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  1. I am not saying he is as good as them. Just similar in what he could offer. Wait and see. We will create more when Windass comes back. This team needs an outlet like him in it. An intelligent player who knows where to be and where to run.
  2. I think they will. Because he is a bit like Hooper and Forestieri used to be where he drops deep and occupies the right spaces to set up the attacks. Its why we don't attack much. because we need that link player between the midfield and attack that knows that role and has the ability to do it . McGeady does this perfectly for Sunderland.
  3. Exactly. Palmer gets some much unnecessary stick on here. When he is actually one of our best defenders. The amount of times he covers across the back line is as good as Iorfa. And it's why I like him and left back because he does it better from there as he is coming onto his favoured foot. Moore always picks him to play so he knows how valuable he is to us defensively. especially on the left hand side and hopefully now he can see that you can't play a winger there. Its no coincidence that we do well when he plays there.
  4. We need a more attacking threat to our game. But playing players like Hutchinson, Palmer, Adeniran, Paterson and Gregory are vital for us as they all know how to battle.
  5. How do you know we win our next four games.? If we play an attacking formation and a load of players in this league who are only interested when the ball is at their feet. We will get ripped to bits, as we found out against Plymouth.
  6. Perhaps they are all rubbish at playing to the level required of them. And considering the best winger we have is technically speaking a left back, then maybe that answers the question.
  7. Gregory or Kamberi for Corbeanu or Berahino and that's what I would have picked. And hopefully what Moore will.
  8. To be fair he somehow pulled off this masterstroke.
  9. To be fair he didn't have a chance to have his descions work for him did he. Only because they were bad after he went doesn't mean they wouldn't have been good for him.
  10. When he took over there everything about Newcastle was on par with Tottenham and probably alot better than Everton. But look at the direction of travel of them both in the last 14 years. Ok none of them have won a thing, but twice Ashley has got Newcastle relegated. Where as the other two haven't even really been close to going down. They should be an established top 10 premier league team by now like an Everton or Spurs.
  11. Ashley is quite a sensible business man isn't he?? Which means he won't be going anywhere near Derby in their current state!
  12. Believe it or not it actually went down hill when we dropped Palmer from left back and put a winger there. But what do I know.
  13. Moore must be seeing something in training that suggests he isn't though as he hasn't been playing him there has he. There is a reason for that!! Maybe he will get a chance there as Johnson isn't exactly pulling up trees in the position is he. Be interesting to see how he does though when pinned back and asked to defend or told to track one of keiran Lee's runs into the box. I like Brown. he is the first choice winger for me. But the fact Moore hasn't put him in yet against league one opposition at left back when he has had two others there, tells me there is something seriously wrong with the defensive side of his game.
  14. He will I think infront of Palmer. Unless Moore has gone off the idea of Hunt at right back in which case it will probably be Johnson again.
  15. We beat a league two team full of kids. Bolton would easily beat that second half eleven we had out. Bannan is the only player we have got that even remotely looks like a half decent footballer. He has to and will play every game if fit.
  16. Could even try this Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Palmer Corbeanu Bannan Adeniran Brown Gregory Paterson But we must have enough players in the team capable of defending. And enough players up for the fight of league one football.
  17. I would go. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Palmer Adeniran Bannan Wing Berahino Paterson Brown.
  18. Palmer with Brown infront of him for me on sat.
  19. We need to pick a solid team against Bolton none of moore's crazy attackers everywhere tactics or Bolton will just cut through us.
  20. Palmer and Brown on the left hand side Saturday with any luck.
  21. Rules have changed they are alot broader now. Could have changed the entire 11 and probably still have been fine.
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