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  1. There was no way we were paying 20/30k to them was there. So we will never know if they would have stayed with us if we didn't go down. We offered Reach a deal to do so didn't we but he turned it down last season.
  2. Yeah that would mean that Boro would see something in Paterson they clearly don't in Morsey if they are willing to swap. But I was more saying why would Moore want to get rid of Paterson even if an offer come in. He is an asset at this level.
  3. It's only us or some on here that think he is not a decent fit for us. Played every game he can so far under Moore hasn't he? Nothing to suggest Moore is looking to get rid or even drop him from the first team for that matter.
  4. So if Boro, a club in a higher division would be interested in swapping Morsey for Paterson and some on here are suggesting. Then why would we be letting him go.?
  5. Correction Peacock-Farrell Bannan Iorfa Windass +1
  6. If we sign two centre backs. Then we will have six of them and we only play two. Don't see that happening. Palmer has proved he can cover ok and there is also Brennan.
  7. He is a rough houser who can play virtually anywhere and also has a long throw. Trust me. Moore is going to want to keep him here.
  8. Or Corbeanu and Gibson are premier league loans so that's two more. Also its four from the 10 outfield players.
  9. Four players must start from a long list of different criteria. We could basically put none of the players that started on Saturday and it would be ok.
  10. I don't think he will be wanting to get rid of Paterson unless he is told to bring in some money and cut the wage bill a bit. Offers alot of different options for a league one team.
  11. He is good to cover Hunt on that side as he likes to get forward alot.
  12. I believe they was referring to Paterson.
  13. You just know Iorfa is going to go down injured after about 20 mins don't you.
  14. Because we are missing Dunkley and the binman sure can head a football.
  15. Obviously he must be injured aswell.
  16. Like I said, it's the lure of that Papa John's trophy run.
  17. To be fair with all the new transfers about there are going to be some clubs that are going to be really good to manage.
  18. Does Pimblett have a chance against Vendramini? Different level now isn't it.
  19. Looking forward to being Wednesday and winning the Pizza Cup.
  20. It's just for domestic I think the midfielder of the year. Whereas the player of the year included the euro performances.
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