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  1. Bannan for me. Top 5 would be: Bannan Fletcher Hector Westwood Reach (been out of the country since Palmer switched to LB so can't really comment on him) It would be interesting to see a vote for first half of the season under Jos and one for 2nd half under Bruce. Feels like two completely different teams
  2. Agree to an extent but as fans we'd be giving DC grief for not acting or making an announcement as soon as we got battered at Hull.  Edited 2 hours ago by Brommers Very true
  3. Perhaps in hindsight we would have been best keeping his appointment under wraps until nearer the time, letting Bullen carry on as caretaker. I think us Wednesdayites pretty much unanimously agree that Bruce is more than entitled to honor his family commitments, there was always a danger the media would jump on this (especially if results went badly in the meantime) It's already been blown out of proportion but hopefully this doesn't go any further now, and Bruce lets his work do the talking when he takes over later this week
  4. It's worth noting that when we were up around top 6 earlier on in the season, Hector played mostly as a defensive midfielder, albeit very deep. His strengths are tackling, intercepting and heading, weaknesses are concentration, agility and sometimes distribution. To me that lends itself to playing DM as he can commit to tackles and aerial duels more often, breaking up play but knowing he has cover behind him if it doesn't come off. The occasional brain farts are less costly as again, the cover behind can help out. His distribution does need to improve, or he at least could be a bit less ambitious with his passes.
  5. I don't want to understate Bruce too much here because his record is decent, but he's not exactly hot property after repeatedly failing with one of the strongest championship squads ever... Also to be fair, what manager doesn't like to have money to spend.
  6. I can't see anyone coming in unless perhaps a cheap replacement if we sell one of our top assets. Owners of football clubs simply do not spend money on players when the club is up for sale, unless you look like you're going down.
  7. There's very little consistency between peoples teams, which is interesting Dawson Baker Lees Thorniley Penney Hector Bannan Reach Joao Forestieri Fletcher Hector dropping into defense when needed as he does Lee and Hooper left out as I can't see them playing again Westwood and Hutchinson left out as they are most likely blocked from playing by DC Short term bans and injuries i.e. bannan and FF have been included but obviously can't play on Saturday
  8. It's possible bids were made for Westwood and Jones - free transfers where we continue to pay a significant portion of their wages. In which case, it's not unreasonable for us to turn down the offers. This would ultimately leave the decision with the player as to whether they would take a significant pay cut to leave. It could explain why they are now frozen out, if they refused this... This is all pure speculation of course!
  9. Not a chance Pudil is on £20,000 a week I'm sorry, don't be dramatic
  10. We need to remember that a kid coming into the first team is always going to play safe with his passing - especially at centre half. As he becomes more settled he may well gain the confidence to bring the ball out a bit, play a bit more creatively and develop that side of his game. Also, he has very little experience playing against grown men so will not have had to use his impressive frame to it's full effect much yet. Again this side of his game will develop with more experience in the first team. Not that he's looked bad anyway tbh, but there's plenty more to come from this guy and as many have pointed out, a defender of his size is what we've needed for a long time. Come on Freddy!
  11. It would be interesting to see what sort of abuse Dawson and Wildsmith would get if we carried on playing Westwood, and they handed in a transfer request or ran their contracts down. It's really not too different form the George Hirst situation
  12. Glad that sense has been seen here but all the back slapping and congratulating should be going not to DC, but to those fans who have stood up for themselves and made clear they will not be ripped off
  13. I don't want to pass judgement on the right back situation because only time will tell as to whether the money is reinvested but the fact of the matter is we are losing the best right back currently at the club. If this move has been made because of our FFP situation - fine, but then we cannot in the same sentence speculate about reinvesting it (as many are), as that negates the reason for selling in the first place. If we are not going to reinvest, which wouldn't be a great surprise given our heel-dragging over Venancio then going into the season with Palmer at first-choice and a youth player with 1 appearance as back up does not excite me one bit! Finally, we need to remember that we as fans do not have an obligation to fund the investment in the squad and we sure as hell won't see any of our 'investment' back if we do go up, unlike our chairman. This project is his gamble, it's him who wins big if it pays off. This bloated wage bill and wasted transfer money over the last two years is also of his making and I don't like seeing our fanbase pressurised into paying extortionate prices, through vague threats of him pulling the plug. If the spending stops and players are sold, he will have a lot of seriously unhappy supporters on his hands with tickets at the prices they are at now.
  14. Hand on heart, I think in a years time all of those, except Hunt maybe will have left us. This season has an 'end of era' type feel about it and I'm not necessarily saying that as a negative, just that this squad has had enough of a chance now and the funds aren't there to maintain it. The last three years have been extremely memorable, for good reasons and for bad but I think we have a drastic change of direction ahead of us.
  15. OK so assuming we paid £8m over 4 years, we have already 'lost' £2m on this season's installments. If we sell for £3m that loss instantly turns into £5m. If you're adding wages to it then it's £6.75m. Obviously he's off the books for future years but for this year Rhodes' wages have already been paid ... we dont get it back! This year is the crunch year for us as the FFP limit is over a 3 year period and this is our 3rd year of overspending
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