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  1. Aden Flint - injured after 4 matches, sent back Izzy Brown - handful of matches hardly ever plays Jack Marriott -????????????????? What a waste they've been this season
  2. I had one for this season £550 in North stand. I reckon I've watched about 12 matches of that on ifollow so minus £120 leaves me with £430 plus I'm owed £25 in ticket sales from the season before. Should be plenty for league one but what's the betting prices won't change so I'll end up owing money. Can't wait till Blackpool and Oxford fans discover they've got to pay £38 to watch their teams at Hillsborough next season.
  3. I asked this question on Twitter and it's had a huge response so I thought I'd ask it on here. We've all been supporting Wednesday for different amounts of time but for me this season is the worst I've endured in 35 years and I'll tell you why. Yes, there have been worse teams (yes, really) but this lot are sinking into league one with barely a whimper. They haven't mounted any sort of a fight. Most teams at the bottom at least mount some sort of challenge whereas we just seem to lurch from one disaster to another. If we're not giving 2-0 leads away, we're conceding in injur
  4. Nixon said that he is only offering a contract till the end of the season. This is because he's nervous of the financial losses of relegation. This would only make sense if he was planning to bring in a big name. Maybe he was prepared to give it to Cook till the end of the season but then bring in someone else which explains why Cook wouldn't accept it. However, we will still need a manager next season. I honestly think he's giving Thompson the chance to keep us up, then he'll bring in his name. If Thommo doesn't, he'll have to accept a lesser name (Cook will be gone by then) becau
  5. Forest were floundering. Got in Houghton, who we wanted, and are now doing much better. Bristol City were floundering. Got in Pearson, who we wanted, and are now doing much better. Cardiff were floundering. Got in McCarthy, who a few wanted, and are now doing much better. We wanted Cook. I suspect he will go to Ipswich and do well with them. Meanwhile we continue to flounder and Chansiri does nothing. I'm now resigned to relegation but we need someone in quickly to start rebuilding for the future. He is leaving us to rot and it breaks my heart.
  6. Sounds just like Luhukay. Does he allow mushrooms though?
  7. Positive is that I don't have to waste petrol driving to Sheffield and back to watch this sheeite.
  8. Doesn't he work with strikers? Hmmmmmm
  9. He scored in front of the kop in the last match of the season when we thrashed Norwich and went chuffing berserk. That I do remember. I also remember our fans begging Chansiri to buy him for the next month or so, not knowing we were under a transfer embargo. Venancio really wanted to come as well. Think he was good mates with Pelupessy out of the players we still have.
  10. Guardian saying Wednesday, Wigan and Derby cases may not be fully resolved until beginning of August so relegated clubs may get a reprieve. Membership of Championship is not finalised until after play off finals. What a complete and utter farce! How is any team supposed to build for the future when they don't know which league they are going to be in. Particularly us when we need virtually a whole new squad.
  11. Is what it could end up costing me to watch 1st division football on a screen next season.
  12. The looks department has taken a severe bashing since Hutch left.
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