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  1. Not seen us play fast attacking football like that since Carlos' first season. Yes there's work to do - tightening up in defence, being more clinical in front of goal and turning draws into wins. But consider this: A year ago, we were watching Pulis ball. Shudders!
  2. Luongo - superb Jack Hunt - where did that come from? Kamberi - thought he linked midfield and attack brilliantly and some of his first touches were amazing - much better Brennan - did well again Dunkley - class again Bannan - consistent Windass- he's back! Shodipo - much better NML - great debut Best performance of the season, despite the result. We attacked with pace and passing movement that I've not seen since Carlos' first season.
  3. Blackburn Rovers Semi-final of league Cup in 93. Got to Blackburn around 5pm, had a bag of chips and then went to a pub near the ground. It was full of Wednesday fans and we just sang and sang and sang for hours. I remember walking to the ground absolutely knackered and wondering how I was going to make it through the match. What a match! We went a goal down and then scored four in 20 minutes. Blackburn scored again. It was 4-2 at half time and I had no idea what was going to happen in the second half. In the end, nothing and it stayed 4-2 but what a match. On the other scale, Man Utd away in the same competition led to their fans assaulting loads of ours after the match because they thought we were taking the p*** about Munich. That was pretty scary.
  4. Same game with either Patterson's back heel going in, Patterson being on target in second half or Berahino having any sort of a decent touch in front of goal, we'd have won and the same people that are slating the team would have been saying we'd played well. The difference is our decision making in the final 3rd. As good as Theo was, some of his decision making is terrible. Please try and score 25 yard worldies when we're 3-0 up, not when we're scrabbling around for a winner.
  5. On the Plymouth Argyle forum No kidding
  6. I remember playing Everton four times just in one FA cup tie back in the 80s. We kept drawing and then they smashed us 5-0 back at Hillsborough. Used to hate playing Everton. They were always a bogey team for us.
  7. Than you so much and you are so right. I was upset yesterday because of finding out about her death obviously but it also brought back memories, like you say, of those special moments we shared at Wembley, which I fear will never be repeated.
  8. You might not be interested in this story but I wanted to tell it and didn't know where else to put it. Before the match today, I happened to look up at the scoreboard. On there was a picture of Brenda Wydell, giving her birth and death dates. This came as a massive shock to me as I didn't know she had died. Brenda was like a second mum to me in the early 90s. I was at uni, living in Huddersfield at the time and I was going out with her son. I spent every weekend at her house and she cooked me some great meals and looked after me. I was a Wednesday season ticket holder at the time, along with her son. Brenda started to share our love of football and became a first time season ticket holder herself in her late 50s. We went to every match, home and away in the 90s and shared joy and despair at Wembley in 93. I finished at uni and moved back home, breaking up with my boyfriend and losing touch with Brenda. We managed to get in touch a few years later and sent each other a letter and a Christmas card every year. Just before lockdown, we bumped into each other accidentally in Sainsburys just before a night match and had a lovely catch up. Today I found out she died. RIP Brenda. She had been a Wednesday season ticket holder for nearly 30 years.
  9. A couple of times in the second half we actually put some balls in front of players to run onto. All too often we play passes to feet or behind players which slows us down. Then that player immediately has two or three of their players around them and end up in a scrap, often losing the ball. Berahino, by the way made some super runs in that second half but they weren't picked out. We all seem to play with our backs to goal so rarely get a shot in. There was a moment where Wing and Bannan were tapping it backwards and forwards to each other on the edge of the box. Neither seemed to want to shoot. Add to that our goalkeeper, defence, no left back (torn apart down that side time and time again) and nobody to put their laces through the ball in front of goal and that's about it. Oh, and don't even get me started on playing out from the back.
  10. Averages based on 3 or more games of more than 30 minutes: Bailey Peacock-Farrell - 7.3 Jack Hunt - 6.7 Liam Palmer - 6.8 Sam Hutchinson- 7.3 Dominic Iorfa - 7.3 Dennis Adeniran- 6.8 Barry Bannan- 7.1 George Byers - 6.8 Lewis Wing - 6.6 Marvin Johnson - 6.3 Jaden Brown - 6.2 Lee Gregory - 6.9 Florian Kamberi - 6.2 Callum Patterson - 5.9
  11. I always used to park on or just off Herries Road. Had done ever since my dad took me as a kid. Five years ago I came back after the Newcastle match to find three windows completely smashed. Nothing taken, as there was nothing to take. They had, however, taken the handbrake off so it rolled into the car behind. Never parked there since.
  12. I remember going to watch Wednesday away at Plymouth on a midweek night in Winter during the 90/91 season. All that way, it was absolutely bloody freezing and Tango still had no shirt on. It was a really boring draw as well. The things we do. Away end was packed that night.
  13. Let's hope we don't get the goon from the Fleetwood match too often this season then. He must have run out of room to write all the numbers down.
  14. Initially he thought we might struggle in League one and thought we would finish mid-table. Now he thinks we'll be up there at the end of the season.
  15. But Pato won't be able to take a long run up before he throws it straight to the first defender.
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