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  1. Because the moron quotient is unusually high at the moment
  2. Talented Individuals

    Its hilarious. After all those postings by fans on here about how we lack team spirit and FF has destroyed that, a team of individuals who don't play collectively. Along comes another teams manager saying the same thing and everyone's up in arms. You couldn't make it up. Sometimes fans say the stupidest things. Owls fans make you laugh out loud. Swap the kittens for our own dumb fans.
  3. Honest opinion on the derby

    Very true. Tables say they have been a good side. Cracks shown last time but a derby game is a good game for a comeback. They have everything to gain and little to lose. We are favourites they are underdogs. Should be competitive.
  4. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    notice the cast is attached by Velcro. He has already met the lads at Chelsea's ground.
  5. I hope the blades play well and we play better. An open game, some goals and a wins for Wednesday and utd have a good season but finish below us.
  6. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    Looks like you pay more attention to Warnock stirring than your own club. Repeating his take on the game shows you are desperate for any anti club drivel.
  7. iFollow

    it would be nuts if that's what they said, since it would require everyone who travels abroad to have a foreign bank card. I have three accounts one in each of three countries but I only use them when I am there, and certainly not buying online. Wherever I was I would use my UK accounts. If there's a problem I can speak the language like a native. With the other cards sorting out a problem can be done in branch but not on the phone except with great difficulty. It would also mean anyone on a very long holiday or travelling would be stuck and unable to buy a match pass. All these silly attempts to impose borders, on the internet, where non naturally exist are stupid and doomed to failure since there is always a workaround. All it means are more opaque transactions, more staff and less revenue. On the subject of quality its dependent upon processing power, graphics cards and speed of connection. No problems at all upstairs on gaming machine. Laptop, poor downstairs. signal the same. Spec wildly different.
  8. One thing holding us back

    I see the bedwetters are alive and well and still moaning. What a bunch of losers
  9. Today's Team

    Even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day
  10. iFollow

    Looks like for whatever you have done has been flagged up. Maybe too many locations associated with an account flags up a VPN. I'd clean out computer using C Cleaner. Change browser, check VPN and location and stick to one foreign location. In your case maybe they don't like vpns that originate from your part of the world. Can't blame them given yesterdays events. You are better off posting on an IT or media forum for help. That's what I turn to as I am no expert.
  11. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Perhaps we could expand your idea by injuring several other players. Any other bright ideas. I am sure CC and the medical team love the idea of injured players being a good things. Talk about thinking outside the box, your idea is off the planet. Thanks to al the mind readers too who know what FF is thinking. Laughably daft.
  12. Carlos Carvalal form

    very good point, if CC does well, its Chansiri's money. If we do badly it's CCs fault. The guy can't win with some people. Even if we go up it will be, 'We should have strolled it with Chansiri's money' Then, 'finishing 7th in the Premier is a disappointment' then, 'We only just qualified for the Champions League' Finally, 'With Chansiri's money, Stuart Grey's team would have kept a clean sheet as we won the Champions Cup....and scored more goals.' In short, CC is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Though I personally would be pleased if the above comes true. Even under the despised 'Cretin' they like to call 'Clueless' Carlos. Pity we can't have a transfer window for 'fans' they can all F off to the other side of the city.
  13. Statement of the bleeding obvious. But then it needs stating for all the 'next 2 mins define our season brigade'
  14. Carlos - A question

    Yes but wouldn't it be better to lose with the best formation as determined by the experts on the forum
  15. Carlos - A question

    When does your book on coaching come out?