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  1. Bronco Blue

    Quick win Clare

    I'm with the club here. The management makes each and every player an offer, based on what SWFC can afford and what they think the value of the player is. If the player thinks they are worth more or can get what they want elsewhere, they are free -- subject to contracts and regulations, etc -- to go and do better for themselves. Good luck to them. Sure, every club makes mistakes over players and may even later regret what they did or didn't do. But they will never admit it openly so little point in worrying. Clare may or may not turn out to be one of the game's greats in time, but the Owls only have so much money and FWIW so much time to throw at this 'problem.'
  2. It's close season and every team is going to be challenging for promotion, and no one will be relegated. So let's join the party. On the other hand, somewhere between 10th and 16th. We aren't really all that great right now.
  3. Bronco Blue

    Last player to score a hat trick for SWFC

    It was three consecutive goals but had not heard about the penalty clause, though that would have screwed Blair's hat-trick of penalties in the old League Cup ages ago
  4. Bronco Blue

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    Every fan hopes that each new signing is either an unpolished gem who one day is awesome or, if they haven't been pulling up trees at their former club then they players proceeds to regain their zest and desire to rip up whole forests. When they turn out to be neither, which I would think is more the case in the history of transfers, everyone gets upset. Rhodes, like so many players joining another club, hasn't hit the heights everyone wanted, but even the greatest managers in the game have signed players lacking either fitness, desire, ability or confidence. So it goes, but we fans still keep hoping. The sad thing is that Rhodes was a beacon for us all that we had money to spend and would pursue our ambition, but turned out it wasn't the best investment. When he did score it still didn't trigger the boost in confidence we all hoped was waiting to explode. Maybe he has lost that little extra step or spark that once made him score so frequently, but wherever it is I don't know how it can be found.
  5. Same advice to all young prospects: the lad needs to keep his feet on the ground
  6. Bronco Blue

    1967 Norwich away FA cup 5th round

    Happily, my one and only visit to Norwich. A very fine day indeed.
  7. Ah, 'Pancho' Pearson. Distinguished by his long sideburns (such an anti-establishment gesture in a time of short back and sides haircuts, apart of course from the outrageous Beatle mops which made everyone say was evidence the world was going to hell) and a useful player in midfield. I seem to recall him at the centre of a storm when he was sent off in his time in S6, which was at a time when being sent off was almost unheard of. Simulation and feigning injury? Ha! If the likes of Pearson tackled a player and he stayed down it was because it hurt. A lot. As for the old 2-3-5 formation, yes it had Vic Mobley at centre-half (now called centre back) but the number 5 shirt was once an attacking position in the early days of football. If you couldn't manage with just the two full backs defending you weren't much good. Having said that, 'utility player' Gerry Young once played CF and scored a hat-trick v Man U but made his name -- and won an England cap -- as a second centre-half alongside Mobley as teams pushed the left-half position back into deeper defence, making it four at the back. Then along came Catenaccio in Italy with a sweeper behind the back four and all pretence at attacking for a time was largely forgotten.
  8. You can add Baron Stoneybroke to that list
  9. Someone said, some time ago, that every church (and I presume other places of worship) should have a sign outside which says: 'Important, if true.' So there you go, it's a personal thing. Anyway, football fans have for years prayed for success, players have 'lucky rituals' before every match and coaches retain an absolute unshakeable belief in, say, 3-5-2 or the long ball game, no matter what. Faith appears to be a funny business.
  10. Bronco Blue

    Anyone know what game this was?

    Heartbreaking quarter final... Yes, I remember it well. Baldwin, I think, shanked a shot off his shin in the last minute or so and the ball bobbled agonisingly past Ron Springett. Can't say I like Chelski much these days but there was rarely much to admire about them before they got rich quick. I suppose they saw that wretched miskick as 'revenge' for us beating them at Villa Park in the '66 semi but Chelsea didn't deserve it. As for the scum that call themselves Manchester United fans I still recall seeing one of them, from the middle of a knot of fellow cretins, throw an empty beer bottle from the back of the Kop towards the front of the crowd, probably before the 5-4 game. I can only hope it struck one of his own fellow 'fans'
  11. Bronco Blue

    Anyone know what game this was?

    Is F on the scoreboard reporting United being tonked 5-2? Oh, I hope so. To add to other comments, the 5-4 was a gloriously sunny day (in more ways than one) so I am leaning towards the 1-1, especially as the 'minutes played' shows the game is in the second half and the 5-4 had more goals in the first half. And yes, definitely Sam Ellis.
  12. Bronco Blue

    When did you fall in love with our club?

    I am not 'in love' with Wednesday,a s such. They are my club, whether good, bad or indifferent. My grandfather was a Wednesdayite, my mother a Wednesdayite, my sons are Wednesdayites and my grandson is a Wednesdayite. Five generations tells me a lot. I suppose my blood runs blue and white, and that is all there is to it. In my book, people 'love' clubs like ManUre or attach themselves to foreign teams in places they have never visited. Seeing them on TV is not the same. I don't get it, but each to their own. But... We Are Wednesday Through and Through.
  13. It may be possible the injured players had permission to be elsewhere. If they ask and are given permission the point is answered. If their contract states they have to attend home games, for example, even when not playing one assumes the club has some system of fines they can levy. Also, Ikea is not yet a major Swedish league team, so there's no poaching going on.
  14. Bronco Blue

    When did it start to go wrong?

    Mandaric selling the club to someone who had no idea what British football was, then CC arriving with tippy-tappy 5 yard passes, then money being hosed into retiring players' bank accounts, then finding out there were 21 teams who wanted to play more attacking footy than us in our division... Take your pick, but in the end for me the rot began when CC was allowed to stay having shown he could not manage two play off games against Huddersfield. From then on the downward slope got a whole lot more slippery when the evidence was piling up that something had to done on an imaginative and positive scale. But then we don't do that, do we?
  15. They say prediction is hard -- especially when it involves the future. It's even harder when we don't know who will be fit again (more so as the end of season is not that far away) so it might be easier to predict who will limp out of the treatment room first. Sods Law says there must surely be a win in there somewhere, and preferably against someone who needs the points as badly as we do. One day we will have to beat a team whose first letter is B (I'm looking at you, Bolton) but equally they will see a wounded animal and think they can beat us. But all we need is three teams to be slightly worse than us. Surely they can't all be better than us, please...?