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  1. Remember it so well. Was dreading penalties but had mentally prepared myself for them. Then came the goal. I looked in desperation at the ref and linesman hoping it would be disallowed. It seemed to happen in slow motion and I remember thinking 'That can't happen. I've just got myself ready for penalties'. Alas the goal stood and I cried most of the way home.
  2. Also got a 3 match ban but a lesser fine in line with his lesser wages.
  3. Irrelevant club trying to make themselves relevant.
  4. 2 legs and 2 arms? That's an upgrade on some we've had recently.
  5. Try putting his name the other way around.
  6. No that's James Gregg.
  7. Sports editor for Sky news
  8. Star says he's going to Grimsby Town.
  9. I like Donny Rovers to do well because they're my local team. I don't support them though. And if they ever play Wednesday I just go back to hating them for that day.
  10. Interesting that there are loads of tweets from Wednesday fans tonight wishing him luck and thanking him for his time at Wednesday. The one Hooper decides to retweet is from a Celtic fan calling for them to resign him.
  11. Westwood with a shout out to Palmer. Rest were sheeite.
  12. My observations of Abdi as a SWFC player. Came on as sub in pre-season against Port Vale. Scored and looked classy. Played in first two games against Villa and Norwich. Gave TV interviews for Sky and was tweeting regularly, wishing team luck and posting photos of himself in Wednesday gear. Carlos played him on the left rather than the centre. Played okay but not brilliant. Brought off at half-time against Burton Albion. Carlos said he wasn't fit. After that his appearances became less regular until he was out of the team altogether. Carlos said he needed a mini pre-season. Injury crisis in December and he is brought back into centre mid against Rotherham. Gets injured - shoulder and has to go off. Spends more time out. A few sub appearances. Returns season after. Carlos impressed with him in training. Comes back into first team at Forest and scores a worldie. Stays in team for Leeds match where he replaces Bannan. Plays poorly and gets dropped again. Stops posting on social media. Appears at end of season lap of appreciation. Only player not wearing charity t-shirt. This season - only been seen in training photos. The enigma that is Abdi.
  13. It's on its way to meet Simondsens.
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