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  1. A player we must play in every game in this league. Said it all along and nothing will change my mind on that.
  2. I actually like the team. We have about 10 wingers and the only one that is any good is Brown. Paterson needs to be playing against the better teams in this division to stop us being walked over. And Hutchinson is ok in midfield along as Bannan ain't next to him. What's all the moaning for.
  3. Dispossessed 3 times. As in tackled by an opponent maybe. but he has wasted the ball when he has had it at least 20 times in that 85 mins. that's some going. When he came on against Shrewsbury he gave it away every single time. Yes he deserves more of a chance. But what I said was right. So far he has been terrible.
  4. I think it will show just how bad the other players are, when they try and take on the Bannan role
  5. He is very direct and wants to beat his man. But no good if you lose the ball or give it away virtually everytime is it.
  6. They get offered new deals then great. They don't then so be it. We have a squad of 25 easily, in league one. and if neither can get in that then, like with all the others we have had. They are only actually good in our heads. On here.
  7. In terms of for Manchester City. He is right, it's perfect. In terms of for the good of the game. Its a terrible idea.
  8. Could be interesting or even as a main striker, not been overly impressed with Kamberi or Gregory and I think Berahino isn't one that could play a lone role. Although as he has showed Paterson doesn't really have the strikers instinct to play there.
  9. I think if Brown was a left back we would have seen him play there. Everything about him screams touchline winger to me. which is why I would play him infront of Palmer as he offers that width then down that side. As for Paterson. I ain't sure maybe from the right or as a second striker. but he offers alot in both boxes from set pieces and has a monster thrown in which we must use to our advantage especially in this league.
  10. Didn't we just. Let's go for it and see what happens against Plymouth with three playmakers in centre midfield. Worst thing you can do in League One. Paterson should be the first name on the team sheet every week.
  11. Palmer can defend. Not sure Brown can!. We played wingbacks it would be a no brainer. Brown needs to be played infront of Palmer in my opinion.
  12. Women's football on it is next year isn't it?
  13. No.... If he plays Byers also. We may aswell play a back seven.
  14. Derby will get there 12 point deduction tomorrow.
  15. At the start no. But now he is just out to save himself as much money as possible.
  16. Think they are learning on the job ain't they. The 9 they are trying to get them to both accept will be so they don't reduce it to 6 on appeal.
  17. The reason is because there wage bill will be twice that of a championship club and there income roughly the same.
  18. It saves Mel some money. It's why he has done it.
  19. Hutchinson needs to play centre back. And we could do with Luongo and Windass back. Even Paterson.
  20. Adeniran should be at least 5 higher.
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