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  1. Think you're thinking of Epping Forest which is in Essex
  2. The two times I have felt absolutely devastated supporting this club were relegation in 1990 (cried for about a week) and losing FA cup replay in 1993 (cried all way home from Wembley). Nowadays I feel very down for a day or two, but each day it feels a little easier. I did actually get a bit tearful the other night and I think it was because it felt amazing when Gregory scored and got our hopes up, only for it all to be chucked away again. Weirdly, I think if he hadn't scored, I'd have been okay. It's the hope that kills you. But I'm a Wednesdayite. Constant gloom and letdowns comes as part of the territory.
  3. Both fear and excitement Fear that we'll just roll over and go out without any real fight Fear that we'll play brilliant but just can't score enough goals Fear that we'll suffer some form of bad luck (dodgy refereeing decision or bad injury - this is Wednesday after all) Excitement that we just could/might do it after all.
  4. Telling Hutch that his highlights would take 30 seconds Lol
  5. Sunderland forum has a thread already up to 7 pages on this very subject. Feck me!
  6. They've done this nearly every time he's scored.
  7. I'd had both of those thoughts. I don't think he'll play Windass for a full match yet although he might have a plan to take him off after, say 60 minutes. We'll see. Hopefully it won't cone to that.
  8. It's time for Byers, Luongo and FDB to step up. At some point, we have to prove we can play without him. All the other teams think we are pretty much a one-man team. Bannan is integral to the way we play but others have to be able to step in and fill those boots. Hopefully he will be okay. Although he would be a massive miss, I'd actually argue that currently Gregory would be an even bigger one.
  9. George Byers What a game he had. Made them look stupid at times. Really deserved his goal and could have had two.
  10. I'm on Twitter. He didn't reply, although someone said 'I bet you're dying to respond'. I should hope Josh took it in the spirit I think it was meant. He certainly gives plenty out on Twitter so needs to accept he's going to get it back.
  11. According to Sky, we are league one's most successful team from set pieces and that was before the two at MK. That stat made me chuckle somewhat.
  12. Didn't Wing score in the pizza cup? I may have imagined that.
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