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  1. Back in March when we had just conceded to Bolton in the last minute - that we would win 5 our of our next 7 matches? We had just come off the back of a horrible week where we had been knocked out of the cup, been thrashed at Bristol and lost at home to a poor Ipswich side. Nobody could see where our next win was coming from and we were in what felt like the pit of despair watching Jones and Butterfield each week. We seemed to be heading full on into a relegation battle and were at the bottom of the form league. Step up Barry Bannan and Fernando Forestieri. Isn't it great to have them back? Today the sun was shining and it was like waking up from a nightmare.

    It was one of those classy shots that was still rising when it hit the back of the net. Great to see.
  3. Pudil

    Hahaha. There was a little kid behind me. After that shot he said "That's a defender's shot right there if I ever saw one." Couldn't stop laughing for ages.
  4. Adam Reach

    He must run miles every match. He also must have played in about four different positions today. He gets stick for not tackling but he clearly isn't a defender. Deserves massive credit for what he has done this season. Was the only bright spot for months in the pit of despair we were in. Should get every player of the season award going for us.
  5. Glenn Loovens

    Jos said in a recent interview that it was a choice to leave him out of the squad rather than injury. He also said that Glenn understood the reasons for it and that he was a brilliant professional captain even when not on the pitch.
  6. God I Miss This Team

    Hirst would have been sent off for a tackle like that now. The disallowed goal would have stood now... and what a super goal that was. I loved Warhurst - what a player! Hirst's goal - wow. Just wow! It was an honour and a privilege to support that team. Honestly feel for those who weren't around or were too young to remember it.
  7. What stopped us?

    Agree. I'm not from Sheffield so I don't know about the politics but I can give a completely unbiased view. Having visited several cities over the last few years, Sheffield is sadly way behind in terms of investment and structure. Birmingham and Manchester are amazing cities, also Liverpool and even Nottingham. I'm even sorry to say that Leeds is far better. Sheffield could be amazing. It has two football clubs that are well supported and could have amazing support with more success. Just look at the numbers for Wembley. It also hosts the World Snooker Championships which puts a major focus on the city every year. Don't get me wrong, it is far better than it used to be. In 2000 I spent a lot of time in Sheffield watching the snooker and I couldn't find many places to eat a nice meal. Now there are lots of restaurants around the Peace gardens and Leopold Square. There is also the Winter gardens and St Pauls hotel which have added to the city centre. I think one of the problems Sheffield has is Meadowhall. Most people go there to shop rather than the city centre. Having said that, Leeds has the White Rose centre and Manchester has the Trafford Centre but both city centres are still amazing for shopping. Sheffield and its football teams certainly have the potential but they need the right people to put the money in. I think Wednesday will return to the big times but it may take a bit longer than what some people think or are willing to accept.
  8. Leeds at home? Thought we murdered them to be fair. Could have and probably should have been another 6-0.
  9. Sean Clare future in doubt

    I worked in a school in Rotherham last year where a 6-year old lad was scouted by Manchester City. He had to go over there 3 times a week, being picked up from school an hour early and not getting back until after 9.00pm each time. Absolutely crazy.
  10. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Welcome to the world little Maddison Lee.
  11. Michael hefele

    Modern day Paul Warhurst. Hudders played him up front a few times last season when they got desperate. Not sure he scored many though.
  12. Squirrel on the pitch

    Almost injured Jordan Thorniley as well when it flew into his head while he was sat on the bench.
  13. Squirrel on the pitch

    Don't know about a squirrel but does anyone remember the crow on the pitch at Doncaster in pre-season? Knew that bird was a harbinger of doom for what was to come.