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  1. I watched it back and Flint actually keeps looking at Dawson and trying to get in his line of sight. The cheating tvvat. I'm staggered it stood. Dawson, meanwhile was complaining before the kick had been taken.
  2. I've seen a few people say this and I agree they don't get in the ref's face anywhere near what other teams do but did they even see it? Most of them had their backs to what was going off behind them. By the time they turned round, he'd stopped.
  3. No they were pretty much on our side. Agreed a lot of free kicks were good tackles or fouls by Cardiff, agreed Borner was elbowed, agreed the goal shouldn't have stood and agreed we should have won.
  4. Never forgave him for his awful comments about Chris Kirkland when the Leeds fan ran onto the pitch and assaulted him. Not surprised at anything that comes out of that man's mouth.
  5. Has to be said, I thought that was his best game by far this season. More like the Hutch of the 16/17 season when he won loads of player of the season awards. Yes he got booked again by the barsteward of a ref but put in several great tackles before that which he unfairly penalised him for. Think he had every right to feel aggrieved. Played the ball around well, drove forward on occasions, covered for Iorfa when he drove forward (obviously a tactic they've been practising) and put in some great cross field balls. That's more like it. Shame the rain ruined his hair though.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!! Well done on a great start though.
  7. Presume he meant match fit as he's hardly played this season. He followed it up by saying he'd got a couple of behind closed door friendlies coming up before the end of the international break.
  8. Antonee Robinson. I also really liked him on Saturday. Thought he was their best player and looked really good going forward. Unfortunately he's only just signed for Wigan from Everton after being on loan.
  9. Weren't these the very teams we used to struggle against once upon a time?
  10. Completely agree. We are a typical midtable side. We have the occasional great result (Saturday) followed by a frustrating result (tonight) with a few ground out results (Luton, Fulham) and some really tosh ones (Preston, Millwall). We haven't ever managed to sustain any real consistency with this squad, even in the play off seasons which is why we finished top 6 not top 2. Teams that finish in top 2 don't keep losing to teams like Preston, Millwall and Hull. When they do lose it's a shock. I come to expect it with us. Tonight's result came as no surprise. It's just cruel because they flirt with our expectations when we get results like Saturday. It's not really a moan. It's just a reality check. We are where we are. Certain players are just too inconsistent and some are sadly not good enough anymore. Hopefully Monk will be given the time to rebuild and reshape and we go again with a younger fresher squad.
  11. Hutch and Borner were the only two on 4 so no he isn't.
  12. As others have said, Blackburn away. Unplayable for 20 minutes, after going 1-0 down as well. Paul Warhurst the destroyer. Scored from every angle. My favourite ever Wednesday match.
  13. Trouble is there are no longer ref assessors at Championship matches so they can basically do what the feck they want.
  14. It is a shame. I think all of my favourite matches over the last 35 years have been cup matches.
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