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    Forest thoughts

  2. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    I seem to have had a decent response to this post, other than most people disagreeing with me about Fox. I thought he was too easily beaten on a number of occasions.
  3. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    Got no real beef with that to be fair. I love Hutch, however I have very recently been of the opinion that actually all his running about and crazy tackles, just show he's never quite in control of the game. hes always chasing it about like a dog. Maybe he just needs to anchor in a 3 and just a patrol a 15 year area.
  4. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    Not for me, seen enough of Boyd.
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    Forest thoughts

  6. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    Not that many other options. Fully fit I would possibly have: Reach Joao Fessi Maybe Fessi Joao Hooper Or Joao Hooper . Fessi I think Joao has played well, offers something different, can win a game for us. Has pace is strong, scores some goals. I don't think he's the greatest player we've ever had, but he's probably our best number 9. Especially until Hooper proves he's still got it after his time out. He didn't have his best game for us lsat night, but the whole team was shocking. He was visibly frustrated, no passes on and passes to him were poor. Out of position when uhiu was doing very little through the middle. I think your being a little ahrsh but I see kind of where you are coming from.
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    Forest thoughts

  8. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    fair play, I just think he's much much better than the other two. I am amazed we haven't loaned him out. I don't know, I'm very sentimental when it comes to football when I know is dumb. I feel for him in the sense that he's never been the number 1 for Ireland and he should have been their undisputed keeper his entire career really.
  9. Fibonacci91

    Forest thoughts

    Its just the obvious way to play. Its so simple to just say, put more players closer to their goal, play 2 strikers, its more attacking. its the analysis of a 3 year old in the school play ground. It shows no understanding of the game. If you don't control the game, if you cant get the ball to your strikers by controlling the game, you can play as many strikers as you want, you will loose 8 out of 10.
  10. Onomah looked decent. Out of position but he was looking for clever passes. Yes some got cut out and he gave the ball away, but he was trying to break the lines and if he was doing that in his position further up no one would mind. Fox was absolutely shocking and very surprised to see multiple people praise his performance. Penny twice the player already. Thornily is a beast and Lees looks a shadow, what a shame. Clearly we need at least 1 holding midfielder. Should we revert to 3 in the middle if we are constantly loosing midfield battles? Are we more attacking just because we have 2 people instead of 1 located closer to the opposition goal, if we are totally dominated in midfield and cant create nay chances? Would it be worth playing Joey behind Bannan creating and Onomah box to box? Joao did look disinterested last night, but i don't think he has done generally. In fact his work rate has been pretty good recently. I think he was frustrated last night by a lack of quality around him. Jos put it in the players heads that they shouldn't look for Bannan as much as they do. I think this got in Bannan's head. He was still our best player, but not quite as effective last night. Reach's worst performance in a Wednesday shirt. Nuhiu isn't good enough. Joao needs to play through the middle. My team: Westwood Baker Lees Thorn Penny Joey Onomah Bannan Reach Matias Joao 3 in the middle: Its a numbers game, and its fairly simple. Restrict the amount of times the opposition gets through our midfield, means it gets through our defence less often, means it gets through our keeper less often.
  11. Fibonacci91


    For me he's the third best keeper at the club without question. At fault for both goals against stoke. admittedly other people were also at fault, but the keeping was poor.
  12. Fibonacci91

    Front 4

    Who would play for you if everyone was fully fit My shout would be Matias/Reach Reach/Hooper Fessi Joao Nui on bench, see ya later fletch.
  13. Fibonacci91


    Its well knows he's an attacking midfielder. at best box-to-box.
  14. How do we get the ball to him if he's playing further forward? We play 4 forwards already with reach in the number 10. Someone has to get them the ball. That Onomah is a box to box midfielder or a number 10, not a winger.
  15. Fibonacci91


    Gets a tough time but i don't think he does too badly. I love Hutch but he's never in control and he lack control and balance when he plays. Onomah isn't defensive neither is KL. is there another option for that more defensive midfield role next to Bannan? Probably not....