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  1. I think it's more to do with how many goals Norwich have scored in injury time this season - a ridiculous amount - plus how many times we've conceded in injury time - WBA twice springs to mind as well as Villa. That's 5 points we should have had, 7 including last night. It's just frustration at what might have been. Think that outweighs the one point we gained at Rotherham.
  2. That goal last night might have added a few quid on.
  3. I've been critical of him before but if Bruce can lift his performances like he has with Palmer, Fox and Boyd, good luck to him.
  4. Don't think we've done it all season have we? We've drawn a few after going behind but don't think we've won one. It's got to the point where I dread going behind for that very reason.
  5. Definitely want to win. But losing would at least give us a wry smile . So most probably will be a draw. Which is no good to either of us.
  6. Don't worry. Jamie Vardy constantly takes the mess out of him for doing that.
  7. Played at just the right pace for Boyd that match.
  8. That Birmingham game when they both scored was brilliant.
  9. Had cramp yesterday. Plus Bruce probably doesn't want to risk having any more midfielders injured.
  10. Stoke (a) Villa (h) Forest (h) Leeds (a) Norwich (a) Bristol City (h) Preston (a) QPR (h) So what do we reckon then? Couldn't have asked for a much harder run in. People are starting to take notice of us now and see us as a threat. Others are saying we haven't faced anybody of real quality yet during this run apart from United and Derby, both of which were drawn. If we had a full squad to choose from I'd fancy our chances but unfortunately I think injuries could be our undoing. I won't give up hope though. Bruce reckons we need 6 wins out of 8.
  11. I love listening to Bruce. It's like a breath of fresh air after listening to Carlos' confusing analogies and Jos' mumblings about... well who knows? Villa fans said he always said the same thing in pre-match interviews and his post-match interviews bore no resemblance to the actual game but I haven't found that at all. He sums each game up pretty well. Did love his comment about the lifeboat though.
  12. My favourite away game. EVER!
  13. Clearly injured in warm up. I was watching him. He was holding his hamstring and trying to do some exercises as if he was testing it. Then he came over to take some shots. Took one and was clearly in pain. He then went over to speak to Bully and Agnew and disappeared to dressing room. Couldn't believe it when he came back out. It was clear from the off he wasn't going to last long. He was hardly running and kept holding his hamstring. Mad decision for him to play but knowing Sam he probably insisted he could do it. According to Bruce he nearly missed the match at Bolton for the same reason. He came off with a tight hamstring against Brentford so it's obviously an ongoing thing. Let's hope he's 'back in 2 weeks' as we'll be knackered without him. Pelupessy runs around, asks for the ball, gives it straight back to whoever passed it to him and couldn't tackle his way out of a paper bag.
  14. Looked like it. Saw him holding his hamstring then he tried to take a shot and pulled up. Spoke to Bully and Agnew who sent him to dressing room.
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