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  1. Tarringtonowl

    Reyt day out

    Great dat out at Villa yesterday, great atmosphere, Wednesdayites brilliant and oh yes the team best they've played in ages ! Could and should have been 3-1 or 4-1. C'mon Wenzdeh !!
  2. Great player for Wednesday Jim McCalliog, we got him from Chelsea for about £35k which was the most expensive transfer for a teenager at the time. Weeks wages now ! I went to the semi of the cup at Villa Park in 1966 when he scored and we won 2-0 beating Chelsea ironically. We got back to Sheffield I was with my dad on the first train back to Sheffield from the ground. Wednesday fans singing as they got off the train at the Midland station properly happy and loud. He also played for Scotland when they beat England at Wembley in 1967 and he scored the third goal for Scotland to put them 3-1 up it finished 3-2 to Scotland. Remembered in the song to the tune of Yellow submarine "and our friends are all aboard. Jim McCalliog and David Ford .. We all live on a blue and white Kop" top player I was really disappointed when he left us.
  3. Tarringtonowl

    Away games are the place to be

    I agree ! great if you can get tickets ! Villa should have given us a bigger allocation IMO we could have easily sold 4000+ Disappointed I won't be going.
  4. Tarringtonowl

    Man city v Sheffield Wednesday 1984

    Went in the stand opposite the Kippax with a couple of City fans I knew at the time. We sat near the back and they said there was over 40,000 there that day. Lots of Wednesday fans in the stands saw some minor bits of trouble from time to time from where I was sitting but not too clever on the way out. We beat them 2-1 and deserved to win could have / should have been more. We played really well that day, even the City fans were impressed. A good season that one.
  5. I thought he put in a really good performance at Reading. He is clearly a good footballer and hopefully he can avoid injury and continue to impact positively in games. All we need now is a some goals from him, a few like the one at Leeds a couple of seasons ago would do fine !
  6. Tarringtonowl

    Vs Reading team and score predictions

    Wednesday win 2-1 as long as we get the first goal. Wednesdayites will make a lot of noise, Jos needs to play our best footballers and go for it and I think we will be fine, can't be as bad as Brentford surely.
  7. Tarringtonowl

    The squad is mentally weak

    Marks out of ten for today's starting line up. My honest take on today's performances. Ignored the subs but Fletch and Preston looked OK Penney not on for long Dawson 8 Baker 5 Lees5 Hutchinson 4 Pudil 5 Thorniley 5 Bannon 7 Pelupessy 4 Matias 6 Forestieri 8
  8. Tarringtonowl

    I want our owl back

    Sorry just checked the 2-0 game was the one in February 1965. Anyway we won !
  9. Tarringtonowl

    I want our owl back

    I like them both, have the new old one on the left of the shirt and the squiggly owl on the right of the next shirt. Well we have enough advertising on shirts, two badges not that radical. ps I think we beat Sunderland 2-0 in 1965 I went with my dad and we had Sunderland fans chanting behind us in the main (now South) stand. I thought it was brilliant at that time, if Wednesday fans got excited in the main stand they used to stamp their feet and clap off course, only saying !
  10. Tarringtonowl

    #OnThisDay in 1966

    I was there, I went with my dad and caught the first train back to Sheffield,after the game. I still have the blue and white striped flag my mum made for me with OWLS across it in dark blue letters. I was twelve at the time and it was brilliant getting back to the Midland station, all the Wednesdayites singing. Before the game Chelsea firm favourites so great result particularly as Vic Mobley was a passenger for a large part of the game, no substitutes in those days ! Great day out and great memories. Went to the final as well but let's not spoil the memory.
  11. Tarringtonowl

    #SWFC 150th Anniversary Fun Day

    It will be more fun than being at Loftus Road tonight irrespective of the weather !
  12. Tarringtonowl

    Who was Bob Gorrill?

    Yes he was the commercial manager, also played football for De La Salle old boys and was a Blade !
  13. Tarringtonowl

    FA Cup 5th round draw

    I would prefer Spurs away (if they beat Newport) Wembley three times, 5th round, semi and final !
  14. A solid 8/10 Thought Wednesday acquitted themselves really well. Well organised, hustled and chased United all game, Wildsmith had a great game he looked assured throughout. Watched it with a couple of neighbours who are neutrals ( Spurs fans) they felt Wednesday were more likely to pinch it at the end and we nearly did with Reach, only a brilliant save from their keeper kept it out. We did lack some creativity but no Bannan, Lee, Hooper or ForestierI etc. so that will come when they are back and used effectively by the new manager. It was a good result for Wednesday, early days for Lukukay but he easily passes the first test in my opinion, i.e. Not losing the derby and keeing a clean sheet at the Lane was a big bonus. The Carlisle game will give him more time to assess our squad and improve oerformances. Only down side was Loovens, not just the sending off, he has been a great captain and a good player for us with lots of class but he seems to be losing his ability to keep up with the pacey forwards and that is what cost him the second yellow. Still I am sure others will step up. Must admit watching derbies on television is purgatory if I'm at the game or not, just hate it when United get the ball and attack. Anyway a moral victory for Wednesday last night, must admit a couple of weeks ago I thought we might get hammered ! UTO