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  1. You can't get more exciting then a winger at centre back.
  2. Should have reminded about 10 players of this one last season.
  3. Every team in this division starts Liam Palmer every week. Just like we are. He is much better than just decent enough for a League One squad.
  4. What's the betting that all of those slatting Palmer would have Brown at left back or would bring back Penney to play there. And don't forget he is also our first choice right back aswell.
  5. Theo 7.7. Really!! Two things. One. Do you really think he was the second best player we had on the pitch that match and only slightly worse than who you thought was the best one. Two. Why the .7. where is that from. I can understand the 7.5 mark but Why the .7
  6. Moore may not be the answer. But going back 10 years to Megson certainly isn't.
  7. That was about the last time he had a management job aswell wasn't it.
  8. Seems to me like the players aren't that happy with the tactics. Like Pulis this is only going one way. And maybe quicker then we think.
  9. I recon Bannan is one that would be listened to at the club, by all, even Chansiri. Do you recon he enjoyed Pulisball.
  10. Be all over soon anyway. As soon as Bannan decides it ain't working. Moore will be gone.
  11. Can you imagine Dunkley as an overlapping centre back.
  12. If he does decide to go there is more chance it will go the way of Derby rather than Newcastle.
  13. It wasn't that long ago he was better than Eric Dier and should have his England spot.
  14. That's what I am saying we have to adjust to it. It's why he don't play Brown at left back and all the attacking wingers not willing to head the football in our own box.
  15. To be fair you do have to adapt to teams in this league in ways you don't in the Championship. All Cambridge did was lump long balls, free kicks and throwns ins into the box. Don't think they took a set piece short once did they.
  16. Right go. First to make a mistake wins!!
  17. Yeah you find this alot with the ratings people give players in the motm thread. Palmer and Bannan were two of our better players the other day. Yet people still giving them low ratings and picking out the negative things they did. Ignoring any positive.
  18. He has been no where near as bad as its been made out, however his passing has been pretty poor recently. I think the trouble is we all thought and half expected to be getting a player like Bannan, who would stamp his authority over every game. He is in his shadow in that respect. Just shows how good Bannan is more than anything I think.
  19. We do employ sleep specialists. Eleven of them take to the field everyweek.
  20. The three I picked before the match. Will get the best out of Bannan and still make us competitive in there.
  21. Best appearances in the shirt have probably been at left back. Always picked there eventually under numerous mangers infront of left footed left backs. Think he is very underrated in that role.
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