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  1. Thought you'd not seen many? There have only been 3 seasons in our entire history where we've scored at a lower rate. One was Stuart Gray's season and one was during the doom years of the 70s. And yes, I'm well aware there have been plenty of goals scored in our net this season. Seems like most of ours have been scored at the Lep end as well.
  2. Bought my ticket today. Looking forward to seeing some good football and plenty of goals. Shame they'll all be in our net but you can't have everything.
  3. I've got to say it. I can't believe how quickly so many fans have turned against Hutchinson. I'm not saying he's innocent and Monk may have good reasons for doing what he's done but I have seen some vile posts on here and tweets on Twitter accusing him of all sorts. Nobody knows anything! This is a man who has given his all for Wednesday, playing every game like it could be his last. He loves the club, has always wanted to stay, brought his kids up as Wednesday fans, has continually played through pain and has done a lot of work championing mental health issues. I've seen him accused of fighting, faking injury, not turning up for work, bullying academy players, turning players against each other, punching Monk and worse. Really? He has given his all for this club for the past 6 years. Yes he is injured a lot. Yes his disciplinary record isn't great and yes he is 30 and isn't the future. But he's gone from being a multiple player of the season award winner and Mr Sheffield Wednesday to the devil incarnate and scapegoat for Wednesday's problems all based on hearsay and rumours. Give me strength.
  4. When Hutch was asked about why Luhukay had put him in the under 23s he said he didn't know. He turned up to training one day and was just told he would be training with the under 23s but not given any reason why. He said he didn't even have a conversation with Luhukay. He said he started coaching some of the youngsters to pass the time and was quite enjoying this until he got a phone call from Bullen asking him to come back into the first team. Howson from the star said Monk was adamant that there has been no falling out with Hutchinson. He reckons it's down to Hutchinson's age, his injury record and the fact that he is out of contract. He said the tipping point was him coming off injured again in the QPR match. Westwood was also injured around a similar time. If that's the case though, why is Lee still playing? There's got to be more to it than that surely.
  5. Monk isn't going to go back on his decision to sack off Hutch and Westwood. He doesn't forgive and forget. Look how he treated Pep Clotet when he came to Hillsborough.
  6. Think he's already said too much to be honest. Think that's partly the problem.
  7. I don't know how else to explain this sudden dramatic slump. I can't believe with all the mistakes that DC has made that he and the club are completely innocent. I think he knows he's messed up, the players know it and they have no motivation to push forward. I don't think they've turned into bad players overnight but all the fight and desire has gone. They're not playing for each other anymore. They know the club is broken.
  8. Think they just felt sorry for him to be honest. He looked devastated. That could really destroy his confidence. I desperately wanted someone to go and put an arm around him which Borner did until the physio finally got to him.
  9. Agree. Couldn't say anyone didn't try today. Unfortunately they're just not very good. They're not reading each other's moves and not reading the other team's moves either. In fact they aren't moving for each other much at all. They are playing like 11 (or 10) individuals not a team. Joey can't help it that he runs around like a headless chicken. He doesn't read the game. More often than not, he lets his man get the wrong side of him. He's just not very good. Bannan can't help pirouetting round in circles. He's only got one foot. Da Cruz worked hard but can't beat his man. I could go on. They have no confidence and are now suffering from some bad luck as well but I don't think they weren't trying. That said, most of them need to go at the end of the season.
  10. At this rate, we won't need a points deduction.
  11. Yeah get your point. Just not sure when we last did this. Don't think we have this season, have we? Happy to be proved wrong.
  12. When was the last time we won 3 on the spin? Anyone?
  13. Christ on a bike. How many times must we have him? He owes Nando one - a good one!
  14. This is true. Somebody put a clip on Twitter last night of one of their players running into Nuhiu, falling over and getting a free kick. Nuhiu didn't even move! Yet at times, they were grabbing him round the neck and he got nothing.
  15. Also spot on. Number of times yesterday that Harris had to go backwards for the ball instead of having it to run onto.
  16. Haha. We were having this discussion before the match yesterday. I said we've got too many players beginning with 'Wi'. I kept mixing them up and my mate even started saying Wistwood.
  17. Haha! I can remember that. My mate shouted "Great foul!" at the time. He made it look like he'd tripped and fallen into him. They would have been clean through. Brilliant!
  18. What the """" was that? Just when you think they can't get any worse. Giving out yellow cards like sweeties. Can't tackle anymore. Gave us free kicks only when crowd reacted and I'm sure players actually told him what to do on a number of occasions. Lineman on South was just as bad. They even looked at each other several times as if saying "What shall we do?"
  19. Normally a fan of Bannan but my god what was that today? The only decent thing I remember him doing was leaving the ball for Harris to put the cross in that nearly led to Reach scoring a header. Best move of the match. And what the hell was that attempted cross/shot in the box up at the Lep end? For once, he seemed annoyed with himself instead of blaming Palmer or Pelupessy or whoever else is near him.
  20. I think it already has. Yes, they're not good enough but I genuinely think that the black cloud looming over us is already having an effect on their mentality and effort, even though they say it isn't.
  21. 2 - I'm going on Saturday because I love match day but for all the wrong reasons. I love meeting up with friends beforehand. It all goes down hill from 3pm. I am dreading the game on Saturday. Hope we don't but I'm fully expecting another loss.
  22. Tbf most of the first team have been way off the level of the first team recently.
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