asked me to pick a team to play tomorrow, Pudil would pip it. Certainly not a totally outrageous call to play Pudil over Thorns.
  10. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    So you want 2 number 10s, 2 wingers, 2 strikers, and 5 defensive players all in the centre of the pitch?
  11. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    --------------------------------Westwood-------------------------------- Fred Lees Hutch/Pudil--------- Hunt/Lee-------Hutch/Pessi--------------Bannan-----------Reach---- ---------------Fessi------------Hooper--------------Joao----------------- Bench: Wildsmith, Van-Aken, Pudil/Pessi, Mathias, Rhodes, Nuhiu
  12. Darren Pratley always plays well against us. Cameron Jerome had the game of his life against us for Brum once. Think they beat us 3-1.
  13. Fibonacci91

    Starting XI

    ----------------------------Westwood--------------------------- Fred Lees Pudil ------------------------------Hutch----------------------------- ----------------------Lee----------------Bannan---------------- Fessi-----------------------------------------------------Joao ---------------------Hooper--------------Rhodes----------------
  14. Fibonacci91

    Ash Baker

    Boy is class will play right back for us next year
  15. Fibonacci91

    Barry Bannan

    The guy is a complete and utter joke. A simply stunning footballer.