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  1. On the eve of his most difficult day at the helm of our club he'll no doubt be musing over the following conundrum. I've been badly advised, I've employed the leagues worst manager and I'm left with an injury prone bunch of over paid under achivers. FFP means I can't buy my way out of this mess and the fans have turned on me and my family. Who'd bet against him announcing the sale of the club tomorrow and who'd be upset if he did?
  2. It'll be like watching the aftermath of a car crash, I'm dreading and looking forward to it in equal measure. We've had Carlos administering GBH on a £20, Jos telling a journo to go forth and multiply and storming out of a media interview, what's next? My bet is DC enters the venue flanked by a couple of Sumos and a band of Triads and flattens anyone who criticises his leadership
  3. I feel for the bloke but I don't believe we're capable of turning things around with him at the helm. Barmy formations, no leadership qualities evident, uninspiring demeanour and still sports a ridiculous tash. The team are definitely letting us fans down but I can't help thinking that a half decent manager would get more from these players.
  4. What about my personal favourite, the evil bile spouting Salbutomal kid
  5. Right that's it, I'm sick and tired of being negative and solemnly vow that from now until the end of the season (what ever happens) I'm going to refrain from thinking negative thoughts, or posting anything derogatory about my beloved team or our manager. Irrespective of how crap this bunch of overpaid and talentless wasters perform, or how bizarre this clowns team selections get I refuse to be anything less than 100% supportive........ Jeez, has anyone got the number for pessimists anonymous, I really need help
  6. We also have a fan base who have no belief in the team or the manager. I dont look forward to match days and wish this poor excuse for a season was over already.
  7. I believe what we've got on here is what's commonly known as gallows humour. It's what most football fans do when the team they love is facing the unthinkable. I've adopted this approach as I'm unwilling to boo anyone who wears our shirt regardless of how pants they are. If that's being twatty, sarcastic, unfunny, selfish and immature then I'm guilty as charged.
  8. Some of the best content in an Owlstalk post I've seen in quite a while. Particularly like the old people's style tombola reference to team selection. Comical and accurate in equal measure
  9. Trying to take the positives out of our recent run and I think I've got one. We can recycle the 'on our way, we're on our way song' by simply replacing the destination from the premier league to the pub league, simples.
  10. Nope, struggling to find any positives. Can I get back to you tomorrow when I've slept on it
  11. Id take Brian the Blade over this clown
  12. I'm away and couldn't make tonight's game (lucky me) so had to rely on the BBCs live text updates. The only mention Rhodes got was at half-time when he got replaced. Big Dave got plenty of mentions even if half of them were for giving away stupid free kicks. Looking on the bright side though, if McCarthy was seriously considering joining the Owls next season tonight may have persuaded him to think again
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