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  1. Bored

    Brilliant brilliant. The entitlement culture. Moaning, short attention spans. Instant gratification and don't want it if it isn't here NOW. No thought about building something lasting, about creating a stable club that does not change managers like bed sheets.
  2. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    Go and support them then, you won't be missed
  3. Success...what is it for you?

    A stable club. Competitive in the division after all the lean years is a success.
  4. We are hard to beat in a tough league and staying in touch, with our best player's return approaching. Everybody is impatient. The league has moved on and this season every game is tough. Fans have unrealistic expectations. If we remain hard to beat and competitive our chances will come. I would prefer to be strong at the end where it counts and that will only be determined if fans stick with the team and give CC and the team a chance. We will know at the end of the season what kind of season we have had. He isn't going so get behind him.

    You are on the wrong thread A. You went B. You analyse C. You haven't used the key words, 'clueless' and 'favourites' 'drop Bannan' and DC 'doesn't know what he is doing' oh and is 'broke'
  6. Given that any brains you may have are orbiting Uranus that seems entirely possible.
  7. You forget Emilianenko is an absolute master ebater
  8. But then they would have to think, rather than blindly moan, they show time and time again intelligent thought is alien to them
  9. Don't spoil their fun with a few astute, well made points. Its a rant fest masquerading as a cool analysis. Most could not analyse their own bobbar with their head stuck down the bowl. Though thinking about it, that's probably when they get their best ideas.
  10. Sponsorship

    Judging by some of the posters on here, characterised by too quick thumbs and too slow brains, we should be sponsored by Tena Man and Tena Lady. CC is useless, DC is broke, an unbeaten run is a disaster, Bristol are crap/good, same as BB. It isn't compulsory to be mentally challenged on this forum, but a visitor would think it was.
  11. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against

    On the plus side, judging by some of the previous posts we have the finest squad of no nothing idiot fans in the country. I fancy with the Dumbo's on here we can go all the way to the idiot fan premier league, led by our brave bed wetters, CC outers and DC is a fraud cheerleaders. Their motto, 'if you haven't got braincells flaunt it'
  12. Heard summet

    You have not got a clue. But just carry on guessing. Yes DCs lack of money is the root cause. He is quite poor, even his butler is on his uppers. Remember you heard it first from sheff44, the man ITK
  13. No No No No

    well that's put paid to any hopes of sleep he had tonight.
  14. Normal service resumed

    Slow, predictable, boring, Normal service resumed, very apt for another knocking post from you.
  15. iFollow

    And God forbid anyone gets the online helper 'Oliver' Chocolate, and fireguard spring to mind. 'have you tried switching it on and off?' Oh how I would like to switch Oliver off. Permanently.