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  1. Looks like Brian Woodall to me
  2. Matt Penney - goals

    Penney looked good for U23s v Birmingham. But I s he ready for dull, pedestrian first team play? Hmm...
  3. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    It was very painful that day to see not only how we froze but how the subs we brought on against Hull were never, ever going to make a difference to the outcome. in a way that has set the pattern for what followed since: we cannot get the right people in to replace what isn't working either as starters or subs.
  4. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    I lost confidence in the man when I realised under CCs direction we simply have nothing to offer but a predictable and pedestrian approach to every game. We lack any sort of ability to surprise teams. CC should, by rights, have gone after the Huddersfield failure. That was a tremendous chance to go up, but handled badly and now the man is now struggling to show how we can move on and get better. But for all the manager's limitations, behind him is a club that buys poorly and painfully lacks footballing smarts. Ultimately it comes down to DC. He's been worshipped for his money but it increasingly looks as if the cash has, mostly, been thrown around with little idea of what was needed. Either CC does not know what is wanted or he has no say in what players are brought in (I could not, for example, believe that Boyd was the single missing piece in the promotion jigsaw) Either way after losing to Hull at Wembley the deficiencies in the team were obvious and yet rarely addressed. So the longer DC fails to deal with the core issues, the more we will be seeing results like against Bolton. CC will continue to say the right things but little will change. There will be the odd ray of sunshine but turning Leeds over, delightful though it was, every so often doesn't make up for not winning the winnable games.
  5. We have to laugh don't we......

    We exist only to please no-hoper teams. We have done it for years, sadly

    Few teams go eight games without a win and eventually even rubbish teams score. There was then an air of inevitability about this game so I was not entirely surprised even if I was disappointed. Having said that, the trap door beckons if we cannot put away teams struggling below us. Already talk of promotion is looking a little hollow. I am a not fan of the manager though I concede he has done his best, but arguing -- however plausibly -- over a penalty that may have brought a single point when we needed three simply isn't good enough. If you are a couple of goals ahead then a non-penalty is immaterial. So, we await another game where we may turn up and play like we did against Leeds or we fear another Birmingham/Bolton/Burton outcome. Not much fun being a Wednesdayite right now.
  7. Thought he played well in his twenty minutes or whatever as sub but why was he at the club in the first place? Was he pushing for a start before he was injured or was he just one of the many expensive non-playing players we keep acquiring? PS players are always, when interviewed, happy at their new club or enjoying their new environment. It is one of the standard journalist 'copy and paste' features.
  8. Johnny Fantham Testimonial Match

    Yeah, I went. Can't recall the game itself but saw Famtham score a good few for Wednesday in his time. He was a classic inside forward of the day, quick and decisive in the box. I also remember his hairdresser shop on Division Street, which is of no consequence!
  9. Love Wednesday, like England, hate the band

    Tuneless, but most of all insensitive to the game itself; they strike up at odd times and add nothing to the atmosphere or the enjoyment. Whenever England are on telly and my family -- who aren't football fans -- hear them they groan and laugh at the racket. I wish this band was either banned or they move to Leeds so we can despise them even more.
  10. Usually for a team doing well you need a striker who can get you at least 20 goals a season. Helps if it's more, just as it is having a midfield that can come forward and grab a good number of goals too. The question I would ask is if you gave Rhodes say 38-40 starts would he give you 20 goals? Great if he could but who would he keep out? Hooper? He's on his way to that 20 goal minimum on current form.
  11. You are probably right. I got confused by my big Macs.
  12. Worth noting the goalkeeper in those days didn't wear a different shirt to the outfield players, so you can play "spot the 'keeper" in the photo. I think the goalie wore a cap or armband to distinguish them, however.
  13. David Mills

    Remember him being here, but then we have got through a lot of middling-to-poor strikers over the years I've followed the Owls. Just don't really remember what many of them did for us after they got here, and have no idea where they went after they left.
  14. Fantastic photo

    Opposing kit looks like Wolves. Owls player looks like Fantham