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  1. Completely agree. I left the Huddersfield match early because my daughter was ill so I missed the devastating ending. It didn't affect me too much to start with. People at work thought I'd be upset but I just brushed it off. It really bothered me a couple of weeks later when Huddersfield won at Wembley. That really upset me. What might have been - again. Now the play offs and promotion seem a million miles away. Having said that, I'm more than happy to keep going to Hillsborough. It got tedious last season but I still love going in the hope that I might be pleasantly shocked or surprised at what I see.
  2. Owl 44


    Dunno but hope we don't give as many away as we did last season.
  3. We're currently joint top of the league!!!! And we have both shirts out BEFORE the first match.
  4. I've had a season ticket for the last 2 years and I can't get most away tickets. The only ones I can get are midweek games which I can't do due to work, far off games like Norwich or cup games. Oh and Leeds. It's become pretty much a closed shop for those that can go every week.
  5. Owl 44

    Breda Video

    Playing with last season's numbers at the moment.
  6. Owl 44


    Yes but we are currently playing with last season's numbers.
  7. Owl 44


    Playing in last season's numbers. Rubbish picture but is that number 41 the lesser spotted Abdi?
  8. Owl 44


    Hutch was there in May. That's why he wasn't in the appreciation lap after the Norwich game. It's obviously where they now send our players for rehab. Sam Winnall next?
  9. Owl 44

    nac breda

    Yeah. This is their team. No clue on ours. Appears Mark Bright's Dutch cousin is featuring.
  10. Owl 44

    Hutchinson at CB

    He was playing CB. However, in typical Hutch style he tripped up in the penalty area and then tried to tackle the Bristol player with his head. Oops.
  11. Owl 44


    Lucas Joao does lots of step overs. He just forgets to take the ball with him.
  12. Owl 44

    Forestieri goal v Lincoln

  13. Owl 44

    Wing Backs

    Last night Palmer played really well and was far better going forward than Baker. Boyd was the best I've seen him. Looked much fitter, made some good runs forward and made some of their players look silly at times. Reach played in midfield so we missed his runs down the wing which were great against Norwich. Didn't think he looked that great last night compared to the other midfielders like Hutch, Bannan and Hunt. Shame as I think he's a perfect left wing back.
  14. Owl 44

    Back from Lincoln

    I'd say so. Alex Hunt looked good. Very confident in the middle of the pitch with Reach making the runs forward. Only 18? Preston also looked good. Didn't notice Baker as much. Did okay I think.
  15. Owl 44

    Back from Lincoln

    He actually lost a couple of headers unbelievably. The corners last night were pretty dire on the whole - mostly the delivery. A particular highlight was one of Reach's which barely entered the field of play and just went over the crossbar without anybody else touching it. Lincoln fans loved that one. Needless to say Hutch took the next one.