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  1. Don't bother with the 2nd half, I made that mistake in the Luton game ffs
  2. People pointing out(correctly)how poor the bench is. How can people criticise DM for that starting XI when the alternatives are as bad as that?
  3. Nah, not having it. 4 managers this season, how many more over the last few years that this shower haven't performed for. DC has sucked the soul out of the place and left us with a squad full of wasters who couldn't give a damn. Forget who's the manager now, it's getting boring.
  4. Darren Moore's post-Huddersfield assessment Watch video here Darren Moore's post-Huddersfield assessment
  5. Darren Moore's post-Huddersfield assessment Watch video here Darren Moore's post-Huddersfield assessment
  6. This group of players have now played under 4 managers this season. And people are still blaming the managers??? The subs maybe crap but the alternatives are no better. The squad is rank. We're going down because the players aren't good enough, end of story.
  7. Dog poo. Just end the season now and put us out of our misery ffs.
  8. Glad there's support for DM, looking at some of the comments in the OMDT I was starting to think it was just me believing we'd made a good appointment! No one's gonna get a tune out of this shower in this division, they're either not good enough or don't give a monkeys. Windass, Reach and Bannan were abysmal today, I'd be ashamed this afternoon if I was one of those three. The trouble we've got though is DC and his sidekick. Are they gonna let DM build his own squad or is his going to have to work with the tosh given to him? If it's the latter then I hope he tells em to
  9. Reach and Windass have been terrible, Bannan not far behind. Trouble is there's no ******** else to replace em ffs.
  10. Nope, we're gonna finish bottom. Bloody pathetic.
  11. Got to be a new keeper then if Westwood goes. Neither Wildsmith or Dawson are good enough. Seems to be a case of when one's in the team the other mysteriously turns into Buffon on here, until he next gets a game and everyone remembers they're bobbar again. Get shut and bring in 2 new keepers.
  12. For DM to save us from the drop he needs time and a transfer window. In other words we're screwed. I can't understand how people expect him to turn this bunch of morons round in 6 days, it's impossible.
  13. Tbh mate I reckon we could play Rhodes LB and Palmer CF and we'd get the same results we're getting. I don't think any of em have got a preferred position anymore, they're just dogger footballers
  14. The manager's not the problem but we know that already. We're screwed until we get a new owner, plain and simple. DM needs his head looking at for taking us on. He couldn't lose at Donny, he had them punching well above their weight in league 1. He can't win here, no manager would get a tune out of that bag of poo on the pitch plus he'll have his hands tied behind his back by Paxo and DC. Career suicide.
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