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  1. Is your letter 'n' being temperamental or do you have a twitchy finger?
  2. That gif for the second goal sums up the entire ground at that point. I didn't even think it was a free kick. Couldn't believe it when he got the red card out.
  3. Same. Left on 87 minutes. Also missed last goal. Was enjoying the cheers from our fans when we managed to string more than 2 passes together.
  4. Was surprised they were allowed to play in those shirts. Reminded me of when we played Millwall away in our home shirts the other year. They looked like Scotland shirts. This could have confused Bannan but really we were just cack!
  5. I put that question on Twitter cos I genuinely can't remember a home performance as bad as that in recent years. Someone said 5-0 loss against Wimbledon in 2000. Sadly missed that one.
  6. There were plenty leaping out of their seats today. At 2-0 3-0 4-0 Etc
  7. That's exactly what I mean when I say the post-Bruce effect. That was the most excited and positive our fan base had been since Carlos's first season. I couldn't wait for this season to start. Then he went and ripped up the script and left us in a right mess.
  8. Was having this conversation with my pal last night. We were saying the best part of match day is meeting up with friends before the match. Then as soon as we enter Hillsborough it rapidly goes down hill. The atmosphere is as bad as I can remember. I know this has been discussed in other threads but I put it down to two things: the Steve Bruce fallout after all the positivity and him then leaving us in the s**t, and the EFL charge hanging over us like the bloody grim reaper. There is no atmosphere, the players don't respond, they in turn give us nothing to shout about. It's a viscous bloody circle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the fans for that horror show today. In fact I can't remember a home performance as bad as that since pre-Carlos. That includes the 3-0 defeats by Birmingham and Burton and the 4-0 defeat by Norwich. I'm struggling to think of a match where I have seen us roll over and let a team run through us, showing no heart or desire to fight like we did today. The OP has a fair point. The only really good home performances I can recall recently have been the 2 Norwich 5-1s, the Newcastle win and the 3-0 Leeds win. There have been some great battling tactical away performances under Monk but I can't think of a really good home performance other than the second half against Brentford. The jury is out with him though. He hasn't been able to bring anyone in yet. I will continue to go. What's more, I will renew my season ticket but I fear the club are going to lose a lot of fans fairly quickly if things don't change.
  9. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER seen a fan base react to a defeat quite like this lot have. My Twitter timeline is full of it. First of all they have had a right go at the way we and the team celebrated the win. Some hilarious comments such as "We would never do that" and "It's their cup final". They seem to have conveniently forgotten how they went nuts and invaded the pitch after equalising when Kirkland was hit. Then that lobber Phillips said we didn't deserve to win followed by White saying we were a small team. Both have made themselves look like prize prats like half of their fan base. White is a Brighton player so is obviously suffering a double dose of salt. I've even seen one tosspot show stills of their 'goal' and our second, trying to claim theirs was onside and ours was offside and VAR would have ruled it out until someone pointed out the stills were not taken at the point of delivery. They really are desperate to come up with some sort of excuse. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite enjoying this. But if we get docked points this season, I'm not going anywhere near Twitter.
  10. Also before the banning order, why did we have to leave the end block of the north free when at Bramall Lane, they're allowed to sit as close as this?
  11. Christ not Burton. We never beat them. Still have nightmares about that New Year's day game. Newcastle or Leicester at home would be tasty.
  12. I read some of the threads on their forum. Made me laugh. I think the first 20 or so posts on one particular thread all mentioned the word massive in some way or another. You're right that they do indeed have a MASSIVE chip on their shoulder.
  13. Even Brighton fans (who absolutely hate us) said we defended well today.
  14. I'm currently at Center Parcs in Cumbria. Only 2nd game I've missed this season. I was pottery painting with my daughter this afternoon. I'm sure that was far more exciting than watching Wednesday.
  15. It would be just like us to go and get a result there.
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