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  1. Derby will get there 12 point deduction tomorrow.
  2. At the start no. But now he is just out to save himself as much money as possible.
  3. Think they are learning on the job ain't they. The 9 they are trying to get them to both accept will be so they don't reduce it to 6 on appeal.
  4. The reason is because there wage bill will be twice that of a championship club and there income roughly the same.
  5. It saves Mel some money. It's why he has done it.
  6. Hutchinson needs to play centre back. And we could do with Luongo and Windass back. Even Paterson.
  7. Adeniran should be at least 5 higher.
  8. Administration in football is different to Administration in other businesses though. Football creditors are the priority. But HMRC are probably still to be paid in full.
  9. We are. Luckily we have a chairman willing to foot the bills he has helped create. Otherwise we would be on identical paths.
  10. Rules must have changed then. don't think this always used to be the case.
  11. I am not entirely sure if the rules have changed and the tax bill is now a secured creditor where they have to be paid 100% of there money. If it is and it's as high as you say it is then there is a high chance Derby could fold. Bleak times ahead for them. Even if they do find a buyer. Got to feel sorry for there fans. Could have easily been us.
  12. As far as I am aware. Mel Morris has gone. By putting the club into administration he washes his hands of it. Basically saying I can no longer pay or want to pay for the club anymore. Basically yeah. They need to find a new owner or a pot of money stashed in a players locker.
  13. Didn't want to finance it anymore did he. Now he doesn't have to. If the administrators can't find a buyer willing to take the club on, then there is a serious chance that Derby could go under. As I believe all football creditors get paid in full. No 10p in the pound for them. So basically unless there is 20 odd million ( rough guess ) sat in a account somewhere or someone is willing to come in and pay this or the club can sell anything to raise the cash they need. Then the club will go under. Again I can't say I am 100% certain of this. But it's my understanding of it.
  14. There should be some sort of rule where it just pays the difference in wages or something as that is what it was designed for, to bridge the gap in wages. But on the whole its just used as extra transfer funds.
  15. Looks like it could be the plan. Can see them accepting the 9 points from the efl now aswell to get it all over with and with -12 they are unlikely to stay up anyway. If they do end up on -21 points and anything that is not nailed down is sold. They may struggle to even get to 10 points.
  16. Doesn't it only clear not footballing debts aswell. Of which I believe are less than half of Derby's total debt. Or am I wrong here???
  17. Ha ha. Owlstalk never forgets. Just like the wife!!
  18. I agree. It's the one part of the team we keep constantly changing. And the fact we have scored so little goals proves we need to pick 3 and go with it. And also the fact we are desperate for Windass to be back. Who I think will be a more effective player for us than Bannan this season.
  19. Exactly and that's the standard we are looking at and we wonder why no league club wants to take any of our young players.
  20. I think it's more to do with the fact that our u23s just aren't very good more than anything else.
  21. Exactly this and the fact we having managed to produce one premier league player in the last 20 years or so tells you exactly how good ours are.
  22. If any of theses teams would have really wanted him. He would have gone to one of them.
  23. Yeah but you are forgetting that all our young players are like gods on here and are going to be the next big thing.
  24. He is one part of Bannan's caption competition. (may not be a competition)
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