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  1. At Kenilworth Road finalising terms for next season so I've heard
  2. Premier Inn Borough Market booked for the Friday/Saturday night. Gonna try somewhere different for once, normally in Covent Garden Travelodge.
  3. “Being a fan is about making the stadium our home. It’s about making the opposition scared to be on the pitch at Hillsborough. That’s what being a fan is. When we play away too, oh, the noise.” Nuhui leaned back in his chair, put his hands to his face – which only served to frame his grin. “Man, it’s like nothing I have ever heard anywhere in the world. It’s amazing the atmosphere. Always.” A quote from the big man from an interview with football365.com. Sounds like we made his life a reyt misery Full interview here - https://www.football365.com/news/atdhe-nuhiu-sheffield-wednesday-interview
  4. Crap finishing and ******** poor defending, we're not very good are we.
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