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  1. If anyone wants a ticket for North stand tonight for a tenner, I now have a spare due to illness. Block R1, row 11. Can meet outside ground. Message me if interested.
  2. I've thought this since the Winnall episode. If you've watched any of the pre match warm ups with Nando involved since then, he appears to cut a v lonely figure. Mainly on his own pre match vs Bolton & Burton. Even Wallace appeared to have not much to do with him, a far cry from their pre season instagram antics! There's nothing I'd like more then to see him stay & perform here, but it might be beyond rescue? Is anyone actually itk about what happened & the fallout from it? If that's the case, coupled with the fact his missus is from darn London town, they have a young baby & friends n family down there, it seems a bit of a no brainer for both him & the club...
  3. Ha ha! Fair do's! The joys of bad grammar on Tw*tter! He meant he "read" it, not saw it, so chinese whispers about the situation like everyone else then?!
  4. So much for keeping it in house! It's just been mentioned on Championship tv programme! Ho hum! Saw this earlier on Twitter n it seems to be from the lad who originally saw what happened. Full blooded challenge from Winnall apparently that could have seriously injured FF. FF reacted (maybe justifiably, maybe not). In a real game situation the reaction prob would have been a red card offence. Ties in with CC's comments of passionate training, red cards, discipline etc. Even the poster seems to think FF has been scapegoated for his reaction given the situation.
  5. Having been stood right behind the guys yelling at Westwood at the end of the Leeds game, all I can say is amen to the above! I'm no trained motivational coach or owt but I'm sure the number 1 tactic for those who are is not to simply yell "you're sh*t" in someone's face repeatedly! Easy money if it was! I know this is one of the extreme examples but unfortunately the comments shouted loudest are the ones ringing in the players ears heading into the dressing room. How many times do you hear players saying a great crowd were the extra man? It can make a huge difference.
  6. Oh aye it was all v basic ramblings! They shouted abuse at Carlos n said "Carlos out" etc. Then they were jus generally gesticulating n insulting players walking off. Luckily most players chose to ignore them but when Westy got to the tunnel n got "you're sh*t" he said "who, me?" then pointed down the tunnel to offer the guys the chance to talk further about their opinions. All 6ft plus of him seemed to silence these guys with one comment which made me smile at the time, but surely he shouldn't have to defend himsen against his own fans?! I think with the negativity at recent home games it is hard for the players to see who's saying what, but today he got to put a face to a comment & I think something snapped. & if there's one player who deffo doesn't deserve to be on the end of a comment like that...how many times has he kept us in games this season?!
  7. Got one of these tickets available again now if anybody still looking? (Yes I did try a return to club shop today, but I work out of town so couldn't get back in time to sort) Pm me if interested
  8. 2 x Leeds tickets for sale. Can't make the match now unfortunately. Face value (£37 each). Prefer to sell together if possible. DM me pls if interested.
  9. Yeah I hear you but unfortunately I think at home games at the mo they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Don't have a shot - boo, do have a shot but miss (yep it happens occasionally even with our multiple strike options) - boo. They seem like rabbits in headlights at times when they have the ball. It's like watching a different team away from home. The pressure seems lifted & they seem to play with a bit more freedom. Everyone talking about the percentage of home games coming up in the run in & how it's a good thing. We need to make the home advantage count & get behind them! UTO!
  10. ^^^ Exactly this! Surely the only ones to benefit from home fans booing their own players are the away team?! I found the atmosphere last night overly negative & felt for the team trying to get a result in it. Earlier in the season the players were getting stick for passing too much n not getting a shot away but the reaction the crowd gave Bannan when he had a shot instead of passing last night I can see why they are reluctant to have a go! I have been to most away games this season & we have played teams off the park at times in front of their own fans. I don't remember any of these fans booing their own players. Lots of silence,yes, usually followed by Owls fans singing " Is this a library?!"
  11. May as well join the back of the queue in good old fashioned British style! 2 x adult tickets required if poss please.
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