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  1. carlos out

  2. Has there ever been as much pressure this early?

    I understood first time around, it was just really weird, what you wrote
  3. Has there ever been as much pressure this early?

    what on earth are you talking about?
  4. Calm down ffs. It's a perfectly valid point, not drivel
  5. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    He hasn't scored 150+ championship goals. He hasn't scored 100 championship goals. Ross mccormack has scored more than Rhodes at this level. You'd take a straight swap would you? No because it's not about how good a player once was.
  6. Conspiracy theory

    You also need three centre-backs. Seriously why is this formation pushed so much on here? We have shown we can't get the required quality in that position with only two spaces to fill.
  7. Harlee Dean

    The danger is that we insult the club by making ridiculous bids, while other realistic offers come in in the meantime. Dean is probably a £5m player if under a lengthy contract and will end up going for near enough that figure given the reported competition to sign him. Our biggest stumbling block will be location. He's London born and bred and has never moved further than Southampton in the past.
  8. Sell to win

    It's hard to see where the winning happens. Surely selling your best players every time their valuation is met is not going to result in on field success. Clubs may be able to unearth a few unknown youngster who can step up but eventually luck will run out. The strategy described is employed by numerous clubs, although a more appropriate name would be 'sell to survive'. It usually ends in decline/relegation, and disgruntled fans thinking "what if we hadn't sold all our good players"
  9. Sell to win

    maybe you could explain what sell to win is?
  10. Fessi

    Not a Forestieri fan but he's been absolutely stitched up here. Asked by the manager why he isn't performing well and given an honest and reasonable answer - the manager has then gone straight to the press with this, following a poor performance, knowing full well how this will be taken by the supporters. He's thrown him under the bus. There's literally no other reason to divulge that conversation other than to deflect criticism away from him and towards Forestieri who is an easy target for fans after Norwich last year. Cowardly behaviour and not the first time. If he's trying to say he wants Forestieri on the left but has given in to him and played him where he wants then he's lost control. If he doesn't know where to play him and needs to be told by the player himself then he's no idea what he's doing. If he has chosen to play him up front himself then is using Forestieri's comments as an excuse then he's a backstabber. Either way you look at it it's shocking management. Forestieri can't play the wide midfielder role as you're basically asked to be a backup fullback and he can't play the striker role due to the isolation (same as all our other strikers). The truth is he is one of a long list of very good players we have who simply doesn't fit Carlos' ridiculous system. See also Bannan, Hutchinson, Wallace, Hunt, Pudil, Abdi, Reach, Matias, Rhodes... Mcmanaman, Buckley and McGeady of yesteryear. I struggle to think of a player it does suit except Hooper and Lee (who would thive in pretty much any formation lets be honest) and maybe Boyd but time will tell. Things need to change, the way we play is madness
  11. What can I say 6 days before the new season?

    Shambolic summer on all fronts, after an already disappointing season. Serious mistakes have been made and no lessons learned seemingly. The centre half situation still not being sorted after two years, and tens of millions being spent on other areas of the team is nothing short of negligence
  12. Marc Wilson - Perfect Fit

    Can't recall ever seeing him play but with over 150 premier league appearances, plays in both positions we need to strengthen and is still under 30 this seems like a complete no-brainer. We can't mess about with this any longer, the season starts next week.
  13. Your 2 CMs

    Absolutely, I'd say any 3 of Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Jones or Abdi are good enough for a promotion side. The problem is that leaves Rhodes and Hooper redundant as they just can't play the lone striker role. You could argue Joao would be a good choice for the lone striker role as he is tall and quick, and it's interesting that his form dipped and never really recovered once we went to 4-4-2. Difficult decisions need to be made somewhere and either way you look at it some of the top players in this division are gonna have to miss out on game time. I answer to the question, I'd say Jones and Lee. The only two who have enough of an all around game to play in a midfield two. The other three are all lacking in certain aspects and have to rely on the other CM to make up for them. i.e. Abdi - defensive work, Bannan - physical presence, Hutchinson - offensive/creative play.
  14. Winnall to Brum

    He hasn't had a single go at playing the 'out and out' striker role, which given his scoring record at Barnsley is a travesty. As others have said, he's shown more than Rhodes in the time he's been here
  15. Hutch's boro link

    You couldn't really begrudge him a massive payday to be fair. He has already had to retire once. That said, I'm sure he's paid quite handsomely as it is.