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  1. This πŸ‘†πŸ‘† That year was our real chance. We blew it.
  2. Look at Villa's average. Good job they went up.
  3. No wonder so many clubs are struggling now.
  4. I loved him. He was my favourite player and I was absolutely gutted when he went to Blackburn. I didn't know anything about his attitude or antics. That game against Blackburn was immense. Also Spora Luxembourg. I left that game in tears because I thought he was dead. When I got home, I was straight on Ceefax, relieved to find he was unconscious in hospital, not dead. Ceefax
  5. Met most of Carlos/Luhukay squad at Owls in the park breakfast. All very pleasant. Nicest were Dawson and Kieran Lee. Going back, my dad took me for lunch at one of the restaurants at Hillsborough in the late 80s. All the players came in and I chatted to David Hirst, Craig Shakespeare and Nigel Pearson. Again all very pleasant. Haven't met any that were unpleasant or not willing to give time to fans.
  6. No because Chansiri has made them all sign the official secrets act.
  7. All over the bloody place. Had a great half though. On the left, on the right, through the middle. Attacking mid isn't he? Very versatile.
  8. Yep. Much better atmosphere tonight. Really missed it. Can't remember last time it was like that. Even cheered all players' names when they were read out. Can't remember last time we did that either. Cheered every throw in, free kick, corner, etc. Will no doubt be back to a morgue next Saturday. Shame.
  9. But... But... But... Westwood said he hadn't fallen out with Monk.
  10. Haha! That was the first thing that came into my mind too.
  11. Agree. We conceded first yesterday and then utterly cacked our pants for next 30 minutes which is what led to those two individual errors.
  12. Joking aside, that's who I would vote for.
  13. Was like a breath of fresh air in the second half. Was all over the pitch. One minute he popped up on the right. A few minutes later on the left. Then down the middle. Constantly passing and moving into space, unlike others who just pass and stand still. Looking to get into the box whenever he could. We don't have another player like him. Unfortunately I think he's cup tied for Wednesday night. Needs to start next Saturday though.
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