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  1. Nuhiu or Joao for Swansea?

    I think Reach would be the most likely person that Carlos would come back for.
  2. Championship Table at Half Time...

    If it stays like this the next 2 games are massive .
  3. Well unlike most on here I have to say I have heard this sung a lot more recently that the 10 years ago been quoted . I remember my 11 year old asking why are they singing that . Thank Goodness we are starting to leave these dark days behind
  4. Simon Coleman

    I think that we agree on the main points and I do agree with your point too much too soon . I also believe Dave Richards wanting a fa job was also a contributing factor in in our slide
  5. Simon Coleman

    I also think he was the start of the ruin .he was carrying on with big Ron's team then the signings started to go down hill in my opinion.
  6. Carlos Supporters....

    Ok so here is my take on today . Preston are not a team to play Rhodes and fez up top against big CB like Preston have why did we not try fletch and winnall to try and counter there presence. This is a plan B maybe . We will struggle against QPR Cardiff and Burton if we play the same way in my opinion. But still uto
  7. Grant Hanley

    Gordon Strachan is a secret investor in SWFC
  8. Keepers

    Thought Chris woods was ok too
  9. Big Dave set to leave?

    Agaist fulham for the 2 nd goal dave watches it go in then hoofed it away after it went in . He will always be held in high regard by he for what he has done for wednesday but times change so do squads
  10. Big Dave set to leave?

    Who are the 3 as i think winnal rhoades fletcher and hoooer makes 4
  11. Alex Lopez?

    This is what i saw
  12. Alex Lopez?

    Sorry can seam to copy link on my phone
  13. Alex Lopez?

    Looks like its in tomorrows mirror paper
  14. Alex Lopez?

    That burnley are after him . On the sky papertalk bit of the website
  15. Alex Lopez?

    If the barry bannan rumor in the paper is true we will need a ball player