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  1. Bored

    Exactly how I feel. Will continue to go to matches in the hope that we will win or maybe even turn in a good performance. However I've distanced myself from the league table. I'm not interested at the moment. All these people saying we're only two points off the play offs. We have greater problems like trying to get a balanced squad, rebuilding for the future and trying to get some feel good factor back at Hillsborough because it's like poison at the moment. I'm just going to try and enjoy it without getting stressed about scrapping for every point. Can't take many more performanceso like yesterday's though.
  2. Done with it all

    After a lot of careful thinking, I've finally come up with a positive from yesterday's match. My Twitter timeline was, for once, not full of this: Or this
  3. Good idea. Either that or a re-run of some of our more 'entertaining' matches. At the very least it might remind the players what they're capable of. Last season I was prepared to put up with the performances when everyone else was slating them. I was just thrilled to be in a position where I could watch them after a long exile away from football. However, yesterday was only the second match I've been to in 7 weeks (missed Millwall game) and I was really looking forward to it. That's what makes it all the more disappointing when they turn in a performance like that.
  4. Success...what is it for you?

    At the moment, winning a game at Hillsborough and playing some exciting attacking football would do for starters. Oh... and scoring a few goals. In terms of this season, a play off final would seem to be a massive success because we feel miles off at the moment. However if we get there we need to win or we're back to square one again.
  5. I was so bored yesterday that I must have spent at least 20 minutes watching the stewards and what they were up to. It was far more interesting than the match.

    Fair point and let's face it, this is nothing new is it? Last season we followed up our best away performance of the season at Newcastle with two of the most mind-numbing games against Preston (away) and Wolves, both of which were draws. Other incredibly tedious games at Hillsborough that spring to mind from last season - Ipswich (loss) and Rotherham (win). I heard some fans saying yesterday that we've only had one good performance at home against Leeds. It was no different last season. I can only really think of Norwich and possibly Birmingham which were anything like. It's just more same old same old. We'd better get used to it because I don't think anything's going to change. .. this season at least.
  7. Most boring Wednesday match

    There are so many I find it hard to just choose one.
  8. Done with it all

    Half time whistle? Full time whistle?
  9. Tempo

    Must admit that's what I thought. At times it looked like they couldn't be bothered to make the effort. At one point Morgan Fox just stopped and let the ball go out. I could have got out of my seat on row 13 of North stand and run down onto the pitch and still got to it. We look so good when we play at a faster tempo. It baffles me why we can't do it more often. I hate to say it but that is one of the things that is driving them from the other side of the city into the top two.
  10. That's twice now. Bannan looking for the penalty and going down too easily - not given. Fletcher looking for penalty against Derby and going down too easily - not given. Why do our players keep going down too easily if we're never given penalties anyway? Bannan's reaction said it all. He was like a man possessed. Thought ref was going to book him. Carlos said their defender caught him on back of his knee. Why would he go down otherwise? FF maybe but not Bannan. Hooper was looking right at it and he reacts like it was a definite penalty.
  11. This. Echoes everything I was saying during the match, particularlythe part about second balls. The few times we did pick some up we created space and looked dangerous. ...well until we got the ball near the box.
  12. Bannan too deep

    I was saying this all the way through the match. Where is Bannan? Why is Bannan so far back? The people around me must have been sick of hearing it. Point being when Bannan plays well, Wednesday play well. When Bannan plays attacking football and gets forward, we look awesome. When Butterfield went off it was inevitable he was going to drop even deeper. However, the one time Bannan did get into their box, City **** themselves and couldn't handle him. Why oh why did he go down though? Seemed very annoyed. Was like a toddler throwing a tantrum and thought he would get a booking for arguing. Said at time, why would he react like that if it wasn't a genuine penalty? Anyway not sure if him playing deep was tactics or City playing him out of game. Lee Johnson has said on many occasions he admires Bannan and rates him as our most dangerous player and would sign him tomorrow if he could. At times in that match I had to look around the pitch for him because I wasn't sure where he was. He seemed to be playing over on the left a lot and Reach at one bit was playing more central and ahead of Hooper. Bizarre.
  13. We were given 7 penalties last season, 5 of which were scored, 2 missed. The last two being the misses. FF at Brighton and Rhodes at Leeds. Four of the penalties scored were in wins, 2 of them being the actual winner. Hooper scored 1, FF scored 2 and Fletcher 2. In contrast we gave away 4 penalties. Two were scored, 2 missed. This season we've given away 4 in league and cup and have been given none.
  14. That's one of the two I bought. Unfortunately I've not been able to bring myself to read it yet.
  15. I've bought two in the last two seasons. We lost both matches. I don't buy them now.