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  1. Owl 44

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Marcus Tudgay "That's absolutely world class from Marcus Tudgay!" Guessing you know which goal I mean.
  2. Owl 44

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Trevor Francis Signing Chris Waddle
  3. Owl 44

    Crap, Crap, Crap....

    Toilets? Crap Catering? Crap Club shop? Crap Communication? Crap I'm enjoying this game. *Actually I'm not. It's true though.
  4. Owl 44


    I know. Let's create a new taxi company. Oh......
  5. Owl 44

    Eyad Hammoud

    Probably won't make it into our team sadly. Football scouts from Manchester City, Tottenham and Fulham have already been watching him in the under-18 matches. He was recently named in the top 50 best future prospects from around the world.
  6. Owl 44

    Ask me, ask me, ask me.....

    The only ones that generally reply to fans are Bannan and Westwood and that's usually when they've been wound up. One fan on Twitter suggested players were out injured because of pay bonuses and Bannan told him he was talking a load of rubbish. Westwood replied to a fan saying that he was injury prone by telling them that they were also talking rubbish. Bullen also occasionally replies but not usually anything related to playing matters.
  7. Owl 44

    That miss by Palmer

    Unfortunately Palmer is at the top of the list of players you would not want a chance like that to fall to. It's nose bleed territory for him. The point is this though. He is at least getting into those positions. Where are our strikers and attacking midfielders who should be burying those chances? Probably out on the wing or on the halfway line.
  8. Owl 44

    Pudils head

  9. They took the lids off the bottles they were selling at the ground. At least they did at the counter I was at. My dad bought a bottle of water and they took the whole top section off it so there was nothing to suck the water through. The girl said it was Sheffield council's decision. So we are allowed coins but not plastic bottle tops. The world's gone mad.
  10. Owl 44

    Matt Penney

    Loves it at the moment. Let's hope he signs a new contract.
  11. Completely agree. Was really getting on my nerves with this today. Just stay on your feet FFS.
  12. Had a good night last night at the club's evening with Ron Atkinson event. He told some amusing tales of Nigel Pearson slamming him against the gym wall in a 5-a-side game, David Hirst drinking all the players' champagne up at breakfast on the morning of the Manchester City match when he ended up in goal, how he very nearly signed Gordon Strachan for Wednesday and how Neil Warnock regularly used to stand on the touchline telling his players to break the opposition's legs. His all-time favourite Wednesday XI from his time is as follows : Chris Turner Roland Nilsson Nigel Pearson Des Walker Nigel Worthington Chris Waddle John Sheridan Carlton Palmer David Hirst Paulo di Canio Benito Carbone Nicolas Alexanderson (think he miscounted) A good night was had by all and it was pleasing to see our CEO in attendance.
  13. I was 13. I was supposed to be going to watch Doncaster Rovers against Notts County but my dad came home from work and asked did I fancy Wednesday against Everton instead. I jumped at the chance because I'd supported them for a year or two but never got to see them. The match was a night match and it cost me £5 to sit on the uncovered seating. I remember the floodlights, the smell of tobacco and the open kop being packed. As for the match, we lost 5-1. I was hooked though. I went straight to the club shop and bought photos of Brian Marwood, Mel Sterland and Gary Shelton to put on my wall. I then started attending regularly, catching the train from Doncaster and the bus to Hillsborough. In 1990 I got my first season ticket and the rest, as they say, is history. Don't regret it for a second. Still have a soft spot for Rovers though, as my local team. Unless they play Wednesday of course.
  14. Owl 44

    Reight throwback...

    Ahhhhhh memories. Used to climb Kinder all the time when I was a teenager. Took a load of kids to Edale youth hostel a few years ago. Couldn't get a signal for love nor money. Had to climb up into the hills just for phone reception. Tried to follow a few Wednesday matches last season from rural Dorset. Trouble is whenever I got a signal the other team had just scored so I gave up in the end and just waited until I got back to the cottage to find out the result. I find that it's easier on the nerves too. Football eh?