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  1. Usually yes. But I can't promise you they'll get the players names right. Even when you can see the numbers.
  2. That's just made me laugh. I'm exactly the same. Only watch highlights when we win and don't look at table when we've lost. Then I can try and put it out of my mind.
  3. Dunno but Hutch can hug me any time.
  4. To me, this is exactly the problem. This is what is likely to stop us challenging for an automatic place. We just don't score enough goals over a season. When you look at how many the promoted sides score, we don't get anywhere near those figures. It's not a kneejerk reaction. I'm really pleased with the start we've made (until today). We don't have a prolific striker. Our midfielders don't score enough. The defenders also don't chip in enough. In the 90s you could always rely on Nigel Pearson to bag a few from corners. I don't know what our xG statistics are so far this season but I know they've been quite poor the last few seasons. Even today, with all the shots on goal (21 or something) by all accounts, they weren't great shots or chances. Hopefully Harris can score more and Fletch finds some form in front of goal but that is the worry with only one up front. Bannan needs to score more and Reach needs to work on tap ins as well as screamers. I hope I'm wrong. We have a good squad but everyone needs to step up in front of the net.
  5. Which best bit will he have taken from Jos, other than sodding off.
  6. From a purely personal point of view, my friend and I have season tickets in the North. However, we take my dad or our daughters to several matches over the season. When we do this, we move seats to a nearby part of the North so we can all sit together as we are surrounded by season ticket holders where we sit. Presumably, now no extra tickets are available, we will have to move to either the kop or upgrade to the South by paying more money every time we want to do this. It's a farce and the club are going to lose lots of casual fans due to this.
  7. Pessimist in me says we'll scrape a 2-2 draw. Mainly because it would be so Wednesday to have everyone turn up in new shirts, first home match, feeling good after an away win and then burst the bubble. We always seem to struggle in these matches. Having said that, if we're to mount any sort of a challenge this year, we need to be winning these sorts of matches.
  8. Didn't loads of our fans get crushed and forced through 2 turnstiles at Bramall Lane last season. Has a report been done on this and new safety precautions put in place? Course not.
  9. Wonderful... But Mellis was punished. Also got a 3 match ban and a fine - can't remember how much but a lot less than Nando's.
  10. Completely agree. Thinking back, couldn't wait for 16/17 season to start after season before. Ended up deflated after Hudders and that was how I went into 17/18 season and so it proved - shocker of a season. Not much better going into last season. Never rated Jos and so it proved. Was really optimistic this time until Bruce took off but like poite says, if we get Hughton or Rowett in, I'll be happy. Pulis or obscure foreign, I'll be underwhelmed.
  11. Kept scrolling down and down and down. Saying we relied on brilliance from Reach and Forestieri. FF scored one worldie and was out for huge chunks of season. Reach scored a few but we were hardly reliant on him. He got some things right but failed to mention the difference between the first half of the season when we had tasche man and were a complete mess and the second half when we were much better under Judas and top 6 form. Load of rubbish anyway but how anyone can predict anything when they don't even know who our manager is going to be, I don't know. Smacks of an insider looking in and taking the bits covered by Sky.
  12. I wasn't referring to the Newcastle issue. My response was about George Hirst going to Leicester.
  13. No rules broken there though. Just dodgy morals.... a bit like us selling our ground.
  14. Said on Twitter feed it was a 50:50 challenge. Kiel's own feed just said the pair had clashed together.
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