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  1. But we can't afford to - or is this a whoosh. Not sure what you mean there... but it's not that important whether we can't afford to or just don't want to pay him what he's worth (i.e. what he can get elsewhere). It's up to the club to convince him to stay - be that through money or first team opportunity. If you fail to do that, as we have, wish him well and move on. Not throw your toys out the pram and try to punish him.
  2. We've disgraced ourselves with the treatment of Hirst. Effectively banning an 18yr old international prospect from playing football for 8 months because we cannot offer him anywhere near as much as prem teams is horrendous. After this saga, any youth player we try to bring in will have serious reservations about coming to us for years to come. Full credit to Jos if he is behind George's return, i suspect he is. The lad deserves to be allowed to play
  3. The Stars combined sheffield team

    Can't see why you would be upset at that personally... United have been far better than us this year!! The real difference between us though has been the managers. With someone as competent Wilder was in charge of our squad we'd be looking at 11 Wednesday players there.
  4. List of Premiership free contracts

    Kyle Bartley, James McArthur, Joel Ward This won't be popular but I'd also have Ben Watson for a year. He's what we need in the middle
  5. AVB - is he worth holding out for?

    The positive about AVB is that he is a big enough name and character to demand total control of signings and selections, and would likely walk at the first sign of micromanagement. We need someone like this. That said a month is far too long to wait given how we're performingat the moment, and we could well end up being gazumped at the end anyway by a rich middle eastern team or something
  6. What is your absolute best starting eleven?

    Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Hutchinson Bannan Lee Reach Hooper Forestieri Surprisingly easy to pick
  7. FourFourTwo club badges article

    Just imagine how much credit Chansiri would get if he brought the old badge and striped shirts back next year!! He'd be worshipped! So easy to do, would cost him nothing and would go so far towards turning around all of the negativity surrounding the club at the moment
  8. Team selection, 'injuries' and FFP

    I think its probably more to do with players not being willing to play the way Carlos wants to - particularly wingers, and Carlos not actually wanting the players that are brought in in the first place He has shown plenty of times that he is willing to risk playing an injured/unfit player so that can't be the only reason Abdi, Emanuelson, Buckley, Matias etc have been left out so much
  9. FERNANDO. bustin some moves

    We'll only get Forestieri back to his best playing a 4-3-3... which would mean dropping Hooper... which isn't going to happen... and rightly so
  10. Exactly. Somehow I can't see him being as vocal about this when we play Middlesborough next month after having an extra days rest than them. It's just excuse after excuse. I wish he was called out on it more by local radio and newspaper
  11. Sam Hutchinson

    Come on, why not just name them? Bannan and Van Aken?
  12. João - How best to use him

    He's quite clearly thick as two short planks. Very talented though I'm sure someone would get a performance out of him but it ain't gonna be our manager that's for sure
  13. Will Carlos repay Jordan Rhodes?

    In-form players must play - in their best position. Allow them to make the position theirs and hold it until someone can muscle them out of it through strength of their own performances. Chopping and changing just doesn't allow us to develop as a team. It's taken Carlos a long time to figure this out, but I think he has now and we've seen a much more stable starting XI. Long term this pays dividends as players understandings of each other and our tactics improve. They will also be happier in the knowledge that if they perform they keep their place and if their performances drop off, someone will be able to sneak in front of them in the pecking order. Constantly being pulled out of the starting XI after good performances must be incredibly demoralising. It is obvious really, but for whatever reason we didn't employ this strategy for a long time. I also wonder if players constantly coming in and out of the team, rather than playing week in week out has contributed to our poor injury record I've waffled a bit there but in short... Rhodes to start!
  14. Best XI since PL relegation.

    True. Scored goals but his performances were poor. My team Westwood Simek Lees Bougherra Pudil Hutchinson Lee Whelan Forestieri Wickham Brunt Subs Grant, loovens, Buxton, Bannan, quinn, sibon, hooper
  15. #boycottthekit

    Absolute top dollar for a bargain basement shirt. which is already half way through it's sell by date. Even by recent standards they are pushing their luck hard here and its becoming offensive how stupid they think we are. Unfortunately this is just another indicator of our club's attitude towards it's most loyal supporters nowadays. They know there are fans who will buy the shirt no matter what (and parents who will be pressured to), just like there are fans who will go to every game regardless of price. Clearly Chansiri's business model is to fleece every penny he can out of these fans Let's not fool ourselves, Chansiri makes a fortune if we go up, which is the reason he bought us. Yet it's us he expects to put our hands in our pockets to help fund his gamble. Of course you can choose to not buy, as most will, but it doesn't change any of the above. A boycott is the best way to get our point across, and anyone unhappy with the prices should get on board and spread the word as nothing will change unless we let the club know we aren't prepared to be ripped off