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  1. After spending a bit of cash board obviously want wolves promoted this season.
  2. Oh no I agree with you. Carlos is not all of a sudden gonna decide the likes of stobbs, Hirst, O'grady ect are better than what we got. My point was in a injury crisis I feel he would rather call on them than the guys without a squad number.
  3. With our squad the size it is we would literally only be talking about a space or two on the bench, and I would expect to see that at the end of the season anyway depending on what we still have left to play for.
  4. Bannan saying 'play me on the right again pal. See what happens to that shiny new coat.'
  5. In theory yes. but I think it's more likely that some of the development players would be drafted in if the situation ever arose. As those 3 are probably players 25, 26 and 27 in our squad it's highly unlikely.
  6. Bus, McGugan and dielna all not given squad numbers. None of them will play for the first team this season. Couldn't shift any of them in transfer window.
  7. Yeah think in about last 10 games or so whenever we have failed to win, we have always won the next. Something that wasn't happening last year.
  8. Newcastle signed Hanley for big money and now he don't even make their bench. Says it all really. Dodged a bullet there and we have to comende our club on doing so.
  9. Imagine beating them blades next year..... Oh wait we'll be in the premier league.
  10. There's a big difference to being surplus to requirements and being injured.
  11. Come the end of the season this thread would have turned into the Reach appreciation thread.
  12. I think all his time as a footballer has pretty much been spent on the left wing virtually hugging the touchline. Carlos wants him to play a different way, that's gonna take time. but I wouldn't say he was poor.
  13. OK. Newcastle seemed obvious just thought there might be a reason you thought Reading away would be tricky.
  14. Bannan has to play he is one of our most effective players on the ball. Carlos knows this hence why he keeps playing him on the right. Just so he is on the pitch. In time i expect Carlos will find a way to accommodate all the main players into a system that works.
  15. Matias wouldn't have got injured in pre season he would have been our main right winger this term.
  16. One thing that's always impressed me about matias is his willingness to run in behind their defence. None of our current wingers do that. that adds 5 to 10 goals a season.
  17. Matias had a good pre season and if he hadn't got injured think we would have seen him alot this season.. One player that on his day could be a match winner for us. it's just a shame that every other day he's injured.
  18. He whips in a hell of a corner. The reason we are only seeing this new back post corner routine now is because he is the only one who can supply the delivery.
  19. Would need to ship one of them out first I should think or at least have some sort of deal in place. Think that's more likely to be high on the agenda next summer.
  20. I don't think there is much in it between Hunt and Palmer. My only gripe with the pair of them is their tendency to lose possession high up the pitch, while trying to beat a man. Hunt does this more so than Palmer. Bannan's hair flapping all over the place while he busted a gut trying to cover the counter attack was always a highlight. Jones has spoiled that now.
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