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  1. The Ultimate Forestieri Stat Thread

    Its a shame he just refuses to play there then.
  2. What makes you think DC would listen to any advice MM gave him anyway?

    Gray went in with a list of summer transfer targets he had put together, he was told forget those and given a list of names of players he was getting. SG said he couldn't work with players he didn't have an input in signing, kicked off and told the club that he would never accept players he wasn't consulted on being signed. He knew they would sack him but as a man of principle would rather that happen than be a yes man, therefore i would say he walked as his position was untenable. Do you really think it was SG that picked the 4/5 players that came in that first January window? Did they seem like SG players? There was already tension between SG and DC after DC arrived in the dressing room at halftime of one particularly dour match when SG was manager to gob off about the performance/tactics and was told to feck off and get out by Gray. CC is a yes man, thats how he stays in a job.

    I'm not making it up mate.

    Gray walked because he wouldn't be a yes man and wanted to pick the players being brought in.
  6. Disrespectful names

    Nah mate, I think I'm ok walking home thanks
  7. Paul Hurst

    No probs I'd walk to Hillsborough from Shrewsbury to take the job. UTO!
  8. Paul Hurst

    Paul Hurst, Manager of Shrewsbury Town, Sheffield born, Wednesday fan since birth and holds a UEFA 'A' coaching licence which is widely acknowledged as one of the highest coaching qualification in the game. When the decision is made to replace Carlos this is who we need to be going for, someone up and coming not a journeyman out of work manager. We need to be aggressive and lure someone to Hillsborough not get someone in that's already out of work for a reason.
  9. Hold On. After his Press Conference

    Jeez you're right! He should be starting every game, whats Carlos thinking of leaving him on the bench??
  10. Hold On. After his Press Conference

    Erm, another 5 games obviously
  11. Hold On. After his Press Conference

    Looking at your link he managed 7 goals in the five games before you started counting mate so that's 10 goals in 22 games isn't it?
  12. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    This is their Boxing Day, flipping unbelievable.
  13. Two points better off!

    Beating Brentford, Derby, Barnsley, Sunderland & Bolton? Wouldnt say that was any easier than our start when you consider the cost of the squads.
  14. We will hammer United

    You cant beat Alcafe