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  1. Doesn't he work with strikers? Hmmmmmm
  2. He scored in front of the kop in the last match of the season when we thrashed Norwich and went chuffing berserk. That I do remember. I also remember our fans begging Chansiri to buy him for the next month or so, not knowing we were under a transfer embargo. Venancio really wanted to come as well. Think he was good mates with Pelupessy out of the players we still have.
  3. Guardian saying Wednesday, Wigan and Derby cases may not be fully resolved until beginning of August so relegated clubs may get a reprieve. Membership of Championship is not finalised until after play off finals. What a complete and utter farce! How is any team supposed to build for the future when they don't know which league they are going to be in. Particularly us when we need virtually a whole new squad.
  4. Is what it could end up costing me to watch 1st division football on a screen next season.
  5. The looks department has taken a severe bashing since Hutch left.
  6. I don't normally join the 'criticising the team before they've even kicked off brigade' but even I'm finding it difficult to have any optimism with that. What have we become?
  7. Laughing way more than I should be
  8. Sounds like a good idea. Trouble is Chansiri would charge around £150 each for the privilege. Otherwise he'd just say it won't make money, like the executive boxes that he charges a second mortgage for.
  9. Loved him. Gutted he's leaving. Gave his all for the shirt every time he wore it. A liability - yes at times Made of paper - yes, often But he loved playing for us and deserved a much better send off than this. Highlights - Home game v Barnsley 2016, Away game v Newcastle 2016, the triple tackle v Preston?, the double tackle in the penalty area at home to QPR, the goal celebration at Brentford, when he got flattened by a free kick v Wolves and stood straight back up again, an immense tackle on the edge of the box to stop a certain goal away at
  10. That would be mine. I was a teenager at the time and was terrified. I saw people getting dragged out of their cars and being attacked in the street. I was with friends and we quickly hid our colours and tried to blend in with the crowd.
  11. Disgusting. Like others have said, there would be a difference of around £40 to £50 in the refunds for a kop supporter and a South stand supporter if Wednesday did this. They all end up with the same TV pass. What is most disgusting is that if 4 members of the same family in one household all have season tickets, they will lose out on hundreds of pounds and all get a pass which they will probably all watch together anyway. I sincerely hope Wednesday don't just offer this. It wouldn't surprise me though.
  12. It comes from a much longer 40+ minutes interview which is fascinating. He doesn't talk about Wednesday that much, just more about his depression, how it makes him feel and what he does to get through it. He does say Paul Smith (physio) was brilliant with him at Wednesday and says that when he gets sent off a lot it's usually because he's in a bad place mentally. He also says that all football clubs should have professionals that players can speak to when they're struggling. Was great to see that he's in a good place at the moment with all that's going on.
  13. There's a few ways to look at this. If it were a gig and you'd paid £120 for and it didn't go ahead, you'd expect a refund. If it were a faulty ipod you'd bought, you'd expect your money back. At the same time, many fans don't want the club to suffer more financially. Equally, it's ridiculous to expect hard up fans to shoulder the financial burden when the players are sat there with their thousands of pounds each week for doing nothing (much like most matches since Christmas). Perhaps the players should refund the fans.
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