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  1. No responsibility taken for his actions, self-pitying, playing the victim. Where was this guy from again? ....oh yeah
  2. I think we will get a 12-15 pt deduction but next year is the most likely scenario. I just think a low points deduction is not a good precedent for the EFL to set. What they are planning however is genuinely anybody's guess. I get your point though, if we get say 8 pts chalked off and survival is touch and go then you want all the players you can get for that battle.
  3. Sad as it is to say, you're right. We lost the characters and leaders, hung on to the troublemakers and soft lads
  4. Fox will be up and down his whole career. Mentally weak in the extreme and will never be completely dependable. I see the old Morgan Fox resurfacing at some point. Fletcher is maybe our best player but 33 years old, injury prone and currently injured. Will not pull up trees anywhere else. Forestieri is a 30 yr old child, his tweet today proves this. Hasn't performed for a couple of years and is constantly injured. Can't wait to see the back of him. It's a tough plaster to be ripped off but we are not missing a lot here. Fletcher would have been handy for the run in, but not another season. He may not be fit for any more games this season anyway. The others... all the best. I think we're safe without a points deduction, and down with one. These three being here doesn't change too much.
  5. Asking the club to avoid taking a political stance is fine. While I have my own opinions on tax, wealth distribution, welfare, workers rights etc, I also accept these are debates with valid arguments on both sides which it wouldn't be right for the club to wade into. I have to ask though... How is opposing fascism, racism, homophobia and sexism really a political stance? These views are so far beyond normal political opinion that they are in fact illegal to express in public. What could be wrong with the club opposing them.
  6. Not surprised at all. Model pro. I'm not saying resign for next season because he isn't the same player any more sadly, but players of the attitude and application of Kieran Lee are exactly what we need to rebuild this squad with.
  7. As many have said, missing out on Hourihane was massive for us. Very much a sliding doors moment. I remember Winnall's signing had been leaked (with photos) but still wasn't announced for a couple of days. The only logical explanation for this was that we wanted to announce them both together and were just waiting to get Hourihane over the line. I am sure to this day that Hourihane was all set to sign but saw the backlash Winnall got after the leak and changed his mind. Difficult to judge Winnall's time here as he never had a fair crack of the whip, and he certainly looked better than Rhodes in their first season. Never really stood out in any department other than work rate though. Pace, shooting, heading, movement, strength are all pretty average
  8. Irvine, at the time of him leaving Burton was the perfect player for us. Box to box, goals and a bit of a presence in the middle. I can't say much for him since then as he's slipped under my radar but a regular starter at this level is not to be sniffed at in the position we're in. Would be an upgrade to Lee and Pessy at least
  9. “It’s a difficult situation. As a manager, you know why they’re (refusing to play). But in terms of your thinking about that player, a lot of it comes down to character. “Maybe that would put a doubt in your mind when going after that player. In recruitment, the main side of it is what he can bring to your team. But there’s a big thing on the character side and you’re looking for traits in players.” You can see it from both perspectives, but with the situation Charlton are in, I'd have to agree with Monk here. We have had too many of that type of player over the last five years and one positive of Monk's time here is that he is making a real effort to transform the character of the squad. His words are subtle and but the message is clear. This surely rules us out of the race. Even if we were interested, a player would never sign for a manager that has publically criticised him before even coming? https://sheffwed.vitalfootball.co.uk/that-puts-doubt-in-your-mind-garry-monk-explains-why-sheff-wed-soured-on-signing-30-y-o/
  10. I think you're right. Would like to think Fletcher enjoys it here, wouldn't want the upheaval at this stage of his career etc. You can totally understand him waiting on the points deduction though Fox is younger and may be more ambitious. I can't say I'd be too bothered about him going. Full backs aren't the hardest to replace and think he's always susceptible to fall back into his old ways for us. He was hot property at Charlton once upon a time, even linked with Man United but they were glad to get rid by the time we took him.
  11. Yes but we were already short of a DM as it was. With Hutchinson off, Lee may well be following, who knows how many games Luongo will play... We could also find ourselves in a transfer embargo this summer. I'm no fan of his but sometimes you've just got to play it safe. He does seem to bring the best out of Bannan as well to be fair.
  12. This is it, we need cover in midfield, and have really struggled without it at times. Yes he's not good enough to be starting but we shouldn't be getting too upset just yet
  13. it does seem callous How expensive would a ticket have to be to stop you coming? £100? And you’d be fine with it if it happened right? Just find another team to support?
  14. Yes, when we are winning more fans come out of the woodwork, and that's great. But don't try and tell me that results have any bearing on, for example the fan on state pension who can't afford a ticket any more. You've got you're head buried in the sand if you don't realise that there are huge proportions of the population living in a financial knife edge, and the decision of whether to go to a match or not is out of their hands. Every time we up the prices, more fans find themselves on the wrong side of just being able to afford to come. Football is more than just brand loyalty, we have made a decision in our youth to follow Wednesday for our whole life and the majority of us carry on doing so through the very worst of times. We support the club in many more ways than just cheering the team on, and this should be recognised and rewarded, not exploited. The Chansiri Stockholm Syndrome on here is weird. Why quite so many people argue in favour of high ticket prices is genuinely beyond me. Sadly I think far too many fans who can afford it just don't care about the others
  15. Some of the less obvious ones Deon Burton had some cute moves Sibon loved a little trip or stamp on somebody's foot JJ was capable of the odd horror tackle
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