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  1. Deec, wouldn't play moses though.Id have Iorfa at full back if you wanted to drop Palmer.
  2. fair, i'd like to see Murphy for reach at the very least. If not Fessi for Reach with Winnal/Rhodes partnering Fletch. Winnal got a goal and lost his poo in frnot of the fans and we haven't seen him since. Not exactly the confidence booster he needed.
  3. your a lunatic mate. A complete lunatic. Bannan wide is and always has been nothing but pure insanity.
  4. your telling me he can play 40 games this season?
  5. I never said one should never play 4-4-2. I believe generally in 4-3-3 of that there is doubt but I'm not a slave to my opinions. I am flexible.
  6. was based on fletch having tired. Apparently International break week after. I'd probably go Fletch with Rhodes/Fessi and Fessi/Harris on the wing.
  7. hers Fair. him wiht Rhodes or Fessi with Fessi/Harris on wing then.
  8. Just trying to mix it up lads. Players tiring and some need a kick up the backside. Others need a chance.
  9. Fletch is tiring and will continue to do so without a break. He's been class for us but we cant rely on Steven Fletcher all season.
  10. time to mix it up still a big man little man combo in theory but with some natural goalscores (in theory) Could be Fessi/Harris Fletch Rhodes/Fessi
  11. Westy Iorfa/Palmer Lees/Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Hutch/Luongo Bannan Fessi Rhodes Winnall Bench: Dawson Palmer Luonago/Hutch Reach Harris Fletcher Nuhiu
  12. Time to mix it up and give a couple a well needed rest or kick up the back side to rediscover form westy iorfa/Palmer Hutch/iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Luongo/hutch Bannan FF Winnall Rhodes
  13. Can we just stockpile strikers? Would you tell Rhodes and Winnall to find somewhere else to train or just release them from their contracts? I don't think its good for the squad. You cant just keeping buying players in the positions you have them. You have to at a certain point work with with we have. Can we get the midfielders and wingers contributing more and get Beattie to bring a few more goals out of the strikers we have.
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