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  1. Hopefully one that's slightly too small to wind them up even more ??
  2. Shirtwithoutaback

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    I feel like I shouldn't like it but I actually do!
  3. Shirtwithoutaback

    Simple chant for big Dave

    There is nothing he can't do...
  4. Shirtwithoutaback

    Joost Van Aken

    You're spot on mate but I just see something there special with him , I really do. I realise its based on very little apart from blind optimism though
  5. Shirtwithoutaback


    My 18 year old daughter nearly freaked out when I played it from my original vinyl of Sparkle in the Rain. She had no idea it was an actual song ! Them crazy young 'uns....
  6. Shirtwithoutaback

    Joost Van Aken

    If he works hard at his defensive issues (bit strange I know as he's a defender) I honestly believe he could be one of our best signings of the last 20 years. I base that (probably ridiculous ) statement almost solely on the pass at Cardiff this season to Fletcher's chest who should have scored, got 3 points, etc, etc. Quite honestly the last time I was that impressed with a pass was Chris Waddle at Everton away on his debut when he picked out the run of David Hirst (I may be mistaken on Hirst but not the pass) over 60 yards from near the corner flag with the outside of his left foot . Yes, I'm that old I still remember s**t like that.
  7. Spot on. Even allowing for my obvious bias I thought they were magnificent last night. If they had been Newcastle or Liverpool fans making that amount of noise at such a dour game the BBC commentators would have been wetting themselves.
  8. I'm puzzled why these would be "so called" fans and not just fans with a different opinion ?
  9. No, I've never seen us better either pal. For most of that game we were truly unplayable especially a 20 minute period kicking towards the away end. Even now I remember a Blackburn team looking completely out of their depth. (Kit looked good too!)
  10. There's nothing like freedom of speech and respecting others people's opinion is there.....?
  11. Shirtwithoutaback

    Of All our 150 years

    That would of course make it a literal "cakewalk". Would be worth it the end just for that.....
  12. Shirtwithoutaback

    George Boyd

    Don't know pal. I couldn't find it.......
  13. Shirtwithoutaback

    George Boyd

    Interestingly he used to work as a "pet sitter". His particularly niche was working for TV football pundits. Yes, he apparently used to look after Chris Kamaras chameleon.....
  14. Shirtwithoutaback

    clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    Response of the year right there (and likely to stay that way) About time something made me fecking smile on here - Thank you !
  15. I tend to disregard everything this guy says as soon as I get to the advert for his car business at the end of the article.
  16. Shirtwithoutaback

    Carlos linked with Swansea

    ^^^^ This, this and this again. Eloquently and succinctly put (if I may say so ) The man came as a nobody and left as a bloody Wednesdayite for gods sake!
  17. Shirtwithoutaback

    one thing todays result proved

    Ffs Just enjoy the win !!
  18. Put quotes into context ! Are you insane?? How could the constant belittling possibly continue under those kind of crazy restraints ??
  19. Shirtwithoutaback

    One thing I’ve noticed this week

    Apologies, I promise not to do it again. I feel thoroughly chastised!
  20. Shirtwithoutaback

    One thing I’ve noticed this week

    ffs this is turning into a reasonable exchange of opinions - this will never do !!! UTO
  21. Shirtwithoutaback

    One thing I’ve noticed this week

    To be fair, no I haven't. If I wanted to be pedantic then I could say that it's still a small percentage of the fanbase. However I like to think that I'm not that much of an idiot. Seems a good reply to your "sheer number" to be honest. Thanks for your clarification. (I'm still Carlos-in by the way)
  22. Shirtwithoutaback

    One thing I’ve noticed this week

    To be fair, no I haven't. I could be pedantic and say that it'
  23. Shirtwithoutaback

    One thing I’ve noticed this week

    Could you please quantify what you mean by "sheer number"? I.e roughly how many and how exactly you get to this figure? Also could you explain why anyone with a "pro-Carlos" opinion (presumably different to your own - I admit I'm summising here), should acknowledge this mythical number? Surely their opinion is valid whatever the imagined volume of alternative opinion may, or indeed may not be ?
  24. Shirtwithoutaback

    Carlos Inners!

    A reasonable and well thought out response. However, and I'm sure you may have worked this out, judging by the tone of the OP I don't believe they are actually interested in a contradictory opinion. Hence, cue the vitriol.