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  1. I quite enjoy the hellraisers... Johnson, Rogers, Vine etc. Maybe they're not as annoying when you're only listening to them. Weaver's I enjoyed, also Michael Gray speaks well and has good stories. As with many on here, Ben Marshall was a complete shock. I thought he was just a quiet lad. It explains how his career has gone though. Sedgwick was boring as hell.
  2. I think there will be a slump as some will inevitably realise how much time and money you get back without going to football. Any subsequent recession from the pandemic will also play a part. It will come back as before though. People used to go to matches for good reason, and most will get the 'bug' again. New fans are always coming along, and Wednesday's challenge will be to get them on board. Unfortunately we seem to be doing everything we can at the moment to drive fans towards our local rivals
  3. Just listened to that podcast this morning. He singles out JJ and particularly, Leon Clarke. Chris Sedgwick has also spoken about JJs lack of professionalism on the same podcast. That Laws team was getting away with murder by the sounds of it, and Irvine couldn't straighten them out.
  4. Bannan: one of the best players of the Chansiri era, along with Fessi, Hooper, Lee, Fletcher, Westwood. Never complained or tried to get out. Will be remembered very well Reach: probably a bit hard done by. Seemed to do well on either side of a front three but rarely played there
  5. Has anyone mentioned that you can’t name players you’ve already forgot?
  6. Meaningful contributions to how we can solve the mess we're in are what's needed at the moment. Small minded shut downs which we have endured on here throughout the Chansiri era do not help at all.
  7. I sincerely hope he does. It’s also about time our local journalists start calling out this despot (Chansiri) for what he is
  8. One thing Pulis loves is a winger playing on his best foot (See Brunt, Etherington, Puncheon, Pennant, McClean) which is where Reach would fit into a new look team. He also has good height, stamina and work ethic - qualities that Pulis values highly. It all rides on him toughening up and adding that much-needed bit of bite to his game, something we've never seen yet but if any manager is going to bring that out in him it'll to be Pulis
  9. Reda Johnson is the ultimate Pulis player. 6ft 3 centre back playing at full back, as big as a fridge freezer and incredible at attacking set pieces Someone like Sodje would fit straight into a Pulis side up front He also likes an out and out winger playing on his correct foot. I feel like we could finally see the best of Reach under Pulis. He has to toughen up a bit first though which is asking a lot.
  10. Monk is a manager. His job is always to get a result from the next game. How do you think it would affect our performance against Millwall saying “good result but we’re way off where we need to be at this stage”. Like him or not Monk has said what he needs to say to get some positive momentum and belief within the squad. Something people seem to be struggling with is this: he said what he’s said for the benefit of the players and no one else, because they’re the only ones who will get us out of the bottom 3.
  11. Those three in the middle compliment each other perfectly. Stick Forestieri on the left and that midfield is unplayable. God only knows why Carlos went to 442
  12. Another master stroke from our kind generous leader. He really does mean well you know, still just getting bad advice. We shouldn’t complain... remember the bad old days before the video scoreboard
  13. 1. Alexandersson 2. Pembridge 3. Forestieri 4. Steve McCall* *I have no recollection of the time, so my memory is just a team photo in a football yearbook
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