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  1. 1. Alexandersson 2. Pembridge 3. Forestieri 4. Steve McCall* *I have no recollection of the time, so my memory is just a team photo in a football yearbook
  2. I remember being particularly pleased when we signed Darren Purse. Exactly what we needed at the time, a leader to galvanise the team. Just a shame he couldn’t defend any more Dele Bashiru fits this category. Young, hungry, athletic centre midfielder. Let’s hope he fits the bill
  3. Chris Marsden really stood out in that team at the time. One of those players that always seemed a step ahead and just made the game look so easy.
  4. Loan players are a limited resource. Why would a club waste one? Watford are coming down with failure payments and money from player sales. they will be awash with cash. Only in the paranoid world of Owlstalk does this make any sense. Championship clubs can sign as many loan players as they want, and include up to five in a matchday squad
  5. Was just thinking that. It’s hardly the same situation as it was with George Hirst Do they have P&S rules in Serie A? Presumably, as they have the same owner, Udinese pay his wages and loan him to Watford for nothing. No skin off the owners nose, it’s costing him the same but Watfords FFP total is healthier as they have no wages going out for him. Forestieri probably pays less taxes in Italy than he would in UK also.
  6. One of the three CMs will have to sit for the simple reason that it will be too crowded in the middle of the park. Experience tells us it will be Bannan as he loves the time and space on the ball he can get there. This is a problem for us as a) he is so much more effective high up the pitch and b) he is completely inept at winning the ball back. It's been a problem for years actually. A better option with the midfielders we've got is to have a Hector style defender in the middle of the three who can take up that defensive midfielder position when needed - win headers, tackles, play
  7. Let's get Carlos in as head of fitness while we're at it!
  8. Has turned the club into a laughing stock and will eventually lead us to financial ruin. Shamelessly priced countless fans out of attending matches and has the cheek to turn round and blame us fans when the going gets tough. A stain on our club. The nice guy... ill advised... well meaning etc. comments that come out on here are rubbish. He's ripped chunks out of the soul of the club already, as can be seen by the disinterest so many fans now have over the situation
  9. It's a pre-requisite for success, but there are many. You need a good tactical system, players to suit the style, quality, leaders and squad balance . I'd argue it's not possible to win trophies or promotions without all of these but yes, respect of the manager, and the ability to get players to follow instructions is crucial
  10. Well said. He's no world beater but Nuhiu's gameplay is far more effective than Rhodes' (which is non-existent) he scores more, and actually looks like he's bothered
  11. No responsibility taken for his actions, self-pitying, playing the victim. Where was this guy from again? ....oh yeah
  12. I think we will get a 12-15 pt deduction but next year is the most likely scenario. I just think a low points deduction is not a good precedent for the EFL to set. What they are planning however is genuinely anybody's guess. I get your point though, if we get say 8 pts chalked off and survival is touch and go then you want all the players you can get for that battle.
  13. Sad as it is to say, you're right. We lost the characters and leaders, hung on to the troublemakers and soft lads
  14. Fox will be up and down his whole career. Mentally weak in the extreme and will never be completely dependable. I see the old Morgan Fox resurfacing at some point. Fletcher is maybe our best player but 33 years old, injury prone and currently injured. Will not pull up trees anywhere else. Forestieri is a 30 yr old child, his tweet today proves this. Hasn't performed for a couple of years and is constantly injured. Can't wait to see the back of him. It's a tough plaster to be ripped off but we are not missing a lot here. Fletcher would have been handy for the run in, but n
  15. Asking the club to avoid taking a political stance is fine. While I have my own opinions on tax, wealth distribution, welfare, workers rights etc, I also accept these are debates with valid arguments on both sides which it wouldn't be right for the club to wade into. I have to ask though... How is opposing fascism, racism, homophobia and sexism really a political stance? These views are so far beyond normal political opinion that they are in fact illegal to express in public. What could be wrong with the club opposing them.
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